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WIP-William St. James is an actor on a hit television show.  While attending a fan convention, he meets Buffy and her daughter.

Buffy has too much to drink one rainy night, then Spike shows up.  After an overdose of angst last season, I had to do something kind of silly.  This is sort of early season 6, except Buffy didn't die.

This takes place sometime in early season 2, but doesn't follow the show's canon.  For the sake of simplicity, let's pretend there never was an Angel.

Here's the next story in the "What If" series: Remember when Spike and Angel went to Rome, saw Buffy and decided to let her move on with her life?

As You Should Be

Once again I have to redo an episode I didn't care for. This time, it's 'As You Were'. 

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Buffy wants Spike to teach her how to drive a car.

Back Where We Belong

 Takes place a few days after Spike is 'recorporealized'. Spoilers up to "Chosen", and AtS season 5.

Beyond Chosen Series

WIP - Part 1 All That Love Went To Waste
         Part 2 A Blood Red Sun
         Part 3 Come And Find Me, Love
         Part 4 Too Much Heaven

Bite Down

Buffy has a dental appointment, but she hates going to the dentist. Guess who gets roped into taking her.....

Bite Your Tongue

More 'Daddy's Girl', this one set ahead in the future to where Katie is 5 years old.  And...a little fun/between Mommy & Daddy, also.

Black Satin & Plaid Flannel

WIP-Let's see...Buffy and Spike ae together and everyone's fine with it.  Time for a sleep over party!

Blue Eyed Devil

WIP-Spike is an up and coming rock star. His band is called "Blue Eyed Devil". Buffy is a pre-school teacher, who meets him one night in a club where his band is singing.

 WIP-Second season, around the time of School Hard. A retelling of Spike's and Buffy's meeting where Angel never existed and Spike is a little different.


A 'What If' story.   I watched Chosen the other day, and I just can't
stand it anymore.  So...remember when Angel and Buffy had their conversation about Spike and what he meant to her?

Lying In Wait

Buffy gets an unexpected visitor!

Play Ball

WIP-Hospital smut. Spike Richardson is the star pitcher for the San Francisco Demons.  He's hit by a car, and winds up as one of nurse Buffy Summer's patients.

Sweet Sixteen

WIP-AU Everybody's human. Spike and Buffy are teenage neighbors.

Tell Me You Love Me

Spike gets fed up when Buffy won't admit that she loves him. (she's not too bright). He leaves town. She falls apart. Help comes from the last person you'd expect it to. Early Season 6.

The Allnighter

Who needs an energizer bunny when you can have a Spike?

Buffy and friends spend an evening out. Spike shows up unexpectedly and teaches them a thing or two about dancing. I guess this would be late season 5, but there's no death and I don't write about Riley cuz he makes me barf.

What can I say.....Spike and Buffy have a baby...

The way this author would have ended "The Harsh Light of Day."