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Most of these stories are NC-17, with lots and lots of 'Adult' situations. You all know that means sex. Quite a bit of it. Fairly graphic, too. So, if you don't like lots of fairly graphic sex.....boy, are you in the wrong place! If you're under the grand old age of eighteen, we simply can't invite you in, you're much too young and tender. Do come back when you get there, though. We can't wait to corrupt you! 





As with all things on this site, comments are welcome but not considered gospel.  If Patty, The Kings, LoobyLoo and myself like the way things are, that’s the way they’re gonna stay.  If you’re easily offended or decide that you don’t like what we post here, I’ll refer you to the ‘X’ at the top right of your screen.  Otherwise feel free to hang around; we’re a highly entertaining bunch.

                                                             - Jen



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None of the BtVS or AtS characters belong to us. We tried, but the owner wasn't willing to share.  The stories, however, do belong to us. Mostly. Well, sometimes we'll use parts of the various episodes, but you all know who wrote those, don't you? Of course you do. You've watched them a thousand times, just like we have.