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Spike was jerked rudely out of a very nice dream
he'd been having, involving Buffy and melted chocolate.

He opened his eyes and beheld his five year old
daughter standing next to the sofa. Her cheeks were
streaked with tears and there was a smear of....

"Katherine!" he choked, horrified. "What happened,

Leaping up off the sofa, he scooped her up and carried
his sobbing child into the kitchen. He sat her on the
counter and tore off a sheet of paper toweling. After
wetting it, he dabbed gently at the blood on her chin.

"Alex puthed me!" she wailed piteously.

Feeling the steam beginning to rise in him, Spike beat
back his anger and examined Katie's face for an injury.
He'd take care of her first...then go after Alex.

There were no scratches or cuts anywhere on her
baby soft skin, but he could see traces of blood in
her mouth.

"Open your mouth, Katie," he instructed her.

As he'd suspected, she'd bitten her tongue.

"Whereth Mommy?" Katie asked, wiping her eyes
on the back of her hand.

"Mommy's at the store, sweetie," he said, digging
around in the freezer, hoping he would find what he
needed. "Here, baby." He pulled a box of Popsicles
out and opened it. "This'll make it feel better."

Katie sniffled and looked up at him, her bright blue
eyes swimming in tears. "What kind?" she asked in a
wobbly voice.

Spike examined the box. "Cherry, orange, or lemon-lime"
he reported.

"Cherry," Katie requested.

After he'd had her rinse her mouth out with water, he
held her on his lap and peeled the paper off the Popsicle
for her. "Tell Daddy what happened, baby."

Katie leaned back in her father's arms, her favorite
place to be cuddled. "Alex ith mean, Daddy," she said,
sucking on the frozen treat. "He puthed me down and
I bited my tongue."

It took all of his determination to keep Spike from
leaving the house and hunting down the little bully who
had hurt his baby. Alex Mitchell, the hellion next door,
was a year older than Katie and nearly twice her

He had never liked that boy. The second the Mitchells
had moved into the neighborhood, Spike had known
the little thug was gonna be a problem.

And it was! After several years of peace
and domestic bliss....he was going to have to kill

"Listen, baby," he said softly, kissing the top of Katie's
head, "I'm sure Alex didn't mean to push you down on
purpose, did he?" **He'd better not have**

"Yeth, Daddy," his little one lisped. "He needsth a time

**He needs a swift kick in the...**

"Hey! Where is everybody?" Buffy called out from the

"Mommyth home," Katie mumbled around her dripping

"In the kitchen, babe!" he yelled, setting Katie on her

Buffy walked in with a bag of groceries in her arms. She
took one look at her husband's face and asked, "What's

"Alexth puthed me and made me be bloody," Katie
piped up, her lips sticky from the melting Popsicle.

"What?" Buffy asked, kneeling next to her daughter. "Alex
pushed you?"

Katie nodded, tears welling up again in her eyes. "I bited
my tongue," she announced, opening her mouth for her
mother. "Theee?"

Buffy frowned and examined Katie's injury. The bleeding
had already stopped, but she could see a very slight
swollen spot on the side of the little girl's tongue.

She glanced at her husband, then smiled at Katie. "Want
to go and watch Sesame Street for a while, punkin?" she

Katie nodded happily, forgetting all about her sore tongue.

After Buffy ushered her into the front room and turned
the TV on for her, she returned to the kitchen and con-
fronted her angry spouse. "Calm down."

Spike was ready to put his fist through the wall. Al-
though he'd managed not to go off in front of Katie, he
was rapidly losing what little control he had over his

"Calm down?" he repeated softly. "That little monster
next door...shoves our little girl and causes her to bite
her tongue...she..." He slammed his hand down on the
counter. "Damn it....she could have bitten part of it off!"
he said angrily, then composed his features. "I'm gonna
kill him."

Buffy caught hold of his arm as he prepared to head
out the door on his mission of vengeance. "You can't
kill Alex," she informed him. "He's six years old."

"He's never gonna see seven," Spike replied matter-

She tightened her grip. "'s the middle of the
afternoon. A nice, bright, sunny afternoon."

"I don't give a shit," he hissed, leaning closer. "It'll
be worth the risk."

Buffy was saved from having to respond by Katie calling
for her father. "Daddy! Come do counting wif me."

"There," Buffy said, releasing his arm. "Katie wants

It was the only thing that kept him in the house. Spike
never refused his princess anything. If she wanted Daddy
to come and do counting with her, that's what Daddy
would be doing, for as long as she wanted.

"I'm coming, baby," he called out.

"Can I have another popthicle?" she asked.

"Yes, Katie," Buffy answered. "Daddy will bring you another
Popsicle." She retrieved the box from the freezer and handed
it to him. "Listen," she said quietly. "You stay here and
take care of the baby. I'll go next door and talk to Linda."

Only slightly mollified, Spike nodded. "You make sure that
little troll apologizes to Katie," he demanded.

Buffy patted his arm. "Okay, Daddy Bear," she nodded. "Go
give Katie her popsicle."


She was home again in less than five minutes. Walking
into the front room, she picked up the TV remote and
switched the set off.

"Mommy!" Katie protested from her seat in Spike's
lap. "I wath doing A, B, thees."

Buffy folded her arms across her chest and stared at
her daughter. "I was just next door talking with Alex's
mommy," she said, holding up one hand when Spike
opened his mouth to speak. "It turns out that there was
a little more to the story than Katie was telling us."

Spike frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Katie plunged her thumb into her mouth and wriggled
deeper into her father's lap.

"Do you want to tell Daddy what happened?" Buffy
asked. "Or do you want Mommy to do it?"

"Alexth puthed me," the little girl said around a mouth-
ful of thumb. "He made me bite my tongue."

Buffy narrowed her eyes slightly. "And why did Alex
push you?"

"Cauth he'th mean."

"No...try again."

Spike set his daughter on her feet in front of him, but kept
her close, suspecting that the story wasn't gonna put
her in a favorable light.

"Tell Daddy what you were doing when Alex pushed you,"
Buffy said.

Katie squirmed in her father's hands. "I need to go potty,"
she announced, tugging at the straps of her pink corduroy

"You just went potty," Spike said.

She paused to think. "I need to go poopie," she
offered instead.

Her parents exchanged a glance. "I'm sure you can hold
it for a minute," Buffy said sternly. "Now, tell Daddy...take
your thumb out of your mouth, Katherine...tell Daddy what
game you were playing with Alex."

Katie stared at her shoes. "Candyland," she confessed.

Spike closed his eyes for a moment. He already
knew what was coming.

For all her considerable charm and winning ways, his
little girl was a domineering tyrant when the Candyland
board hit the rug. She had very definite ideas about
how the game was to be played, sometimes going so
far as to change the rules in mid-game to suit herself.

Worse yet, she was a notoriously poor sport when it
came to losing. It wasn't uncommon for her to actually
fling the board into the air and scream, "No fair!" if
another player reached the Candy Castle first.

Buffy was trying diligently to break Katie of this habit,
placing the blame for this particular problem squarely
at Spike's doorstep. The child had inherited her father's
"My way or the highway" attitude, made worse by the
fact that, when HE played with her, he always made
sure to let her win.

"Katherine Rose?" Buffy prompted, a warning implicit
in her tone of voice. "Were you playing Candyland with


"What color was your gingerbread man?"


"What color did you want?"


"Who already had the red one?"


"And you told Alex that YOU wanted the red one?"


"What did Alex say?"


"Did you try and take it away from him?"


"Did he let you?"


"Did Alex hold it behind his back?"


"Did you get mad?"


"Did you pull his hair and refuse to let go?"


"And did you call him a 'bloody stupid little git' ?"

Spike winced, slapping one hand to his forehead.


During Buffy's interrogation, Katie sighed,
wiggled, stared at her feet, sucked her thumb,
removed it from her mouth, examined it, returned
it to her mouth, draped herself backwards over her
father's knee, broke her Popsicle stick in half and
tried to put it back together....all this without ever
once looking her mother in the eye.

"Do you have something that belongs to
Alex?" Buffy asked.

The little girl shrugged and put her hand in her

"Show Daddy what's in your pocket."

Katie brought her hand out and opened her small
fist, revealing a red plastic gingerbread man.


An hour later...

Buffy closed Katie's bedroom door halfway, then
went downstairs in search of her husband.

After literally dragging her child next door, she
made Katie return the purloined game piece and
apologize, then took her home and sent her up-
stairs to her room.

This was the absolute last thing Katie wanted to
do. She loved her bedroom and everything in
it....unless she was told to go there.

Overly tired, the little girl protested the punish-
ment shrilly, pitching a tantrum of ridiculous

No amount of screaming, crying, or promising to be
good swayed Buffy's intent. In the bedroom she was,
and in the bedroom she would stay.

Spike, on the other hand, was completely undone
by his daughter's unhappiness, forcing Buffy
to stand guard at Katie's door to keep him from
going in and rescuing her.

Unable to bear it, he'd had to go downstairs when
his baby cried, "Daddy! Come get me! I wanna
get up, Daddy!"

The heartbroken sobbing finally eased up as the
child cried herself to sleep. Buffy had opened the
door as quietly as she could, and took a peek in-

Katie was curled up in the middle of her pink and
white canopy bed, arms wrapped snugly around her
stuffed bunny rabbit.

An occasional hiccuping sob was the only sound
in the room.


She found her child's father in the living room. He
was sitting on the sofa, looking absolutely wretched.

The expression on his face brought back memories
of Katie's visits to her pediatrician. Every time the
baby had to have an inoculation she would scream
as though the nurse was amputating her arm without
benefit of anesthesia.

Spike would hold her on his lap, and turn even paler
than he already was. Buffy had even had to nudge him
hard one time when she'd heard the ominous growl he'd
directed at the nurse who was, after all, just doing her

When the needle was withdrawn and the band-aid
applied, he would take Katie out of the exam room
immediately, leaving Buffy to gather up their things
and listen to the doctor's instructions.

Once he'd soothed her, he would spend the rest of
the afternoon carrying her everywhere they went, in-
dulging her every whim, and spoiling her rotten.

Buffy had actually suggested once that he stay home
when the baby needed her shots, but he had looked
at her as though she'd uttered the most ridiculous
and laughable commentary he'd ever heard, and she'd
dropped the subject.

All Katie's life, Spike had always been the one to
respond to her first. Every time she cried, he abandoned
whatever he was doing and picked her up. Her diapers
barely had a chance to get wet before he had the
old one off and the fresh one in place.

He couldn't stand to hear her cry for any reason,
and there was nothing he wouldn't do to make her


Buffy sat down next to him on the sofa. "You

Spike didn't answer the question. He looked at her
and said, "She's just a baby."

"I know," she replied, searching for the right
thing to say. "But she'll be starting kindergarten
in September, and she has to learn how to handle
things without resorting to...violence."

He frowned. "I s'pose you think that's MY fault."

Buffy made an exasperated face. "Yes, Spike. That's
exactly what I think. You've been going into her room
and whispering subliminal messages in her ear
while she sleeps."

Sitting back on the sofa, Spike folded his arms
across his chest, the scowl deepening on his
face. "He could've just given her the piece she
wanted," he grumbled. "Saved all the trouble
in the first place, the bloody stupid little...." His
voice trailed off when he caught Buffy's
eye. "What?"

Buffy honestly didn't know whether to laugh or be
angry. Spike was such a creature of impulse. He
usually spoke without thinking first and always said
exactly what he felt. He never sugarcoated any-
thing....except with the baby.

"Listen," she finally said, taking his hand. "This
isn't the end of the world. Alex is all right, and
Katie wasn't hurt, so..."

"Wasn't hurt?" he demanded loudly. "What the hell
do you mean....she wasn't hurt? That....that BOY
just had his hair yanked. Katie was BLEEDING for
god's sake."

"Ow!" Buffy tugged her hand away when his
fingers clamped down. "I meant...I MEAN...she
just bit her tongue a little. You couldn't even
really see it."

Spike looked at her as though she'd begun speaking
Mandarin Chinese. "You could so see it!" he insisted
vehemently. "Did you even LOOK properly?"

"I looked!" she replied. "It was a teeny little swelling."

"Maybe you should have your eyes checked," he
informed her. "It was a wound....and it could have been
worse. And," he added. "It was very painful for her. Tongues
are sensitive, you know."

Buffy could see him preparing to get all worked up
again. His dark blue eyes blazed with renewed anger
in a way she hadn't seen in a long time...a way that
aroused her own emotions in a very different manner.

Maybe....she could refocus some of the energy he
was channeling into a more pleasurable direction.

"Tongues are sensitive," she agreed. "Maybe I missed
something when I looked. Why don't you," she smiled
and moved a little closer, "show me where the boo-boo

"It was on her...her..." He turned and looked at Buffy,
then did a double take, sensing....something, "The side

"Show me," she murmured, cupping his jaw in her
hand. "Open wide."

Spike raised his eyebrows, then looked his wife right
in the eye and obediently opened his mouth. The tip of
his tongue pressed against the back of his upper front
teeth for a moment, then crept out and touched the middle
of his upper lip.

Buffy felt an immediate rush of heat in her loins at this
display. Her husband was, in her opinion, the sexiest and
handsomest man walking the earth. His physical beauty
was apparent to anyone lucky enough to see it, but his
sexuality was saved only for her.

She found every part of his body wildly attractive,
and his tongue was no exception. In fact, his tongue
was the rule...

Plump, and pink, and juicy...and did he know just what
to do with it. That tongue of his drove her to insane levels
of lust and ever increasing heights of satisfaction when
he used it on her.

He lifted it so she could see underneath, then moved
it to one side. "It wath white ere" he mumbled, grinning

"Hmmm," she said, tilting her head to one side. "Here?"
She placed her finger in the middle of his tongue and
kind of nudged it over.

Spike immediately closed his lips around her
probing finger, sucking it gently. "Mm-hmm."

Inspired, Buffy began to slide her finger in and out of
his mouth, simulating the kind of motion he normally
performed in hers with his dick.

His eyes rolled slightly before he let them drift
closed and sucked harder on her finger. She could
feel the cool moisture of his tongue as it swirled
around the very tip of her finger.

When she pulled it out of his mouth, his tongue
followed and he licked the palm of her hand from
her wrist to the tip of her middle finger. When he
was finished, he opened his eyes and smiled.

"Have you ever had a tongue bath?" he asked her,
using that low down, sexy voice that always made
her quiver.

"No," she said, almost purring as his hand stroked
the side of her face. "But it sounds like fun."

Spike glanced at the clock. "Katie'll be asleep for
at least an hour...maybe longer since she didn't have
a nap this morning."

"What are you saying?" Buffy asked, nuzzling his

"Let's go upstairs," he whispered hotly, leaning forward
and licking her ear. "And I'll demonstrate the art of
tongue bathing."


They stopped at Katie's bedroom door and looked
in on her.

She hadn't budged from the position she'd been in
when Buffy had last seen her, and she was sleeping
so soundly that they could hear a soft snoring coming
from her stuffy nose.

Looking back at her husband, Buffy mouthed "She's
all right," and pulled the door nearly all the way closed.

Spike nodded and took her hand, leading her down
the hallway to their own bedroom. With the door closed
behind them, he wrapped his arms around Buffy and
lifted her clear off the floor, melding his mouth over hers.

Kissing was an integral part of their love play, and
they did it well and thoroughly. They were adept at every
type of kiss...from the hard, fast ones, with just their
lips the long, lingering, moist ones that
involved their tongues and teeth, as well.

Walking her across the room, Spike eased his wife down
on the bed. He knelt beside her and began to unbutton
her shirt. When she tried to return the favor, he stopped

"Not yet," he teased. "Gotta give you a good seeing to

Buffy liked the sound of that so much that she didn't
protest at all.

When her shirt was completely unbuttoned, he eased it
down her arms and tossed it to the floor. Her bra, a "barely
there" confection of pink lace and satin, posed no barrier
to him, and he made quick work of stripping it off her.

Although tempted to get started right then and there,
Spike forced himself to continue his work until she was
completely naked from head to toe. Her lightly tanned
skin felt silky beneath his fingers as he moved his hands
over her body.

Then, starting at her hairline, Buffy's husband gave her
the promised lesson....Tongue Bathing 101.


She lay prone on her back, her arms at her sides,
hands turned palms up.

Spike lay beside her, touching the tip of his tongue
to her face. It glided down the smooth skin of her
forehead, tracing both her eyebrows, and flicking
lightly at her lashes.

Down her nose it moved, ending with a kiss on the
very tip. Over her cheek to one ear, he licked it
thoroughly, then crossed the planes of her face to
the other ear and treated it to the same touch.

Moist and cool, his tongue then traced the line of
her jaw all the way down to the point of her chin
and then up the other side. It tickled her upper
lip, lapping gently at the slight depression in the
center of it.

It washed wetly over her lower lip, breaking contact
just long enough for his teeth to grip gently, tugging and
worrying it.

But before she has a chance to bring her own tongue
into play, his had moved on down her throat and was
gently caressing the shallow cup at it's base.

Buffy's entire body was bathed in a feverish glow
of need and want. She had to force herself to remain
still and let him play with her.

He lapped the ridge of her collar bones, then took her
arms and raised them until they were lying over her

His tongue drew a tickling line from her right arm pit
to the bend of her elbow, then down further, tracing the
bluish veins laying just beneath the thin skin. He licked
her palm and all her fingers, moving his tongue wetly from
one to the next, thoroughly washing between each digit.

With a wicked grin, he repeated the entire process on
her left arm.

Buffy's skin was shivering from the cool air caressing the
wetness that coated it. Her eyes had drifted closed and
her breathing was labored....and he hadn't even gotten
to the really good parts of her yet!

"You still with me?" he asked softly.

"Mm...yes," Buffy sighed. "More..."

Spike chuckled and licked his way back up her
arm. His tongue then found the upper curves of her
breasts, and Buffy inhaled sharply, waiting....

But he was determined to draw the experience out
to its fullest measure, so he lingered where he was
for a moment, then drew a wet path down to the under
curves of her breasts. He wedged his tongue beneath
one and slid it back and forth, moistening the warm fold
in her flesh.

After doing the same to the other side, he deliberately
dragged his tongue up and over, then circled around her
left nipple.

Round and round that pink instrument of delectable
torture moved, teasing here and there, darting and
flicking lightly.

Buffy was panting like a dog in the sun. He felt it and
heard it...and decided to end the waiting.

Flattening his tongue, he began lapping at the ultra
sensitive tips of her breasts, leaving a shiny path of
saliva on them. First softly...then a little harder...he
played with pace and pressure until she was moaning

No part of his body touched one.

Spike purposely lingered at her breasts, giving them ample
attention, knowing how much she enjoyed the touch of his
mouth there.

Then, he headed south.

Hovering over her, he balanced himself on his hands
and knees as he licked wetly down the center of her chest
and over her abdomen.

Buffy whimpered softly. He heard it and murmured, "Soon,

Sliding to one side, he licked the inner dip of her waist and
the feminine flare of her hip. His tongue then moved down
to the place where her thighs met her torso, slipping
down, nearly to her sex.

But he didn't touch her there yet. Instead, he moved down
slightly and instructed her to part her thighs.

Mindlessly, she obeyed, gasping loudly when she felt
him licking the taut muscle of her inner thigh. When he'd
made one side very wet, he moved to the other and took
care of that side as well.

On down he traveled, tickling her behind her knees, the
lapping over the firm mound of her calf. When he reached
her right foot, he lifted it and licked the delicate instep,
making her giggle.

Spike chuckled and did it again, loving the way she
squirmed. Knowing, as he always did, just when tickling
became too much, he moved on to her pink polished toes.

When all ten of them were good and wet, he began to make
his way back up her left leg.

"Open your legs a little more, kitten," he whispered.

Buffy complied without delay. She opened her passion
glazed eyes and met his gaze as he crouched in the open
V of her thighs.

"Here comes the best part," he promised, lowering his

Buffy's body lurched up off the mattress at the first gentle
sweep of his tongue.

Starting at the bottom, he licked the cleft of her sex all
the way up to the top in one long, lingering stroke.

Then, stiffening it to a sharp point, he rubbed the tip
of his tongue against her clit.

"Oh....oh, yes....please..." she begged, her head
thrashing on the pillow. "Harder...lick me...harder."

Without hesitation, he complied. Applying himself
with an impressive amount of dedication, he licked and
licked her until he had her dripping with wetness from
his tongue and from her own body.

"Keep your eyes open, baby," he urged her. "Watch me."

Buffy looked down as he requested. Unable to tear her
gaze away from his, she stared at him as he lapped at
her juicy center.

"Now," he said, after a few seconds. "I go inside."

He didn't draw the anticipation out this time, but plunged
his tongue into her pussy as deeply as he could force
it to go...which was a considerable depth.

Uncontrollably, her hips jerked upwards, wanting even
more. He had to put her hands on her legs to hold her
in place as he moved his tongue around inside of her,
then began fucking her with it.

Buffy's body was on the razor's edge, unable to take
much more stimulation. He had been working over her
for a good thirty minutes by now and she was more
than ready.

Her breasts heaved with her ragged breathing, and she
gripped two handfuls of the bedclothes. Captive beneath
his mouth, she strained upwards as his skillful tongue
slowly drove her insane.

In and out, it moved swiftly, first deep...then shallow...thrust-
ing with all the same vigor as his cock did when he had
it there. He pulled it out, swirled it wetly around her clit,
then sank it back in.

Buffy shifted her hips. "Please, oh please...make me come,"
she pleaded. "I need it....I need...need to...please..."

Spike pulled back. "I love it when you beg," he said. Closing
his mouth around the tiny bud, he suckled strongly...ruth-
lessly...making her body convulse with a series of plea-
sure spasms.

It raced up and down her spine in a slow moving wave,
tormenting her and driving her over the edge into an
abandonment of control. With one last cry, she ground
herself against his face, coming so hard that she
feared she'd pass out.

At last Spike pulled away. Moving up and over her, he
bent his head and captured her mouth, letting her
taste the sweet liquor her body had fed to him as she
sucked it off his tongue.

When her heart rate slowed and her breathing smoothed
out, she sighed deeply. "Baby....that was so good."

He smiled, falling to the mattress and holding her close.


After Buffy recovered enough to participate, they
made tender love. Spike was too aroused to hold
back, and they both climaxed quickly.

His timing was really uncanny. No more than five
minutes later they heard the creak of Katie's bed-
room door as it opened.

"Daddy?" the little girl called plaintively. "Can I be
up now? I'm hungry, Daddy."

Spike looked at Buffy, his eyes pleading.

She smiled. "Go and get her."

Rolling off the bed, he grabbed his jeans and
pulled them on as he headed for the door.

Katie was still behind her bedroom door. It was
opened just a bit...just enough for her to peek out
anxiously. When she saw her father, she opened
it the rest of the way, waiting.

Spike knelt and held out his arms. "Come here,
princess," he coaxed her.

Showing her dimples, she flew into her father's
embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck like a
baby monkey as he carried her into his room.

Buffy had thrown on a pair of sweat pants and a
t-shirt, and was smoothing the rumpled bedspread.

She turned and sat down when Spike set Katie on
her feet. "Did you have a good nap, baby love?" she
asked as the child climbed up onto the bed and
into her mother's lap.

Katie had forgotten all about her earlier woes, and
was her usual sunny natured self. "I sleeped a long
time," she reported earnestly. "Ith it time for dinner?"

Spike joined his girls on the bed. "Almost time,"
he said. "What would you like to have?"

"Can we have pizza?" she asked brightly.

Her father grabbed her around the waist and fell back
on the bed, lifting her in the air. "Absolutely we can,"
he said, tossing her gently. "We'll pop in a movie and
eat in the front room tonight," he promised her, a rare

Sticking her arms straight out at her sides, Katie
giggled as Spike tossed her again.

Buffy leaned over and picked up the phone to order
the pizza. "It'll be here in about a half hour."

Her daughter wriggled out of Spike's arms and
bounced happily on the bed. "Can we play Candyland?"
she asked, eager to press her parental advantage.

Spike and Buffy exchanged a glance.

"Sure we can," Buffy said agreeably. "You run and
get the game and we'll play downstairs."

They watched as she toddled off. Before they followed
after her, Buffy looked at Spike. "Let her win."

Spike nodded. "Right."

The End.