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Chapter 27


“Just don’t come out until I fetch you, okay?” Glory shut the bedroom door, and went and opened her front door, to be greeted by an over-powering smell of cheap aftershave, trying to out-do the smell of sour beer and cigarette smoke and the weasely little Willy himself.


Willy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. She was wearing a long silk negligee, with matching peignoir, in midnight blue, showing off rather a lot of cleavage.


“Come in…” she left him at the door and walked on ahead. Willy was still reeling. He’d phoned earlier to make sure she wasn’t going to twist him and be out, and now, here he was, humble little barman Willy, in Glory Benson’s house!



“Oi, hello, I said, drink?” She held up a bottle


“Hmm, what – oh um, oh no, no thanks, don’t want to……… you know” Willy had just righted his head from checking out her ass and sexy swaying hips.


Glory frowned and turned to her cocktail cabinet. There was a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket all ready by the couch, but she needed a strong drink and poured herself a large brandy.


“No, I don’t know, tell me” Turning to face him, she sipped the dark liquid.


“Well…spoil my –p-per-performance” Willy said. Glory closed her eyes and shuddered.


“Do you have to - um, we can have some champers then later – come and sit down!”

She HAD to get him to drink something to administer the drug. Glory draped herself on the couch, She leant forward and found herself eye level with his groin, as he hadn’t sat down yet, she went wide-eyed and nearly gagged, he was already hard, and there was a tiny circle of wet at the tip that had seeped out onto his pants. She quickly took a cigarette out of a carved wooden box, and offered Willy one, without looking up at him. She knew he could see down her cleavage from where he was standing; and if she looked up and he was drooling, he’d be out the door, she just couldn’t stand it.


“Marlboro, before you ask” Willy declined and she lit one with an onyx table lighter and sat back, giving him a great view of her bust.


“You’ve got lovely tits, Glory! Well! Who’d believe this then eh? Old Willy, here in – ahh!”


“Breathe a word of this, and I’ll kill you myself!” Glory had grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and then pushed him back letting him go. She took a drag of the cigarette, tipped her head back and exhaled the smoke, then with a smile she said,


“Although, who’d believe you if you DID boast…boast away little man, everyone will think you’re lying!” Sparks flew off the end of the cigarette as she laughed.


“You better be nice to me! And you’ll see, you’ll be screaming my name before the nights out!” Willy said indignantly. Glory smiled and gathered all her courage together; enough to shift and sit close to him and rest her hand on his shoulder. She had intended to run her fingers through his hair, but the lord alone knew what was on it, it looked, well greasy to say the least…


“Look, lets just be nice to each other, hmm? Put it down to nerves, getting off on the wrong foot.” Glory said.

 Willy was shaking, and sitting up the way he was, was totally strangulating his cock, and he needed to move quickly.


He pulled Glory towards him and tried to kiss her, but she managed to turn her head slightly at the last second, so he kissed her ear.


“You smell lovely! Come on then, give us a kiss!” Glory pulled away, and Willy frowned, he was just about to get annoyed when Glory stood, picked up the ice bucket with the champagne and said to him,


“Bring those two glasses, and follow me, we might as well be comfortable from the ‘off’ ” Willy’s frown turned to a grin, and he did as she said, trotting after her. She switched on the bedside lamps, and there was some soft music playing.

Willy put the glasses down, kicked off his shoes and began to undo his shirt.


“Hey, hold on…give a girl something to do, why don’t you!” Glory quickly stopped him undoing his shirt, and tried to look sexily at him. – The LAST thing she wanted to see was Willy half naked.


“Wha-what? – Oh! Oh you mean YOU want to take it off me, right!” Willy grinned and sat on the bed. He wasn’t used to all this seduction, every time Willy had been with a woman before, it had been strictly no kissing, and getting himself undressed…with cash up front!


Glory poured out two glasses of champagne, slipping the Rohypnol into one of the glasses of the bubbling amber liquid. It fizzed a little, and then dispersed.


“One glass won’t hurt you, it’ll help you to relax a little…I can tell you are tense!” She knelt on the bed and grabbed Willy by the shoulders from behind, massaging them. She was biting her lip, reminding herself this was as far as it was going to go with her…


“Ooooohhhhh god…that’s SO good!” Willy groaned, and Glory grimaced as she continued. She grabbed her glass of champagne and downed it, and then with sugary tones, she bent her head close to his, holding the doctored glass of drink out to him, and said in a low voice,


“Here you go, baby…enjoy…” Willy grabbed the glass and downed it in one.

“My, my – and I thought you didn’t want a drink!” She hoped she sounded suitably impressed.


“Come here you, no more delaying tactics!” Willy grabbed her roughly by the arms.


“Ow, hey, no rough stuff…well, at least, not until I’m FULLY aroused that is!”

Willy grinned – So, there was a chance he’d get to well, get his own back a little, huh…give her ass a slap, just to let her know, he was the boss like, you know…


Glory ‘fixed’ Willy with a sexy through-the-lashes look, running her tongue along her top lip. She stood and slowly let the peignoir slip from her shoulders and pool at her feet. Willy sat there, transfixed, his eyelids began to flutter, and his eyes roll. Glory gently pushed him back on the bed.


“That’s it…you relax now…relax and we’ll have some fun…there…there you go”


Willy fought to keep his eyes open; he scrabbled for the zip on his fly, Glory’s voice washed over him like a warm echoing wind, it seemed to be getting further away, then he made a concerted effort to wake up, and got an eyeful of her breasts as she leant over him. He tried to lift his hand to them, and then – oblivion. Glory quickly sat back on her haunches and looked at the hapless little weasel.


“Willy…Willy…” She slapped his face for good measure, but he was out cold. She got up off the bed, and went to her wardrobe and took out her video camera and tripod, set it up. She slipped her peignoir back on then went to her bedroom and opened the door.

“Come on then Alphonse, he’s all ready


The gay guy threw aside the magazine he’d been reading with a grin, and bounded out of the room, bringing his ‘bag of delights’ with him.


“He’s all yours…I’ve set the camera, remember to wear the eye mask if you don’t want to be recognised – and that’s it – no holds or holes barred! She laughed at her own joke as she shut the door on the pair of them. Now she was going to have a long hot soak to wash away the memory of that little creep and his wandering eyes…


Leaning forward to have another hot top-up, Glory could just about hear the animalistic noises coming from her spare bedroom. She smiled and turned up the music and picked up her glass of champagne, popped a chocolate into her mouth and relaxed back, letting the hot bubbly bath-water wash over her. The candles flickered in the steam, and Glory closed her eyes. Nobody got the better of Glory Benson. Nobody………




Buffy squirted some perfume on her pulse points and looking into the mirror, checked her hair and lipstick.


She saw the headlights flash around her bedroom wall, and the heard the deep purr of the car’s engine as it pulled up on the driveway. She grabbed her purse and little lacy shawl and ran downstairs.


Willow had just stood up to let Spike in.


“Don’t wait up, coz there’s a chance I won’t be home – bye!” Buffy opened the door and beamed at her lover.


“Enjoy yourselves, be good!” Willow said


Spike stuck his head around the door and winked at Willow and said,



“Be good? – How boring is that – see you, red!” Willow laughed and came to the front door to wave them off.




“Are we going to the Four Seasons? – Only I thought you hadn’t even booked it the other day when I mentioned it”


“We sure are my love, and I hadn’t booked it when we spoke about it, I phoned straight after. I’m on a special list”


“Wow…colour me impressed! – Um, will there be things to eat that I’ll know…coz really I’m a simple girl at heart. Hamburgers, Southern Fried, pizza…” Buffy felt a little apprehensive about the place now.


“Well, I can’t promise you a Southern Fried hamburger pizza, pet, but if there’s nothing on the menu that tickles your fancy, they’ll always do you just a steak and salad if that’s all you want”


Buffy brightened at this, and said,


“Oh good, it’s not I’m not adventurous, but things like pigeon, offal, game, and tongue – yuk!” she shuddered at the mere thought of it!


“You DO like tongue…loved it, I thought!” Spike said, giving her a sexy grin.


Buffy screwed up her face and began,


“EW! I couldn’t possibly eat somethi-oh - OH!” when she suddenly realised his ‘naughty’ meaning, she blushed and bit her bottom lip. Spike winked at her and she couldn’t help but smile.


“Fancy a cocktail first, we can go upstairs into the winds bar first if you like, do  a little star spotting” Spike suggested as he pulled onto the restaurant’s private parking area.


“Could we? – I read somewhere that it’s a favourite haunt of such stars as Johnny Bepp, and Jake Nicholson”


“It has been know for them to frequent the place, yeah!” Spike got out and ran around to the passenger door, ever the gentleman and opened it for her helping her out.


“Thankyou! Ooh, it’s a little chilly, come on, let’s hurry inside!” Buffy pulled the almost useless for warmth wrap around her and they quickly went inside the foyer.


“Carling-Blake, we have a reservation for 9pm, were going up to the Winds, first, is that okay?”


“Certainly sir, would you like to take menu’s up with you?”


Spike accepted the two menus and they walked upstairs to the cocktail bar.


“So babe…what do you fancy then, eh?”


Buffy smiled and glanced up from the menu.


“Besides you? Um, actually, the Chicken thing sounds nice” Spike grinned at her


“Which one, there’s two”


“Is there? – The Hunter’s style one, in white wine with wild mushrooms, smoked bacon and fresh herbs – what’s the other one – I can’t-“


“Poulet Cordon Bleu, that’s a chicken breast fillet filled with ham and cheese, except it isn’t any of your run-of-the-mill ham and cheese, it’s special Parma ham and Roquefort cheese”


“Ooh…sounds lovely…no, I’ll stick to the Hunter’s one. What are you having?”


“Me, the pigeon casserole, so you can taste it”


“Ugh, no thanks! Buffy shuddered and sipped her drink.


“I’m just joking pet…are you having a starter?” Spike asked


“Well, I know it sounds greedy, well it IS a bit greedy, but I like the sound of the four giant prawns, grilled with lime, cilantro and chilli”


“I was looking at that…it’s a toss up between those or the crab-claws…no, prawns it is, and for you?” Buffy nodded


“And then the Hunter’s chicken, I’m going to have………the steak Diane, that’s fillet steak, beaten and then flambéd in brandy, cooked with onions and tomatoes, served in a deep red wine and mushroom sauce”


Spike ordered for them both, choosing crushed Jersey Royal potatoes and a selection of fresh vegetables to go with their main courses. The one thing he liked about Buffy was, she loved her food, he couldn’t have stood it if she’d been an ‘I’ll just have a green salad no dressing’ type girl.




Glory stirred at the noise, and she raised her head off the pillow. It was her book falling off the bed that had woken her.


The lamp was still on in her room, and all seemed quiet next door. She got up, slipping on her peignoir and silently went to the spare room, where she listened at the door for a few seconds, but heard nothing except the sound of regular breathing. Slowly she twisted the doorknob and opened the door. She could see the tiny red light on the video camera, blinking. That was a warning to tell you that the film was about to run out.


Silently she crept into the room, and switched off the camera, and put it, and the tripod back quietly in the cupboard. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could see Willy lying on his stomach, and Alphonse lying fast asleep next to him. She went over and touched Alphonse’s shoulder.


“Hmm, huh, wha-what”




“Oh! Oh…right, oh don’t worry about him, he’s out cold, he’ll sleep like a baby until morning!” Alphonse whispered. Glory grimaced. This was the part she hadn’t planned, apart from Alphonse leaving, she didn’t want Willy to know, YET…


“You better go”


“Well thankyou!”


“Al, look, shh – don’t for fuck sake wake him!” Glory hissed. Alphonse swung his legs out of bed and groped for his clothes off the bedside chair, and pulled on his pants, he stood, hoisted them up fully and Glory heard the zip being done up.


“I’d be annoyed at having to leave, if I hadn’t had myself such a FANTASTIC time!”


“Well don’t tell me, you pervert…oh fucking hell…look at the state of those sheets!” Glory knew, even though they were ‘guest-room’ sheets, she’d HAVE to throw them out…


“Can I have them, you know souvenir?”


Glory made an ‘ugh’ face and said,


“You dirty little bas – Ew, do what you like, I’m not touching them!” she shuddered, Alphonse grinned.


“So what happens now then, are you going to lie next to laughing boy here, and pretend that you two have been at it like bunnies all night?” Alphonse pulled on his tee shirt and tucked it in his pants, and then did up his belt.


“One, there is no way on this earth I’m lying next to him, he’s naked for fuck’s sake, and two, I REALLY don’t want to know what those various stains are!” She shuddered again.


“What can I tell you, he was definitely a ‘virgin’!”


“Shut up you horrible little queer!” Glory face screwed up in disgust as she walked out of the bedroom, with Alphonse following her, bringing his little bag of sex toys with him. They could speak in a normal volume now, although they still kept their voices down.


“Um, any idea what happens now?” Glory asked frowning


“What do you mean, will he remember anything? – yes, he will, EVENTUALLY. It’ll come back to him in flashbacks”


“Did you…”


“Did I what, dearie? Roger him senseless – yes I-“


“Shut up! Did you, well talk to him?”


“Course I did, you stupid bitch! I was whispering all the things I was going to do to him when I-“


“Oh – shut up, shut up, I don’t want to know what you did! He’ll remember that! It’s just that well, how am I going to…oh fuck………he’s going to wake with one god almighty pain in his ass – how am I going to pass it off for the moment?”


“Well, say you did him with one of your dildoes! Fairs fair, he fucked you in the ass, you did-“


“I AM NOT – “ Glory quickly glanced at the spare-room door, and grabbed Alphonse by the elbow and steered him further down into the hallway. She lowered her voice and hissed


“I am not, not for one second letting HIM think he fucked me in the ass, ok? It’s bad enough him thinking he fucked me the conventional way – ugh, makes my flesh creep”


“Well, that I can’t help you with ducks…so, I better be off, I’ve got to get some beauty sleep” Alphonse picked up his jacket and draped it over one shoulder, he turned and faced her, watched as she lit a cigarette.


“Keep in touch, Bitch, and if you want me to do a rematch, you know where to find me! Bye-ee!” Glory let him see himself out and went and poured herself a drink. It was 4.35am. She sat on the sofa, pulling her legs beneath her.





“Cheese and crackers?”


“God, I couldn’t eat another morsel…”


“Coffee then?”


“Okay – that’s if you’re having one”


“We could…go back to mine and have one, if you’d like, that is?” Spike suggested. Buffy grinned, nodded eagerly and drained the last of her wine. Spike finished his water and they both stood.


As if by magic, a waitress bought her wrap and Spike’s jacket over to them.


“Ready, come on then” Spike held out his arm towards the door.


“Oh, don’t you have to pay or-“


“They’ll send me the bill pet – told you, I’m on the special list.”


“Oh right –oh look, isn’t that Anya over?”


“Hmm? Where pet – oh yes…and the guy with her, well that’s Rupert Giles, he’s the owner, and used to sing with-“


“The Rocketeers, I know, they were one of my dad’s favourite bands…”


“William! So good to see you old chap!” Giles beamed and shook Spike warmly by the hand.


“You too Rupert – so, how are things?”


“Fine – hope to be getting another award soon, fingers crossed – so this is Buffy!”


This surprised Buffy, and she smiled as she shook his hand


“Wow, I’m impressed – you know me already!” Buffy said, and she seemed a little awe-struck as Spike formally introduced them.


“Actually, that would be Anya that told me…but it’s very nice to meet you!”


Buffy looked beyond Rupert Giles’ shoulder and gave Anya, who was sitting at the bar drinking a glass of wine, a little wave. Anya smiled and gave a sort of upward nod. Giles and Spike were talking, and then Spike excused them, saying it was getting late.


Twenty minutes later, Spike pulled up on the driveway of his house.




“You didn’t say anything – that you knew what she said about you?” Giles asked, re-filling Anya’s glass with the cold Riesling.


“No, I promised you, didn’t I? I couldn’t believe her cheek! She was all, (Anya mimicked Jenny) ‘Hi, how are you- god it’s cold here – you’ll never guess who’s on the judging panel for the Book Award’…I was tempted to be really sarcastic – and say something like, ‘ Let me guess, Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler and Elvis!” Anya gulped her wine, and Giles smiled, shaking his head gently.


“What?” Anya asked smiling


“You…why is it that I can never think of anything witty to say when I need to – but you – bang – quick witty retort – quite the Dorothy Parker you are! So tell me, who IS on the judging panel?”


“Oh, she was wittering on…um I forget who she said. I think I only recognised two of the names…the rest were foreign…um, the chefs are going home, look”


Giles turned his head and called out,


“Goodnight Francois, goodnight Gustav”


Both chefs called out goodnight, and the waitress locked the door behind them.


“Many in upstairs in the Winds bar now Molly?”


“About half a dozen, sir”


“Okay then, you can tell the waiting staff they can go, goodnight”


“Thankyou sir, goodnight”


Anya drained her wineglass, and stood up.


“I must be going too” Giles frowned


“Must you? I thought a nightcap back at my place, you could stay and – “


“Uh, uh! I know what will happen if I come back to your place!”


“And?” Giles pulled her close, smiling. Anya smiled too and leaned out of his embrace.


“Too much of a good thing…” She was distracted by Giles kissing her neck, she shivered with delight, smiling.


“Ah, but practice makes perfect!” Giles countermanded, before kissing her with passion.


Eventually coming up for air, she caught a breath and said,


“You’ll get sick of me, and – hmm…mmm”


“Never…go on, you KNOW were SO good together…” Anya could feel her resolve to go home melting faster than a snowflake on a hotplate…




“Yes, you mean you’ll come?”


“I hope so!” They both giggled, and she perched back on the stool again. Giles drained his glass and said,


“I’ll just go shift the late-stayers upstairs and put the nights takings in the safe”





Willy’s eyes flickered open as a shaft of sunlight through a gap in the drapes hit him square between the eyes.


He had a bad taste in his mouth, which also felt dry, he had a headache, and as he turned over onto his side, FUCKING JESUS CHRIST! What the fuck had happened to his ass? It felt like he’d sat on a pineapple, or rather had one inserted into his ass, and was still there. He swiftly turned his head to look for Glory, but he was alone.


Lying on his back, he rubbed his eyes…what the hell had happened last night, why couldn’t he remember? He didn’t have a drink last night, not even his ‘staff drink’ at work, because he wanted to keep a clear head…he reached down and felt his cock. He normally woke with a hard-on… It felt very tender too – what the fuck had she done to him last night, and why couldn’t he remember?


He moved to get up out of bed, and every movement hurt, his ass felt on fire…he staggered to his feet, and went over to one of the doorways, and opened it up, but it was a closet. He went to the next door that opened into the hallway. He limped down the hallway and into the lounge, to see Glory sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee, smoking and reading a newspaper. She was fully dressed.


“What the FUCK happened last night, and why can’t I remember anything?” Willy croaked.


Grinning, Glory lowered the newspaper, and was just about to be sarcastic, when she saw he was stark naked, and she quickly hid behind the newspaper and shouted angrily,


“Oh, for god’s sake, put some clothes on, you horrible little weasel!” Willy practically limped over to her and snatched the newspaper out of her hands.


“I asked you a question, and I want some answers, I said, what the fuck happened last – Holy – Jesus, just look at my wrists!” Wide eyed with shock, Willy held out both arms and saw the state of his wrists for the first time…turning his hands this way and that, they were covered in what could only be described as rope burns…


Glory had her head firmly turned away from him, so she didn’t have to look at him naked.


“Go and get dressed!”


“Glory, we’ve been shagging all night, now is NOT the time to go all modest on me, anyway, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before!”


“And I NEVER want to see it again – just, GO AND PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON!”


“What the hell’s up with my ass…my head…I didn’t even have a drink - ” while he was talking, he spotted the champagne bottle leaning upside down in the ice bucket. He was desperately trying to think… Glory marched over to the bookcase and picked up a heavy glass ashtray off the top, and said,


“If you don’t go and get dressed, NOW, I’ll come over there, knock you out with this, and then I’m calling the police and telling them you broke in here and tried to-“


“Okay, okay, Geez! Ow…ow…ow…I fucking feel like I’ve been steamrollered…” Willy limped off back down the hallway muttering to himself.


Glory replaced the ashtray and went over and lit another cigarette, she paced up and down until Willy limped back, wearing his pants, doing up his shirt.


“So, I hope we had a good time last night for me to feel this fucking bad now…”




“Well, did we?”


“Christ Willy, what the fuck do you want? – Eh? Marks out of bleeding ten?”


“Would be nice…all I want to know is, if there’s any chance of a re-match, and – put that down! Glory – okay, I‘m sorry, I’ll never mention…” Willy ducked down the hallway with Glory gaining on him fast, wielding the glass ashtray again.


“Get everything that belongs to you, and get the fuck out of my apartment – I’ll give you thirty seconds!”


Willy thought that he didn’t want the ashtray wrapped around his ear to add to his aches and pains, so he dashed back into the bedroom, and sat on the bed and searched for his socks and shoes.


“Hurry up!” Glory threatened, pacing back and forth menacingly outside the bedroom door.


Willy stood gingerly wincing in pain, and looked for his jacket, but he couldn’t see it.


He opened the door, to have his jacket thrown at him.


“Here, now GET OUT!”


Willy snatched the jacket from his face and glared at her, and began to say,


“If I find out that you’ve-“ Glory grabbed his elbow, dragged him down the hall and opened the front door, and shoved him out, slamming it behind him. She leant with her back against it eyes closed; she heaved a sigh of relief.


Outside in the hallway, Willy thought twice about shouting something through the letterbox, and turned to go home.


More please...