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Chapter 3



At five to midnight, Spike rattled the door of the Magic Box. Eventually Giles opened the door.


“Buffy not with you?” Giles looked passed Spike into the night.


“No, I had some business to attend to” Giles could smell he’d been drinking.


“You’re not drunk I hope, are you Spike, we need to do some serious practicing, and-”


“No, don’t get your knickers in a bunch, I’ve only had a couple, to be sociable, I was getting some info if you must know, finding out about the venue for this party”


“Really, oh, that’s excellent!” Giles removed his glasses, went to sit down, very stiffly, hand on his back.


“Say, is that the start of a black eye?” Spike asked, grinning at the little dark blue crescent shaped bruise under Giles’s right eye.


“What, oh, um, yes, I er…” Giles gently returned his glasses to his face, pushing them gently further up his nose


“Pissed off the slayer, I know, I heard!” Spike said with a grin.

The shop door nearly rattled off its hinges.


“Shall I go? - I think I can move faster than you!” Spike turned the key, and opened the door. Buffy came in, without looking up, she pulled off her hat, scarf and gloves, then her coat.


“Right, let’s get this over with, the quicker I can finish, the quicker I can get home and shower away this ‘ick’ feeling I have having to work with you!”


She only looked up at Spike when she’d finished her sentence. He was giving her his best ‘who’s a sexy boy then’ grin. WOW! She thought, (doing a double take) when did Spike’s eyes suddenly get so blue and … sexy? … And those cheekbones…such soft looking, kissable lips…how come I’ve never noticed those before? She went round-eyed for a second or two, and then shook her head as if to clear the rogue thought.


“Right then, that, for a start, will have to go” Spike said fingering her neck, meaning (or so Buffy thought) her cross.


She took it off. Spike swallowed, he felt nervous! –Him, William the Bloody, nervous as a…very nervous thing…Gods she looked gorgeous…never more so…her lips looked so soft and kissable…


“And the jumper, can’t operate properly with you in a polo neck, now can I?”


“Improvise, you’re NOT biting me tonight!” Buffy said through gritted teeth.


Spike rolled his eyes. ‘Oh, shit! This is going to be a barrel of laughs’ he thought.


“Right, as my queen, you’ll be-“


“Queen?” Buffy raised a brow. Spike sighed.


“Queen, it’s the proper terminology, I’m head of Clan Aurelius, and any female I take can be classed as a queen, and-“


“You’re not though, Angel is” Buffy interrupted him again. Spike briefly clenched his fists, rolled his eyes, and said, quietly,


“If you’ll just SHUT THE FUCK UP, for two minutes, I’ll explain things to you, ok?”


“Don’t swear at me, I’ll”


“Buffy, shush, this is important” Giles said, sitting carefully.


Buffy shocked, snapped her mouth shut and scowled, frowned and then bit her bottom lip; she’d noticed how stiffly Giles’ moved, and his slight black eye.


Perhaps she DID go too far with Giles during training earlier. Giving a huffed sigh, she crossed her arms. And turned her attention back to Spike, trying to look suitably bored.


“Technically, Darla is head of Clan Aurelius, but as women cannot be heads, then the honour falls to the eldest male, which was Angelus, as he is no longer, the title falls to the next eldest male, me, so, I am head of Clan Aurelius, ok, got that, can I carry on?”


Buffy rolled her eyes in a thoroughly bored fashion, yawned.


“You keep your chin and your eyes downcast, you will only speak if spoken to, and you do not, voice an opinion, especially one that differs from mine, ok. If I hold out my hand to you, you come to me, and if I playfully toy with you sexually, (Buffy’s eyes went big as she snapped her head up to look at him,) you respond, and DON’T pull away. It will be expected of me to show my prowess”


“H-H-How d-d-d-do you m-m-m-mean, ’toy’, exactly?”


Buffy asked nervously, shifting nervously in her seat, swallowing.


“Don’t worry, I won’t rip your knickers off and give you oral sex, if that’s what your worried about, I m-mean, um, well, I erm, I-I might just r-r-run a finger down your cheek or, um, a-arm.”


‘Fuck, get a grip mate’ Spike thought, as his sudden hard-on at the suggestion of giving her oral sex was making its presence felt…why the hell had he used that analogy for?


Buffy too had felt a sharp sudden thrill, then the searing hot embarrassment as her neck flushed and the red crept up her cheeks, much to the delight of Spike.


It wouldn’t have been so bad if Giles hadn’t been there………


“You’ll find a lot of this will come naturally, when you’re under my thrall anyway.” Spike said, with a satisfied smirk.


Angry with herself for being embarrassed, Buffy retorted,



“Really, turn you into Brad Pitt will it, this thrall, coz I’m gonna need something…” she sneered, batting her eyes at him, not meaning a word of it.


She was trying to avoid looking in HIS eyes, coz she knew those big blue eyes of his could see right through her… ……… she couldn’t stop looking at those firm pecs…….. the washboard abs…the huge bulge in his…why was he looking at her like that? – Oh…OH!



Spike grinned wolfishly at her, His head held back and at a slight angle, mouth half open, bottom jaw jutting forward, his tongue pressed against his top teeth, he stared at her, his eyes so full of blue fire, Buffy felt a little mesmerised already.


Blinking, she bought herself back to the here and now, she’d just had THE most amazing mental picture, of herself naked on a bed, writhing in ecstasy, with Spike’s head buried between her thighs!


She’d never had oral sex before…




“Huh?” Buffy was startled out of her reverie.


Spike knew she’d seen his mental thrall picture, and began to see her in a new light, especially as he could smell…he glanced at her, no fooling his vampiric sense of smell there...


Buffy looked away, quickly, big eyed, she swallowed and snapped her thighs shut, her mouth suddenly dry, it was strange, as though all the moisture from her mouth had headed south…She felt damp, aroused…she quickly pressed her thighs together even more tightly.


Giles stood up slowly.


“Er, can we continue tomorrow…tonight, rather, I’m rather tired, and …oh, I need a hot soak,” Giles said, getting up stiffly, holding his lower lumbar region.


They all left the shop.


“Can I offer you a lift Buffy?” Giles asked. Buffy opened her mouth to speak, but Spike said,


“No, I’ll walk with her, I can fill her in on some more history” Buffy didn’t object, and Giles drove off.


“So, slayer, that white bread Iowa pasty-faced farm boy never gave you oral sex…”


Spike ducked the fist he knew that was coming, and caught her wrist, pulled her up close to him. She was startled for a second, and slightly overbalanced, totally invading his ‘personal space’, her body touching his.


He could feel her hard nipples just under her thin jumper against his chest, and the rapid beat of her heart, and the smell of her arousal, her warm breath on his face…she jumped backwards slightly.


“Panties wet, love?” he grinned, the smell of her arousal was the sweetest perfume to him.


“No” Buffy said, honestly, but she was having difficulty controlling her breathing, she turned her head away and stepped back even further from him trying hard not to look at him, but he took a step closer to her.


“Well, I KNOW different” he almost growled


“Spike, I haven’t got wet panties” She turned her head slowly and looked him straight in the eye.


“No? -  ‘Cause you smell, Spike leaned in close to her neck… (Buffy froze, holding her breath) …delicious,”


Spike breathed the word into her ear. She shuddered and closed her rolling eyes, letting out a little groan, arching towards him, her mouth half open, breathing accelerated. He smelt of old leather, and whiskey, cigarettes, and fresh cold night air.


Spike risked kissing her neck, his cool lips on her hot skin made her go goose bumpy all over, her nipples hardened even more to the point of almost being painful.


Her eyes flew open as he pressed his hardness to her. Was that a groan she just let slip out…was it? Coz, oh gods, if he didn’t stop what he was doing…






“-W-W-W-What are you doing?” She asked, softly. She should have been angry, should have pushed him away, should have…should…oh Gods!  She barely managed to uncross her rolling eyes.


“Familiarising myself to the territory………enjoying myself…” Buffy swallowed and closed her rolling eyes again, as his lips were doing wondrous things to her neck, brushing across her throat, breathing in her ear, barely touching her, but – OH WOW, shivering in pure pleasure, her nipples were actually aching now, they were so hard… Spike again persisted that she had on wet panties, wet with arousal…


“I don’t”


“Slayer, you can’t fool me, I-”


“Spike, I’m not wearing any…”


He pushed her away a little by the top of her arms, looked into her eyes.


“You’re not…”

“Wearing any, no” Staring at his mouth, she provocatively licked her lips…


He whimpered. Who was a sexy little minx then…they were outside his crypt.


He wondered briefly whether or not to risk kissing her…or even asking her in…


“Um, night then” Buffy said, but not moving away.


“Erm, what? Oh, erm, yeah, right, um... night. Oh, shall I walk you home, all manner of beasties around at this time of night”


“Ok, my moms away” Buffy’s eyes went huge at her own forthrightness. Why did I just tell him that, why?! Buffy thought.


“Oh, right.”  Spike nodded. Useful to know…


“Tea?” Buffy asked as they got to her driveway. Spike nodded again.


As soon as they got inside the house, they dived on one another, kissing, nipping, nuzzling…before she could blink,


Spike had her up against the inside of the front door, his hand up her jumper, flipping up her bra cups, and thumbing her nipples to hard peaks, his lips on her neck, grinding his hardness against her crotch… All thoughts of ‘tea’ forgotten.


Buffy couldn’t get the vision of Spike giving her oral sex out of her head…and less than two minutes later, it wasn’t a vision, it was for real.


After stumbling frantically up the stairs, throwing their clothes off in abandon, Buffy hit her bed naked. Spike paused in her doorway, hopping to pull first one leg, then the other of his jeans off. He left them where they fell. Giving her a predatory grin, he crawled up the bed towards her………


As soon as his cool stiffened tongue tip slid up and down over her smooth shaven labia, she was nearly up on the ceiling, and when it slipped through her moist folds and found her clit, she was in orbit. Circling it, flicking it, gently sucking it, then he dipped lower with his tongue, to lap up her flowing nectar,


Buffy cried out as the first orgasm tore through her, that it was SO good…

Spike thought he’d burst; he was so hard… and he’d been so right about her being delicious!


“Buffy”…he slid up her body, leaving her on the edge of another orgasm, she could feel how massive he was,


“Now, in me, please, now, OH GODS!” He put the angry purplish head of his monster-sized dick at her wet opening, and began to push forward. She arched her back, gods he was SO BIG!


She was shaking like a leaf……… he’d never fit inside her…he’d got to be 10 inches at least, and boy, was he thick! He began to thrust forward…slowly, slowly…Sweet gods she was tight…On the fifth thrust, he was almost all the way inside her, she was very wet, hot as hell and virgin tight, and was screaming, mindless, head thrashing from side to side, hips churning, her nails scratching at his shoulders, and he’d never last, especially as she was bucking and thrashing around like a wildcat, her inner muscles working overtime to both accommodate and pleasure him.


He was practically cross-eyed with the supreme sensations, never in his whole existence had anything ever felt so good, it felt like he was inside molten lava she was so hot. She was clutching at his shoulders now, which rippled under her touch as he power thrusted inside her, and then she scratched his back, biting his neck, arching up.


Spike thought he was going to burst, he’d never felt anything so good as this, he was heading for an earth-shattering orgasm. Begging him to go faster and harder, he was more than happy to oblige, he reached down, and snagged her behind her knee, pulling it upwards. She automatically followed suit with her other leg, now really opened up to him, Spike slipped inside her all the way at last, letting out a strangulated,


“OH FUCK, YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS” he thrust hard into her cervix, making her cry out in total ecstasy. Thrashing her head from side to side, she felt so brim full of him she could hardly get her breath. The one thing she knew though; was that she was heading for the mother of all orgasms.


She cried out as she felt him swell, his sac firmed up, and he absolutely pounded into her, he felt the first involuntary clench of her orgasm, she raked her nails down his back, then dug them into his butt, and screamed out the longest, deepest, hardest orgasm she’d ever had with anyone, the sweet tight clenching took him past the point of no return, as he thrust up really hard, he poured a veritable fountain inside her.


The pure pleasure was indescribable for both of them, and Spike’s climax triggered another orgasm for her, her first multiple, and her tight clenching muscles milked him dry. They both lay panting Buffy more heaving than panting, it was SO GOOD…she was incredulous. Spike was gasping un-necessarily. Eventually, when they’d both calmed down, Buffy turned her head to look at him…


“WOW! I…I didn’t know it could be that good” She said quietly, honestly.

Spike knew, no machismo now, no bravado or smart Alec remarks, and there might just be a re-match………he raised his head from her shoulder.

“Baby, what can I say, you were totally……… amazing!” He gave her a soft kiss.

She looked at him big eyed.




“Oh wow, Buffy, don’t doubt it, love, you were just incredible” he ran his cool hand down her shoulder, he leaned over and gently circled her raised areola with his cool tongue, before gently sucking her nipple into his mouth. Buffy groaned erotically, and squirmed, threading her fingers through his surprisingly soft wavy hair, holding his head to her.


Reaching across to her other breast, Spike plucked and gently pinched her other nipple with his finger and thumb. She raked her nails down his back, arching towards him. Rising up to kiss her, Buffy grabbed him around the middle with her legs and flipped him over so he was lying face up on the bed. Spike grinned. So… she wanted more did she? – Right! …









Chapter 4


Buffy sat astride his slim hips and he could feel her hot wet femininity gently caress his massive hard length. He bucked up.


“Ah, ah, not yet…” She leaned over, and kissed him, then his neck, bit sucked hickeys all along his jugular making him cry out, and hold her hips. Hmm…baby likes to play…. She carried on down, sucking his nipples in turn then she traced a pattern over and between his beautiful washboard abs, inching back out of his grasp till she was straddling his lower thighs, then his knees, she gently encircled his huge manhood with her small hot fingers, they wouldn’t meet, she slowly began to pump, then she lowered her mouth to him.


First she wetly licked all over the shaft, along and up the veins, around the glans, twirling a pointed tongue around the ridge, before making little pointy stabs in the leaking slit with her tongue, lapping at the pre-cum that had oozed out, she could taste herself on him too, and then let her moist, soft warm lips slip over the huge bulbous head, and slid him into her mouth, clamping her lips under the ridge and swiping her tongue over the slit, all the time softly sucking and gently pumping him.


Spike arched his shoulders up off the bed, crying out



“Buffy, Buffy, Buffy! Ooooohhhhh, Gooodddddssssss” he flopped back, closed his rolling eyes. Buffy smiled around him.


She was really enjoying this power she had over him, and she began to make Mmm ing noises, slurping and sucking.


She took him as far as she could into her mouth, which wasn’t even really half way down his massive length, but she was HOT, and when her other hand, the one not pumping him, cradled his balls, massaging them softly in their wrinkly sac, tugging and squeezing gently, dragging her nails gently but slowly over them, lightly scratching over the fine seam that divided them, so they screwed themselves up tight. She felt them rise, and shaft thicken and swell even more.


Spike’s hips bounced lightly on the mattress. He’d propped himself up on his elbows to watch her, but the sight of her sweet lips sliding up and down his dick was too erotic for him to last long, and now his head lolled back and his neck arched, and he was babbling about her heat, and how good it felt.


She sucked lustily, her cheeks hollowing and she licked, pumped and teased for half an hour, bringing him to the edge then easing off, teasing. Spike was shaking, he couldn’t last any longer…he would explode, literally!



“Buffy, babe, I’m, oh gods…oh yeah, oh baby, yeah, j-just a little harder…yeah, like that, oh, Buffy, oh, oh, oh, oh, gonna c-come, oh - gods, don’t…don’t s-s-stop sucking, aaaahhh – Baby –uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn, OH GODSSS YESSSS!”


Shuddering, he thrust his hips up towards her glorious mouth, and shot a heavy load down her throat.


Buffy swallowed him down greedily, massaging the glans with her tongue as she sucked, pumping him firmly and quite fast, squeezing and relaxing his balls. He relaxed, She’d swallowed every last drop, licked him clean, Spike was gasping, shivering with after shocks.


‘Just what the fuck…what’s happening?’ Spike thought, aware that she’d spoken, so he rolled over towards her. He couldn’t get a coherent thought together if his existence depended on it for a few seconds…



“Um, I said, any good?” Buffy repeated, grinning, delicately wiping her mouth.


“Are you kidding?! That was totally mind blowing!” Spike said


“Mind, I thought I was blowing your…!” She smiled impishly at him.


“That was my first time doing that”


“You’re kidding…babe it was just …perfect, best I’ve ever had” He raised his hand, caressed her face. It was a soft, very tender moment, and it surprised Buffy, both with its tenderness and sincerity.



As if seeing him for the first time, really properly seeing him, she realised that he was so gorgeous…the sharp angle of his beautiful cheekbones, the oh so blue, blue eyes, that could look into her very soul, know her secrets…the soft full lips, so kissable and cool, she briefly wondered if she was under his thrall, after all.







“Am I…under your thrall or something?”


“Thrall, no why, I haven’t…” He propped himself up on one elbow.


“No, it’s just, it’s like I’m seeing you for the first time…”


“Is that bad?”


“Well, I’m not sure, I feel like…”

Spike just arched a brow at her.


“What, Pet?”


“I want to know everything about you…”



Spike ran a finger down her cheek and under her chin, gently drawing her towards him.



“No thrall, not at the moment, I swear…did you see the image I sent you, earlier?”



Buffy swallowed, reddened slightly at the memory, and nodded.



“Well, that’s as long as I can last thralling you, without biting first…”

Spike continued stroking, caressing her.


His words had a hypnotic effect on her, soft, quiet, soothing, euphoric…kissing him – oh gods- Buffy melted into his embrace, how could he do this? -  A brush of his lips on her neck or mouth, cool lips demanding hot sweet passion from her…her senses were heightened, his touch electric, fuelling her want for more.


Clinging to him, she scratched his back, bit his neck, holding him so close, like she wanted to get inside his skin.


When he whispered all that he wanted to do, his words washed over her, urging her to drop her guard, give in completely…she was a coiled spring, a dam waiting to burst, a spark to a powder keg, every bloody cliché in the book, that’s how she felt.


Spike could feel her passion bubbling inside her, waiting to burst.



He methodically kissed, stroked and caressed, whispered, promised…he drank in the scent of her arousal, and then with Herculean effort he stopped. Buffy writhed and mewled, realised he’d got up off the bed.


“Whu-what…S-Spike, where…?”


“Nearly sun up love, I have to go”


“NO! – You can’t leave me, please, not…not like this”


“Like what?” He looked at her with smouldering eyes, his mouth half open, rolling his tongue behind his teeth, his chin slightly down towards his chest.


“All…” she groaned, letting her hands skim her body…she felt absolutely brimful of passion, all poured ready for him to unleash.


“All?” Spike quirked an eyebrow, tongue now on his top lip.



“Don’t go…please? I’ll make it worth your while”


She sat up, ……… fixing him with a look, gazing at him through lowered lashes, she smiled sexily, her soft pink tongue in the corner of her mouth.



“I um…I don’t……well, don’t really have a choice, Pet.” Spike fibbed, returning his tongue in the corner of his mouth.



Buffy got up, closed heavy shutters and curtains over the windows. Giving a self satisfied grin she turned to him and said,



“Still leaving?” she moved up very close, rubbed her breasts against his chest, she drew his head closer and closer to hers, and then she began to kiss him.


His hand skittered down her shoulder and arm, over her waist and then across her hip, slipped between her parted thighs, and finding her engorged clit, began to stroke very slow feather light circles around it, making her gasp.


Holding onto his shoulders for support, she shook, eyes rolling she closed them, gasped, her head lolling back, and her legs threatening to give way any second. He took this opportunity to kiss her throat, soft little pecks that gave her goosebumps, she shivered with delight



“Ooooohhhhh! Spike” Her head rolled back round to face him, and her body was on fire with want. The sexy way she groaned his name made his cock twitch…itching to be back where it belonged.



“What do you want, baby?”


Spike breathed in her ear, nibbling on her neck, still rubbing her clit. He needed to hear her say it, for her to want him, desperately.


She in turn felt wired, something had happened, and she couldn’t get enough of him…felt like she would die if she didn’t have him again right this minute………



“You, Gods, I want you…every last little bit of you…all of you…so much, please …I want you, again, inside me, filling me, stretching me, please…I want you so much! Ooooohhhhh – please, PLEASE Spike! I…want…you…ah, please!” she was feeding his ego with a spoon, with all the begging…but boy, she’d swallow her pride for more of what he could dish out…


He moved his arm that had been supporting her around the waist, and commanded her to lie down, She did as she was told, writhing, her hands went to her breasts cupping them.



“You want me?” Spike asked, his thirst to hearing her beg for him was the sweetest music to his ears…his voice raw with his own want, his erection bloated and jutting proudly away from his body.



“Oh, Gods, yes, more than anything, please, PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU!” she held out her arms to him.



Kneeling between her legs, Spike scented his cheek over her sticky thighs, before raising her legs over his shoulders, and suddenly plunging his tongue deep inside her.


She shrieked, oh wow, did she love this! Spike thought, absolutely loving it too, he was merciless, lapping sucking, probing with his cool tongue, Buffy driven insane with her need for him to be inside her again.


Slapping her hands down on the mattress, she was writhing, grabbing handfuls of bedding as Spike awakened new sensations and pleasures from deep within her.


She cried out an exquisite orgasm, deep, hard, and as soon as it diminished, she felt the next building…Spike slid in a finger, rubbing her G Spot with the pad of his finger, his thumb circling her clit, Buffy’s head thrashed from side to side, she was incoherent with want for him.


She groped with a desperate hand, her fingers in his hair, she pulled, eyes wild, she croaked,




Giving her a lopsided grin, he knelt, her legs slipped down to around his waist, he took his massive cock and rubbed it up and down her soaking wet, hot sex.


Buffy bucked up her hips, wrapping her legs even tighter around his waist, trying to pull him in, she begged.


“That’s it, go on” Spike was panting, not taking his eyes off her, he resisted and resisted, teasing, her, sliding the huge bulbous head of his cock up and down her wet labia, even stopping to push her distended clit in his leaking slit.


Buffy sobbed, begged, pleaded, writhed. Spike lay over her, his weight on his forearms, just placed at her opening.


“Want me?”


“Oh, YES, PLEASE, PLEASE, FUCK ME SENSLESS!” He teased her for a few seconds longer.


“Spike, gods, please, I want you…want you so much…fuck me hard, really hard, give me what you’ve got…please – take me NOW!” She sobbed. Mouth by her ear, he whispered,


“Going to take you to oblivion…”




She thrust up hard with her hips, as Spike thrust inside her. He slipped his arms under her shoulders, and pulled her down onto him so he surged up deep inside her with one long powerful thrust.



“SPIKE!” Buffy nearly blacked out with indescribable pleasure.


“Fucking… Geez……… gods, oh gods, ooooohhhhh hot, hot, hot, oh fuck and … so …tight - Gods!”


He gasped for unneeded breath, His eyes screwed tight shut, his jaw clenched and teeth gritted – fuck, he moved now, and it would be all over before it even started... She must have a fire in her belly, she was so HOT!


Ok…he calmed a little, then he began to thrust hard, fast and deep, Buffy climaxed almost immediately. And he didn’t let up.


She climaxed again and again, each orgasm getting stronger and longer each time, she couldn’t catch her breath, for all the gasping, screaming and crying out in ecstasy.


Spike slowed the pace right down, pulling almost all the way out, before plunging back ball deep, thrusting hard, right to the hilt, his now soaking pubes rubbing her clit to a frenzy.


He could feel himself stretching her, her slick walls clung to him, tight and glorious, wringing out pleasures and sensations he never knew existed.


He’d never been so deep, never had a woman give herself so completely to him before.


Buffy sobbed with complete ecstasy, she bit his neck, raked her nails down his back, leaving raised red welts, she squeezed his butt, trying to push him in deeper still, she bit his neck hard, making him jerk harder inside her.


Spike lifted her legs higher and higher, really opening her up, pushing up into her cervix, he could feel the orgasm building.


His strong-as-an-ox thrusts had her shifting up the bed, until Buffy raised her hand and put her palm flat against the headboard and pushed down, making him go as deep as possible.


She shrieked, he stopped withdrawing, and just pushed up as hard as he could, his toes digging into the mattress, he gritted his teeth, gasped and panted, he knew, THIS was the one he wanted, THE ONE, he pulled nearly all the way out, and then slammed home, right to the hilt, the force lifting her off the bed, he did it again, and again... Buffy grunted!


Spike sort her mouth, kissed her, biting her lips, bruising them, his tongue fighting a duel with hers, he tore his mouth away, felt his balls tighten in their wrinkly sac, felt his shaft swell even more, Buffy felt herself stretch, and she squeezed her inner muscles, working them fast, Spike dropped his head to her neck, Buffy lifted her chin allowing him better access.


“Tell me your mine” Spike panted.


“Yes…oh gods, yes...your…yours…oh I’m yours…make me…so y-y-y-yours!” Buffy gasped out.



“Tell me when I …oh, bite!” She began to really cry out the word ‘yours’, shouting out the best orgasm she’d ever had in her entire life, and when he felt the first involuntary clench of her, Spike turned game face, she felt his fangs slide into her vein, over the scar of the previous bites she’d had, increasing the pleasure for them both ten-fold, and as her hot passion fuelled blood flowed into Spike, he pumped her full with his own cool creamy torrent, again and again…her hot velvet sheath clenched and unclenched, milked him dry, he must have pumped and pulsed  at least two dozen times.



Fucking Hell – Fucking Heaven!


He thought he’d never stop pumping, felt like he’d poured a gallon into her. Morphing back to his human guise, he was panting hard, his forehead on her collarbone, never EVER had anything in his whole existence felt as good as that…


Buffy was heaving for breath…colours exploding in her head, stars before her rolling eyes she was boneless, breathless almost, but still mouthing, ‘yours, I’m all yours’, indeed her very brain was now total mush and was leaking out of her ears…she’d never had a multiple, multiple, multiple orgasm before…and OH BOY! Was that a multiple and then some…sated at last.


He lazily licked the twin puncture wounds to mop up the last traces of her ambrosial life giving ichor.





Spike said possessively. They lay together like that for a while; he was still inside her. Her breathing evened out eventually, she ran a hand through her hair, resting her palm on her forehead.



Spike carefully withdrew, and moved to the side of her, and Buffy immediately cuddled up, and laid her head on his shoulder, her arm around his waist, leg over his.


Totally unexpected by her or him really, he kissed her forehead softly, whispered softly ‘incredible’. Still panting slightly, she smiled, eyes closed, a breathy,


“Yeah” was all she could manage. He knew some line had been crossed, some invisible barrier, it was far, far more than just a…business arrangement now, if you like, Spike had not only thralled her, he’d claimed her, and utterly made her his own…wrapped in each others arms.



Sleep claimed them both. About four hours later, Buffy got up, (with a little difficulty, she was sore!) and went into the bathroom.


She looked in the mirror, moved her hair to see the bite mark. It looked innocent enough, Four times now, she’d been bitten; once by the Master, once by Dracula, once by Angel…Angel.


She hadn’t given him a thought in all this, truth be known, she hadn’t given anything a thought, except the pure unadulterated passion.




Not just sex, sex, not even ‘wow’, great sex.


Not even wow, great hot monkey sex, this was…was something on a totally different level…she’d let herself be laid bare, and what was it he’d said…ah, yes, taken to oblivion…and beyond, mate! With a double side of incredibly fantastic!


She sat on the edge of the bath, touched the bite and smiled to herself; another thing he was right about, it had been ‘incredible’, and even that superlative had been an understatement.


She wanted him again…and very soon…she’d realised something; that sex didn’t come any better than that, and never would, not with anybody else anyway.


No mere mortal would have the strength, stamina    or his incredible size…and she wanted him again. Again, and again, and again, she wanted him.


They had all day, she thought simply, smiling to herself.

Slipping back into bed, Spike instinctively cuddled up to the warmth…warmth?


– Where? Oh Gods, thankyou! Wasn’t all just a dream - then again, a dream couldn’t possibly have been anywhere near as good…Buffy was tracing lazy patterns on his chest, making Spike groan, a deep rumble in his chest, she slipped lower and lower, outlining his washboard abs with her fingernail, impatiently, Spike grabbed her hand and put it on his massive hardness, and Buffy giggled.


“Does this cock of yours ever lie down and rest?” She giggled again, and dipped her head below the covers, thanking whomever for vampire stamina.


He was going to say, ‘not for long when you’re around’, but his only reply was to gasp and arch his hips up toward her soft, warm, wet sucking mouth…


More please...