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Part three...
"Now when other stimulation
Lets you down, down, down

And there ain't no medication
Laying round, round, round.."

The light of the fire was painting their skin gold, and
shining in their  eyes as they moved together on the

Buffy rolled over until she had the top position locked
down. Straddling Spike's lean hips, she smiled into his
eyes and shook out her hair until it cascaded around her
face in a bright shower of color. She was still wearing the
shirt she'd put on after her bath, but not a stitch of anything

She had managed to get Spike's boots, socks and shirt
off, and was now tugging his jeans down his legs. When she
had the tough denim out of her way, she wrapped her warm
little hand around his rampant erection and gave it a firm

Instantly, he arched his back and grabbed hold of her hips.

"You like that?" she asked, licking her lips slowly and

"Hell, yeah!  I love it," he said, bouncing her a little on
his hips.

"Well, what else do you like?"

He gave her a wry look. "You know everything I like, luv."

Wriggling further down his legs, she smiled flirtatiously
as she pulled his jeans the rest of the way down.

She began to lower her head to take him into her mouth,
but stopped when she felt his hand on her hair.


She glanced up at him.

"Come here and kiss me first,"

Sighing deeply, she moved to do what he asked.

She should have known it before.  As sexy and lustfully
crazed as he could be sometimes, Spike was also big
on the romance angle. He liked everything about physical
love, and he especially enjoyed kissing, both the tender,
sweet kind and the wet and wild kind.

"Sorry, baby," she murmured as she nuzzled his
cheek. "What was I thinking?"

Moistening her lips, she pressed them against his,
edging her tongue out gently.  His own lips parted in-
stantly, allowing her to probe inside his mouth. He tasted
like chocolate and peppermint, his favorite kinds of

Spike tightened his fingers around her waist, holding her
in position for several long and lingering kisses. When he
finally allowed her to pull away, he smiled and closed his
eyes. "Much better."

Buffy resumed her journey south. She dallied along the
way, dropping teasing kisses on his chest, then down
to the hard muscle layered on his abdomen. Tickling
his navel with the point of her tongue, she coaxed a laugh
out of him.

But the laughter dried up the minute her tongue descended
down into the light brown curls surrounding his hard on.  She
rubbed her cheek against the silky skin, then placed a soft
kiss on the very tip.

His hips jerked. "Oh...fucking hell," he muttered, squeezing
his eyes shut.

Buffy waited, drawing out the anticipation.

"Come on, baby," he begged. "Don't stop."

She extended her tongue and drew it up the long
vein on the bottom of his cock. When she reached the head,
she swiped her tongue over it, picking up the drop of semen
leaking from it.

"Yeah, babe," he rasped. "That's my girl. Now...take it in
your mouth...ohh...yes....suck hard...I like it when you suck

Obediently, she opened her mouth and allowed him to slide
his cock in. He stayed shallow at first, giving her time to
relax her throat and take him a little deeper.

He muttered a constant string of sexual profanities as she
slid her mouth up and down, swirling her tongue around the
head before releasing it, then nipping gently with her teeth,
which really made him howl.

"Buffy....Buffy....fuck, yes....right there...right beneath the
ridge...use your little tongue, kitten...mmmm, and wet..."  

Opening his eyes, he propped himself on his elbows so
he could watch her.  The visual was nearly as stimulating
as the physical.

The last time she had done this for him, he had apologized
for every time he'd ever struck her in the mouth when they
had fought. He'd further informed her that he remembered
the first time he knew how badly he wanted to kiss her. It
had been during one of their fights, when he had managed to
land a blow that cut her lip.  His eyes had zeroed in on the
drop of blood welling from the cut, and it had been all he could
do to keep from grabbing her and licking it off, then kissing her

Now, he reached down with one hand and brushed her hair
away from her face so it wouldn't obscure his view.

Her moist lips moved up and down his straining dick, coating
it with the wetness from her mouth, making it shiny. Every
so often, she would remove him from her mouth and pump
him with her hand,  then lean closer and start licking him
like a piece of hard candy.

Between watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth,
feeling the exquisite sensation of it's warmth and tightness,
and hearing the wet sucking sounds it made, he was ready
to go in record time.

"Buffy....honey...I'm gonna come...real soon," he choked
out. He always warned her ahead of time, letting her choose
her own course of action.

She tightened her grip at the base of his penis, and slid
her other hand up his chest, flicking his flat copper nipples
with her finger.  It was a signal, and he acted accordingly.

Pumping his hips up and down, he dropped back to the
floor and fisted his hands in her hair. He held her in place
and delivered three more rapid thrusts, then clutched her as
his cock began to spew it's load into her sweetly sucking

Buffy dealt with it, then began licking him gently as he
came back down from whatever cloud she'd just sent him
to, cleaning him like a kitten with her little pink tongue.

When she raised her head and gave him a questioning
look, he grinned idiotically and said, "More than one way
to slay a vampire, right luv?"

"You feel your little heart
Begin to pound and pound

He's the satisfier
Of that one desire.."

"You all right?"

"Mm-hmm....are you?"

Buffy moved up next to him.  Stretching out on her
side, she propped her head on her hand.

Spike reached up and stroked her hair, watching the
way the firelight danced in it. "Have I ever told you how
much I like your hair?"

"Nope," she said. "But you did tell me it was stupid once."

He made a face as he threaded his fingers through her
honey colored locks. "I was stupid for saying that. 'Cause
your hair is beautiful. It's soft and it's a pretty color...and
it always smells so damn good."

She grinned, pleased as any woman would be at such
words. "Thank silver tongued vampire."

Spike continued to play with her hair. "You wouldn't be-
lieve some of the fantasies I've had about this hair."

"Like what?" she asked, leaning into his touch.

"Like feeling it drag over my skin, wrapped around my
cock," he replied, giving her hair a gentle tug. "Or..."

"Tell me," she insisted, feeling that familiar twinge be-
tween her legs.

Instead of answering, he stood up and pulled her along
with him. Moving her across the room, he sat down on
the couch and turned her so that she was facing away,
then arranged her on his lap.

He was flagrantly hard again, a benefit of vampire physio-
logy that never failed to amaze her. She could feel his
cock rubbing against her bottom, then he lifted her a
little and slid her down onto it, pushing it in as deep as
he could.

"Lean back," he instructed.

Buffy did what he wanted, trapping her hair between
her back and his chest.

He rubbed himself against the soft fall of hair as he
lifted her up and down, thrusting slowly up into her.

"Mmm...nice," she murmured, enjoying the slow, un-
hurried pace of his strokes.

"I knew you'd like it," he replied, gently bouncing her
in his lap.

Buffy more than liked it. This was a new position for
them, which made it doubly arousing.

Since his hands were busy, she sent her own hand
down and began to play with her clit. She rubbed it
gently at first, then a little harder.

He could see what she was doing, and his lust ratcheted
up several degrees.  "Good girl," he encouraged her. "Keep
doing that...rub it harder..."

She did, and it released a fresh flow of wetness that
coated his dick as it withdrew, and slid back in.

When he heard her breathing become ragged, he began
whispering in her ear. "That feels good, doesn't it? You
like playing with yourself while I fuck you...I can're
all wet and slippery...juicy...tight little pussy, s'what you've likes my cock in there...yeah....tighter...make it

Moaning loudly, Buffy clamped down on his dick, grind-
ing her ass into his crotch.

"Use...your other hand, too," he pleaded. "Play with your
tits...squeeze 'em....that's it...get your fingers wet...pretend
it's my tongue."

Instead of wetting them in her own mouth, Buffy slipped
her fingers into his.  Spike sucked them eagerly, pumping
his hips a little faster.

She pulled herself free with a wet sucking sound, then
rubbed her nipples with her finger and thumb, spreading his
saliva on it.

Pushing every other thought from his mind, Spike began
hammering into her hard and fast. "
baby....come it....come with me!  Now....oh, fucking
bloody hell, do it!!!!...."

Digging his fingers into her hips, he exploded inside of her,
drenching her womb as he ejaculated.  

The same moment that the pleasure sky-rocketed through
him, he moved one hand and placed it over the one she was
rubbing herself with, making her come hard and fast.

When she was able to form a coherent thought, she
marveled all over again at the intensity of her orgasm.

No other man in the entire world could make her feel
the way she did now, she was dead certain about that.

"He's the real thing
The pure delighter
He's the all-nighter.."

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