Any Last Requests

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The battle was over, and the war was lost. The slayer
had been kicked and punched over every inch of the

No matter that she had given as good as she'd got. In
the end, the vampire was the victor. She was now just
another notch on his belt, another slayer killed.

"You put up a good fight, luv. I gotta admit, you haven't
been easy to kill."

Buffy stared up into his narrowed golden eyes. "I'm not
dead, yet."

Spike merely laughed, giving her a good look at the razor
sharpness of his fangs. Holding her arms pinned down, he
lowered his head to the tender flesh of her throat.

"Any last requests?"

He didn't expect an answer. Or, if he did, he would have
expected to hear, "Go to hell" or "Get it over with",
or maybe even, "Fuck you!"

But this slayer, this sassy mouthed little bitch, con-
stantly surprised him. The moment he'd seen her, he
had known she would be a formidable opponent.

It was almost disappointing, having it over with so

The first two slayers he'd killed hadn't even lasted
through one fight. He'd killed them quickly, then gone on
his way without a second thought.

But this one was different. They'd been circling each other
for months now, challenging each other, struggling to
put an end to it once and for all.

He'd tried. She'd tried. Neither had succeeded...until

Now, it was over, and he felt a pang of regret. Kind of a
shame that such a valiant little warrior was going out
so soon.

For a moment, he considered turning her. As a slayer,
she was powerful; as a vampire, she'd be unstoppable.

No. Bad idea. If he turned her, he'd be the first one
she came after.

She had to die. It was too bad though, because when all
was said and done, life hadn't been dull with her around.

He was sick and tired of fights where the outcome was
so predictable, such a foregone conclusion. He liked a
challenge, and she had delivered one, over and over

Now, at this moment, he had to acknowledge a grudging
respect for her. She'd fought a good fight. Even when she
must have known she would lose, she hadn't given up. This
slayer was tenacious and stubborn, determined to win.

She was a lot like him.

"Any last requests?"

Well, yeah. She had a whole bunch of last requests,
but she seriously doubted he would grant any of them.

What could she say? 'Please don't kill me! I'm too
young to die?'

Cliched, but true.

She WAS too young to die, dammit! There was too much
she hadn't done.

Not that HE would care. There would be no mercy from
this one, and there was no percentage in asking for any.

Buffy hated him. Not for what he was, but for what he was
about to do...what he was about to steal.

He was robbing her of her chance to experience even the
most basic things in life.


Her body had barely made the change from child to woman. She
had feelings and desires that she hadn't even begun to explore
yet. An intense yearning for something she didn't fully
understand....and now, never would.


"Any last requests?"


Her response surprised and annoyed him. Stupid girl,
didn't know a rhetorical question when she heard one.

Still..he had offered, so he had to ask.

"What is it?"

"I...I don't want to die a virgin."

Of all the millions of possible replies, this was one he
would never have expected to hear. respond to.

Her words, spoken in that babyish little voice, caused
an unexpected jolt of arousal.

She couldn't mean this the way it sounded...could she?
Not with him, anyway.

Mentally shrugging his shoulders, he decided there was
only one way to find out what she was thinking.

"I'm not letting you go." A warning.

"I know." Acceptance.

"If you don't want to die a virgin...there's only one way."

"All right."

Sex with a slayer? She was offering it to him.

Could he? Should he?

No! No, absolutely not. The whole idea was just
too bizarre.

Or, maybe.....

There were a lot of strange thoughts and complicated
ideas mucking up his brain at the moment, but one of
them shone through as clear as spring water.

**If fighting with her is this good, imagine how sex with
her would be!**

This wasn't exactly a new thought for him. If forced to
admit it, he'd been asking himself that same question
from the moment he'd first laid eyes on her. Watching
her dance in such a provocative and erotic manner had
made him instantly hard.

Every man in that club had wanted her luscious body
and dreamy eyes, himself included.

And she knew it.

The sway of her hips, the sidelong flirting glances over
her shoulder, the seductive and secret smile on her
expressive mouth.

Oh, she had known exactly what she was doing.

And she was a VIRGIN for Christ's sake. Inexperienced
and untried.

That meant that it all just came naturally to her.

The sexiness, the "come and get it" body language
she used wasn't contrived. It was just her, the way she

Mouthwatering. Absolutely and completely mouth-

"Any last requests?"

Buffy had surprised him. She'd seen it in his eyes.

Well...she had surprised herself, too. Asking a vampire
to take her virginity! Her watcher would drop dead if he'd
heard her.

What choice did she have, though? She was going to die
in a few minutes. This was her only chance to experience
something that she'd only read about.

IF the vampire agreed with it, that is. He might very
well just laugh at her and tear her throat out.

But, if he was going to do that, wouldn't he have done
it by now?

Staring up at him, she suddenly noticed that the demonic
mask was gone from his face, leaving his human countenance.

Oh, it WAS pleasing to the eye. She had become aware
of it on the night they'd crossed paths for the first time. Blue
eyes, so dark they almost looked black. The sharp angles of
his cheekbones and jaw. A mouth that looked as it loved to
kiss and to be kissed.

Would he kiss her?

And...if he did...would she like it?

"Any last requests?"

His body was double crossing him, making him

Making him want her.

Want a slayer? How did THAT happen? WHEN had
it happened?

The moment he first saw her? The first time they'd

Or...right here and now? After feeling her soft body
beneath him, the warmth of her skin, the scent of her

**I want...I want...I want...**

Well, why shouldn't he? Slayer or not, she was a pretty
girl. A VERY pretty girl. Big green eyes. Flawless com-
plexion. Long, thick honey colored hair.

And that mouth. Baby pink lips, moist and slightly parted.
Small, even white teeth, and the cutest little tongue he'd

**No! Just stop this..**

He tried to push the thought away. She wasn't for him at

**Just kill her now, and end it forever** his demon hissed
in his ear.

Spike lowered his head, fully intending to sink his fangs
into her vulnerable neck and bathe in her blood...only to
stop short when the slayer suddenly parted her legs,
causing his lower body to wedge itself between her thighs.

Instinctively, he pressed down hard, grinding his pelvis
into hers.

Beneath him, Buffy inhaled sharply and lifted her hips
to return the pressure.

At that point, Spike's body told his brain to go away
and leave him alone. With no further hesitation, he
captured the slayer's mouth with his.

Parting her lips with his tongue, he slid it into her mouth
in search of her's, groaning when she began to suck it

Tearing his lips away, he began kissing a path down
the soft skin of her throat.

Buffy arched her back. Placing her hands on his chest,
she slipped them beneath the shoulders of his coat.

Understanding her purpose, Spike rose to his knees and
shrugged the garment off, tossing it to one side.

He looked down at Buffy, laying perfectly still and
watching him with wide eyes.

"You sure this is what you want?" he offered, giving
her one last chance to back out.

Buffy nodded. "Uh-huh."

Spike unbuckled his belt and pulled down the zipper
of his jeans. "All right, then."

Falling back down, he caught himself on his hands,
his outstretched arms keeping most of his weight off
of her. Smiling, he lowered his head and whispered, "Touch

Part two.....

Instead of doing what he obviously wanted her to do, Buffy
reached up and began to unbutton his shirt. If this was
going to be her one and only shot at sex, she wanted to
experience it fully.

Spike said nothing. He just smiled and waited patiently
while she worked at the buttons.

Once they were all undone, she parted the sides of the
red cotton shirt and began to pull his t-shirt out of the
waistband of his loosened jeans.

Her hands explored him, a little shyly. She pushed the
t-shirt up until she could see his bare chest. Underneath
the layers of clothing he usually wore, he was hiding
a very nice body.

Even though he was slender, he had good muscle
definition. His abdomen was particularly attractive, hard and
firm, with another layer of corded muscle above his trim

"Want me to take it off?" he asked.

Buffy nodded. "Uh-huh."

Obediently, Spike rose to his knees and pulled off the
red top shirt, tossing it on the ground. His t-shirt followed
after, but instead of dropping it, he rolled it into a ball and
placed it under the back of her head, making a small
pillow of it for her.

She was mesmerized by the sight of his body. Firm
and well built, and so masculine. He was, she had to
admit, beautifully made...with a wonderfully handsome
face to go along with the rest of the package.

"Sit up," he said suddenly. Moving back a little, he
took her hands and pulled her into a sitting position.

It would have been a good opportunity to try and escape,
but her head wasn't clear enough to realize it. The only
thing she could concentrate on was what they were about
to do.

"I want to see you, too," he murmured, reaching for the
hem of her sweater and pulling it up and off.

Buffy blushed under the intense scrutiny of his deep
blue eyes. Although it was embarrassing to be studied
so thoroughly, she was glad she was wearing nice under-

Her bra and panties were a matched set, light pink satin
with lace trim. They were almost brand new, and so had no
snags or worn spots on the bra, and no stains from her
period on the panties.

"You know," he said, his voice husky with desire, "you
really are very beautiful...and very sexy."

His words deepened her blush, but also pleased her, and
she smiled. Wanting to return the compliment, she
lowered her eyes from his probing gaze and whispered, "So
are you."

He appeared to be quite delighted with her demeanor. Placing
one finger beneath her chin, he tilted her face up. "Can I
kiss you?"

Buffy answered him by closing her eyes and offering him
her lips. He chuckled and leaned over. "Open your mouth a
little, kitten."

She parted her lips and waited.

Spike slid his hands into her hair and raised her face a
bit more. Their kiss started out gentle, but soon began to
change into a wildly possessive and passionate encounter.

Forcing her mouth to open more, he slipped his tongue
past the barrier of her moist lips and deeply inside of her
mouth, searching for hers.

Even though she wasn't experienced with the type of kiss
he was giving her, Buffy soon found that instinct and desire
could make up for a lack of first hand knowledge.

Her tongue played with his, twining around it and then
following it back into his mouth.

With a soft moan, he sucked on it sweetly.

While they continued to kiss, Spike reached behind
her and unfastened her bra with one smooth, practiced
motion. The lingerie slid down her arms, and he filled
both of his hands with the soft, warm mounds of her


No boy had ever touched her there before, not even on
top of her clothing, and Buffy was amazed at how good
it felt to have him play with her this way. He squeezed and
fondled, molding her flesh to the contours of his hands. Pushing
them together, he moved his thumbs back and forth over
the hard centers, coaxing a soft whimper from her throat.

It was the most intense pleasure her untried body had ever
known. Until....

Tearing his mouth from her trembling lips, Spike nuzzled
a trail of kisses over her cheek and down the side of her
neck. He tongued the hollow at the base of her throat,
then kissed the smooth skin between her breasts.

Buffy dragged in a sharp breath at the first touch of
his mouth on her sensitive nipples. He changed sides
frequently, giving each one ample attention as he went
from drawing slow circles around them, to flicking his
tongue rapidly back and forth.

Dizzy at the hot waves that rolled up and down her
spine, she arched her back, wanting a deeper touch,
but unable to articulate her desire.

He seemed to know what she wanted, and he opened
his mouth around one nipple, suckling it voraciously.

Oh. Oh, yes. This is what she'd wanted to feel. This
mind numbing thrill that began at the place his lips
were fastened, then radiated through her body, all
the way to her very fingertips.

Spike released the rose colored bud from his mouth
and went searching for it's twin. Taking it in deeply, he
swirled his tongue around and around, then bit down
on it gently.

"D'ya like that?" he whispered against her skin.



Raising his head, he positioned her on her knees
and placed one hand on the back of her head, drawing
her forward. "You do it, too."

She blushed from her hairline to her toes, but moved
to do as he wanted. Extending her tongue, she imitated
his previous touches, licking and sucking the light
brown circles on his chest.

"Mmmm...that tongue of yours is so sweet," he
said, stroking her hair softly.

Buffy grinned, pleased by his words. "It is?"

"Yes," he laughed. "It is. Oh...more, baby. Go lower

She complied, trailing her tongue down the middle
of his chest as her fingers gripped his waist.


"Lie back, now. I want to show you something."

Buffy pulled away, letting him maneuver her down onto
her back. She tensed slightly when he began to unbutton
her jeans.

Spike felt her stiffening, and looked up at her. "S'all right,
kitten. Just relax. I'm going to make you feel very good."

Willing her limbs to soften beneath his touch, she felt
the cool denim slide down her hips, over her thighs, and
then off her completely. Her heart beat began to pick up
significantly as she came face to face with the knowledge
that she was lying on the ground, wearing nothing but her
black leather boots and a pair of lacy underpants.

Which he was pulling down!!!

"These are very pretty," he said, smiling wickedly. "But
they're in my way." He tugged them off and lifted them to
his nose, inhaling her scent. "Mmm," he murmured appreciatively.
"Makes me dizzy." Winking at her, he stuffed the scrap of lace
into the back pocket of his jeans.

Buffy was about to protest this theft of her underwear, when
she remembered that she'd be dead soon, and would have no
real use for them anymore. She could only hope that whoever
handled her body at the funeral home would be make certain
that they were replaced.

Spike was moving his hands down her outer thighs. "The boots
can stay on," he said, cocking his head to one side. "They're
sexier than hell."

Slipping his hands between her legs, he pried them apart. Buffy
instinctively resisted, and he had to apply some real pressure
to get where he wanted.

When he had her legs spread, he settled between them. "I
want to taste you," he informed her, making himself at home.

Buffy's entire body turned red, as the hot blood
rushed to all her extremities.

"Do what?" she asked, her voice squeaky as a
nervous mouse cornered by a cat.


Spike paused, looking up at her. He had forgotten
for a moment who and what he was dealing with

Virginal little slayers couldn't be expected to know all
the different variations of the sex act. This girl, for all her
toughness and fierce fighting ability, was totally innocent
when it came to matters of the flesh.

And, tonight, it was his job to teach her. To explain...and
to demonstrate...everything.

**Oh, this night is just getting better and better.**

Part three.....

"I said," he repeated deliberately, not wanting any
misunderstandings about his intentions at this point. "I
want to taste you. Now, don't get nervous. I won't bite.

Lowering his head, he kissed her inner thigh, inhaling
the fragrance that she was unknowingly giving off.

"I mean to taste you here," he said, running one finger
up the cleft of her sex and putting a tiny amount of pressure
on her clitoris. He heard her gasp sharply, and saw the
moisture he'd induced begin to seep out of her.  "Do you
feel how wet you are?"

Buffy's eyes opened wide as she stared up at the moon.
"Yes," she panted.

Spike licked his lips, savoring the anticipation. "That's
your body, preparing itself for mine. The wetter I make you,
the easier it'll be for me to get inside."

"Uh-huh."  Should she be taking notes?  Oh, no...that's
right. She'd be dead soon.

"Are you ready?" he asked considerately.

"I guess so."

"Then relax your thighs, luv...that's it...little bit more...let
me in.."  With no further hesitation, he leaned forward and
placed his mouth over her.

Buffy had to clap one hand over her own mouth to keep from
screaming out loud at the liquid, swirling motion of his
tongue as it slid up and down, up and down...licking her
hard, then softly, then hard again.

" taste sensational."  He broke away for a
moment, his tongue lapping up the trickle of wetness
tracing down between her thighs. "Like a ripe...juicy
little peach...and so smooth."

Due to her preference for thong underwear and skimpy
bathing suits, Buffy was careful to keep herself clean
shaven down below. She had never in a million
years dreamed that there was another benefit to such
a practice, outside of the aesthetic one.

Now, as her body flashed from hot to cold, then
back to hot, she was becoming all too aware of the
other reason; the feel of his cool, wet tongue moving
over her bare skin was heavenly in the most sinful
way possible.

"Christ," he muttered, rubbing his cheek against her
soft mound, "I could lick and suck you all night, luv."

Something was happening...building...down in the
depths of her body. A tiny flame had been ignited with
his first touch, and every time he dragged his tongue
along her slit, it stoked that fire a bit higher and a bit
hotter.  Any minute now, something was going to happen
that would cause it to blaze out of control.

"I'm gonna do something different now, babe. Right here,"
he said, placing the tip of his index finger at the apex of
her sex, "is the sweet spot. I want to suck on it. Softly
at first, then a little harder. Gonna suck it and make you my mouth."


This time, she couldn't hold back the scream.  Her
hands were too busy trying to anchor her body to the earth.

Spike's mouth closed around her clit, and he did just
as he'd told her he would do...sucked softly and sweetly
for a moment, then began drawing on her harder.

The wetness flowed forth abundantly into his mouth,
and he growled with satisfaction as he drank it down.

Buffy had no control over her body anymore. It was
pretty much doing what it wanted to do....what HE
wanted it to do.  Her hips lunged up, seeking the sweet
suction he applied.  Her hands finally released their
grip on terra firma and plunged into the platinum blond
silk of his hair, holding him in place.  Her feet ground
into the damp sod, her bootheels tearing up large chunks of

Spike sensed the oncoming wave of orgasm, and
applied his mouth more studiously to the task of
getting her off.  He felt strong and powerful in a way he'd
not experienced before.  This beautiful, blazingly hot
slayer was writhing and moaning under the spell his
tongue was weaving, and it was wonderful to see and
hear and taste.  

Drinking up the rush of fluid she was producing, he
felt as though he could live on it forever. It was far sweeter
than any blood he'd ever tasted.

Buffy was whining and panting, and lunging upwards so
strongly that he had to take a firmer hold on her hips.

Gripping her fiercely, he sucked harder and harder,
unable to stifle the grunts of pleasure coming from him
as he went at her.

When she was just about to come, he pulled away
for a moment. "Look at me," he ordered her. When her
beautiful green eyes locked with his, he bent his head
again and took her back into his mouth, sucking at her
until her body arched and her throat released a scream
of pure pleasure.

And as she began to come down, Spike stayed between
her legs, licking her clean of all the fluids he had coaxed
from her responsive body, feeling slightly drunk on them.


A few minutes later, with his head pillowed on Buffy's
thigh, he looked up at her and grinned. "Sweetest pussy
I've ever had my tongue in," he said.

Buffy, too wrung out to reply, smiled back at him.


"How do you feel, luv?"

"Good.  Really, really good."

Spike moved up her body and flopped onto his back. "You
want to keep going then?"

She was a little surprised by the question. He almost
sounded as though he...cared.

"Yes," she said quickly. "I'm still a virgin. won't
let me die this way, right?"

He frowned briefly. For some reason, hearing her put it
that way bothered him, and he was no longer sure that he
really wanted her dead.

Shaking off the moment of doubt, he turned over and
propped himself over her, leaning on his forearms. "Course
not, kitten. I promise I'll do right by you."

The warm night air was drying the light sheen of sweat
on her body as she turned onto her side and cleared her
throat. "I was wondering if..."

He waited, then prompted her. "If what, luv?"

"I...I read once in this book...that...well, these two people know...having sex..."

Her cheeks were as red as it was possible for them to be,
and her shyness charmed him. It really was adorable. "Yeah?"
he said coaxingly.

Certain that if she kept on babbling he would think she
was an idiot, she decided to just be as blunt as possible.

"What you just did to me?  I wondered if...if I could do it
to you?  If it all right with you?"

Spike smiled, absolutely delighted at the suggestion. "I
don't think it's possible to tell you how all right with me
it is," he said. "You sure?"

Buffy was only sure about one thing...she wanted to
experience every aspect of sex before she settled
in for the big dirt nap.

"I've never done it before," she said haltingly. "Maybe
you could...tell me how to do make it feel good."

He sat up and tugged off his boots and socks, then
rose to his knees and shoved his jeans down and off.

Taking her hand, he pressed a quick kiss into her
soft palm. "It's easy, luv," he told her, wrapping his
tongue around her index finger. "Just like this."  

Buffy watched, fascinated, as he slid her finger in and
out of his mouth, sucking it gently. She grabbed his
other hand and began doing the same thing to him.

Spike couldn't believe how powerfully arousing her
mouth felt.  And if it felt THAT good on his finger...

God...he couldn't wait!


His skin was softer than she'd expected. Like velvet
stretched over a steel bar.

When she closed her fingers around his shaft,
he hissed in through his teeth and she froze. "Is
that wrong?"

"Oh,, luv. S'perfect. Don't stop."

He was leaning back on his hands, watching as
she caressed and fondled him.

"You can do it a little tighter, kitten. Ahh...that's
it. Good girl."

Buffy tightened her grip on him, enjoying the fact
that her touch seemed to be pleasing him.

His shaft was as perfectly made as the rest of his
body. Long and thick, with a blunt, bell shaped head
that was large and swollen.  Pearly drops of fluid
oozed out of the slit, and she lifted one away. Testing
it's sticky consistency between two fingers, she
stared at it, her tongue wetting her lips.

"Taste it," he urged her. "Lick it off your finger."

She started to do as he said, pausing when he
added, "No. Look at me when you do it. I want to
see your eyes."

Locking her gaze with his, she slowly brought her
finger up and licked the drop of semen from it.

"Oh, fucking hell," he muttered hoarsely. "Do you
have any idea how incredibly sexy you are, girl?"

Smiling at him, pleased by the compliment, Buffy
slid her finger into her mouth and then back out,
sucking the taste of him from her skin.

Spike let one hand move up her arm and delve into
the thick skein of her hair.  Exerting a small amount
of pressure, he guided her head down to his lap.

"Do it now, luv," he whispered. "Suck me. Open your
little mouth and...oh, yeah...that's right...just let it
slide in...oh...your mouth is so hot...Buffy,

The shaky tone of his voice made her bolder. She
clambered over him, moving her mouth up and down
his rigid cock and letting her long hair trail over his
chest and stomach.

She experimented with pace and pressure, and
when she made a soft humming sound of happiness,
he gasped, almost trembling with the effort of
remaining still for her.

"Oh, God...that's so sweet," he murmured, stroking
her hair back so he could watch her glossy lips slide
up and down his hard pole.

Buffy couldn't manage to take all of him in, there was
just too much of it. A little over halfway down, he hit
her gag reflex.

"Use your tongue, now," he instructed. "Lick me...up
and down."

That was easier, and she went about the task with
great enthusiasm. She found the salty, creamy taste
of him surprisingly enjoyable.

He seemed almost helpless beneath the touch
of her mouth. It was an interesting contradiction, such
strength and power being so vulnerable.

"Darling," he whispered, gripping handfuls of her
hair, "you'll have to stop...or I'll...Buffy...luv, stop."

Buffy didn't want to stop.  She had an idea as to what
he was talking about, and she wanted to make it
happen. Ignoring him, she gripped the back of his
thighs harder and forced him deeper into her mouth.

At that point, Spike gave up trying to control her in
any way.  The little chit was obviously determined to
have it all, and who was he to deny her?

His hands gentled in her hair, and he began to lift his
hips in shallow thrusting motions.

So close....he was so....fucking....close...

"Oh...yeah...Buffy...I'm..I'm gonna, baby...
now...ahhhhh..."  He convulsed, and exploded with

Pulsing spurts of fluid emptied into her mouth, making
her shudder and shake with the energy he was

Without a clue in the world what else to do, she
swallowed it, then wiped her mouth on the back of
her hand.

When she finally worked up the nerve to look at him,
she was surprised to see him staring back at her with
a look of...she could swear it was his

Laying her cheek against the hard muscle of his belly,
she asked him if he was okay.

He responded with a soft laugh, and a fond ruffling
of her hair. " are amazing, girl.  I can't wait
to be inside you."

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