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He turned the doorknob so quietly that no
one could hear it, even if they were
standing on the other side of the door.

"Knock-knock...can I come in?" he asked, smiling wolfishly. "Oh, that's
right.  I've already been invited."

Spike stepped into the foyer of the small house. He met no resistance,
which pleased him.  His invitation hadn't been revoked, even though it had
been some time since he'd first been asked in.

He closed the door behind him, scanning the living room and dining area.

"No one about, then?" he murmured. "Hmm."

When the kitchen proved to be unoccupied as well, he placed his hands
on his hips, drumming his fingers against his belt.

"Slaaayerrr," he sing-songed. "Come out, come out, wherever you are."

No answer.  She had to be home, though.  Her mother's car was gone,
there were lights on all over the house, and...his sharp hearing picked up
the sound of water running upstairs.

His grin widened. "Someone's in the shower, getting all squeaky clean. Per-

He stood at the foot of the staircase, imagining the slayer standing in a
cascade of hot water, all soft, bare skin and vulnerable flesh.  

Wet...slippery...all alone in the house.   Trapped in a small room with
nothing more lethal than a bar of soap to defend herself with.

And, she would be surprised.  A definite advantage for him, although
it hadn't always worked out that way in the past.  Her intuition when
something was coming at her was pretty much dead on.  She had a
slayer's strong instincts and internal warning system that rarely let
her down.

Now, however, she would be off guard, not expecting anything to happen
to her in her own little cottage, her 'safe' place, where vampires could
not enter.

Except for him.

This is almost too easy....

He climbed the stairs slowly, drawing out the delicious anticipation of
her utter shock when she saw him.  It would only last a moment, but that
moment was all he needed.

And once he got his hands on her...

Spike left THAT thought unfinished.  It wasn't wise to be too sure of
yourself where this slayer was concerned.  He'd considered himself
to have the upper hand with her many times in the past, only to be
painfully reminded of just who he was dealing with.

Buffy's petite size and delicate beauty was deceptive.  Beneath that
outward appearance was a hunter that was fast and strong, the
strongest slayer he'd ever dealt with, and he'd learned the hard way
not to underestimate her.

Dismissing her as not being a threat was a mistake of cosmic
proportions.  This girl had taken on...and taken out...some of the
most powerful demons in this world and the next.

Spike lingered in the hallway outside the bathroom door, mulling
over his options, weighing the pros and cons of going after her
in the shower, or ambushing her in her bedroom.  

Both were tantalizing scenarios, and both would be equally

The bathroom had the advantage of giving her nowhere to run. He
wouldn't have to reach very far to grab hold of her, and the sound
of the shower running full blast might also be in his favor.

The bedroom, however, gave him more room to work.  Given what
he intended to do to her, a little extra freedom to maneuver would
come in handy.

"Decisions, decisions"   

She was singing while she showered. Some sort of love song,
upbeat and bubble gum to it's core.  Her babyish voice sounded
light and airy, and slightly off key in a 'makes you want to stick
your fingers in your ears and sing the National Anthem'  kind of

Well, you'll be singing a completely different tune when I get
through with you, little girl....if you're still able to sing at all...

He heard the faucet handle squeak, and the flow of the water
tapering off, taking the decision out of his hands.

She wasn't as easy a target now that she was out of the

The shower curtains rattled...drawers were opened and closed...a
hairdryer clicked on.

Spike moved down the hall and into the slayer's bedroom.  He
glanced around, looking for a place to conceal himself until he
wanted her to become aware of his presence.

The only place he could hide behind was the door.  Under the bed
would be too awkward, and he needed to be able to move fast
when the time came.  Same for the closet.

The drama would unfold in one of two ways. She would walk
into the room without closing the door and he could grab  
her from behind before she knew what had hit her.

Or...she would close the door and see him standing there, allowing
him to take her on face-to-face, relying on her shock to make her
an easy target.

Whichever way it went down, the element of surprise would
belong to him. She'd need a moment to take stock of her
predicament, and he would be on her before she could even

He stepped behind the door, and prepared himself for attack.

Five minutes crawled by, making him impatient.

When the hell is she coming out of there?  Christ...she's one
of those girly-girls that take forever in the bathroom...

The bathroom door finally opened, and small feet came padding
down the hallway.

Buffy came into the room, clad in nothing but a bath towel with
its end tucked in.  She did exactly as he'd hoped she would,
going straight to her dresser without shutting the door, still
humming tunelessly to herself.

Spike left his hiding place and approached the slayer without
making a sound.  Mentally counting to three, he pounced.

Giving her no opportunity to turn around, he grabbed her around
the waist, and threw her down on the bed with no gentility

He retained his advantage and fell upon her instantly.  Pinning her
to the mattress with his body, he snarled out his triumph and
buried his face against the side of her neck, expertly locating
the place where her pulse throbbed visibly beneath her skin.

Buffy let out one sharp scream, trying to push him away, with
no success.

"Hey!  That tickles," she yelped, before dissolving into squirming
bundle of childlike giggles.

"Does it, now?" Spike asked, continuing to nuzzle her throat.  "Shall I stop?"

"You better not!" she ordered, wrapping her arms around his neck
and pulling him into a long, hard kiss.  When air became a urgent
necessity for her, she pulled away.  "Where the hell have you
been?  It's been dark for ages."

"Yes...for all of thirty minutes," he replied, feeling the thrill that
always rocketed through him every time she displayed her
eagerness to see him.

"Like I said...ages."

Spike pulled out the clip that was pinning her hair up, tossing
it aside, and spreading the honey colored tresses across her

"God, you're a knockout," he whispered fiercely, looking down
into her leaf green eyes.

She rewarded him with the smile that always dazzled him. "I bet
you say that to all the slayers."

Spike arched his back when he felt her hands slide down and
begin tugging his shirt until it separated from the waistband of
his jeans.

Her small fingers slipped beneath the material, caressing his
bare skin, making him shudder at the tender touch.

" baby" he groaned softly, blazing a trail of kisses
down her throat, tonguing the hollow at it's base.

"Do you love me?" she asked breathlessly, her eyes drifting

"Hell, yes...I love you."  He yanked the towel she wore open,
exposing skin that was still damp and warm.  "Do you love me?"


"Say it!" he demanded.

"I love you..."

"And only me?"  He kissed the hollow between her breasts.

"Only you...only...oh...that's that more..."

His mouth moved over the lush curves of her breasts, leaving
moisture from his tongue. Taking one nipple into his mouth, he
sucked on it, then did the other.

Buffy placed her hands on his head, guiding him back and forth
as he sucked and licked the rose colored peaks.  "Harder," she
whispered.  "Suck harder...feels so good..."

Spike smiled against her skin.  Knowing how much she enjoyed
his mouth on her breasts, he lavished attention on them.

As he continued the sensuous nursing, he sent one hand down
between her thighs, finding her already wet.  He rubbed her gently,
this inserted his finger.

"Do you like that," he asked, releasing her nipple. "That feel good?"

"Yes," she panted.  "More."

He inserted another finger, making her whine as he slid them in and
out of her.

"Anything else?" he asked, his tone deliberately casual, as though
he was offering her more dessert.

Buffy opened her eyes and looked at him."Go south."

"Going south," he said agreeably.  Spreading her thighs, he moved to
lie between them and began the same wonderful torture he'd applied
to her breasts.  

Removing his fingers, he replaced them with his tongue, sending it
deeply inside and moving it around a little before he started pushing
it in and out in a simulation of intercourse.

" taste so good, baby.  I could eat you forever."

Buffy lifted her hips with a loud cry when he tongued her clit, then
sucked on it.  "Spike...oh, God...oh, baby, do it...suck me..."

Without much more effort on his part, her body began to shiver
and jerk in the onslaught of orgasm.

Licking her highly stimulated sex, he brought her down gently, then
raised his head to look at her.  "I love it when you come in my mouth,"
he said.

Buffy nodded.  ", too."

"But" he added, moving back up her body, "I also love it when
you come on my cock.  Feeling you get so wet...all
for me."

"All for you," she said.  "Do it now...put it in me now..."

"Anything for the lady with the sharp sticks," he agreed. Moving
his hand down between them, he took hold of his erection and
positioned it for penetration.

"Ahhh...Christ"! he grunted.  "So do you stay so damn
tight...everytime it's the first time."

With one hard thrust, he was all the way in.  He felt her dig
her nails into the cheeks of his ass. Knowing from experience
what she wanted, he began to thrust and withdraw, slowly at
first, then faster and harder, until he was literally pounding himself
into her.

After giving his ass another squeeze, Buffy wrapped her legs around
Spike's waist, encouraging him on with softly spoken words whispered
in his ear.

"Do it, it for me...harder...I need it harder...come on,
baby...yes...that's what I want..."

"What do you want?" he asked through clenched teeth.  "Tell me...tell
me what you want."

Buffy moved beneath him, meeting every thrust with her hips. "I
want you...I want you inside big and hard...ramming into
me...again and again and...oh...yeah...fucking me..."

"I'll fuck you," Spike growled harshly.  "Fuck you all night, baby.
Fuck you until you can't walk're're my girl,
aren't star."

He lifted his upper body off of her, straightening his arms as he
moved his hips from side to side.

"Look...look down between us, you see it going in and
out?  See my cock going into your sweet little
it again...make it even tighter...squeeze it,
fuck...fuck...gonna come, baby...can't stop..."

"Okay," Buffy panted.  "Do it!"

Laying back down on her, Spike buried his face in the curve
of her neck.  His thrusts became even faster.

" ready?  You gonna come?  Ahh...come when
I do..."


"Buffy...come with me...!"

"Oh!  I'm..."

"Gonna come?"



"YES!!  Oh..."


"Spike!  God...."

"Feel it...feel it happening..."



With three more vigorous thrusts, they both flew over the edge
of the abyss, grinding themselves together, and releasing
the same shouts of pleasure.

Spike's lower body jerked mindlessly as he ejaculated, giving
her every drop of come he had to give.

Buffy could feel it in her, spurting its wetness, drenching her

When it was over, she placed one hand on the back of his
head, petting and stroking him until his tense body became
pliant in her arms.

"Are you all right?"

She smiled.  He always asked her that question, so concerned
about her well being and happiness, wanting to make sure that
he hadn't hurt her, that he had satisfied her.

"I'm fine," she assured him, turning her head to place gentle
kisses on the side of his face.  "Love you."

"Love you, too."

"Only me?"

He nodded. "Only you, baby...always..."

"Good."  Buffy sighed.  "Sleep now."

Spike rolled off of her and onto his back, keeping her close to

His last conscious thought before sleep claimed him.

You're a FUCKING idiot for leaving her, Angel. And she's MINE now.


~~The End~~