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Part two...

"He's the one
The one she calls
When she gets that feeling
Some nights she just can't stop herself.."

She dressed in an over sized men's shirt and an easily
removable pair of sweat pants. Clothes didn't matter, they
wouldn't be on very long anyway.

As she brushed her hair and re-did her make up, she
was happy all over again that, thanks to Giles, her lover
was only a phone call away.

Before he'd returned to England, Giles had decided not
to sell his town house. He hadn't wanted to leave it
sitting empty, or to rent it out to strangers, so he'd
offered Spike the use of it.  He'd promised to continue
making the mortgage payments in exchange for Spike's
agreement to keep the place in good condition.

Buffy had almost been jumping up and down in glee. No
more sex in morbid locations; up against mausoleum walls,
inside dark and damp crypts, or bent over tombstones lo-
cated in the wide selection of Sunnydale's final resting

She'd been slightly opposed to the idea at first, not even
wanting to THINK about having sex in her watcher's bed.
But Spike had worn down her objections, citing the complete
privacy they would have there, which in HER house was a
luxury.  Nights like the one she was anticipating now, con-
sisting of the absence of sisters and witchly friends, hardly
ever happened.

After the first couple of times, Buffy had agreed that the
total privacy was, in a word, fantastic.  The freedom to make
love anywhere in the house that the urge came upon them
was...liberating.  The front door had three deadbolts on it,
with the only keys in Spike's possession, making it im-
possible for them to be walked in on.

Just thinking about the things Spike did to her behind
those locked doors was making her skin tingle.   No man
had ever treated her with such a delicious combination of
wild passion and tenderness.

Skipping down the stairs, Buffy peeked out the window. Still
raining. She went into the living room and got a seriously
blazing fire going, then dimmed the lights until she was happy
with the illumination.

She loaded the CD player with five discs of soft and sexy
music, checked the kitchen for snacks that would satisfy
her man's rather childlike sweet tooth, and made sure she
had some packaged blood on hand.

With all her preparations made, Buffy returned to the living
room and sat on the floor in front of the fireplace to wait.

"He's tough and tender
A soul bender
Ain't no service he can't render
He touches her like nobody else.."

She smiled when she heard him pull into the driveway
with a squeal of brakes, laying expensive tread on the

Glancing at the clock hanging over the mantle, she saw
that it was three minutes past eight. This had to be a
new land speed record, and she was certain he hadn't
stopped for one single stop sign or red light.

He walked in without knocking, closing the door
behind him when he saw her, and giving her that smile
that almost stopped her heart.

Buffy smiled back at him, beckoning him closer with
one finger, her body language screaming "Come and
get it, big bad."

"What took you so long?" she asked, with a teasing
pout on her lips. "I was getting lonely."

Dropping his damp coat on the foyer floor, he turned
and approached her slowly, stalking her in the way
she loved. For every step he took towards her, she
backed away one.  When she was pressed up against
the wall, he placed his hands on either side of her.

Buffy took hold of his shirt, pulling him closer. "Don't
you want me anymore?"

He lowered his head to whisper in her ear. "
have no idea," he said, biting down on her earlobe, then
sucking it.

She tilted her head to one side, offering him the vulnerable
flesh of her throat without thinking twice.

Spike placed soft kisses down the length of it, then
licked his way back to where he'd started with one long
stroke of his tongue.

"I'm glad you called," he murmured against her skin. "I've
been hard all day, thinking about you."

"Me, too," she said, then giggled. "I mean that I've been
thinking about you...not that I've been hard."

"I wouldn't say that."  He took his hands off the wall
and cupped her breasts. Squeezing them firmly, he drew
slow circles around her nipples. "Feels hard to me."

Buffy's breathing became slow and deep. He knew how
much she enjoyed him playing with her breasts. It drove
her crazy when he fondled them, tugging on her nipples until
they were firm and erect.

But, as much as she loved the attentions of his talented
hands, it was the sensation of his mouth and his tongue
on her that really sent her to the stars.

Wanting it now, she began working at her shirt buttons. Her
own impatience impeded her, making her fingers clumsy and
slow.  She solved the problem by yanking the shirt open and
popping off the last three stubborn buttons.

Spike's eyes widened briefly in appreciation for the absence
of an undergarment covering up her considerable charms. With-
out a word, he placed his hands beneath both her breasts,
lifting them and pushing them together, then lowered his head
and licked them, concentrating his attention on the taut centers.

Buffy was light headed with pleasure as she cupped his jaw,
guiding him from one breast to the other.

"Feels good," she moaned. Her husky tone of voice slid up
the scale and became high pitched when he took one nipple
into his mouth and sucked on it. "Oh!  Oh, yeah...harder,

He gave her what she was begging for, latching on more firmly
and nursing at her nipple like a starving infant.

"Deeper," she whispered hoarsely, slipping one hand
behind his head and pressing him even closer.

Without skipping a beat, he opened his mouth wider
to take in more of her soft flesh, while his fingers continued
to stimulate her other nipple.

Buffy's own fingers played gently with his silky curls. Feel-
ing her gentle touch, he modified the suction he was ap-
plying to her breast, flicking his tongue rapidly back and
forth over the tip.

She let out a helpless whimper, and felt him smile against
her breast.  Released from his mouth with maddening slow-
ness, he incited a harsh gasp from her when the cool air
touched upon skin wet with his saliva.

Wanting to draw out the pleasure for her, he extended
his tongue and continued licking her at the same time he
took her hand and placed it on the swelling at the front
of his jeans.  "Touch me," he muttered.

Smiling, she squeezed him.

Hissing in air through clenched teeth, he dropped his head
back and thrust himself against her hand. "Tighter, baby...yeah. that!  Do it....ah, fuck...."

She used her free hand to pull him back into another kiss,
then released his erection to open the top snap of his pants,
and unzip his fly.

Deliberately waiting until he moaned in frustration...

"Take it out, babe...please...I want to feel your hands on it."

...she began to stroke the rigid column. "So big," she
marveled, feeding his ego with a spoon. "And so hard."

"It's hard for you, luv.  You make it that way. Every time I
see you...every time I hear your voice...every time I even
think of gets hard.  You're the only
wants to be inside of..."

Buffy continued her soft fondling. "And where does it want
to be right now?" she asked. "Where...inside me?"

He chuckled as he pushed himself into her tormenting
fingers. "Anywhere you'll take it," he said, his hands coming
down and grabbing her behind. "Can I take your pants off?"

"I think you'd better," she agreed.

Spike took a handful of material from either side of her
hips, and yanked it down until her sweats were pooled
around her feet.

"No knickers tonight?" he asked, delighted. "Thank you,

"I didn't want anything to get in your way," she replied,
moving her legs slightly apart. "Want to touch?"

He winked at her. "I'd rather taste," he said, then sank
to his knees in front of her and buried his face between
her thighs.

"Ohh!" she gasped, sinking her fingers into his hair. "That's
good, too."

"Good....doesn't even begin to describe it, luv."  He held
her thighs apart, and began licking her roughly, easily
locating the hot button that made her shiver and shake
whenever he sucked on it.

Buffy's head fell back against the wall as her eyes
closed tightly. The feel of his tongue sliding around her
clit, then darting into her pussy as deeply as he could
force it, was driving her wild.

"Oh, God...oh...yes...I love that...deeper...come on...put
it in deeper....ahh, yeah...."  She was panting for air, like
a drowning victim going under for the third time.

He responded by taking her clit between his lips and
sucking hard, then pushing his middle finger up into her
drenched passage, using his other hand to slide around
back and fondle her ass.

Buffy's brain short circuited. Her hips began to jerk
forward of their own volition, and she held tighter to him,
forcing his face against her wetness, thankful that he didn't
need to breathe.

"Spike," she choked. "I'm....oh, yeah...I'm gonna come..I
can't....can't wait...I....ahhh....yeah...yeah...."

He broke away only long enough to say, "Do it!  Come in my

Reclaiming her with his tongue, he sucked harder than
ever as he pumped his finger in and out of her.

Buffy ground herself against his ravaging mouth, as the
wave smacked into her and threw her into a hard, jerking
climax, making her scream with the sheer, animal pleasure
of it.

Her breasts were heaving with her attempts to draw
air into her lungs.  He was licking up all the excess wetness
on her thighs, catching it before it trickled down her legs. When
she was cleaned to his satisfaction, he stood up slowly, drag-
ging his tongue up her body as he went.

It slid wetly up over her abdomen, briefly circled her navel,
then traced up her sternum and between her breasts. He
treated both her nipples to a hard lick, then continued up
to the base of her throat and sucked hard enough to leave a

"Oh, baby," he whispered. "That was so sweet. Love it when
you cream in my mouth that way."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and licked his
ear. "Your turn."

Spike grinned and shoved his pants down.

"He brings out the love, love, love
Deep inside her
He's the all-nighter..."

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