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Part four.....


Buffy swallowed hard. "Is it time for that, yet?"

"Do you want it to be?" Spike asked, smiling with a
distinct feeling of....was it TENDERNESS churning
around inside of him?!

Where the hell had THAT come from?

"Well," she said, fiddling with a piece of her hair. "You're
going to kill me afterwards, right?"

Kill her? Was he?

He must still be feeling a bit out of it after the intense
orgasm she'd just given him....the best orgasm he could
remember having. Ever.

But...but she was so warm and soft. If he killed her, she
would be cold and empty inside.

Like he was.

Pressed against her naked body this way, Spike couldn't
even begin to think straight. "Shhh," he hushed her
absently, "Don't think about that. I want to..."

**Make love to you...**

"....fuck you, now. I'll make you....."

**Forget anything bad that's ever happened...**

"....feel good, I promise. It'll be ....."

**So wonderful we'll touch the stars together...**

"....fantastic, luv. I promise I won't..."

**Hurt you..**

"....hurt you."

Gentler than he'd planned on, he maneuvered her into
position, deciding to stick to the basic missionary for
their first...**First and last?**...time together.

He was flagrantly hard again. Just the thought of what
they were about to do had aroused him.

**Slayer....Buffy....what are you doing to me?**


"What...what should I do?"

Although his mind teemed with delicious possibilities,
Spike simply stroked her hair back from her face. "No-
thing yet," he said softly. "You just lie there and let me
see to you."

Far from the quick, hard fuck he'd originally planned
on, he found himself captivated by the idea of taking her
slowly and sweetly, by gently stoking the innocent fire
just beginning to flare inside of her young body, turning
it to a conflagration of need...and want....and wild

To make it...unforgettable.

He was slightly confused by the dubious logic of his last
thought. It sounded wrong somehow, but he wasn't interested
in examining it more carefully. Shaking off the feeling, he
bent his head and pressed his lips to the soft and vulnerable
flesh of her throat.

Buffy automatically tensed up in a gut reaction to having
a vampire's teeth in the vicinity of her neck.

Spike had been expecting it, and he soothed her like a
startled filly. "S'all right. I won't bite you, Buffy. Relax."

His tone was soft and reassuring as he propped himself
on one forearm, sending his free hand down to touch her
in the places where he now knew she liked being

Strong fingers ghosted down from her neck, gliding along
the hollow between her breasts. His hand moved and gathered
one soft mound, squeezing it gently, but firmly.

He smiled when she sighed.

Using his thumb and forefinger, he rolled and tugged
on her hard nipple.

He chuckled when she gasped.

As he began to repeat these motions on her other
breast, he dipped his head and took the first one into
his mouth, licking and sucking it with barely controlled

He groaned when she whimpered.

Buffy arched her back, forcing herself more deeply
into his mouth. She brought her hands up and held
his head at her breast, unwilling to let him continue if
it meant he'd have to stop what he was doing.

Struggling for a modicum of control, Spike sucked
harder, his hungry mouth devouring her, and when he
pulled back....he smiled; a ruthlessly sexy smile that
thrilled her all the way through.

Well....if she had to die....this was definitely the right
way to go!

His wandering hand moved on down her torso, stroking
the dip of her waist and the flare of her hip. Down, down to
her knee, then around the back of it and up to her inner

Buffy felt her legs separate further.

"So eager," Spike said, kissing her throat. "Give me
your hand."

Taking it in his, he brought it down to the place where
they would soon be joined, making her fondle him. She
tightened her fingers around his hard shaft, stroking and

When droplets of semen began leaking from his
slit, he slipped his hand behind one thigh and raised
it slightly, opening her completely. Then, before she could
even react, he positioned himself and began to penetrate
her tight opening.


It was like nothing he'd ever felt before in his entire
existence. Held securely in a warm, satin covered

She was hot, and wet, and unbelievably tight. So tight
that he had to exert real pressure to force himself past
the first barrier.

He heard her gasp sharply, and felt her instinctive
withdrawal. Unwilling to lose the ground he had gained,
he held onto her bottom and pushed himself slowly inside,
covering her mouth with his to muffle her scream.

Every ounce of control he had at his command was
working overtime to keep him from going off too soon. The
sensation of being in her was even better than he'd imagined
it would be.

Pressing his lips to the side of her face, he whispered
soothing words to her. "I know it hurts, baby...I know...just
stay with me and I'll...oh, God...I'll make it better...I promise.
Relax...that's it....that's my sweet...Buffy....kiss

Kisses from and sweet, freely given....a small bit of
heaven just for him....

He pulled out, gasping as her sheath clutched at his flesh,
trying to hold him in her. Careful not to withdraw completely,
he slid his length back in and held steady, giving her the time
she needed, tortuous as it was.

Spike hadn't realized his eyes were closed until he felt
her little hands cupping his face, and he opened them. Blazing
green fire was sparking in her gaze, and she was biting her
lower lip to the point of making it bleed.

He couldn't let that happen. If she drew blood....he would lose
his mind and ravish her with no care or consideration for her
pleasure. This little slayer...she really didn't understand how
powerful she was, what kind of control she could hold over
a man.

She could make a bloody slave of him, he had no doubt.

"Don't do that, kitten," he whispered, kissing and nuzzling her
until her teeth gave up their purchase, then sucking her slightly
swollen lip, soothing the sting away.

Her body was covered in a light sheen of perspiration that made
them slip and slide with delicious ease. Buffy bent her knees and
lifted her bottom a little, giving him an even deeper penetration.

"God....Buffy....yeah...oh, yeah...the way you're
driving me....crazy...oh, fuck!...yes..."

His control long gone, Spike began to power drive into her,
forgetting that she was young and untouched, forgetting everything
except the wonderful slide and pull as their bodies came together
and came apart. Again...and again...and again...harder and faster and
deeper with every stroke...every thrust into was
was was hell....and he never wanted to leave...ever.

Propping himself on his outstretched arms, he looked down
into her beautiful face. Her eyes were half closed, and she was
panting...grunting...with every thrust he slammed into her, her
lips moist, and trembling slightly.

She was pure, primitive woman. Nothing less.

"Look at me," he demanded.

Her eyes opened, staring up into his.

"Tell me....what you feel."

"I...I don't..." she stammered, confused and unable to con-

He tried to help her out. "Does it feel good? Do you
like..having me....inside you...oh, Christ....Buffy!'re
amazing, love...just that do you...yes....ah, fuck!...unh...unh..."

Buffy dug her boot heels into the grass. Something was
going to happen...she could feel it...sense it...and it was
going to be so good. "S...Spike?" she panted. "I...oh!"

He canted his hips forward, just a little, just enough to
exert pressure on her clit when he shoved himself in.

With absolutely no idea why he needed so badly to
hear the answer, he kept asking the question; "Is that
good, baby? D'ya like it? Tell me....."

Buffy was almost past the point of coherent speech, but
there was this thing....this thing she had to tell
was important...and she had to try and get the words

"Spike...something is....I don't know....I need to...I
want...oh...what's happening?....oh, yes!....right there!"

He smiled, feeling like the most powerful being above
and below the surface of the earth. "You need to come,
baby," he whispered, pumping harder. "That's what...what's
about to to can feel it."

Buffy arched her neck, keening softly in her throat.

"Don't worry, love....I'm gonna make you come....make
you come hard...just for me....only for me....gonna make
my girl feel...sooooo good...yeah...that's it....feel it?'re damn close..."

Pounding in harder and faster still, his arms gave out and
he collapsed on top of her.

Her own arms wrapped around him, and he buried his face
against her neck.

"Buffy," he grunted, ramming into her like a machine. "Fuck
me back...fuck me hard....come on, it! it
for me....ahhh, baby...MY

The perfect bliss of mutual orgasm swamped them, making
them both cry out as the pleasure spasmed through them.

Emptying himself into her, giving her every last drop of
his seed, feeling his cock going off like a machine gun,
drenching her, soaking thought kept repeating
itself over and over in his brain...

**Just who is teaching who?**

Part 5

A brief interlude....

"Thank you."

Buffy's voice was soft and a little sleepy sounding.

Spike lifted his head to look down into her hazy green
eyes. "For what, darling?"

"You know," she shrugged. "For giving me my last re-
quest. It was amazing."

He smiled, caressing her cheek. "You enjoyed it, then?"

"So much," she nodded. "You're awfully good at it."

She was being so polite that he almost wanted to
laugh, but he controlled the impulse. "It was a pleasure
deflowering you, love."

Her hands moved up and down his arms, stroking the
hard muscle of his biceps. "Would you do one more thing
for me?"

"What's that?" At this point, had she asked him to lasso
the moon for her, he'd have taken a shot at it.

"When you're done...I know this is a lot to ask, but...would
you please put my clothes back on? It's bad enough I'll be
dead...I don't want them to find me naked, too."

The thought of someone else seeing her the way he
was seeing her now....bothered him...for some reason.
No way he was gonna let someone come along and ogle
her nude body...dead OR alive.

"No problem," he said lightly.

"Thanks." Turning her head to one side, she exposed her
throat. "Go ahead."

Spike felt as though he was in the middle of a strange
dream, one that he couldn't wake up from...didn't want to
wake up from.

Lowering his head, he located the proper place to bite. Her
skin was warm and soft, and he could feel her pulse as her
blood pumped fast. Her heart beat was booming in her chest
like a kettle drum.

God...she smelled good. Like wildflowers growing in hot

He licked his lips and allowed his face to change. "Close
your eyes," he whispered.

Buffy did as he asked, tightening her hold on his upper
arms. "Will it hurt?" she asked softly, a diamond bright
tear trickled from her eye.

"Only for a moment," he answered. He set his fangs against
her skin.

She took a deep breath. "Okay...I'm ready."

Slowly, he began to bite down, and was shocked to his
core when he felt her hand lay gently on the back of his
neck, playing with his hair.

"Wait a minute," he said suddenly, jerking his head back
up before he broke her skin, and shaking off the demon.

SHE may have been ready...but HE wasn't!


"What?" she asked, letting her breath back out.

He felt like an idiot for stopping, but he just couldn't
make himself go through with it...not yet.

"Well...I was just thinking," he said, trying to sound
casual about the whole thing. "Technically you're
not a virgin anymore, that's true, but...."

"But what?" Buffy turned her luminous green eyes
on him.

**Why the hell does she have to be so damn pretty?**

"I thought you might like to do something else before"


"It's just that...there's lots more to sex than what we just
did, ya know. Different positions and such. Be a shame
if you missed out on the fun."

"Really?" she asked eagerly, smiling for him.

Oh, yeah. Really. Just the THOUGHT of it was making
him hard.

He returned her smile, nodding his head slowly.

Her hands slipped up and framed his face. Smoothing her
thumbs over the sharp edges of his cheekbones, she
offered him her lips. "Show me."

**Oh, I will, baby. I will.....**

Part 6


"Turn over."

Buffy's eyes widened. Turn over? What in the world
could he be planning that required her to turn over?


Spike laughed. "Don't look so worried, kitten. I don't
have anything horrible in mind for your innocent little
bottom." He took a hold of her hips and started to turn

"My bottom? What's THAT supposed to mean?"

She was serious, he realized. She had no knowledge of
this at way of knowing that the other entrance to her
body...below the waist...could play a part in the act of inter-

Well, this was no time to take her down a road like
that. That kind of sex wasn't for inexperienced young
virgins who'd just surrendered their maidenhead not five
minutes ago. She'd had enough pain for one night, now
it was time to shower her with pleasure.

"Never mind," he said, continuing to ease her over onto
her front. "I want to take you like this...from behind."

Buffy felt her whole body blush, from hairline to the tips
of her toes...again. He said the most unbelievably out-
rageous and erotic things so casually, as if he was
teaching her how to dance instead of how to have

She did as he asked, distributing her weight evenly on
her hands and knees. Her breathing had already begun
to speed up, and her heart rate was meteoric by this

Spike knelt behind her, placing his hands on the smooth
skin of her lower back. He moved them down, caressing
her hips and outer thighs, then he slipped one hand around
front and fingered her clitoris gently.

Buffy gasped, and her hips moved forward, searching for a
firmer touch.

His hand splayed open over her sex, squeezing and fondling
her. He used his free hand to grip his shaft and rub the head of
it up and down her labia. "Feel good?" he asked, smiling when
she whimpered like a kitten. "I like it, too. You're so damn wet
and creamy. Juicy."

Carefully, he eased the head of his cock just within her, not
really penetrating her yet. He pushed his hips forward enough to
keep it in place, then wrapped his hands around her waist.

" put it in," he instructed her.

"" She started to lift up one hand, but he stopped

"No...just push back onto it. It's already where it needs to be. It'll
slide right that...good girl...oh, fuck..."

Buffy braced her hands and did as he said. Moving her hips back
slowly, she felt every slight give of her labia as his erection began
to penetrate her. He was allowing her to set the pace of his entry,
and she knew he was doing it for her.

His fingers stroked her waist, sliding around to rub over her
abdomen as she sank back onto him.

Christ....she was still so amazingly tight! He felt like he was
sliding his dick into warm cream. As he moved in deeper, he
felt her clenching those internal slayer muscles around him,
and it nearly drove him out of his mind, forcing him to make a
conscious effort not to start hammering in like an animal.

"That's it, baby," he encouraged her, burying himself to the
hilt. "I want to see how deep I can get it."

"Uh...this would be about it," she replied, struggling to keep
her knees from abandoning her.

Spike chuckled. Fucking adorable...that's what she was.

Withdrawing from her, careful not to leave completely, he
held her hips and slid his length back in. Much to his surprise,
and without being told, she pushed back to meet his thrust.

"Good girl," he murmured, almost cross eyed with pleasure
as her juicy little pussy enveloped him. He wanted to come
already, and it was taking everything he had not to.

Buffy's fingers dug into the ground as her head tilted
back. She could see the stars glittering over her head,
the only witnesses to their play.

Spike began to pump into her a little faster, somewhat
shocked at how fiercely she was beginning to respond.

Fuck...this girl should be illegal! She was just too damn
perfect to be real. Slayer or not, he didn't care anymore.

He wasn't going to be able to give her up. He'd known it
from the moment he touched her...really touched her.

Buffy...the slayer...was going to belong to him, and him
alone. No fucking way was any other man gonna put a
hand on her. If one tried...he'd tear him into bloody chunks.

"Mine...mine...mine..." he grunted with each thrust. His
fingers dug into her hips so deeply that he knew he'd be
leaving bruises...marks of his possession...and that idea
pleased him immensely.

He bent his head, watching his dick slide in and out
of her, shiny and wet. In...and...out...harder...faster...oh,
yeah. His cock had NEVER had it so good!

"'re fucking amazing," he groaned, pounding
in wildly. "Oh...I'm gonna come, babe..."

She could feel it, too. That slow building wave as the
pressure intensified. Without a second thought, she
gave herself over to it. "Me, too," she managed to choke
out, seconds before it slammed into her.

His cry of release echoed hers as he kept pumping,
kept driving in and pulling back, ramming in a little harder
each time until her strength gave out and she fell to the
ground with him on top of her.

Spike delivered one last thrust and ejaculated,
then bore down on her hard, grunting as his cock
jerked and spasmed inside of her, drenching her with


"Bloody hell, girl. How do you do that?"

" what?"

"Make me so fucking fast."

"Oh. Maybe, it's a slayer thing."

"Maybe." Temporarily satisfied, he pulled out and
rolled onto his back. "We need to talk."

She glanced at him uneasily. "Why?"

Spike stared up at the stars. "Something's happening to
me." He turned his head and met her gaze. "I want you,"
he said simply.

Buffy's heart began to beat double time as she
considered his words. "You mean you aren't gonna kill
me?" She wanted it clear, spelled out.

"I'm thinking, no," he smiled. "Want you alive...and warm.
Waiting for me. Got a lot more to teach you."

Just hearing those words gave her a tingle she felt
all the way down. "You're a vampire."

"You're a slayer."

"So, how's that gonna work?"

"Dunno. Don't care. Fucking MAKE it work!"

The same "don't know-don't care" attitude was mani-
festing itself in her, making her want everything he was
hinting at.

But....she WAS the slayer. She had a job to do.

Before she could start to second guess herself, she
rolled and grabbed the stake she'd dropped during
their initial encounter, jumped back on top of him, and
held the point over his heart.

Spike was too surprised to move as they stared into
each other's eyes.

Five endless seconds ticked by, and then she
whispered, "Any last requests?"

He began to smile. "Yeah. I don't want to die a

Taking the stake from her hand, he flung it off into the
darkness, rolled her over, and kissed her with a brand
new hunger that would most likely never be sated.

The End.