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(The words to the song ‘Will Love Find A Way' are by our wonderful beta reader, Deb. Thank you babe – we love you!)


Chapter 1


The two friends were sitting in what could laughingly be called Buffy’s office, a screened off area of the old cloakroom that was drafty and hardly private; everybody could hear what was said!

Buffy wasn’t really listening to her friend’s excited chatter. She was more intent on reading a report from social services about one of her more troublesome charges.

“Buffy!  I said it’d be fantastic! Don’t you think, won’t it – huh?”

Buffy read to the end of the paragraph, and then looked at her friend.

“Sorry Will, what’s that?"

Slightly exasperated, Willow said, "The talent show at the Bronze!"


Buffy frowned

“Oh that. Huh, you really think so? Coz I heard that that Jonathan Whats-his-name has got a ‘heavy metal’ band together…they’re going for it, and if the spring dance was anything to go by…”

“The only thing ‘heavy’ about them, is their instruments, they can hardly lift them! Anyway, I think they changed their line-up” Willow joked, and Buffy smiled.

“Still, you’ll be a little light relief then!” Willow continued. Buffy was just about to continue reading the report when it registered with her exactly what her friend had just said…

“S’cuse me – light relief – I don’t-”

“You. Your song, Will Love Find A Way?”

“What about it?”

“…I put your name down for the contest” Willow looked a little sheepish and bit her bottom lip.

“Oh....YOU DID WHAT?” Buffy stood, the report papers fluttering to the floor all around her desk.

Willow jumped up and began gathering the papers up, babbling away.

“Honestly, Buffy, it’s SO good, and you have every chance of winning! The prize for winning the first round is a thousand dollars – and you get to go to LA and everything, and be on TV, the finals of Search for a Star –“

“Hold it right there! I don’t stand a chance of winning!” Buffy sat down, trying to sort the report.

“But you DO!” Willow whined

“I don’t for one plain and simple reason. I’m NOT doing it!”

“But Buffy...!”

“Don’t Will, ok? Just don’t! I wrote that song…um…well over a year ago now. Riley’s well gone, and – well... I don’t have time, for one thing! I’ve reports to sort out” She waved the report at Willow.

“Wrong Buffy, you have ONE report, that’s singular, and you DO have time…we’d go to the Bronze anyway on Friday night – it’s ok, you don’t have to do it.”  Willow thought she’d try a little psych on her friend…

“Good. Coz I’m not!”  Buffy, having sorted the report back into sequence, tapped the bottom of the papers on her desk and then stapled them together.

“Sorry Buffy. I should have realised that you don’t have the guts.”  Willow tried to look rueful, all the time studying her friend’s face.

Buffy nodded, then snapped her head up.

“What did you say?”

“I said, I should have known that you don’t have the stones. You’d be too chicken. Haven’t got the guts to do anythi-“

“I BEG YOUR PARDON!” Buffy stood up again, so did Willow. Buffy was trying for indignance, but hit lame excuse mode instead.

“I’ve got the stones! I’ve got the guts! I just, well…I just don’t w-want to-“

“It’s ok, it’s ok, Buffy, you don’t have to make excuses. I DO understand.”  Willow made her way over to the door.

“Where are you going? Lunch isn’t over yet!” Buffy pointed to the unopened sandwiches.

“I’d better be getting back to the campus, I need to see my tutor. You know Buffy, this could be a way out of here for you, if you but know it.”

“But I like it here!  It’s a step up from the Double Meat, anyway!”

“Yes, well...just keep on telling yourself that, that you like it here, that you make a difference.  I’m sure you’ll convince yourself in the end. See you later, bye.”

Without a backward glance, Willow left. Buffy tossed the social services report into her ‘out’ tray and, resting her chin on her hand, she thought about what Willow had just said.


She was in a rut all right. The job was…well let’s face it, boring as hell, but at least she didn’t reek of grease every night when she got home.

 Home…the house. The dwelling that was haemorrhaging money faster than she could earn it. There always seemed to be something that needed doing, besides the basic bills. Next thing to go would be the washing machine; it had suddenly developed a worrying squeak.

She sighed and toyed with the unopened cheese sandwich. Did she have the nerve to sing in public? Did she have the stones to sing a song about her feelings, all laid bare for public consumption?

Buffy thought back to Willow’s babbling. Didn’t she say that the prize for winning was $1000?



Buffy swooshed the mascara wand back and forth very quickly in the tube and leaning forward to look closely into her dressing table mirror, she applied a light coat to her lashes.

She smoothed her lipgloss and fluffed her wispy tendrils of hair by her ears, then took a long look at herself.

She had butterflies.

Fixing her late mother's locket around her neck to take away the bareness, she said to her reflection, "YOU can do this!" 

“You CAN do this!”

“You can DO this!”

“You can do THIS!”

The doorbell ringing made her jump, and she grabbed her purse off the bed and ran downstairs to open the door.

“Hi – wow look at you!” Willow said, grinning.

Buffy smiled and did a twirl around.

“You like? Stylish but affordable!” Buffy smoothed down the front of the little black spaghetti-strapped dress she’d bought on the way home from work.

“Looks great!”

“Thanks. Are you sure Oz doesn’t mind being my accompanist?” They left the house and Buffy locked up.

“Sure I’m sure. In fact, I asked him before I even mentioned this thing to you!”

Buffy grinned and got into Willow’s car.




“Ok, Ok people! Let’s have a little hush now…please…come on you guys…” the compere on stage asked the crowd at the Bronze. After much ‘shushing’ the crowd quietened.

“Ok..ladies and gentlemen, for your pleasure and delight, tonight we have the regional heats of 'Search for a Star'!”

The crowd roared.

“All right, quiet, you crazy cats! We have a dozen acts for you, and voting will take place at the end on the evening."

First on stage, will you please give a big, Bronze welcome to two lovely young ladies, and they call themselves 1+1 and they are going to give us their rendition of the song, ‘We are Family'. Ladies and gentlemen, 1+1”!  

The crowd roared again, and the two girls stepped up on stage, and began singing.

Buffy sat at a side table with Willow and Oz, sipping a diet soda. The butterflies she’d experienced earlier were now more like raging elephants, but she just fixed her mind on that $1000 prize and how it would pay for the washing machine to be fixed, and cover the phone and the electric bills.



“Break a leg!” Willow whispered as Oz and Buffy made their way to the stage.

Buffy kept her eyes down, and the compere announced them.

“I give you, Buffy, singing one of her own compositions, called, ‘Will love find a way?’

The lights went down, and a soft spotlight fixed itself on the small blonde. She closed her eyes and swayed to the opening bars Oz played, and then she began to sing....


"Everything reminds me

You’re everywhere I see

Couples stroll hand in hand

Once like you and me"


"Will love find a way

Will love find a way

To bring you home to me"


Will love find a way

And bring you safe home to me"


"Held in your arms

I bathe in the glow

Please tell me, baby

I want to know"


"Will love find a way

Will love find a way

To bring you home to me


Will love find a way

And bring you safe home to me"


"I think of you so often

I love you more each day

I want you to be near me, babe,

But you are far away"


"Will love find a way

Will love find a way

To bring you home to me


Will love find a way

To bring you safe home to me"


Buffy opened her eyes while Oz played the last few bars of music. The lights went up, and the place erupted with cheers, screams, shouts ands whistles.

Buffy glanced stage left and saw Willow grinning and giving her double thumbs up. Buffy’s tension broke and, wreathed in smiles, she and Oz made their way from the stage, people hugging her and slapping her on the back.

The compere tried to get some semblance of order and introduced the final act.


“Ok then ladies and gentlemen…if you want ‘Hard Road’ to win, all shout, now!” There were loud shouts from a table of six lads that were obviously with the band, polite clapping from everybody else.

“Thank you…all right then next up, lets hear it for Buffy and her song....“  The compere didn’t even get to say the song title. The huge roar, whistles, foot-stomping and cheers that went up left nobody in any doubt.

Buffy was the winner.

Willow hugged her friend to her, and Buffy felt the tears welling up.

A token gesture was made to the last band as regards voting, but it was pointless really. Buffy had won without a shadow of a doubt.

“Hey, come on…you can’t cry, you’ve got to go and sing it again now, and accept the cheque!” Willow gently brushed the tears off her friend’s cheeks and they hugged again.

“Thanks, Will.  I’d have never done this without you, you know!”

“Go on, go! Your public awaits!” Willow gently pushed her towards the stage.

Buffy was LA bound………


Chapter 2


Buffy woke with a start to somebody hammering on the front door and ringing the bell like their life depended on it.

“All right………ALL RIGHT - Jeez where’s the fire!?” Buffy leapt out of bed, threw back the curtains and hoisted the window open, poking her head out.

“Hello? Who's there – hello?”

Willow bounded off the porch and onto the front lawn. Shielding her eyes from the sun, she called up, "Buffy!  Are you all right?  I've been trying to ring you all morning!"

“Sorry, okay, I’m coming down…” Buffy closed the window, yawned and stretched, grabbed her robe off the back of the door and made her way downstairs.

“What’s up anyway?” Buffy opened the door and made her way to the kitchen, Willow behind her.

“It’s lunchtime! Oh, look, no wonder I couldn’t get through, the phone’s off the hook!” Willow replaced the receiver.

“No – don’t do – oh…too late!” Buffy’s shoulders dropped with a sigh as the phone began to ring.

She shuffled into the kitchen, shook the kettle to see if there was enough water in it, and switched it on. Willow joined her.

“Well, aren’t you going to answer it?”

Buffy took two mugs out of the kitchen cupboard. "You answer it."  She closed the fridge door, having taken out the milk.

“Hello, Buffy Summers residence.” Buffy gave Willow a funny grin as she poured the boiling water onto the instant coffee and stirred.

“Um, well....I’ll be sure to pass on the message…I will…what did you say your name was?....Okay, got that....bye” Willow replaced the receiver, only for it to ring again.

“Hello?.... Oh, hi.... Did you?.... Well I’m sure Buffy will be very grateful that you voted for her last night…yes, I’ll tell her…okay, bye” Willow put the receiver down again.

"Well...aren't you little Miss Popular..."   The phone rang. Willow picked it up and said, "Wrong number!"  She pressed the cut-off digits with her finger, then lay the receiver to one side of the phone.

“Now do you understand? – I didn’t get to bed ‘till after four o clock this morning, and then I had to phone in work and tell them I wouldn’t be in. Since 8.30, it’s not stopped ringing!” Buffy put a mug of coffee in front of her friend.

Willow nodded. "Sorry I had to bail out on you last night, but I had an early lecture, and I knew those show people wanted to talk to you. Anyway...a Duane Morgan and a Stacey Shaw said they voted for you last night, those were the calls." 

Buffy leaned against the sink, cupping her coffee mug in both hands, sipping the scalding liquid.

“Whoever THEY are – and god alone knows how they got my number! Anyway, it’s okay about you leaving, I understand. They’ve given me a whole bunch of stuff to read, a time-table and that.”

Willow grinned and hunched her shoulders, giving an excited squeal. "Gods!  This is SO exciting!" 

Buffy smiled.

“Aren’t you excited? I’m excited! I’m all excited, like a……… very excited thing! Like, like…like it was Christmas, except...well, you know, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but if I did, I’m sure I’d be this ex...“

“WILLOW! – Breathe!”


“Yes, I’m excited. I’m also tired, and I still don’t think it’s sunk in yet.”

“So, when do you go to do the show?”

“Next week, but there’s loads of stuff I’ve got to do before then. Rehearsals, run throughs, I had to phone Snyder, tell him I won’t be in – got his snot-rag secretary, Mrs Keogh...."



Later that evening at Buffy’s house....


“Will we still do this when you’re rich and famous?”

Willow and Buffy were sitting cross-legged on the sofa, eating pineapple pizza straight from the box that was between them.

“Rich…what I wouldn’t give to be rich…!” Buffy sighed.

“Hey, chin up! It was a lousy job anyway.” Willow commiserated.

“I know, but at least it was a job! You should have seen her, standing on my doorstep, with that supercilious, haughty, smug bitch face when she handed me the letter from Snyder. She said, ‘Mr Snyder thinks it’s for the best, and I agree with him. Your presence at the school would only be a disruption. We have the welfare of our students to think about’ – I’m not kidding you, I could have hit her!” Buffy let her head flop against the back of the sofa.

“Well, at least you’ve got that $1000. That will keep you going for a couple of weeks.”




Two days later.......


Buffy waited patiently in line at the studio reception desk.

“And you are?” a dark haired woman wearing glasses asked her.

“Buffy Summers. I won the Search For a Star, at the Bronze Club on the 12th of this month.”

The woman checked her list.

"Let me see...ah, yes. Right. Put this security badge on and please sign the book, then again when you leave. Make your way to rehearsal room 4...just follow the blue line along the corridor. There is no smoking in the building whatsoever...thank you and have a nice day."

 Buffy moved off and fastened the badge to her top. She did as she was told, and followed the blue line to rehearsal room 4.

“Good morning…you are?”

“Buffy Summers.”

“Right, just a quick run through of do’s and don’ts, okay? Do you have a cell phone? If you do, can you please switch it off. There is no smoking inside the building...."



“Okay, you have sheet music?”

“Um, yes…” Buffy took what Oz had given her out of her bag.

“Right then…looks easy enough. We shan’t be using dancers for you, you’ll be what we refer to as the ‘quiet spot’ and you’ll be on last but one, with just a spotlight on you.”

Buffy nodded at the director.

“So, when you’re ready, shall we have a try out?”

“Yes…um, the microphone…it’s a bit high for me could you lower it?”



Buffy sang her song through.

“Great! Are you happy with that, Clive?” The director looked at his sound man, and got the thumbs up.

“Well, I think that’s every- sorry, what?” the director pressed the earpiece he was wearing, obviously listening to somebody.

“Ah, problem. We’re too short.”

“Short? I could wear heels,” Buffy suggested

“No, sorry, I mean the song. It’s too short. Everyone’s allowed 3 minutes and forty-five seconds…and you’re coming in at bang on three minutes…”

Buffy colored up at her gaff.

“Yes…yes, okay, we can try that....Buffy, could you sing the last chorus twice do you think, and I can put a few little flourishes in perhaps?”


“Okay, lets go again then."




“So come on, tell me – how’d it go?” Willow flopped on Buffy’s sofa without even taking her coat off.

“Good. There were a few little technical hitches – but we ironed them out. I must have sang the song a dozen times at least, and then – listen to this...I went to wardrobe, and I’m going to wear a Vera Wang dress! – I thought that I’d have to buy something, but no! And they’ll do my make-up and hair!"

Willow grinned. "Vera Wang, eh?" 


“Oh, it’s beautiful! All floaty and shades of blue.”

“Sounds very pretty.”

“Willow, I’ve got a problem.”


“Well, two problems, to be precise.”

“Go on.”

“Well, they wanted to film me at work, talking about my job, talking about know, that little bit at the beginning of the show where each contestant shows their day to day lives?”

“And what’s the other problem?”


“Riley? – What’s he got to do with it?”

“I wrote the song about him.”


“Well, he doesn’t know, does he?”

“So, why should he find out now?”

“Coz I told them…I said I wrote it when I was missing my soldier boyfriend.”

“Well…doesn’t have to be him! And you haven’t heard from him in – how long?"

“Fourteen months.”

“Well, just don’t mention his name. If they ask you, say you split up! Go for the sympathy vote!”

Buffy smiled and delved into her purse.

“Oh, um, they gave me these. Here you go…two complimentary tickets to the show.”

“Wow – brilliant…can I bring Oz?”




The day of the show.....


Buffy had arrived at the studios at 12.30, as requested. The show would be rehearsed and recorded, just in case of any problems, but would be going out live at 8.00pm.

The show would last for an hour, the judges would give their opinions of each act, and then it would be the audience and a general-public phone in to determine the winner. They would have 40 minutes to phone in their votes, while the national news was on, then the show came back live to reveal the voting and announce the winner, who would do their act again.

The judges were, Anyanka, famous piano-playing singer, whose album ‘Show Stoppers’ was currently number one in the charts.

Suave, sophisticated English actor Wes Price, who was being tipped to be the new ‘Bond’, the acid-tongued Glory Benson, host of Music!Music! and Chart Countdown on satellite TV, reformed ‘Bad Boy’... now nightclub owner... Warren Walsh, and, finally writer/director Tara McClay.


Buffy had ‘got around’ the problem of no longer having a job by being videoed gardening, making out it was her hobby. And she just said "soldier boyfriend"...not mentioning Riley’s name when asked about why she wrote the song. She was shown the piece and was happy with it.

There were seven acts, two singers, two groups, a comedian, an impressionist and a magic act. The other singer was male, and he was going to open the show, then the magic act, then a group, then the comedian. The second half would be the group, then Buffy, with the impressionist closing the show.



“There…what do you think?” The hairdresser held up a mirror so Buffy could see the back of her hair.

“It’s lovely, thank you.”

“Right, just pop next door, and Mandy will do your make-up.”

Buffy got out of the chair and went next door…


“Just a slick of peach gloss, I want to keep the look soft. And don’t worry, I’ve used water-proof mascara,” the girl smiled at Buffy.


“You’re the 'Will Love Find A Way' singer, yes?”

“That’s right.”

“I hope you win, it’s a beautiful song."

Buffy beamed. "Thank you!" 

“Well, you know, break a leg!”




Everything ran perfectly. At the side of the stage, Buffy saw the hand of the stage director count down three, two, one, the audience clapping died away, and the piano took up the haunting tune.

As luck would have it, Buffy could barely see the audience beyond the first three rows.

She sang her song perfectly, with hardly a trace of nerves now. She’d done it so many times in rehearsals that this was just like another one really.

The audience clapped and cheered. Willow did her famously loud finger-whistle, just at the time the camera panned around to her. She saw this on the monitors above the stage and, with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look of horror, sunk down into her seat, turning to look at Oz who was grinning!

Buffy sat in the ‘green room’ with the rest of the acts. They’d all become quite friendly over the last week or so.

The last act finished and the judges all gave their opinions. According to them, it was the group 'Caught in the Act' that was the favorites, but Wes Price and Tara McClay preferred Buffy.

News reached the acts that the switchboards had been jammed with thousands of calls, and one act was a clear winner. Buffy was resigned to the fact that it would be the group, and she relaxed completely.

The forty minutes that they had to wait stretched like two hours.


The countdown began and the show was back on air.

Buffy was sitting watching the screen as it came down to the last three top places.

She was thinking, ‘I’m next, I’m next!’

“In third place, with 28, 563 votes, we have that cheeky boy, Dale Dunn!”  The audience cheered.

Buffy was still thinking, ‘I’m next, I’m next!’

“And in second place, with 46, 487 votes, we have 'Caught in the Act' ” 

Buffy looked at the screen. It didn’t register with her, as it was only her left unplaced, that she must be the winner.

Immediately everybody came over to her to congratulate her, but they all watched the screen first as the compere said, "And with an amazing 89, 985 votes, we have Buffy!”

Buffy was floored! She looked so shocked!

Everybody was clapping her on the back, hugging and kissing her. The floor manager came to get her and she started to shake.

“Fantastic girl, you did fantastic! Come on!”

Slightly bewildered, Buffy was lead out of the warren of corridors back to the stage. The roar that went up was terrific. Willow was crying/laughing.

The compere put his arm around the tiny girl.

“So, Buffy…practically ninety thousand votes! I understand you wrote the song yourself?”

Buffy nodded and said a squeaky, "Yes."

She was trying not to cry

“And do you have a recording contract yet?”

She shook her head and whispered, "Not yet, no."

“Well, I tell you, there are a few record managers backstage who would like to remedy that, but first we must ask you to sing again for us. Would you do that?”

“Yes.” Buffy went and took her place.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the winner of the 'Search For a Star Grand Final 2004', Buffy, with her song ‘Will Love Find A Way’ – Buffy!”

The clapping died down and Buffy began to sing again.


Leaning on a pillar, watching from the wings, was a manager from Aphrodite records. His name was William Carling-Blake, ‘Spike’ to his friends.

He knew one thing; he HAD to have that girl – and not just to give her a recording contract either......




More please...