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Chapter 3


Buffy came off stage and was taken to a room all ready for photographs to be taken. After the publicity shots were done, she could join the party. The free tickets that had been given to act’s guests entitled them to come backstage and join the fun.

Spike immediately noticed a pretty redheaded girl looking around the room. Her companion was somewhat shorter than her, but looked cool and ‘laid back’, taking everything in his stride.

‘’Can you see her? I can’t see her…’’ Willow whispered to Oz.

‘’No…hold on, that guy looks like he’s coming towards us.’’

Spike came over to them. ‘’You looking for Buffy?’’


‘’She won’t be long, just having some publicity photographs done.’’

‘’Oh, right, thanks’’ Willow smiled.

‘’Come on over to the table, get yourself some food. Can I get you a drink? Sorry, I should introduce myself...I’m William Carling-Blake. I represent Aphrodite Records.’’ He held out his hand, and both Willow and Oz shook it.

‘’I’m Willow, this is Oz.’’

‘’Pleased to meet you. So, what can I get you to drink?’’

‘’Oh, just a soft drink for me, I’ve got to keep a clear head.’’ Willow said.

‘’Me too, I’m driving.’’ Oz said

Spike went away, returning with two glasses of ‘Club’ soda.

‘’This do?’’ Spike held up the two glasses of fizzy orange.

‘’Fine, thanks.’’ The couple took the drinks.

‘’So, this friend of yours, she been singing long?’’

Willow was reiterating the story to Spike when a beaming Buffy appeared by their side, to the applause of the room. Putting her drink down, Willow hugged and congratulated her friend, as did Oz.

‘’This is William. He’s from Aphrodite Records,’’ Oz said to Buffy, obviously impressed.

Spike introduced himself. ‘’And you can all call me Spike!’’

Buffy looked up into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen, and she swore her heart skipped a beat. As his cool hand clasped her rather warm one, she felt a definite frisson, like a little electric shock run through her.

They chatted a while, then Spike had to take a phone call.

Buffy returned to her friends. ‘’What do you think, Will?’’

‘’He’s a dreamboat!’’

‘’Man…Aphrodite Records…I mean, do you KNOW just how big they are?’’ Oz asked.

‘’Well, I’ve heard of them all right, the ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ as they are always called in the papers’’

‘’They have some of the biggest names!’’ Willow said, then she added,‘’Has he offered you a contract?’’

‘’Well, he’s invited me to the studios tomorrow, to look around, and I can look over a contract, and he said that to prove they’re not trying to rip me off, I can take it to any legal representative of my choosing to look it over before I sign.’’

‘’Sounds fair enough to me,’’ Oz said, and Willow nodded in agreement.



‘’Boss wants to know, did you get her?" Xander asked Spike.

‘’Not yet, but don’t worry, we will. I’ve invited her to the studios tomorrow.’’

‘’Good. Just as long as ‘Midnight Music’ doesn’t get her.’’

‘’No worries. That pillock Connor O’Neil is too bothered trying to get that crappy group to sign, he hasn’t even noticed her.’’

‘’Crappy group?’’

‘’Yeah, that lot that came second.’’

‘’Oh. I thought they were good!’’ Xander said.

Spike rolled his eyes and sighed.

‘’You would. THAT’S why you never get trusted to come and do these invitation signings. Xander...they have ‘one-hit-wonder’ written all over them, complete waste of time! Look, I must go, it looks like our little lady is ready to leave. Bye’’

Spike ended the call and made his way back over to the trio.

‘’Sorry about that. Business, you know.’’

‘’I understand. We’re going now, it’s been such a long day, and...‘’

‘’I completely understand, love. Here’s my card, ring me anytime.’’

‘’Um, tomorrow, can you tell me where the studio is exactly?’’

‘’Stupid me!’’ Spike smacked his forehead. ‘’Don’t worry, pet, if you give me your address, I’ll send a car for you.’’

Buffy beamed. Spike produced a small leather bound notebook and gold pen, and Buffy wrote down her address and phone number.

‘’Shall I ask for you, when I get there?’’ She looked straight into his eyes as she handed him both book and pen back

‘’No need, love, I’ll be in reception waiting for you. Are you going to bring a friend? I’ll need to know because of the security passes?’’ Spike glanced at Willow.

‘’No, Willow’ll have lectures tomorrow. It’ll be just me.’’

‘’Right, well, it’s been very nice to meet you.’’ Spike shook hands with Willow and Oz, and then he stood in front of Buffy.

‘’Night then, pet. It’s been a pleasure to meet you.’’ He reached for her hand and placed a soft kiss on the back of it. Buffy swallowed, and hoped he hadn’t noticed her shaking slightly.

She floated to the parking lot!

‘’Wow, Buffy – he’s gorgeous and that Brit accent, ooh!’’ Willow squeezed her friend’s arm as they waited for Oz to bring round the van.

‘’Tell me about it!’’ Buffy said, grinning.




Drusilla St John was having yet ANOTHER row with her father. Or rather, he was ranting, she was sitting there, waiting for him to finish.

‘’How could you do this, Dru? More importantly, how could you do this to ME, after all I’ve done for you, all I’ve spent on you? Treatments and therapies don’t come cheap, I can assure you that!’’

‘’No, father. I’m sorry.’’

‘’Sorry? You’re sorry – So am I, Dru! Is this anyway to behave in public?’’ Lord Netherbourne threw the tabloid newspaper with its  screaming headline ‘LORD’S DAUGHTER IN DRUNKEN ANTI-WAR PROTEST’ at her.

Photographs of her drunken antics, off her face, topless in the Trafalgar Square fountains with five other ‘End the War’ protesters decorated the front page. There were further pictures of them on pages two, three and four, showing them sitting astride the lions, and sticking ‘End the War’ posters around the base of Nelson’s Column. They’d thrown potassium permanganate crystals into the fountain so the water had turned purple, then added washing detergent so that purple foam covered everything.

‘’It wasn’t just me!’’ Dru whined

‘’Well, young lady, let’s hope these types that you associate with can pay any fines due, because I’ve finally cut the purse-strings. No more bailing you out, you are on your own!’’

‘’Yes, father.’’ Dru kept her eyes downcast, hoping he’d finished his diatribe. No such luck, he continued until Dru felt like screaming. She had the devil’s own hangover and just wanted to crawl back to bed and hide for a week.

‘’You’re an idler and a drifter, just like your mother. Couldn’t pin her down either, like trying to nail jello to the wall she was, and YOU'RE just the same. Well, I won’t stand for it any more. You’ve got to start making your own way in the world, young lady. I know you’ve had your problems, but your medication is sorted now, isn’t it? Drusilla, are you listening to..."

‘’Yes, father, I haven’t had any more bouts of my illness for nine months now’’

‘’Good. I’m sorry if you think I’m getting on at you Dru, but I have standing. The Party want me to be deputy leader – I will NOT have you ruining my chances. I’m stopping your allowance as from today, and I want you to get a job. While you live under my roof, you will abide by my rules, do you understand?’’

‘’Yes father. I’m sorry. Can I go now, please? I feel sick.’’

‘’Yes, you may go." Dru stood too quickly, and swayed slightly. "And think on what I’ve said!’’ was her father’s parting shot as she left the room.



‘’Uh…oh god, yes, yes, harder, HARDER, FUCK ME, yes! Ooh yes…that’s it…don’t stop………oh, oh, oh, ooooohhhhh…fuck!’’

‘’And… cut! That’s a wrap, take ten everybody’’ The director moved off set.

Cecily disengaged herself from the guy she’d been bouncing around on for the last half an hour. She wrapped herself in her robe and went to get a cigarette and a drink.

She noticed that she’d got a message on her cell-phone, and read, ‘Does that offer of yours still stand? – I need a place well away from here, ring me, love Dru’

‘’Five minutes, Cecily. Next scene, it’ll be you and the Master, then the Master and Amy, then Bree will join in, okay?’’

‘’'kay Tucker…’’ She dialed Dru’s number. ‘’Dru – baby, what have you been up to?’’

‘’Don’t ask!’’

‘’No need to, sweetheart. I saw it on BBC America…’’

‘’Oh god! My father has had enough of me.’’

‘’He chucked you out?’’

‘’Good as. His outlook is VICTORIAN! I don’t think he ever was a teenager. He went from prep-school straight to middle age. So, can I come and stay with you for a while? I don’t want to be in the same country as him!’’

‘’Sure you can, honey. It’ll be quite like old times!’’

‘’Oh, thanks Cec! You’re a real friend! I’ll ring you and let you know what flight I’m getting.’’


‘’Okay, love. Look, gotta go, I’m on next. Bye!’’



Spike pulled up in the carpark at Aphrodite records. He wanted to make arrangements for the following day, to book the car and sort out Buffy's security pass and contract.

He made his way up to the fourth-floor office. Xander was in, and still working.

‘’Don’t you have a home to go to?’’ Spike asked frown/smiling at his colleague.

Xander just wrinkled his nose.


‘’My parents…they are rowing all the time.’’

‘’Parents?’’ Spike said in surprise. He sat down behind one of the desks and opened up the computer.

‘’I keep meaning to get a place of my own, it’s just…’’ Xander trailed off.

Spike tapped away at the keyboard, booking the car for tomorrow, arranging the security pass and getting a standard contract drawn up. He took out his notebook and typed in Buffy’s address. ‘’Just what?’’

‘’Time, I suppose.’’

‘’Bet that’s a bit, well, awkward to say the least, when you take a girlfriend back.’’ Spike hit the ‘send’ and the info went. He looked up at Xander, who had a rueful look on his face. Spike rolled his eyes and said, ‘’Don’t tell me, you’ve never been able to?’’

‘’I’ve never HAD a girlfriend to take back! – Don’t you dare tell anyone!’’

Spike had heard the rumors of course; the way Xander followed him around like a lost sheep, the way he hung on his every word.Taking the bull by the horns, Spike said,‘’Well, is there someone you fancy?’’

‘’Uh huh.’’


‘’Promise you won’t tell them?’’

‘’Then how the hell do you think you’re going to get anywhere with them if I don’t?

‘’Coz she’ll knock me back, and I couldn’t bear it!’’

‘’Meanwhile, you sit and pine and never get laid?’’

Xander squirmed. ‘’Ok, it’s Anyanka.’’

‘’ANYANKA? Bloody hell!’’ Spike was shocked.

‘’Bloody hell, what?  She’s lovely!’’

‘’She’d eat you for breakfast, more like. Can’t you fancy somebody…well, sorry to say this, but a bit more in your league? Anyanka’s a woman of the world. She goes for rich, successful types. She was with that film director…what’s-his-name for three years, now she’s with that Giles bloke.’’

‘’Giles bloke?’’

‘’That bloke that was in the Rocketeers, now owns  The Four Seasons restaurant, does ‘Box Office’ on cable.’’

‘’Oh, him. No, they are just friends. They’re not, you know, ‘seeing’ seeing each other.’’

‘’Oh? – How do you know?’’

‘’Cordelia told me he’s in love with somebody else, anyway’’

Spike stood and yawned, stretched. ‘’If you say so. But sorry, mate, you need a change of image...and to suddenly win the lottery...if you’re to stand an earthly with her.’’

‘’Image?  How do you mean?’’

‘’Well, for one, NOBODY wears Hawaiian shirts anymore, except tourists, Magnum PI, and that bloke that owns that all-you-can-eat fish restaurant by the beach. And HE'S Hawaiian!’’ Spike put on his coat. A sudden thought came to him, it would help him with a little problem, and he said, ‘’Are you going to the Sounds Awards?’’


‘’Got a date?’’


‘’You get yourself all tarted up smart, tux and that, and I’ll get you a date.’’ Spike went towards the door.

Xander swiveled on his chair. ‘’Who with?’’

‘’Never you mind who with, trust me.’’

‘‘She better not be a dog!’’

‘’She won’t be! Anyway, as apposed to what? – No date at all? And they say beggars can’t be choosers…look, she’s very attractive. Blonde, young, and you’ll have fun! AND you’ll be in all the society magazines, posing on the red mind what I told you- SMART, okay?’’ Spike opened the door to go.



Xander smiled and said, ‘’You know, thanks.’’

Spike grinned. ‘’You’re welcome, mate.’’ 

He was just going down in the lift, when his cell-phone rang. He checked to see who it was, and a jolt of pure pleasure ran through him. It was Buffy.

‘’Hello, Buffy,’’ he practically purred to her.


Buffy felt herself shiver with delight.

‘’Oh,, is that you, Spike?  S-sorry to call so late. I thought I might get to leave you a message. I-I didn’t wake you, did I?’’

‘’No, kitten, you didn’t. I was burning the midnight oil actually, sorting things out for you tomorrow.’’

‘’That’s what I’m ringing you about.’’

Spike felt his stomach knot. He hoped she hadn’t changed her mind.

‘’What can I do for you then, kitten?’’

‘’All it is, um...what time will the car pick me up? You may have already told me, but – well, so much has happened tonight!’’

Spike relaxed, and chuckled.

‘’I’m sorry love, I don’t think I did say. 10am, is that okay with you?  You’ll be here at about 10.30am.’’

‘’Fine, right, thanks. Sorry to be a nuisance.’’

‘’No trouble at all pet, I assure you.’’

‘’Right then, 10 o’clock.’’

‘’I’ll be there to greet you. Night kitten. Sweet dreams.’’

‘’Night, and thanks.’’

‘’You’re welcome.’’

Spike ended the call, and smiled to himself as he left the building with a spring in his step.

Chapter 4



Drusilla fixed the luggage tag around the handle of her slightly bulging suitcase and hauled it off the bed to join the other two, plus the canvas grip, the leather holdall and her flight bag that completed the Louis Vuitton set. Everything she owned was all packed up to start a new life back in LA. She then went to find the housekeeper.

‘’Mrs. Dobbs, could you get one of the stable-boys to carry my suitcases downstairs for me please?  They are far too heavy for me.’’

‘’Certainly, Miss Dru. Going on a little holiday are we?’’

‘’Going to live permanently in LA, Mrs Dobbs.’’

‘’Oh…oh, I see.’’

‘’Would you please give this to my father when he comes back from London, I’d post it, but there’s always a chance he won’t read it for weeks, you know how he is.’’ She handed Mrs. Dobbs a thick cream envelope.

‘’Certainly, Miss Dru, I will. Forgive me, but he doesn’t know you’re going?’’

Dru sighed. ‘’He will do, when he’s read that. I can’t stay Mrs. Dobbs. We’re too much alike, too stubborn.’’

The housekeeper nodded sadly. She reached out and cupped Dru’s small face. ‘’You’re SO like your dear, late mother.’’

‘’I think that’s another reason why we clash. She complied with his every wish, and I don’t. Just the opposite, in fact. Anyway, if you’d excuse me, I’ve got a phone call to make.’’

Dru left the kitchen. She dialed Cecily’s home number in LA.

‘Hi, you’ve reached the home of Cecily Adams, or Candy Hunt, depending on your business…(there was a giggle) Leave your name and number, and I’ll get back to you ASAP – have a nice day now, bye."

There was a loud ‘beep’ and Dru said,‘’Hi Cec, it’s me. Just to let you know that I’ll be on the Virgin Atlantic flight V604 from Heathrow. My flight should get into LA about 6am. Bye!’



Spike had his wardrobe doors open, and a rapidly growing pile of clothes lay strewn on his bed. He was talking to himself…

"Why do I keep these…not as if I’m ever going to wear them again…"  The black ‘punk’ bondage trousers covered in zips and chains joined the pile on the bed.

"Red jeans…I mean, what on earth possessed me…Leather trousers? Nope, they squeak, could be embarrassing…A suit? – Nah, be sitting down a lot…come on, Spikey-boy…smart but casual…ah…ah ha!’

Spike pulled out a pair of stylish Italian cut black linen pants. He teamed it with a soft cream linen-look shirt and Gucci loafers.

After laying out what he was going to wear, he went and showered. Ten minutes later, dressed and almost ready, he splashed on a little light citrussy cologne, and fastened his Tag watch around his wrist. Checking to see he’d got his cell phone, Spike picked up his jacket, house keys and left for work.



Buffy made herself eat some breakfast. She didn’t know what time lunch would be, if at all, and she didn’t want her stomach rumbling half way through the morning, embarrassing her.

She’d decided on her new jeans and a soft blue knitted top, as she knew she looked good in them. She put her hair up into a neat French pleat, and pulled a wispy fringe and tendrils to soften the look, then glanced at the clock. It was nearly nine o’clock. 

The phone rang.

Her heart leapt. What if it was Spike saying that they’d changed their minds and didn’t want to sign her? With her stomach doing back-flips, she answered.


‘’Hi Buffy. Just calling to say good luck, and I asked my dad, he said his legal department will be happy to go over the contract for you,’’ Willow said cheerily.

‘’Oh, Will, it’s you. Um, right, thanks, I’ll ring you later, okay? Bye.’’

‘’See you.’’



‘’Come on daddy, come on, wakey, wakey! Rise and shine!’’ Lorne called out brightly as he placed a cup of Earl Grey tea on the nightstand, and opened the drapes in Cornelius Sweetly's bedroom.

Which was a little pointless, as Sweetly, or ‘Daddy’ as he was known to his more intimately acquainted friends, wore a sleep mask due to the fact that his last face-lift, brow lift and Botox had left him with a rather surprised look, and eyelids that wouldn’t close. He looked spooky enough, with his perma-tan, white bleached teeth and a slightly lopsided grimacing leer...again thanks to the botched face-lift. One of the more kindly newspaper reports stated he looked like a ‘Siamese cat in a wind tunnel’.

‘’Uh, what time is it?’’

‘’Time you were up, sweet-cheeks.’’

Sweet lifted his sleep mask up to his forehead, then turned and reached for the cup of tea he knew would be on the nightstand.

Lorne set about getting all Sweet’s medication and vitamins, and generally fussing, giving ‘Daddy’ the latest news pertinent to him.

‘’………and the Dow Jones puts your stock up by three and a quarter percent, which is excellent, and CS Adult entertainments are to release two new videos by the end of the week, featuring the Master and Candy Hunt...ratings wise, Glory’s show beat WB and Sky 1’s offerings absolutely hands down! We’ve got seven nominations at the Independent Radio Stations awards, and we need to get a release form signed by Angelus O’Connor so he can go to Midnight Music,,  I think that’s about it.’’

‘’What about the girl?’’ Sweet asked gruffly as he sipped his tea.

‘’Girl? What girl? There was no girl here last night, only you, me and..."

‘’No, the girl...Betty or whatever her name was, won that show. Has she signed to us?’’

‘’Oh, you mean Buffy, the Search For a Star winner. Yes, I believe she’s going to sign for us today.’’

‘’You believe?  Who's doing it?’’

‘’Carling-Blake. You know, Spike’’

‘’Good, good, he’s our best. Glad it wasn’t that sniveling little wimp.’’

Lorne had  a soft spot for Xander, so he glossed over the comment.

‘’Well, your bath's drawn, and here are your vitamins…’’

Lorne was under no illusion whatsoever that the fistful of tablets taken by Sweet night and morning were all vitamins and ‘legal’ medication. Sweet needed tablets for everything. To wake up and to go to sleep. He took Viagra and a whole host of other drugs, some, or rather mostly of the non-prescription variety…cocaine, heroin, uppers, downers, LSD, amyl nitrite, as well as alcohol.

It was really a miracle that he was still alive.



“Dru…Dru! Coo-eee, over here!”

Cecily jumped up and down, waving her arms. Dru slowly pushed the heavy trolley laden with her luggage out into the arrivals lounge. She heard her name being called and looked around, finally spotting her friend by the barrier.


The two friends hugged, then Cecily stood back holding her friend by the shoulders at arms length. “Look at you!”

Cecily hoped she’d managed to hide her shock. To be truthful, Dru looked awful. She’d lost weight for one. She was never what could be called big, not by any stretch of the imagination, but she’d easily lost at least twenty pounds since Cecily saw her twenty months ago.

“Gods, I can’t believe I’m here!” Dru smiled at her friend.

“Come on, let’s get this stuff into a cab and get home.” Cecily helped to push the trolley outside to the Cab bay. “So, how was the flight?”

“I tried to sleep for most of it. Couldn’t, so I ended up watching the in-flight movie on a bloody loop. I now know ‘Master and Commander' verbatim! You know me, I hate flying.”

Cecily squeezed her arm. “It’s so great to have you back here. So come on, tell did you wangle it with your father – ‘specially after your little Trafalgar stunt?”

“Actually…he doesn’t know I’m here. Well, I left him a letter, for when he came back from London, but...“

“Dru! He warned you that he’d cut you off without a penny if you so much as set foot in LA again, after last time. Why make him even more angry with you?”

Cecily could see the hurt look in Dru’s eyes, and didn’t want her to think she was unwanted.

“Not that you’re not welcome…it’s just that, well...“

“He’s already done it.”

“What? Done what?”

“Cut me off. Trafalgar was the last straw. He said I was to get a job. I mean, I ask you, who's going to employ me, huh? Everybody knows about the schizophrenia, the rehab, and my brushes with the law. Let’s face it, I’m bad news.”

Cecily knew that the last thing Dru needed right now was to get depressed, so she made light of the matter.

“You can come and work with me, if you want!” Cecily said rashly, forgetting that she hadn’t actually told her friend what she was doing now.

“You know I can’t dance! I have no sense of rhythm, besides which…I haven’t got tits like you – hey, have you had implants?!”

Dru cast a glance at her companion, and did a double take.

“My god! You have! You’ve had a boob job!”

Dru blurted this out quite loudly, causing several people to turn and look in their direction. Cecily gripped her coat closed tightly and, with her head down, they made their way outside.

“Um, yeah, look...when we get home, I’ve got something to tell..“

“Can we order pizza, and sit and talk?”

“Sure. I’ve got so much to tell you.”  Cecily said, as she unloaded the trolley of luggage. The cab driver helped her stash the cases, and they left for Cecily’s home.



Spike pressed his intercom button. “Cordelia, have you got the running order for Buffy Summers, please?”

“I’ll bring it in right now.”

A moment later, Cordelia knocked and entered, carrying a sheaf of papers.

“Right, all according...if she signs with can give her the tour, have lunch, and then from 2PM she’s due for an interview with ‘Teen’ magazine. Then, she can discuss songs for her forth-coming album. Sweetly will be in later, so disappear before five o’clock, else I’ll have to call you back in. You know what he’s like if he’s kept waiting.”

Spike was reading through the sheets, and he nodded. “Okay, Cordelia, thanks.”

“Right. Anything else?” Cordelia asked.

Spike thought, and said, “No, I don’t think – oh yes, sorry.. would you re-write Harmony’s contract, putting Xander as her manager please, but say nothing to either of them for the moment?”

Cordelia smiled and nodded. “She’s been leaving messages all over the building for you!”

“Tell me about it…look at this.” Spike held up his cell-phone for Cordy to read.

“Eighteen messages!” Cordelia gasped

“And that’s only since last thing Monday night!”

“Good grief, the girl’s got it bad for you!”

“I took her to a corporate party, I ignored her for…two thirds of the night, I get somebody else to take her home, and she STILL insists to all and sundry that we had a wonderful date. I mean...what am I to do?”

“Pass her over to Xander?” Cordelia said with a grin.

“Exactly! But remember, not a word!” Spike added.

“Not a word. My lips are sealed, promise…it’s twenty-five past. That new girl will be here any minute, won’t she?”

Spike looked at his watch.

“Hell, yes…where did I –thank you!”  Spike took the security pass off Cordelia and went down to reception to wait for his (hopefully) new charge.




“You do WHAT?!”

Dru was so shocked that she dropped her slice of pizza back onto her plate.

“I.. um…star in adult movies…it was sort of a natural progression really. I enjoyed the stripping and the pole-dancing, and the Lap-dancing club was one of the best - Saturday nights I could make $1000 in tips alone. But, well, I’ve got a good body, and I love sex, so fucking for money is a great job for me – how do you think I afforded to buy this place?”

“YOU OWN THIS HOUSE!?” Dru was incredulous.

“Listen, honey, how else am I gonna afford to buy a luxury six-bedroom  beach-front like this? Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

“ OWN this house?”

Cecily smiled and nodded. “Yup…have done for nigh on twelve months now.”

“Bloody hell. So...what do you do? – I mean, I know what you do, but..."

“Wanna watch some?” Cecily jumped up and went to the wall cabinet, opening it up to reveal hundreds of neatly stacked DVD cases.

“Um…let me see…oh, this is a good one, ‘Shaving Private Ryan’ or this is another good one for beginners…'Double Trouble'”

Cecily put the DVD into the player, and pointed the remote at the TV. Dru sat there dumbfounded for forty minutes. Cecily went off to get them a drink, and when she came back, Dru was looking at the screen, her head held at a funny angle, with the picture on ‘hold’.

“What are you doing?” Cecily came and sat on the sofa, putting two glasses of wine on the coffee table.

“I can’t make it out…how come he’s got three legs?”

“Coz there’s two guys, silly. Look, see...there’s  the one guy’s legs, that’s me, and the other guy is behind, it’s a double penetration”

Dru’s eyes were about ready to pop!

“You should see the next bit. Come and sit back here, I’ll run this bit on a little…now, watch this bit, watch, watch…”

Dru watched in wide-eyed wonder as a very well endowed bloke wanked himself off all over Cecily’s face and breasts, then massaged his come into her skin, and dipped his fingers into her mouth, before pushing three up inside her while sucking her nipples.

“He’s a lovely bloke he is…doesn’t speak a word of English mind, but he always delivers the goods, and the come shots he does are second to none! Oh, what I wouldn’t give for him to be here right now. I could do with a really decent fuck. I’ve been doing oral for the past two days.”

Dru had forgotten just how open and forthright Cecily could be...although perhaps never THIS open and forthright..

Watching herself being fingered on screen, Cecily’s hand went to her crotch, and she shoved the little lace-edged scrap of silk aside to rub her moist pussy lips. Her head rolled back against the sofa and she groaned.

“Re-remember, when we were at St Hilda’s…I hated that boarding school…you used to do this to me…remember, babe, huh?”

Her fingers rubbed a little harder, and she slipped two fingers inside her hot, wet pussy.

Dru felt shocked, hot, embarrassed, and more than a little turned on.

“I need a drink!”

“Wine’s there…oh god, that’s good!”

Cecily rubbed her clit with her thumb, bucking her hips up to push her fingers in deeper.

“But I can’t drink alcohol any-oh, fuck it!” Dru drained both her glass and Cecily’s, poured more and drank that down too.

“Dru…kiss me…please!” Cecily begged, and with her free hand she tried to open her top.

Dru felt suddenly giddy from the wine, and leaned forward and undid the buttons on her friend’s blouse. She cupped the naked breasts, thumbing the nipples to hard peaks, taking each one in turn and giving it a firm suck, before kissing up Cecily’s throat to her parted lips. Dru slipped her hand down, and she too slid two fingers into her companion, while French kissing her.

Cecily tore her mouth away to shout out her climax, bucking and writhing until they landed on the floor in a heap, giggling.

Dru withdrew her fingers and sucked them. Cecily lay sprawled, but slowly reached for Dru’s leg. She ran her hand up her thigh and, when Dru didn’t stop her, she pulled up her skirt and spread her legs wider. Cecily sat up and then crawled over to her, kissing her passionately.

Cecily broke the kiss. “Sit on the sofa.”

Dru did as she was told.  Pushing her skirt high up on her thighs, she then lifted up so Cecily could remove her panties.

Cecily tossed them over her shoulder, and then buried her head between Dru’s damp and sticky thighs. Arching her hips towards Cecily, Dru cried out with pleasure as she felt her friend’s tongue paint up and down her labia with long wet strokes. Slipping her tongue between the wet folds, Cecily swiped it very fast back and forth over the slightly protruding nub of her clit, making Dru buck and squeal.

“Hmm...that good, babe?”

Cecily slowly slid first one, then two fingers inside Dru, who arched her back, thrusting her hips towards her friend’s hand. “Yes, oh god……… yeah!”

Cecily leaned forward again, latching onto the protruding clit, sucking and flicking it until Dru had a long hard orgasm, thrashing about and almost screaming with ecstasy. She flopped against the sofa back, boneless, panting; her head was spinning,  and not just from the wine.

“Come on…come with me – forget about your room for tonight. You’re in my bed tonight.”  Cecily hauled Dru up off the sofa, and giggling like two schoolgirls, they made their way upstairs, only stopping en- route to grab more wine.




The car drew up and the driver got out and opened the door for Buffy.

She got out, and looked up at the impressive building, walking up the steps. The doorman opened the door for her and she smiled and thanked him, then looked over to the reception desk. Her stomach back-flipped when she saw Spike waiting for her as promised.

He beamed at her. “Well, here you are then. Are you okay? Get much sleep – you look wonderful!”

She blushed and babbled, “A little! I’ve had so many notes and letters pushed through my door, I spent two hours reading them! And my telephone answer machine had used up the fifteen minutes of message tape – so I don’t know who’s called me – the whole world and his wife I think!”

“Just sign the book please, love. That way, in case of an emergency, we can tell who's in the building.”

Buffy did as she was told, and then fixed the ‘visitors pass’ onto her jumper.

“Right, if you’d like to follow me, I thought we could go have a coffee, look over a contract. I could give you an outline of what will happen in the next few weeks, and then take it from there, okay?”

Buffy nodded and said, “Fine.’’

They walked to the lift. Spike pressed the button and they waited to go up to Spike’s office.


More please...