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They emerged from the house at 7.30 pm, showered and totally knackered!


She’d lost count of how many times they’d made love…and orgasms…oh gods!

She felt sorry for every other female on the planet, not being able to experience what she’d had!


They made their way to the Magic Box, Buffy grabbing a bag of fries on the way. She tapped the window of the shop. Giles came and opened the door, locking it behind them.


“Spike, Buffy, I’m glad you’re here, thanks to Spike’s information…(Giles put his glasses on) we know that Dracula’s entourage is staying at the old vineyard lodge in Westfield Valley, there are about 50 minions with him, his ever faithful manservant Igor, is running around like a headless chicken getting everything just so, the vamp himself is due in, in two days time.”


“Giles, the thing that bothers me is, he might recognise me, and he HAS bitten me” Buffy said.


“And he knows me, owes me money, the sod does, 30 guineas! – It was an awful lot in those days…” Spike mused.


“I take it that he more than likely wouldn’t recognise you, though?”


“No, doubt it” Spike said, he’d changed his image a few times since then…


“I could dye my hair, or wear a wig,” Buffy suggested.


“I wouldn’t worry too much about that, he’d remember your smell, your essence, and probably your name, as you are the slayer, but your face…It would be like Hugh Hefner remembering all the Playboy Bunnies he’s ever seen, he’s used to beautiful women”


Spike said honestly. Buffy smiled and looked down at her feet, slightly embarrassed at Spike voicing the fact he thought she was beautiful.


“Well, I was thinking, and I know this is the part you’re going to strenuously object to, but I’m afraid it needs to be done…Buffy, you’ll have to let Spike bite you………OH - oh”


“Um, last night…I know it needed to be done…………” Buffy mumbled putting her collar right after showing Giles.


“Oh, er, well, um, yes, I see. Good. Right-ho. Erm, sh-shall w-w-w-we begin to train…?” Giles asked.


“How’s your back?”


“Oh, still broken, I think!” Giles said, jovially, but truthfully, he did ache.


“I thought I could do some bag work, then a spot of stamina training” Buffy said. Giles was just about to say he didn’t think he was up to it, when Spike piped up,


“We can fight, if you want, you needn’t hold back with me, and I won’t be afraid to deposit you on your arse…” Spike said grinning.


“Yeah, right, as if” Buffy also grinned.

Giles eyebrows rose, he said,


“This would be excellent…”


Giles sat on the sidelines, and watched as they circled, flipped, and Spike did deposit her on her backside, three times in fact, they sparred for about twenty minutes.


Giles went off to take a telephone call, and Spike caught Buffy around the neck, her back towards him, he growled sexily in her ear, licked her salty skin, making her shiver, then gave her a little kiss on her neck just by the bites.


Buffy groaned erotically, her senses electric, biting her bottom lip, she then grinned, flipped Spike over her shoulder, jumped over him and knelt astride him.


He could smell her arousal and he was rock hard…she was just about to lean in and kiss him, when Giles came in.


“That was Quentin Tra – oh!”


Buffy quickly got up, went bright red, and couldn’t look Giles in the face.


“Quentin who?” Spike said springing up, to jog Giles into saying what he was going to say.


“What…oh, er, erm, er yes, Quentin Travers, he said that the device will be here tomorrow”


“Device” Buffy said.


“To kill Dracula” Giles said.


“Um, yes, I know!” Buffy lied…she couldn’t concentrate, she felt wanton…


“Buffy and I thought that after patrol, we would, um, go through some possible scenario’s, you know, for her to learn how to act…” Spike said.


They hadn’t planned on any such thing, yet, but Buffy knew that she wanted to. Most definitely…


“Good, well, yes it must be done” Giles said.


He could tell, something had obviously happened between these two, usually they couldn’t be in the same room as each other for more than two minutes without the snippy comments and bickering…the spell was working!


“This device” Spike said.



“Any idea’s as to size, shape, I hope it’s discreet, can hardly hope to hide something bazooka size in her dress, can we?” Spike said.


“Good point, Spike. Giles?” Buffy asked, turning from one male to the other.


“Ah, um, yes, it has several parts, the stake part, is pen sized, then there’s this, and this is the ingenious bit, a handkerchief type thing, that mops up all the dust, then there’s the lead lined box you drop it all in, although the handkerchief will ‘hold’ him for up to twenty-four hours outside the box”


“Good, that means the box needn’t be on us when we do the deed.”


“Erm, Spike, can I have a word…” Giles looked at Buffy and she eventually took the hint, and went off to the back of the training room.


“There could be a problem, Dru might be there” Giles said.


“Dru, where the hell did she spring from?” Spike frowned.


Buffy could her them talking, and when she heard the name ‘Dru’, the stab of pure jealousy that shot through her had to be felt to be believed, she couldn’t help herself, it felt like and electric shock.


Striding back to where they were standing, Buffy announced,


“She won’t be a problem, she comes anywhere near my Sp - I mean, near me, or Spike and tries to um, disrupt things…” looking Spike in the eye, Buffy said,


“Dru is NOT going to come between us – a-a-a-and killing um, Dracula.” She quickly added.


Spike looked at her in a sort of, shocked way…and then said to her via the thrall, ‘hmm, my baby’s jealous…’


“She won’t be a problem…I’ll find out where she’s holed up, and change her mind about going to the party” Spike said grinning.


“If your sure,” Giles said.


Buffy glanced at Spike, she’d HAVE to talk about this to him, and soon.


“We’ll do a quick patrol, then back to mine” She pulled on her coat.


“Shall I come, I could watch you”


“WHAT!!” Buffy, horrified, looked incredulously at Giles, like he was some sort of voyeuristic pervert.


Not thinking at first that Giles only wanted to watch them pretend socialise, as she said.


“Check your mannerisms, your actions…” Giles continued innocently


“OH…No! –Erm, no, Giles, you’ll make me all nervous!” She waved a hand in the air dismissively, colour flooding her face.


“We’ll be fine, Spike’ll tell me what to do,” Buffy said, nodding at Spike,


“Won’t you?”





So that’s what happened. Buffy was super aggressive on patrol, having an unnecessarily vicious fight with a couple of fledges, imagining that they were Dru.


Spike thought that he’d see just how far he could go with making her jealous…


“I won’t stay long tonight, babe, I’m going to seek out Dru”


“NO! Not on your own.” Buffy said, vehemently.


She tucked her stake back inside her waistband.


“What, of course on my own!”


“No, I’ll be with you” Buffy said firmly. She opened the door of the house, and they both went in.


“Don’t you trust me?”  Spike asked, eyeing her steadily. Buffy looked at him, smouldered, in fact.


“I don’t trust HER, besides, you were with her for over a hundred years,”


“You worried she might want to…” Spike gave Buffy a wolfish grin.


She didn’t know why she felt so jealous, but she could play this another way…she could fuck him to oblivion tonight, so he wouldn’t have enough energy to do anything with HER, Buffy couldn’t even bring herself to say Dru’s name.


Licking her lips provocatively, Buffy said in a low voice,


“Going for a shower…” And started to undo her buttons on her blouse, giving


Spike a tantalising glimpse of plump breast as she gave him a soft kiss on his mouth, before sexily wiggling her way upstairs, shedding her clothes on the way.


When she reached the top of the stairs, she slipped off her thong and tossed it down the stairs, it landed perfectly on his head, the smell of her arousal was almost overpowering.


Spike bit his bottom lip…he and Dru, didn’t really ever bother too much with sex, she liked the ‘preliminaries’ so to speak, the S&M foreplay, being whipped, simulated rape, objects, being fisted…torture…but the actual act of penetration was never very high up on her agenda with him, it was more of a thing to pass the time than anything to do with love…He heard the shower, and in a flash he was upstairs, undressed and in behind her in an instant.


Buffy had twisted and clipped up her hair, and Spike moulded himself to her back, cupping her baby soft skinned golden breasts, teasing her nipples with his thumbs, kissing her neck. She smiled…her plan had worked…so far, she could feel his massive hardness pressing against her butt, now all she had to do, was make all thoughts of going to see Dru totally go out of his head.


“Oh…Sp-Spi-ike” She turned, homed in on his mouth, kissing him with utter passion, surprising them both with her intensity and wantonness. Spike’s huge cock, far too big to stand upright, nudged her leg and hip, Buffy dropped her hand to squeeze him gently, before trapping him between her thighs. Turning and pressing her against the wall, Buffy raised her one leg, hooking it over his hip, her calf pulled against his buttock.


His hands leaving her breasts, Spike slipped them under her bottom for support, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, only pausing to put him at her tight wet centre.


Crying out in ecstasy as he slid inside her moist velvet heat, Buffy fluttered her inner muscles, and he took her hard against the shower wall.


Neither lasted long, the thrill of the fight earlier had made them both as randy as hell.


They showered, and quickly dried off, went into the bedroom. Buffy thought she’d make all thoughts of Dru disappear from Spike’s mind; she had a plan.


While he wasn’t looking, Buffy had discreetly pulled out the silky cord from her dressing gown, and threw it by the bed.


She sat, pulled him towards her for a deep kiss; she lay down, and then flipped them, straddling his slim hips.


She reached down and picked up the cord from the floor. Fixing him with a ‘look’, Buffy said,


“Gonna let me tie you up, lover?” Without waiting for an answer, She slipped a silk loop around his one wrist. Finding this so highly erotic, Spike gasped,


“On-only if I can…reciprocate…”


“Count on it…” Buffy breathed, making another loop and snaring his other wrist, tying him to her wrought iron bedstead. As she leaned forward to tie him up, Spike raised his head and caught a nipple between his teeth, it elongated, until he worried it with his tongue and it hardened, Buffy gasped.


“Cheat-Cheating…I’ll get you back for that…” she kissed him passionately.


For two hours she teased him, for the first twenty minutes alone, she totally ignored his massively thick, huge cock, she gave him hickeys on his inner thighs, sucked his balls, licked all over the scrotal sac, nibbled and kissed, teased up and down the narrow seam that divided them, lightly scratched at the sensitive ridge of flesh between his balls and anus where his erection continued, sending Spike delirious with want.


Wetting her fingertip, she teasingly circled it over his anus, in a feather-light touch, making Spike buck and beg.


The huge purplish head of his cock looked fit to burst, shiny, wet, weeping for attention.


Eventually, she delicately lapped at the leaking slit, made little pointy stabs with her tongue tip, licked all around the ridge, before making her soft warm lips into a tight little ‘O’, and slid them forcefully down over the head of his cock, then straight down her mouth to deep throat him.


Spike practically launched himself off the bed, he bucked like a wild thing, with her two small hands, she stood it upright, marvelling at his size, and how she could accommodate him…lapping all around, she traced the veins with her velvet tongue, and pumped her hands up and over the head, giving a twist of her wrist, letting the soft warm palm of her hand slide silkily over the glans, before sliding down the thick shaft again and repeating the action with the other hand.


Spike couldn’t stand much more of this…he gasped…


”Oh gods…I’m…gonna…oh, babe…”


“Come on baby, let me drink you down”, running her tongue around her lips, she then again lowered her mouth to him, and twirled her tongue around the huge bulbous tip, and through half closed eyes, Spike watched, shoulder’s raised off the bed, he held himself rigid, gasping unnecessarily, holding on so tightly to the wrought iron head board, as she pumped him into her open mouth, he jerked as each thick gobbet he spurted onto her tongue, she swallowed and opened her mouth for more, when he collapsed, she gently sucked the tip, her tongue flashing around to catch any precious drop she’d missed.


“Hmm, so delicious…” Again she provocatively ran her tongue slowly along the bottom edge of her top lip, and smiled.


“Oh, Buffy!” Like a cat stalking prey, she crawled up the bed making him stretch for a kiss, she wiggled her delicious hot bottom over his cock, making him rock hard again.


Cupping her breasts and pushing them together, she offered him first one hard nipple, then the other, Spike flashed his tongue over the hard nubs, and the sensation seared its way down to her wet sex.


They both knew that the cord was no prison for him, he could have easily ripped the silken cord…not that he’d even gave such an idiotic idea a thought…



Wanting to feel his cool strong hands on her, she untied him.


He didn’t disappoint or waste a second, as soon as she freed him, his strong muscular arms circled her and he held her close and tight, kissing all the breath out of her.


Buffy held him with equal tightness, her one hand on the back of his head, the other in the small of his shoulder blades.


Pressing her on her back, Spike released one of his arms, and stroked her face.


“What have you done to me?” Looking deep into her hazel eyes, his gaze burned questioningly into her.


Holding him there, his gaze, Buffy said softly,


“I could ask the same, anyway; less talk, more action!”


They began to kiss passionately, kisses so full of need and desire…Buffy grinned wickedly, lay on her stomach, bought up her knees, and waggled her bottom in the air.


Spike couldn’t resist giving the twin globes a firm smack, before he gripped her hips and eased himself inside her from behind.


Buffy screamed and hollered, bucked and pistoned herself back and forward, he reached around and pinched and rubbed her slippery clit, making Buffy shriek and come so hard that he thought she would squeeze dick off!


His eyes rolling back in his head as he held onto her hips so tightly, pushing himself up inside her so deeply, he knew that sex didn’t get any better than this.


Growling low in her ear, his soft lips and blunt teeth nibbling her neck had Buffy begging for him not to stop…


t was sun up before they knew it. They’d made love all night, brought each other to dizzying heights of ecstasy.


Lying in each other’s arms, Buffy said,


“Is it your thrall?” Her voice all cracked and raw from screaming.


“I don’t…it can’t possibly be, I’m not THAT good!” He chuckled modestly.


“Hmm, I beg to differ!” Buffy cuddled up, Spike turned his head, and kissed her softly.


“Besides which, I feel so…”




“So…how do I describe it? – The thought of losing you, or you in danger, I, oh Gods!” Spike looked serious


“What?” Buffy leant up on her elbow, looked down into his face, his beautiful face, worried at his serious _expression.


“Buffy, I think I’m…”


“What baby, tell me, please, you’re worrying me now.” She ran her fingers through his hair, soothing him.


“I don’t know, connected, attached, I can’t describe it.” He could…but didn’t want to frighten her.


He was falling in love with her; Rapidly, totally and entirely.


Buffy smiled, cuddled up to him once more. One thing was for sure; things would never be the same for them again.


He’d woken something within her, and she didn’t want this to end, because she knew now, she was totally in love with him.











Chapter 6



They woke to the phone ringing. It was Giles. Buffy yawned and looked at the clock. It was 12.25pm.


“Is everything ok?”


“Um, yeah!” Buffy said, she felt stiff, ached so good!


“You were going to come here for 11 o’clock”


“Was I, where am I, oh, yes Saturday. Sorry, lost track…She tickled down over Spike’s abs with her nails, till she found his huge hardness, she gave the tip a little tickle with her nail.


Spike growled, making her giggle.


She was aware Giles had spoken, but not what he’d said.


“Hmm, sorry?”


“Buffy, will you concentrate, can you drop a note or a message into Spike for me?”


“He’s here” Buffy said.


“What, how, er, I m-m-mean, um, w-w-w-why?” Giles stammered.


“Oh, we got practicing, it got very late…or rather, you know, early, and um, well the sun came up, so he stayed”


“I-I-I-I-I s-s-see!” 

Buffy worked her hand lower, cupping his balls, giving them a gentle tug, massaging them. Spike writhed cross-eyed.


“Well, b-b-b-bring him w-w-when you come, will you, I’ve got a location for him to see Dru”


“Us” Buffy said, carrying on with her ministrations to Spike’s nether regions.


“I’m sorry?” Giles said.


“Us, when WE go to see Dru, he’s not going on his own, I don’t trust her”


“Trust her to what?”


“Um, not trust her to…erm well, she might not be too pleased to see him!”


“Or she might want to get back with him” Giles said, thinking then that their plans would be up the Suwannee.


“NOT ON YOU’RE, erm… um, (she swallowed nervously) no, never. He’s not interested”


“You sound sure”


“I am”


“They were together for-“


“I KNOW! Gods, don’t have to rub, er I mean, trust me Giles…” he frowned, but didn’t say anything else.


“Ok, I’ll see you soon, bye”


“Bye…oh Giles, do we get expenses, coz I need a dress for this party, something expensive and wow” Spike groaned at her massaging hand.


“What was that?”

Grinning, Buffy put her finger to her lips at Spike, he too was grinning.


“Um, what?”


“That moaning?”


“Moaning, don’t…don’t know…bye”


“Bye, oh and Buffy, you can buy a dress, but don’t spen_”


“Thanks, bye” She put the phone down, not letting him finish.


Leaning forward, she kissed the length of his massive manhood. Spike squeezed her shoulder and she looked up, he half sat, reached up and kissed her, pulling her upwards, she lay on top of him, and Spike rolled them so he was nestled between her thighs.


His hand dropping to her smooth sex, he rubbed small circles over her clit, before sliding his finger inside her. Buffy arched into his hand, groaning into his mouth as he claimed breath stealing kisses from her.


So hot, so wet and ready for him, he removed his finger, and sucked it. Lying more on her back,


Buffy put him at her opening, and Spike thrust up sliding over half way inside her. Arching her hips and neck, Buffy cried out, and bucked up to meet his thrusts.


Nothing else in the world mattered to either of them at that moment, except the giving and receiving of their pure, unadulterated passion, Buffy bit Spike’s neck, scratched his back, pulled his hair, squeezed bruises into his butt trying to force him inside her that little bit more, and Spike loved it.


Eventually, when they knew they could hold back the tidal-wave of pleasure that would culminate in the most earth shattering of orgasms for them both, over the groans and moans, the cries of sheer orgasmic pleasure, one phrase repeated itself like a mantra in Spike’s head, till he voiced it.


Screaming for him not to stop, Spike was pounding into her at a furiously fast, hard pace, his super strong thrusts almost lifting her off the bed, Buffy reached and put her hands on his butt, pushed down, forcing Spike as deep as possible inside her. 


“Mine…you’re, mine…Buffy…oh, mine, Gods, BuffyBuffyBuffy, OH GODS, YES! – MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!” Surging inside her again and again, Buffy felt the whiplash sting of his cool fluid rush, every time he pulsed and shot another spurt inside her, he shouted that she was his, over and over.


And Buffy could only agree with him,


“All yours baby…totally yours” She agreed. Spent, sated, heaving for breath, that was…unbelievable…


Spike fell back, he too was panting, out of habit rather than necessity, but OH, MY GODS, WOW! He glanced at her, incredulously.


Lazily she blinked at him, the only thing she was really aware of, was his possession of her.


They were totally lost for words. Slowly, reality came back to her, and she looked at the clock.


“We’d, um, I’d better get up”




“Yes?” She looked at him, felt a sudden rush of emotion.


“What’s happened between us?” He looked serious.


“I- I don’t…(she looked down on the bed) Then looking at him straight in the eye, she said,


“Something has, I don’t want to analyse it too much, but…I know one thing”

Spike looked at her steadily.


“I don’t want it to…well, you know, end after this Dracula business?” She looked him straight in the eye. Spike closed his and pulled her towards him. He nuzzled her neck.


“Oh Gods, baby! Neither do I baby, neither do I” They sat there a little while, foreheads touching.






Showered and dressed, they made their way to the Magic Box via the tunnels and storm drains.


They emerged into the stock room, and Buffy went up into the shop. It was safe for Spike, there were no customers, or bright daylight, and she went and fetched him. Warming him some blood they kept at the shop for rituals and spells, she had coffee.


Giles told Spike that Dru and Darla were holed up in an old disused warehouse across town, but there was quite a few of them, possibly around thirty, or so, roughly half a clan, made up of various strays from other groups now in decline, thanks to slaying activities.


“Waif and strays, a couple from Clan Aurelius, several that are from Clan Gaius Gerontius, and all that’s left of Clan Deuteronomy” Giles said.

Spike nodded.


“Shouldn’t be a problem. Um, how do you know this?”






“Yes, thanks to him, well, his outfit of Wesley and there’s a black guy called Gunn, they are responsible for the demise of the clans, nearly wiped out all the nests in LA, apparently” Giles said, voice full of admiration. Spike smiled, and couldn’t resist saying,


“Is that what he told you?” Giles stopped, his coffee mug an inch from his lips, and said,


“Yes, well him and Wesley” he drained his mug, looked at Spike, who just grinned.




“Oh, just…they’re not as good as they like to think they are, is all” Spike said. Giles frowned.


“Oh, so are you going to tell me different?”


“What’s this?” Buffy asked.


“Angel” Giles said. Buffy stopped smiling, and frowned.


“What about him?”

Spike answered for Giles.


“Oh, he’s boasting, him and that watcher and vigilantes he has working with him, reckons they’ve wiped out a few clans…”


“And?” Buffy asked


“Well, half of them are living in Norwood now, he might have run them out of town for a while, dusted a few, they re-group, turn a few… but the others, well, they filter back, they always do, look at me, can’t keep away from here…”


Buffy had unconsciously gone and held Spike’s hand, and he had gently moved a tendril of hair from her eyes. Giles blinked at them.


“What?” Buffy asked Giles.


“Erm, noth-, er well, um it’s just that…”


Both Spike and Buffy arched a brow questioningly at him.


“Bu-Buffy, you’re holding…um Spike’s h-h-hand”


“Hmm, oh, er, y-yes, (She coughed) we’re trying to look natural, l-l-like a c-c-c-couple, you know, um these things have to look, natural”


“Yeah that’s it, now, go while I talk!” Spike said play-acting; and smacked her bottom as she walked away.


Buffy turned and smiled. Giles knew, he wasn’t stupid, a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but there was a definite…frisson? – Something anyway, between them.


He briefly wondered whether he’d gone too far with the spell…Then again, Spike had bitten and thralled her, so maybe…Buffy was a professional. That was it.


Buffy saw Giles give Spike a slip of paper. It was the warehouse address, and she suspected as much, one thing she did know, she’d DEFINATELY be going with him.


Giles went off to serve a customer.


“So, come on, where are they?” Buffy asked, playing with the buttons on Spikes duster.


He knew better than to try the ‘where’s who’ routine, knew it wouldn’t wash with her.


“For me to know…” he grinned. Buffy sidled in close, holding the lapels of his coat.


“You’ll tell me” She looked at his lips, licking her own. Spike stared at her, swallowed, his head moved closer to hers, Buffy reached up on tip toe…their lips parted, eyes closed, and about an inch away from kissing, Giles came round the bookcase and said,


“Hold on, I have a copy h – Good Lord!”


He took his glasses off. As he saw the scene of Buffy and Spike looking for all the world like they were about to…No, couldn’t have.


They jumped apart guiltily. Spike turning to face the wall, he was holding the back of his neck, Buffy going beet-red, bending to pick up none-existent bits up off the floor.


Giles stuttered, and babbled about a book for a customer, reaching to the shelf and taking a small slim volume.


“I-I-I-I th-think th-th-this is w-w-what you’re l-l-l-looking f-f-f-for”


He disappeared from their view, going back to his customer. Grinning, Spike lightly kissed her nose.


“Spike, he’ll…”


“Just have to deal, love, we can say it’s a thrall thing…” Spike looked at her, a looked that dared her to contradict him. She didn’t, just nodded.


“This idea in the first place, came from him, didn’t it?” Buffy reasoned.


“Yup” Spike said, looking at her. He had his head at an angle, tongue in the corner of his mouth, and then he said,


“Gods, you’re SO beautiful” he ran the back of his finger down her cheek, Buffy smiled, big eyed, looked at the floor, then up into his eyes.


“Not so bad yourself, gorgeous, in fact”


They heard Giles ring up on the till, and say goodbye and thankyou to his customer. He came towards the table where they were standing, and heard Spike say,


“S-so, you wouldn’t kiss me first, it um, it always has to be the male, like I said, these rules are archaic, made by males with their pleasure coming first middle and last” Spike said, like he was teaching her.


“Er, r-right, b-b-but what if, say another male made a move on me?” Buffy asked


“Well, it’s accepted, but, he’d have to be of a higher social status than me, and as I’m head of a clan, then I doubt, apart from Dracula himself, there would be anyone there to challenge me…if it were thought that you were my new queen however, no one would challenge, again, except Dracula, if we acted like a honeymoon couple for instance, it’s not considered the done thing for even someone of a higher status to make a move on a honeymoon couple.


On the other hand, if Dracula makes a move on a women, new queen or not, it’s considered an honour, for her and her partner”


“Teaching you well” Giles said, smiling. They must have been training Giles thought.


“S-s-so, you’ll go to the warehouse, when?”


“Tonight, probably” Spike said.


“I’m going with you” Buffy said. Giles was just about to say he would too, when the phone rang.


“Phew, that was close, do you think he believed us?” Spike asked.


Licking her lips provocatively, Buffy mouthed ‘don’t care’ and smouldered him ‘a look’. Spike grinned, but it instantly went when he heard Giles say,


“Angel!………Yes, funnily enough, we were just talking about that” Buffy and Spike looked at one another.


“You would………you will, oh, that’s great, hold on, they’re here, I’ll tell them” Smiling, Giles held the receiver to his shoulder, and called out,


“Its Angel, he and the others are coming over to help us” Buffy and Spike didn’t smile.


“Fucking terrific” Spike said, with as much venom as he could


“Shit!” Was Buffy’s reaction to the news.


Giles chatted inanely, then when he’d finished the call, he came over to them smiling, but could see that neither Buffy nor Spike looked thrilled at the news.










Chapter 7



“Giles, why is HE coming?” Buffy asked frowning. All three of them sat down at the table.


Spike put his feet up on the table, lit a cigarette. Giles wasn’t about to admonish him for it, not with the look on his face.


“I don’t want him here” Buffy said, frowning, twisting a tissue in her hands.

Giles looked puzzled. He’d started to worry a little, this spell he’d done…no, it WAS only temporary…


“Why not? He’ll help us to eliminate Dru’s crowd, and-


“And arouse suspicion at suddenly there’s nearly three dozen less on the guest list- it isn’t a huge party, there’s only about 100 guests get invited, and suddenly –bang- a third of the guest list, gone. No, we know why he’s here, one thing, pure jealousy.


It’s the fact that I’m working with Buffy, and he can’t do it – does he know I’ve had to bite her? Coz believe you me, THAT’S going to go down like the fucking proverbial…and if he doesn’t know from you telling him, he’s gonna smell it…”


Spike swiftly took a drag of his cigarette, blew the smoke out angrily.


“Ah” Giles took his glasses off. A customer came into the shop, so putting his glasses back on; he got up to serve them.


“Don’t let him…” Buffy began. Spike looked at her.


If she was to walk away from him now…Spike leaned forward, ground out his cigarette on a saucer.


Buffy covered one of his hands with one of hers, squeezing gently.


“I won’t let him ruin things…for us, I can’t…” Giles came back.


“Can’t what?” Spike asked, ignoring the fact that Giles had come back. Buffy looked at Giles.


“Will you just watch the shop, I need to go down to the stockroom” Buffy nodded.


Giles turned and went, Buffy stood, looked at Spike.


“Can’t let him try and ruin what we have” She kissed him softly, and then went into the shop.


Spike sat back, closed his eyes, relieved.


After Giles had served the customer, he locked up, pulled the shutter down. Coming over and sitting by Buffy and Spike, Giles said,


“Ok, tell me, you think that Angel has an ulterior motive for coming here?”    


“Too bloody right. One, he can’t do it himself because they know of his soul. Two. Even if, and I doubt this very much, but, even if this lot at the warehouse with Dru and Darla didn’t know who he was, they would soon be told.”


“You don’t think that they would be pleased to see him, even if he pretended to be Angelus” Giles asked.

Spike laughed.


“Don’t be ridiculous, Darla is Angelus’ sire, Dru has lived with him for longer than I have, they’d know instantly he wasn’t Angelus…besides which, he tried to kill them about four months ago” Spike said.


Both Buffy and Giles frowned, and sat forward. Giles took off his glasses.


“What? H- how, w-w-where?” Giles asked.


“How, burn them, locked them in a warehouse. Where, in LA, torched it after they’d been on a killing spree.”


“How do you know this?” Giles asked frowning, this was news to him. News to Buffy, too.


“Demon bar, word gets round… ‘The Souled One’ as Angel is known, tried to kill his sire, Darla and her friend in a warehouse after they unsuccessfully tried to revert him into being Angelus again”


“How would they have done that?” Spike, pulled no punches, said to Buffy,


“Well pet, you know the curse, he’d have to be happy…Darla used to be a prostitute before she was turned, and she IS his sire…”


All Buffy said, was ‘oh’.


“I didn’t know this, it does put a different reflection on things” Giles said.


“Yes it does, we don’t need him and his clod-hopping size nines or his little band of vigilantes to try and distract Darla and Dru, their very presence alone will arouse suspicion Look Giles, Buffy is a professional.


She doesn’t need Angel acting all jealous because she’s working closely with me, she doesn’t need putting in any more danger than is necessary, either, and knowing him…all I’m saying is, she’d have enough to contend with, anyway”


“We both will, I don’t need Spike in any extra danger either, he might be my only ticket outta there, I couldn’t fight that many vamps at once” Buffy said. Giles nodded, said nothing.


“Well, I know he couldn’t go to the party, but thought he’d be useful helping to distract or get rid of Darla and Dru”


“No, for reasons mentioned earlier” Spike said


“That’s why Spike has had to claim and thrall you, to mask your soul” Giles said.


Buffy realised, she’d been so fired up for him to do it at the time, she hadn’t even questioned why… She nodded. Smiled, and said,


“Bugger him. Let him come, he can see for himself how professional Spike and I can be, then he can go home happy in the knowledge that we’ll do a good enough job, without his help”


Buffy said brightly. Spike smiled.

(That’s my girl, he’ll be as miserable as sin…shall we really play up?) Spike thralled Buffy, who, on hearing this in her head, was still smiling innocently at Giles, but she ran her toe up Spike’s leg.


Giles looked sceptical, looked from one to the other.


“You think Angel seeing you two all…lovey dovey will make him happy?”


“Giles, I couldn’t give a f-…I’m not really bothered WHAT he thinks, there’s a job to do in all this, and WE are going to do it, without any interference from him” Buffy said firmly. Giles looked at Spike. Who smiled.


“Um, it’s a bit late to try and put him off tonight, now, they’re um, already on their way, in fact, they’ll be here in about fifteen minutes, they’ve come in Gunn’s van.”


“Whoop-de-do!” Buffy sarcastically enthused.


Feeling Puckish, Spike scraped his chair back, patted his lap. Buffy grinning, slid on it, slipping her arm around his neck too. Both grinning, they looked at Giles.


He heaved a sigh, rolled his eyes, and took his glasses off, and pinched the bridge of his nose, his elbow resting on the table.


“He’s going to love this!” Giles said quietly to himself, as he went off to make tea.


“No sugar in mine” Spike shouted, then lightly kissed Buffy. Knowing Giles was in the kitchenette part of the shop and couldn’t see them Buffy kissed Spike quite passionately.


He resisted for all of a second, then instead of pushing her away, he pulled her closer, deepening the kiss.


“I was thinki…oh!” Giles went back into the kitchen.


He was right, there WAS something going on, more than the thrall, more than his bonding spell, an awful lot more, they could hardly keep their hands off each other.


Neither Spike or Buffy had heard or seen Giles, they were too busy wrapped up in themselves.


Spike broke off the kiss, Buffy mewled, wriggled on his lap.


“Babe, please!” Spike stilled her hip with his one hand.


“Can’t help it, I WANT you…I want to make love to you, for hours………”


Mewling, she made him shudder with delight.


She kissed him again. For a second time Giles went to venture out. Gods! They were still at it! He had an idea.


“Buffy, tea?” Giles called. Bringing them both back to the here and now, Buffy shouted ‘yes’.


“I think I better get off your lap” Buffy said, not moving.


“Really want to?”




“Well then” Spike gave her a little possessive squeeze. Giles came through with the tea, sat opposite them.


“So, are you going to tell me?”


“Tell you what?” Buffy asked


“I have eyes, you two. As in a couple; Not thrall, not acting, coupledom. That, was major kissage, AND you two can hardly take your hands or eyes off each other.” Buffy and Spike grinned.


“Don’t know what’s happened, Giles, neither of us do, but…well, we don’t want it to end.


We’ll not let it interfere with the task in hand, and Spike won’t see me in any danger, as I won’t with Spike, but Angel’s not ruining or trying to ruin things for us, I – We, won’t let him” Buffy said strongly and clearly.

Spike nodded.


“Well, Um, I, er…I’m glad you’ve told me. Now, I wonder if Wesley knows about Angel and this warehouse business”


“I should think that he does, if he’s come to help” Buffy said.


“No, not about where Dru and Darla is now, I meant what Spike told me, trying to burn them.” Giles said, sipping his tea.


“Oh, that, I don’t know, doubt it.” Buffy said, looking at Spike, he shrugged.


Buffy rested her head against Spike’s. Outside they heard three doors slam, and the shop door rattled, then a knock.


Giles got up to answer, Buffy also stood, went to the toilet, when she came back she held her arm out slipped it around Spike’s shoulders, and sat back on his lap.


Wesley was laughing with Giles, who in turn was introduced to Gunn.


“Come through, come through, tea, or coffee?”


The smile left Angel’s face as he came around the bookcase and was confronted by the sight of Buffy sitting on Spike’s lap, their foreheads touching, Buffy giggling.


The other three went quiet when they saw Angel’s face, Buffy and Spike. If looks could have killed…ignoring his Basilisk stare, they didn’t even acknowledge his presence.


“What the Hells going on here?” Angel looked furious


Buffy and Spike had decided to ‘play up’, so, laughing softly, she said to Spike,


“You wouldn’t!”


Spike nodded.


“I Would – try me!” he said sexily; just gazing at her mouth, his tongue tip in the corner of his own.


“Really?” Buffy smiled. Biting her bottom lip, she was getting closer and closer towards Spike’s face, until their foreheads touched...


“Uh huh”


“Ah, you’re sweet!” She caressed his face, gave him several soft little kisses.


“Sweet! Hmm, (kiss) Please, You’ll (kiss) ruin my (kiss) street cred, (kiss) you will!”


Standing in front of them, Angel had his fists clenched.


“Is that Spike, that the vampire?” Gunn asked Wesley, quietly. Wesley nodded dumbly, surprised at their behaviour.


“GET OFF HIM, NOW” Angel shouted


“Windy in here today” Spike said, ignoring Angel.

Angel grabbed Buffy’s wrist.


“Ow!” Buffy disengaged her other arm from around Spike’s neck, and caught Angel a resounding slap, straight across the cheek. Spike put his hands on her hips for her to stand, she stood, so did Spike, grabbing Angel around the throat.


His seat went flying.


“You touch her again, it’ll be the last thing you do” Spike hissed, Gunn pulled a stake; Buffy punched the young black man.


“PEOPLE!” Giles came dashing in.


“You will be civilised!” Giles glared at everyone.


“What the HELL is going on here!” Angel asked, rubbing his throat. Gunn was sitting up on the floor, dazed, slightly open mouthed, moving his jaw from side to side with his hand. Wesley helped him up.


“Who the HELL do you think you are, coming in here, waving stakes around, huh?” Buffy was absolutely furious at Gunn.


“Wow, that was some punch!” Gunn said, still wondering if his jaw was broken.


“Just calm down, everyone” Giles said. It seemed everyone was glaring at everyone else.


“Again, I ask what’s go-“ Angel asked, shaking with anger.


He couldn’t even smell Buffy…Spike’s essence was SO strong on her…they must have been intimate many times over…


“Just shut up, you haven’t got a say over things here. Now, I don’t know why you’ve come but you can just turn around, and toddle right back to whatever stone you crawled from under” Buffy shouted.


She was holding Spike’s hand. He righted the fallen chair, and sat back down. Snatching up Gunn’s stake, Buffy angrily crushed it to matchwood, letting the bits fall through her fingers. Gunn was big eyed, and he pressed his back into the seat, totally scared of her.


“Please, everyone, just sit down” Giles said.


“I want to know what’s…” Angel asked, refusing to sit at first, his hands still curled into tight fists.

Giles put his hand on his shoulder.


“Angel, sit, all will be explained.”


More please...