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Part One...

"Lonely girl, rainy night
Looking for that number
She needs someone to treat her right.."

The water was beautifully, blissfully hot. So hot, that
there was a light sheen of steam on the bathroom mirror,
and the tile counter was slippery.

The air in the bathroom hung heavy and moist, with a
floral scent laced through it, a tropical rain forest
in the middle of a southern California town.

"Ohh...yes." Buffy sighed, as every bit of tension was
chased from her mind and body, leaving her limp and

She reclined back against the cushion she'd propped
at the end of the tub, coating herself with an ocean of
fragrant bubbles.

Her hair was loosely pinned up, with only a few wispy
tendrils hanging down and clinging to her damp skin. She
wallowed in sybaritic pleasure, not feeling a speck of guilt
about her self-indulgence, or that she should probably be
out fighting the good fight.

She figured she'd been pretty easy lately about doing her
job without whining and sulking about it too much. She de-
served this little moment of calm in the midst of her stormy

Lifting one leg from the water, she picked up a soft sponge
floating by and squirted a glob of rose scented shower gel
into it.

She propped her leg up against the bathtub wall opposite
her and began running the soap heavy sponge up her thigh,
leaving a trail of lather all the way to her pink polished toe-
nails, then back up her inner thigh, stopping just short of...

Buffy inhaled sharply. Dropping the sponge, she allowed
her fingers to slip under the water.

Her eyes drifted closed and her head dropped back as she
moved her hand in a pleasing motion, the self caress making
her breathe a bit faster.

Outside, the rain beat brutally against the house.

Briefly searching her mind for an appropriate fantasy, she had
no trouble locating her favorite....

The bathroom door opened with a bang. She sat up in the
tub, exposing her bare breasts to the man standing in the

Nervously, she reached for a towel, but he got to it first
and tossed it out of her reach. "Don't" he said, in that deep
and soft tone he used when he was aroused.

Shedding his long leather coat, he paced slowly towards
her until he was standing right next to the bathtub. As she
watched, he began undoing the buttons on the deep blue
shirt he wore. Letting it slide down his arms and drop to the
floor, he stood before her admiring eyes.

She swallowed hard, nearly hypnotized by this blatant
display of masculine beauty.  Lean, but well built, his
upper body was all smooth skin and hard, defined muscle.

Fast as the predator that he was, he leaned over and grabbed
her beneath her arms. Lifting her halfway out of the tub, he
lowered his head until their lips nearly touched.

"Slayer," he whispered against her mouth. "I want you, and
I won't wait one more second to have you."

She was almost hyperventilating with anticipation when
he finally kissed her.  His tongue slid wetly between her
lips, searching for and finding hers.

She released a sound that was a cross between a gasp
and a whimper, as she hung bonelessly in his hands.

When he heard the breathy little catch in her voice, he
lowered her back into the water.  Straightening, he kicked
off his boots and slowly unzipped his jeans.

Her eyes were riveted on the striptease he was performing
for her.

When he was completely naked, he stepped into the tub
and sat down behind her. His hands moved over her slick
skin, around to her front, then up to cover her breasts.

Cupping them firmly, he pulled her back, eliminating
any distance between them.

Her body flush against his, he squeezed and fondled the
soft mounds in his hands.  Fingering the hard peaks, he
tugged gently, eliciting that soft sound from her throat once

"You like that."  It wasn't a question.

"I do," she groaned. "I like it."  She arched her back,
thrusting herself more fully into his hands.

With his left arm stretched across her chest, his hand
cupping her right breast, he sent the other hand down into
the water, taking over the job her own fingers had been

He probed and explored, inserting his finger inside her
as his thumb located her clit. When he found it and pressed
hard on it, her entire body jerked under the onslaught of an
immediate and powerful orgasm.

And she screamed his name...


"Spike...oh, yes...yes..." she chanted, moving her fingers
faster, climbing higher, until she reached the top and flung
herself into the void.

"There's plenty of men
She could call
But she wants him most of all
Oh, God, I hope he's home tonight.."

She came down slowly, her caress becoming gentle. Lay-
ing in the rapidly cooling water, she panted with the exquisite

When she thought she could manage it without her knees
buckling, Buffy climbed out of the tub and dried off.

Returning to her room with a single minded purpose, she
picked up the phone and punched the first button on her
speed dial.

She listened to the line ring five

"Come on...please be there."

A voice on the other end of the line said "Hello."

"Hi, it's me....What are you doing?....Yeah, me too....Want
to come over and do something?....I don't know....We could
watch a movie and stuff ourselves with junk food, or we could
play Scrabble...."   She lowered her voice a little.  "Or we
could do something else....Whatever comes to mind....MY
mind?....Hopelessly in the gutter....Hurry and get here....Bye."

"She needs the love, love, love
The real exciter
She needs the all-nighter.."

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