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A story set in the sometimes seedy world of Rock and Roll………

By Jon, Andy, ‘Nuke’ (Mark), Eddie, and Mick, Collectively known as:

                        ‘The Kings of Mercia’


Main Characters:

Buffy Summers: a twenty-year old High School counselor.


Willow Rosenberg: Buffy’s best friend.


William ‘Spike’ Carling-Blake: one of the managers at ‘Aphrodite’ Records.


Cornelius Sweetly, AKA ‘Sweet’: a ruthless Svengali-like impresario, the owner of Aphrodite records, several music magazines and newspapers, a cable TV station and two film companies. AC/DC has many lovers, both male and female.


Cordelia Chase: Head of PR at Aphrodite Records.


Gloria Benson, AKA ‘Glory’: a former model, now fronts two rock shows for the ‘Sweet’ corporation. Renowned for her acid comments and blatantly outrageous statements.


Drusilla St John:  Ex girlfriend of Spike, English, from a privileged background, done a little acting, and a little modeling, rich society girl, her father is Lord Netherbourne, Green Party Member of Parliament for Sussex.


Cecily Adams: English, ‘Wild-child’ now porn actress, groupie, and sometimes girlfriend of Rack.


‘Rack’: lead singer with ‘death-metal’ band, Noiz


Gunn: Charles Gunn, black rap artist


Nikki Wood: Gunn’s girlfriend, model turned actress


Jenny Calendar: Free-lance entertainments journalist


Rupert Giles: One time singer with seventies band The Rocketeers, now a restaurateur and film critic – in love with Jenny Calendar.


Quentin Travers: owner of ‘Midnight Music’ a rival of Sweet’s


Alexander ‘Xander’ Harris: Another manager at Aphrodite Records.


Harmony: a ‘Bubblegum pop’ songstress appealing to the teeny-bop and granny end of the music market.


Anyanka – AKA Anya: a piano playing ballad singer


Faith and Lilah:rock chicks, a sexy leather-clad duo called ‘Vixen’


Ethan Raine:nightly chat-show host on Sweet’s cable station


Angelus ‘Angel’ O’Connor: Once member of boy band 'Shark', now struggling to get a solo career going.


Larry and Andrew:more ‘camp’ than a row of tents, blatant homosexual stylists and image-makers and sometimes lovers of Sweet.