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Chapter 26


“Well, put it this way, if they made a CD, would you buy it?” Spike asked.

Xander thought for a minute, then nodded.  “Yeah…yeah, I probably would, as long as they did some original stuff, and not just all cover-versions.”


“That’s what I thought. Okay, put Roman Holiday in the 'yes' pile.”


Xander did as he was told, and put the slip of paper with the groups name on it in the pile marked ‘YES’.


“Okay, who’s next…group called Nimrod…four piece band, girl lead singer…” They listened to the opening few bars of the song up until the chorus, and knew they’d heard enough. Spike stopped the tape.  “She’s okay. Could do with some singing lessons to strengthen her voice, but the group are crap. The bass is too strong, the drummer miss-times and the lead has a flat string – so, no...what do you say?”


“I agree, no. So I’ll put them in there…” Xander put the groups name on top of the bigger ‘NO’ pile.


“How many more have we got to do?” Spike asked, and Xander counted the tapes.




“Right, that should just leave me enough time to nip home and have a bath, then get back here to meet Buffy and take her home. Who’s next?”


“Here, try this one. I remember these, I liked the song they did.”


“Who are they?”


“Band called 'Mellow'.”



At four thirty, Spike left the studios for home. Buffy was due back at six, as long as all was well with the traffic.


Spike had had a busy day. In the morning, he’d gone over to the legal department and then to Midnight Music. He'd been shocked to see Quentin Travers looking dreadful. He'd looked so ill, his skin pallor grayish, and looking a lot older than his years.


“I shall let her go without a fight, Mr Carling-Blake. Jesse Simone has been with me for years, and I know she is no longer happy here. As you can probably see for yourself, I’m not a well man. I do not need the stress in my life, and..."  


There was a knock at the door, and a woman wheeled in a trolley. “Coffee as requested, and here is Miss Simone’s contract.”


“This is my daughter, Lydia. Lydia, this is Mr Carling-Blake, the only honorable man at Aphrodite records.”


Spike smiled and shook her hand.  “Well, I would say there are a few of us honorable ones there, and call me Spike.”


“I do not like Cornelius Sweetly’s motives or methods, never have, never will. Can I ask you a favor, Spike?” Travers asked.


Spike put down his coffee cup, sat back and said,  “Sure – ask away.”


“Please do not tell him I’m ill. I begrudge even the slightest of pleasures to that man, and for him to know that I’ shall we put it...not in the rudest of health would give him endless glee.”


“Oh, steady on...I don’t think that-"


“Neither do I think that, Spike. I know. You don’t know the full story, our history of bad blood, do you?”


“I only know that you two seem to have had rival stables for all these years.”


“It goes way beyond artistes and hits, Spike. When I was nineteen, I was engaged to be married to a beautiful girl. We were inseparable, a whirlwind courtship, and after just one week together we got engaged. Four months later, six days before we were due to get married, I...” Travers faltered, and coughed. Immediately, Lydia went around and put an arm around her father’s shoulders to comfort him.


“We were in St Moritz, skiing, me and my fiancÚ, Mimi. We were with a group of friends, including Cornelius Sweetly and his then girlfriend, the singer Clio, film star Michel Bolivar, the racing driver, Gustav Schmidt, and his skiing champion brother, Otto. There had always been friendly rivalry between me and Otto, and we had a bet about skiing down a black-run. So, we left the party, to go and ski.  While we were on the black-run there was an avalanche on the other piste, where our party was waiting for us, and everybody was killed, except Cornelius. Michel was pulled out alive, but he died later in hospital. Sweet always blamed me. Said if it hadn’t been for my stupid wager, then…” Travers heaved a sigh, then continued,  “Mimi, well, she wasn’t ONLY my fiancÚ. She…she was Sweet’s sister, and he’s never forgiven me. He said that if Otto Schmidt had been with them when the avalanche struck, then there was every chance that they’d all have been saved. Otto always wore a locater, you see. It wasn’t compulsory in those days like it is now, and being a professional, he always wore one…”


Spike had often wondered why there was such an intense dislike of Quentin Travers by Sweet, but he never dreamed of anything like what Travers had just told him.


“So, you see, just let him ‘point score’ off me, if he wants to think that I caved in over Miss Simone. I’m past caring. Just pay me off for the rest of her contract, and I can semi-retire to my yacht in the South of France.”


Spike nodded, wrote a cheque and handed it to Travers, for  $100,000 more than he'd asked for. He winked and said,  “You drive a hard bargain, Mr Travers.”

Travers looked up, quite shocked, and then he smiled and handed over Jesse Simone’s contract.

“Okay, Sweet lost a sister, but she was your sweetheart, too. Think of it as a little compensation for all the times he’s twisted you in the past.”


“You’ll go far, young man.” Travers shook hands with Spike, and it was only then that Spike noticed that he was in a wheelchair, as Lydia took off the handbrake and wheeled her father through the door.


Spike had been authorized by Sweet to go up to $50.000 above the contract price, and although he’d given Travers double that, he knew he was still getting a bargain. Jesse Simone had a HUGE following – she would more than pay her way at Aphrodite, with just one single.


Spike pulled up on the parking lot of Aphrodite records, and got out of his car. He’d debated whether to phone Sweet at home first, or to just leave the contract in his office.


He chose the second option, and checked the time, 6.10pm. Buffy would be here any minute, with any luck. The office part of the building was practically empty, only a couple of lights burned. Downstairs, he knew there would be bands hard at it recording into the night.


One office light that was burning, was Glory’s. She was hatching her wicked plan to totally embarrass and ruin Buffy on live TV. 


She had to work quickly now, as she knew that the unlimited access she’d had to Cordelia’s computer while she’d been away on holiday would be at an end after tonight and she wanted to ‘book’ Buffy onto her new show without negotiation or consultation from Spike or anybody else. She had Buffy’s diary schedule open, and she booked the evening for 'Glory’s Amongst Friends’, her new show


The information from Willy on Buffy’s father had been good, and she’d left Hank Summers a message to contact her, with the promise of luxury hotel accommodation and a guaranteed meeting with his daughter. But, in the meantime, if he did speak to Buffy, Glory asked him to say nothing and keep it as a surprise.


Now Buffy was booked and scheduled for the show. They couldn’t alter it, not for a live show, it would be too expensive. That’s what Glory would privately tell Sweet anyway. She had ‘surprise’ guests flown in especially, and the cost of the flights and hotels - and he’d back her up. He might be a very rich man, but he hated waste – so Buffy would have to do as she was told and just go along with it, if Sweet said to.



As he trotted down the stairs from leaving the contract in Sweet’s office, Spike caught sight of Clem pulling into the parking lot. He smiled and raced on down the stairs, exiting by the double-doors, and striding over the lot to where they were parked. Buffy was out of the car and in Spike’s arms in a trice, kissing him passionately. "God, I missed you."

Clem grinned as he began to haul the luggage out of the trunk of his car and onto the ground.


Spike smiled and held her close.  “Missed you, too, Kitten. Oh, it’s SO good to have you back!” They kissed again, and then Spike said,   “Come on then, Kitten, lets get this stuff transferred into my car, get you home, and then Clem can get off home too.”


As Buffy had been shopping while she was there, there was more luggage than she'd went with, but with a squeeze, they managed to fit it all into Spike’s sports car.


“Is Willow in?” Spike asked.


“Not usually on a Friday night, Oz and his band have a regular set at the students union bar in Merrydale – we should have the place completely to ourselves!” Buffy gave him a wicked grin and leant her head on his arm. Spike pulled up outside her house, and they quickly went inside.





“Pookie…pizza’s here! Can you pay him, the money’s on the side,” Harmony called down to Xander.


“’Kay.” He opened the door as the delivery guy was just walking up the path. Xander paid him $20 for the $17 meal, and told him to keep the change.


Harmony came downstairs with a towel wrapped turban style around her head.


“Do you want a plate?” Xander asked her, poised in the kitchen doorway.


“Nah, tastes better out of the box. So, come on, you were going to tell me what Spike said.”


Xander came and sat by Harmony on the sofa. She’d already opened the pizza box, and he opened two little cartons of dip for the crusts.  “Well, he got there and all that...have you ever been to Sweet’s house?”


Harmony was just taking a bite of pizza and shook her head no.


“Well, it’s all huge big columns and electrified security doors and anyway, Spike rings the bell, and the door opens automatically, then there’s the inner security door..."


“God, like trying to get into Fort Knox!  It’s not as if he’s president, is it?”


“No, but, well...he collects art don’t forget. Spike said in his entrance hall alone he has a Picasso, and a Matisse and two Toulouse-Lautrec’s! – So, where was I...oh, then over the intercom Lorne tells him to go to the lounge and so he does, and guess who’s in there?”


“Drusilla – oh my god, how – how, well that was awful! Do you think Sweet did that on purpose?” Harmony asked frowning and picking the pepperoni off her pizza.


Xander shrugged and said, “Don’t know. Probably. Spike said she looked thin – she sort of threw herself at him as soon as he got through the door, took him well by surprise.”


“Threw herself at him? Why?”


“In a hug – she was all over him like a rash. Spike said he just stepped back, kept his cool.”


“So he doesn’t feel anything for her anymore then?”


“No. He just wants her to keep well away from him.”


“Oh, god, what if...well what if she see’s him with Buffy at this party of Sweet’s?”


“What if she does? She’s got to realize that it’s well over. He’s moved on. You know yourself that the last eighteen months she was here last time, she and Spike weren’t really 'together' together, as in couple 'together'. She was mostly with Sweet and, what was her name? That other English girl…I forget now, anyway, then there was that roof business, d’you remember that?”


Harmony nodded.  “Oh god yeah! That was when I’d just released the ‘Sunshine Song’. I was coming to the studios, the next thing I know, the car’s stopped by the police before we’ve even got in the parking lot, and we’re told that there was a ‘situation.’ Remember that funny little security man here at the time…oh god, what was his name now…he used to think he looked like Clarke Gable.”


“Oh yeah, I remember him...oh,’ve got ME at it now um…Sean – Stewart - Steve?”


“Stan! That’s it! Stan-the-Man, we used to call him. It was him that told us somebody was threatening to jump off the roof…I remember his exact words; ’That bloody ‘Looney Tunes’ girlfriend of the gaffer’s is threatening to throw herself off the roof, silly cow!’ – That‘s what he said. I think he was annoyed because he couldn’t go home!  - So, do you reckon she’s all better now?”


“I hope so!”


“Hey, what if…no, s’okay.”  Harmony shook her head and resumed picking off the toppings on her pizza.


“Go on, what if what?”


“Well, what if she sees Spike with Buffy at Sweet’s party, and threatens to jump off the boat thing that it’s being held on?”


“Then I just hope that there’s a lifesaver ring or she’s a strong swimmer, that’s all, coz I’m not doing any heroics to save her, and neither will Spike. Anyway, pet, enough about her…wanna come to my place tomorrow night?”


Harmony looked big-eyed and she grinned.  “YOUR PLACE?  Oh, Pookie! Yes! I was beginning to think, well never mind!  Oh that’s brilliant!”


Xander grinned and said, “It’s nothing special, pet, but I think the smell of paint’s gone now, and well, it’s about time you saw it!”


“Oh, baby! You were worried about the smell of paint hurting my throat – aren’t you SO considerate, come here…"  Harmony put her pizza down and sat in his lap and began kissing him.


Xander was delighted!   He felt a bit of a fraud, but...well…Harmony was happy enough now…and...oh god...talking of ‘happy’..... 


 “There...all booked, ‘Little Miss Smart-Mouth’. All booked and ready to see if that smart mouth lets you down in front of a live audience!” Glory closed down Cordelia’s computer with a grin and stood up. The grin soon faded when she remembered whom she had to see at one o’clock in the morning, but there was somebody else she planned to see first, a dealer known only as ‘Candyman’.


It was quick, easy and simple to do a deal with the Candyman; you phoned him, placed your order...he only ever dealt with people he knew... so he’d know your car. You’d have the money already taped to the passenger door handle, and drive down the alleyway, with your window down, he’d whip the money off the handle and drop the drugs on the passenger seat and you could be off in a few seconds, gone!

Glory took out her mobile as she made her way down stairs out of the studio and walked to her car on the lot.  “’s Glory B…I want something a bit special…I want some know, Roofies?”


“The date-rape stuff?  Yeah, I can get it. One hour $50 each tab.”


“Get me two” She ended the call with a smile, she then made another call, to her old ‘dresser’ who worked with her when she'd done some modeling.  “Alphonse? It’s are you, you ‘Old Queen’?”


This was how they'd used to speak to each other; he’d call her ‘Bitch Queen’ or, ‘Oi you, scrubber’ or ‘The Cat’ and she'd call him a ‘puff’ or a ‘queer’. It was just their way, and they'd laughed about it, seeing the shock on other people’s faces at the total non political-correctness of it all.


“I’m having a party.”




“Tonight, my place?”


“ silly cow! Give a girl some notice to work out her outfit, why don’t you!” Alphonse groused.


“Just shut up, you queer and listen...there will only be you and me there at first...”


“What – oh, want a girlie chat, do you?”


“Not exactly, no. Now listen...fuck knows why, but then each to their own I suppose....remember that little barman, Willy, the one  you had the hots for, but he wasn’t bent like you, so you just had to go home and wank yourself stupid over him every night?”


“Oh god, DO I! I remember…oh don’t tell me, he’s finally ‘converted!”


Glory could hear Alphonse practically salivating.  “No, not exactly, but I think I’ve got something to persuade him to come round to your way of thinking …well, I will have, in an hour or so. Listen, be ready in an hour and a half, I’ll come pick you up, okay?”


“Ready willing and able – I’ve got one or two new ‘toys’ I want to try out! I knew I liked you really, you bitch!”


“Yeah well, love you too, fucking queer you are, see you later!” She was grinning when she ended the call.


 “Can I make you some tea or something pet?” Spike asked.


“Sod the tea, come here...I missed you.” Buffy cuddled Spike up.


Spike’s voice all deep and rumbly in her ear whispered, “Missed you, too – oh god, that’s so good baby!” Buffy felt her nipples go hard, and she ground her pelvis towards Spike’s, feeling him harden with desire.


She bit his neck and then his earlobe, whispering, “Want you SO much.”


She could tell Spike was smiling when he said, “What, right here? Right now? – what if Willow comes back early, don’t you think she’d be a little traumatized to catch us at it like a couple of randy bunnies on the kitchen counter?  Breakfast would never be the same again!”


Buffy smiled and rolled her eyes; well, he did have a point, she supposed. “Come on then, just leave every thing for now, I’ll sort it later” Buffy grabbed his hand and led him upstairs, where they shed their clothes on the way again, dropping most of them in a puddle in her bedroom doorway.


Spike kissed his way down her throat and roved between her breasts, kissing, teasing her nipples, making her gasp and writhe. She begged him,“Baby, please, need you now, so much!” Her hips rocked and Spike lay over her, taking his weight on his forearm and one knee, he lined himself up to her glistening pink sex, and began to push home. Buffy arched her back as he slid inside her, she couldn’t breathe properly. She felt his hot breath on her face and managed to open her rolling eyes and kiss him.


Spike knew that, good as she felt, and no matter how long he’d actually like to last, it wasn’t going to happen, not this time. Thrusting hard and deep she felt so tight and hot, squeezing him so deliciously, it just felt too good – and they’d both waited four days for this.


He upped the pace a little, and Buffy also knew he wouldn’t last long. He felt so big and hard, and  her thighs quivered as she slammed her hips up in time with his thrusts, sending him so deep....she was heading for the mother of all orgasms…


“Oh…god…Sp-Spike! Don’t…don’t stop, baby, don’t stop – oh yes, I’m, oh, hard as you like – oh, oh, ooohh, OOOOOHHHHH YYEEESSSSS!” 


Hips churning, Spike thrust up one last time as her tight inner walls clenched tight and milked him, and he joined her in total ecstasy, crying out his joy along with her, eventually collapsing on her for a few seconds.


They were both heaving for breath. Buffy smiled, eyes closed, she ran a hand back through her hair. “I really missed you baby!”


It was only then that they heard noises downstairs.


Spike moved off her carefully, and Buffy got up, scooped their clothes up from the doorway and threw them on to the bed. She put her head around the door and called out, “That you Willow………Willow?”




“Oh, it’s alright, just checking it was you!”


“I did shout, but I don’t think you heard me!” Willow replied.


Buffy could tell her friend was smiling as she said it, and she colored up. “Be down soon”




Buffy turned to look at Spike lying in bed. “You know, Kitten, I think it’s about time we started going to my place. No interruptions there!”


He sat up, and Buffy knelt and crawled up the bed towards him, and kissed him. Spike lay back down, bringing Buffy with him. The urgency of their first lovemaking had gone, but the want and need for each other was still very much there for the both of them.


Lying in Spike’s arms Buffy said,  “I need to unpack and do some washing!”


“What you need, pet, is to come back to my place with me now, so I can make sweet love to you all night!” Spike said, kissing her forehead.

Buffy grinned and whispered, “Well putting it like that, what are we lying here for then? Come on, lets go!”



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