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Part Four...

Somewhere in the Night


Time, you found time enough to love
And I found love enough to hold you
So tonight, I'll stir the fire you feel inside
Until the flames of love enfold you


"This is a nice car."

"You like it, angelface?"

"Yeah. It's very...very big," Buffy finished lamely.

He smiled as he reached for her. "Come over here," he said, as he pulled her across the cold leather seat, wrapping one arm around her to keep her close.

She examined the interior of the car. It was in perfect condition. Even though the thing had to be close to thirty years old, it was obviously well cared for.

"Where are we going?" she asked, trying to see out of windows that were tinted nearly black.

"Not far," he replied, pressing a soft kiss against her hair.

Though outwardly calm, inside she was mass of jangled nerves, wondering yet again if she was making a horrible error in judgement.

< red light, I'm jumping out...>

His fingers were playing in her hair, twining the strands around them and stroking them with his thumb.

<All right, NEXT red light, for sure..>

As though he could hear her internal struggle, he tightened his arm around her. "Almost there."

<Well...can't say I didn't TRY to get away. I de-finitely...> She glanced up and caught his eyes watching her. <...THOUGHT about trying to get away...for a second..>

Less than five minutes later, the car turned onto Ocean Front Road, and pulled into a large parking lot.

By straining her eyes, she could make out the words of a sign glowing in gold neon.


At the bottom of the sign, the word VACANCY blinked steadily on and off.

He pulled the car into a parking place near the office and cut the engine. Opening his door, he turned to Buffy.

"Be right back, angelface."

She watched as he crossed the gravel lot to the hotel's office and went inside.

<Okay, now's your chance, stupid. Run for your sorry life...>

She was still mentally kicking herself in the rear when the door she was squeezed up against opened, nearly spilling her out onto
the ground.

Before she could right herself, William caught her.

"Be careful. You don't watch to scratch your beautiful skin, do you?"

"Thanks." She took the hand he offered her and stepped out of the car. Standing beside him, an immovable object, she swallowed

He sensed her hesitation and, sliding one arm around her waist, he cupped her chin in his free hand and lifted it until she met his eyes.

Leaning down until their lips nearly touched, he asked, "Do you want to leave?"

Buffy gazed up into his fathomless blue eyes...and was lost.

Common sense could take a flying leap at the moon. She wanted this, possibly more than she'd ever wanted anything, and wanting something that badly was not without it's risks.

She raised one hand and touched his cheek. "No."

Taking hold of that hand, he smiled and pressed a long and tender kiss into it's palm. "Then come with me."


Laying beside you, lost in the feeling
So glad you opened my door, come with me...


He guided her in the direction of the last cottage in the row. Unlocking the door, he reached inside and flicked a wall switch, casting the room in a mellow, golden glow.

Buffy let out a surprised squeak when he suddenly picked her up and carried her into the room, closing the door with a kick of one foot.

She looked around the room with wide eyes.

<Well...if I'm going to lose my virginity, this is a great place to lose it...and a great bed to lose it in..>

It was a queen sized bed, with a beautiful brass head and foot board, accented with porcelain knobs that had small peach colored rosebuds painted on them.

A peach satin comforter and a huge mound of matching lace and satin pillows adorned the bed.

He set her on her feet, slipping his arms around her waist from behind. "You like?" he asked softly in her ear.

Buffy nodded, her body shivering deliciously at his touch.

The room was furnished in the old fashioned antique style her mother liked. There was an immense oak armoire, a chest of drawers with a matching vanity table, two nightstands holding matching crystal lamps, and a pair of armchairs facing a working fire-place.

The mantle had a small brass clock in the middle of it, and she averted her eyes, not wanting to know what time it was, or how much time they would have here.

There was a picture window on the wall facing the ocean, and sheer lace panels hung to the floor, flanked by thick brocade draperies pulled back into swags.

Still avoiding the clock, she crossed the room and parted the lace curtains. It was too dark to really see the ocean, but the window was cracked open a little, and she could hear the waves impacting on sand and rock.

A thin ribbon of moonlight danced on the surface of the water, bouncing around with the ocean's unrest.

She was so completely engrossed by it all, that she didn't know he had joined her until she felt him place his hands on her waist.

He lowered his head and kissed the side of her neck, and this time, she didn't tense up, a fact which seemed to please him.

"That's my girl," he said softly, leaving a trail of moist kisses on her skin. "Do you like that?"

She tilted her head a little and closed her eyes.

"Yes," she smiled. "More."

Brushing her hair aside, he lavished the other side of her neck with the same sweet touches.

"You smell so good," he said, biting gently on her ear lobe. "Like roses."

She laughed.

"What?" he asked, tightening his arms around her.

"Tickles," she said, laughing again.

"Should I stop?" He smiled against her skin.

She shook here head. "No, don't." Turning in his arms, she looked up at him. "I like it," she confessed.

He gazed down into her large green eyes, content to drown in them if that should be her pleasure.

Raising one hand, he brushed the back of it over the rounded curve of her cheek.

"You're skin is so warm. Like a ripe peach in the sunshine." He traced a finger along the curve of her lower lip. "And that mouth...that beautiful..sensuous mouth."

Buffy's head was spinning from both his touch and the compliments he lavished on her. She'd never had a boy talk to her like this before, saying such romantic and arousing things.

<Guess that's the difference between a boy and a man. Now I know what I want...and it's not a boy. I want a man...I want THIS man..>

"Come here, I want to show you something." He shed his coat and and took her hand, pulling her across the room and into the adjoining bathroom.

Buffy gasped. What a bathroom!

Pale peach colored tile surrounded a large porcelain tub. It was a slightly darker shade of peach, with a brass faucet and handles.

One wall was papered in a pattern of small peach and pink flowers, with light green leaves. The sink matched the bathtub, and had the same brass fixtures.

On the end of the counter there was a stack of thick cream colored bath towels sitting next to a small silver tray containing an assortment of bath soaps and gels in different fragrances.

The lighting was soft, with a peachy glow, giving the room an air of supreme romance.

Buffy was nearly speechless. "This is...this is just..."

"Nice, huh?"

"Are you kidding me?" she asked in amazement. "If I had a bathroom like this at home, I'd never come out of it."

He leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Would you like to take a bath? Be a shame not to take advantage of it."

Buffy just shook her head. "I want to be with you."

"You will be, angelface."

Her heart did a somersault as she blushed from head to toe. " mean..together?" she stammered, shaking her head again. "Oh, I couldn't...I just..."

"Never mind," he said. "I was just teasing you. You're not ready for that...just yet."

Taking both her hands in his, he walked backwards and led her out of the bathroom, then sat in one of the arm-chairs and pulled her down into his lap.

With his arms encircling her possessively, he kissed her cheek. "Are you frightened?"

Buffy shrugged. "Not frightened...just..."



He smiled and brushed her hair back from her face. "You're so young. I don't think I should do this."

She didn't know whether to be completely relieved or horribly disappointed. What had happened? Why didn't he want her anymore?

Was she too young...or not pretty enough...or was it because she was the slayer?"

He seemed to be reading her mind. "It's not that I don't want you...because I do. I wanted you the minute I saw you." He smiled as he hurried to reassure her. "You're very beautiful, and I'm extremely attracted to you."

She swallowed hard. "Then..then why?"

He sighed. "Because..believe it or not..I'm starting to feel guilty about stealing your innocence."

Guilty? Buffy was confused at this notion. Since when did vampires feel guilty about anything? She'd always been under the impression that they would maim, murder, rape and steal without a second thought. That they would eradicate an entire populace, then sleep like babies at...during the day.

But she was now learning that vampires could be just as different from one another as people could.

She struggled for the right reply, but could only come up with, "Someone's going to do it anyway...someday."

He nodded in agreement. Yes. Someday," he emphasized. "When you're a little older."

"But I'm getting older every day," she protested. "That should count for something."

Suddenly afraid that her words would not convince him, she cupped her hands around his face and drew him down, placing her lips lightly against his. "Please..." she whispered.

He groaned softly as he felt her part her lips beneath his, and his arms tightened automatically.

They spent the next few moments doing nothing more than kissing. Starting out slow, then gradually increasing in intensity, their mouths moved against each others with with desperate hunger.

Buffy became very still when she felt William's hand working at the buttons of her blouse. When they were all undone, he began to ease the garment down her arms and off.

Pausing a moment to admire the combination of creamy skin and ivory lace, he opened the clasp of her bra. Without moving the two halves apart, he pressed his lips to the silken hollow between her breasts.

After what seemed like forever, he peeled the lingerie away from her skin, baring her breasts completely.

Without hesitating, wanting to relive that maddening plunge into total abandon, she arched her back,
offering her lush curves to his his mouth.

When she felt his mouth on her skin, her head dropped back and she closed her eyes.

He ran his tongue all over and around the ample mounds, kissing and licking the undercurves and the sides, nuzzling the space between them.

Buffy was panting in his arms, balancing on the razor's edge, waiting...

The tips of her breasts were almost painfully hard, anticipating the relief that his tongue and his mouth
would provide from the throbbing ache he had induced in her, as he played her body like a perfectly tuned


Somewhere in the night we will know
Everything lovers can know
You're my song, music too magic to end
I'll play you over and over again...


He glanced into her eyes, briefly, then looked back down and cupped his hand beneath one breast.

Lowering his head just a tiny bit more, he lifted her rounded flesh and covered the tight aching nipple with his mouth, sucking it gently as he swirled his tongue around it.

Buffy nearly screamed. She had never been touched like this before. The quick explorations she had made of her own body had not produced anything close to this avalanche of raw ecstasy.

He sat her up on his lap, helping her straddle him. Taking both her breasts into his hands, he squeezed and fondled them, gently pinching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Her breathing was ragged and eyes were unfocused as she squirmed on his thighs, making him groan at the contact.

"You're amazing," he whispered, kissing her taut nipples. "So responsive."

He couldn't believe his good fortune, couldn't believe that he would be the man to introduce her to all the pleasures to be found in the act of lovemaking.

He didn't even try and kid himself into thinking that this was just sex, just the mindless and anonymous
fucking of a willing and nubile young female.

There was far more between them than that, and it made him wonder if this whole thing hadn't been orchestrated centuries ago by someone far wiser than he could ever hope to be.

Whatever the whys and wherefores, he was here now. He was going to teach this beautiful girl everything he knew, and his knowledge, gleaned from more than a century of experience, was vast indeed.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he said, "Hold on, angelface," and stood up, carrying her to the bed.

Depositing his little bundle of softness on the mattress, he caught her seeking hands and kissed them, then put them firmly away.

"Wait a minute," he said, reaching for the zipper on the back of her skirt. "I want you naked. I want to see every inch of your skin, touch it and kiss it.

Buffy lifted her hips, aiding his efforts. He pulled the skirt down and off, then removed her shoes and placed
them on the floor.

He peeled off her pantyhose, keeping them within reach, in case they made it to the point of playing
little games later.

Her panties were made of the same ivory lace and satin as her bra, and were extremely brief, really
nothing but little wisps of fabric.

He hooked his fingers in the sides, and slowly tugged them down, revealing the moist center of
her body. The heat emanating from her was intense, and the scent was making him dizzy.

Tossing her panties to one side, he placed his hands on her thighs and began to part them.

She instinctively tried to keep them closed as a wave of shyness nearly took her under.

William glanced up at her. "Please?" he asked, stroking her soft skin. "Let me see."

Slowly, gradually, she allowed him to spread her legs. The muscles in her thighs quivered beneath
his hands and he massaged them until she began to relax and become more comfortable with his

Forcing himself to remember that she was very young and completely untried, he kept his movements
slow and gentle. There would be another time for wild and uncontrollable passion, for the game of
domination and submission.

This girl was a shy and unbroken little filly. She had to be treated properly, coaxed and caressed
until she was all softness and eager sweetness in his arms.

It would take time, but she would be worth the effort.

So engrossed was he in his perusal of her, he almost failed to notice that his shy little kitten was becoming
bolder all on her own.

She was methodically working at the buttons of his shirt, tugging them from the waistband of his jeans.

Discarding his shirt, he yanked off the black cotton t-shirt he wore beneath it, then sat up and tugged his boots and socks off.

When he had only one garment left, she suddenly lost her nerve.

He worked open the stiff buckle of his belt and left it hanging loose, then took her hands and placed them in position to unbutton his jeans.

She hesitated, and he tilted his head and smiled
at her.

"Don't you want to see?" he asked. "Aren't you even a little bit curious?"

Buffy blushed. "I've...well, I've just..."

"Now, angelface," he said, shaking his head. "Don't tell me that you've seen a man naked before...or I
shall be very...very...jealous."

She couldn't meet his eyes. "No..just know, from babysitting."

"Good," he said, satisfied. The idea of her looking at or possibly touching another man did not sit well with
him, just as the thought of another man touching her made him downright angry.

This girl belonged to HIM now, and he would happily kill any man who tried to prove differently.

He'd always had a jealous nature, and he'd given up trying to control it a long time ago.

"Just undo the buttons for now," he said. "Then we'll take it from there."

She tried, but her movements were clumsy, due to her inexperience, and the very hard bulge
she kept brushing her fingers against, which seemed to get bigger every time she did.

Buffy had been so engrossed in trying to do what he wanted, that she'd forgotten to be embarrassed at her nudity. When he finally put her hands away from him and began to open the buttons himself, she remembered that she was just lying there, bare ass naked.

She reached for part of the comforter, draping it over herself in the places she felt the most exposed.

Glancing up at him, she saw the amusement in his eyes.

"I'm only allowing that because you look so sexy with that satin covering you in certain places and
exposing you in others," he said, gesturing at her bare legs and shoulders.

Thanking God that she had shaved her legs and underarms when she'd showered earlier, Buffy tried to control her blush.

Unable to stop herself, she peeked out of the corner of her eye when he had all the fastenings open on his jeans....

And almost turned purple when she was made intimately aware that he didn't bother with under-
wear of any variety..boxers OR briefs.

Chuckling inwardly, he stood up and removed his trousers, then knelt on the bed beside her.

Buffy's gaze skipped around as she looked at everything in the room except for...IT.

"Look at me," he said firmly, then softened his tone. "We'll never get any further if you can't even
bring yourself to look at me, angelface."

Feeling foolish, she finally turned her gaze upon his most..intimate..attribute.

Although it was a handsome specimen of man-hood, she was a little shocked at it's size. It certainly didn't look like anything that would fit inside of her, making her wonder if perhaps she was too small.

He knew what was on her mind just by watching the play of emotion on her face. "Don't look so worried, angelface," he said. "It'll fit."

She looked at him, uncertainly. "Will it hurt?"

"Probably," he admitted. "At first. But there are things I can do for you...TO make sure it doesn't hurt for long."

Oh, yes...foreplay. She had read about that in the issues of Cosmo that her mother thought were so well hidden in the bottom of her mending basket.

There were lots of different kinds of foreplay, physical and verbal, and it was designed to prepare the body for intercourse by stimulating the...

<God...I'm starting to sound like Willow..>

He moved a little closer, and his erection swayed a little with his movement. All of a sudden, she
couldn't take her eyes off of it.

She had no previous experience to compare him with, but she was fairly certain that, as male organs went, his was a pretty good size. It jutted straight out away from his body, announcing his pure and unadulterated maleness to anyone who cared to look.

Wide at the base, it sprang from a thatch of medium brown curls, tapering to a blunt, bell shaped head.

Something about it seemed wrong, not in an unattractive way, but in a out-of-place way. It took her a moment to realize what it was.

He was circumcised.

She had done enough baby sitting of little boys to have seen both the cut and the uncut version. The first time she'd seen an uncircumcised penis, she had described it to her mother and demanded to know what in the world was wrong with the baby's privates.

Her mom had laughed until she gave herself the hiccups, then explained the social, medical, and
religious history of the practice to Buffy.

One thing her mother had been fairly clear on was that routine circumcision was a fairly recent practice.
It certainly hadn't been common back when William must have been born.

This train of thought immediately jumped to another one. She had no idea when he'd been born, or when
he'd become a vampire. It could have been five years ago or five hundred years ago, for all she knew.

"What in the world are you thinking with that very serious expression on your face?" he asked, sounding
highly amused.

There was no delicate way around this, so she jumped right in. "I noticed that you're..that you don't have a..." she gestured with her hand.

Although tempted to tease her by announcing that he most certainly did have one, couldn't she see it right
there in front of her face, he forced himself not to and took the comment he knew she was trying to make

"You noticed that I'm circumcised," he said, filling in the blank for her. "And you know that wasn't common
back when I was first born."

"Well," she shrugged, "my mother told me..."

He had absolutely no idea how to inform her of the circumstances that had led up to the loss of his
foreskin. How did you tell a young and virginal girl about getting so drunk you couldn't see straight, and allowing yourself to accept a dare like the one he'd accepted nearly twenty-two years be circumcised without benefit of any anesthetic.

Actually, it wasn't a memory he cared to bring up, and whenever he did think about it, he thanked any and all powers that he'd at least had the sense to reject the first method of circumcision he'd been dared to undergo.

After he'd had it done, and it had healed, he was pleased with the results. It was nice not to hear
the comment "Ewww...what IS that?" every time he dropped his pants.

"Let's just say...I find this to be more convenient. And hygienic," he said, hoping she would leave it at that.

Buffy shrugged. "I like the way they look this way much better," she said, before she could stop herself. Realizing what she had let slip out of her mouth, she looked up at him and turned bright red once again. "I...I just mean..."

He just shook his head. "I know what you meant," he said tenderly. "You know, every time I think you can't
possibly get any more prove me wrong."

Nearly overcome with embarrassment, she tried to get out of the bed, but his arm shot out and prevented

Holding her firmly in place, he stretched out next to her. "I'm not laughing at you, angelface, I promise I'm
not," he said sincerely. "Now come here and kiss me."

Without thinking twice, she did as he asked.

He drew her into his arms, molding her upper body against his, then rolled her over until he was above
and she below.

She felt his erection rubbing against her thigh, and it evoked a suprising rush of moisture from between
her legs.

As he ravaged her mouth with his tongue, he sent one hand down to fondle her breasts, repeating all the
touches she'd enjoyed so much before. When he sensed her need for air, he released her mouth and moved
down the smooth column of her throat and over the upper curve of her chest, finally coming to rest on the
diamond hard bud of her right breast.

He played there for a long time, lingering over her sweetness, drawing and sucking and licking until
she was nearly mindless with the sensations rocketing through her.

"God," he moaned. "You have such beautiful breasts. So soft and warm...and they're surprisingly full for such a tiny little girl."

She stroked his hair and the back of his neck. "More," she begged.

He obliged her instantly. Taking one nipple into his mouth, he rubbed his tongue against it, then nipped
it gently with his teeth. As he sucked one nipple, he fingered the other one, pinching and tugging at it.

His cock felt hard enough to cut glass, and he knew he had to get a little relief soon. Just as he was pondering the possiblity of suggesting that she try touching him again, she flabbergasted him by sliding her hands down his back and over his rear, squeezing the firm muscle of his ass.

"Mmmm..." he moaned, without releasing her breast from his mouth.

She gasped from the feel of the vibration, and rewarded him for it by cautiously moving one hand around his front, brushing her little fingers against the base of his cock.

Releasing her from his mouth, he grunted, "Good girl...are you all right?"

"Yes," she panted. "Tell me...tell me what to do."

Her words made his mind reel with unbelievable possibilities. Since he couldn't ask his virginal little slayer to
just slide on down between his legs and suck him off till he creamed all over her, he forced himself to stay calm.

"Just...wrap your little fingers around it. That's squeeze a little...ahh, good...a little harder...oh yes...perfect..oh, my baby...that's so good..."

His encouraging words were making her bolder, and she instinctively began to slide her cupped hand up and down the length of his hard shaft, rubbing the tip of it with her thumb when she felt fluid oozing from it.

She was a little disappointed when he pulled away from her hand, She'd just been catching on to the
rhythm, enjoying the hard thrust of his flesh in her hand and the noises emanating from his throat.

"What's wrong?" she asked, as he rolled onto his back, his eyes shut tight. "Did..did I hurt you or

" didn't hurt me at all, angelface. I was..I was about to...lose control. God, I can't believe it. I
haven't come that close to losing it since I was a teenage boy." He smiled up at her. "See, that's what
YOU do to me."

She felt a wave of feminine power come over her. Just knowing that she'd been the one to drive him to the
brink of...the brink of...well, whatever...was exciting her even more.

He could see she was starting to gain confidence, and he decided to see if she was ready for something a
little more intimate.

Urging her onto her back, he stroked her touseled hair back from her face and kissed her quickly. As he
did, he moved his hand down and gently wedged it between her thighs.

She tensed, and he pulled away to whisper in her ear. "Please, love..please...I want to touch you, too."

His gentleness and soft words seduced her into relaxing the vice clamp she'd made of her thighs. Opening them just a little, she allowed his fingers to slip in and touch her in the most intimate place on her body.

He resumed his attentions to her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples, until she was wet and loose between her legs.

Using one finger, he carefully located her clitoris and began to rub it gently, slowly, as he continued to nurse at her breast.

Buffy was then knocked flat by a wave of the most intense pleasure she'd felt so far. It radiated from her inner core, and flowed out through all her muscles, making her skin tingle and her hips jerk upwards, seeking....something more.

She was moaning and sighing, her head thrashing back and forth on the pillow. So engrossed was she in this new sensation, she barely felt him leave her breast and move down in the bed. Pushing her legs a little farther apart, he kissed her inner thighs, and nuzzled the neatly trimmed patch of soft curls that guarded her sex.

Her scent was intoxicating, like nothing he'd ever smelled before, and he wanted to wallow in it, to lose himself in it. And if her scent was this wonderful would she taste?

He had to know...couldn't wait another second to find out.

With her legs splayed wantonly apart, she felt him begin to apply his tongue to the cleft of her sex. He slid it wetly up and down, licking up all the moisture her body was producing for him.

Digging her heel's into the mattress, Buffy lifted her hips, trying to rub herself against him in the right place, that wonderfully pleasureable place he'd been touching with the tip of his finger.

"Pleaseohpleaseohplease..." she whined, wanting it so desperately it was nearly painful.

She didn't know how to ask, but he didn't need to be asked to know what it was she needed. Lifting her with
his hands beneath the soft flesh of her bottom, he plunged his tongue into her, then began to slide it in and out, only pausing to suck on that hot little button that was driving her mad.

"So sweet," he whispered, licking her with broad strokes of his tongue. "So sweet and fruit...ripe and tangy..on my tongue."

Her breathing was escalating almost to the point of hyperventilation.

He leaned down again and sucked on her clit, then used one finger to just lightly rub her labia, careful not
to probe it too deeply.

Desperate for release, she writhed and twisted in his hold, using her own hands to help by sliding her
fingers into his curls and pressing him down harder.

Orgasm hit her suddenly, making her scream, making her hips lunge upwards as he clamped his mouth around her and sucked as hard as he could, rubbing her clit with his tongue.

As she began to relax, to force herself to loosen the grip she had taken with her thighs, she made a hazy decision to never, ever, leave this bed again.

Not as long as he was in it with her.


Loving so warm, moving so right
Closing our eyes, and feeling the light
We'll just go on burning bright
Somewhere in the night.....


Part Five....

Somewhere in the Night


You'll sleep, when the morning comes
And I'll lie and watch you sleeping...


"Teach me more."

The words were softly spoken, but their impact on him was massive.

Pushing his fingers deep into her mussed hair, he pulled back until her neck was arched.

"I have so much to teach you," he said fiercely, "I hardly know where to begin."

She smiled. "I promise to be a good student and work hard."

"I should warn you, angelface, there will be a lot of studying involved, not to mention lengthy examinations."

She touched his lower lip with one finger. "Do you grade on a curve?"

He shrugged, glancing down at himself then back at her. "Well, I suppose there's a bit of a curve to it..."

Her brow furrowed. "Huh?"

"Never mind." Her genuine bewilderment nearly made him laugh out loud. Such an innocent, this little slayer was.

He leaned down and kissed the confusion away from her expression. "Did you like that? What I just did to you?"

Buffy's cheeks turned pink, right on cue. "Yes. I loved it. I've...never felt anything like that, the end..."

He looked at her with narrowed eyes. "What..are you saying you've never come before?"

She hid her face against his chest. "No," she whispered.

"Even by yourself?"

She shook her head.

He was more than a little surprised. Sixteen years old and never had an orgasm of any kind.

"My poor baby," he said, kissing her forehead gently. "That must have been so frustrating for you."

She looked at him as though she wanted to tell him something, but didn't know how to express herself, or perhaps she was just too shy to bring it up.

"What, honey?" he coaxed. "Do you want to say something?"

Buffy hesitated for a long while, but he didn't push her on it. Finally, she took a deep breath.

"Sometimes...when I'm taking a shower...well, we have this kind of detatchable faucet...and it has these...settings on it..."


She turned her head, and began to pick at a loose thread on the comforter. "I...I sort of..of..."

"It's all right," he said, rubbing his cheek against hers. "I know what you're saying."

But she shook her head. "No...I'm saying that.. I wasn't...I couldn't..." She shrugged helplessly. "Not until here..with you."

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. "God, you're wonderful," he said. "So sweet. Such a little girl...and such an incredible woman...both at the same time."

She was probably the most naturally sensuous creature he'd ever come across in his long and checkered career. Everything about her indicated a depth of experience well beyond her tender years.

The way she walked, the way she danced, even her mannerisms, like the way she would tilt her head and look at him from beneath the silky fringe of her bangs, or the way she would nibble at her lower lip while she was thinking about something...all these things made her appear to be a woman who knew what she was doing.

But, outward appearances notwithstanding, inside she was innocence personified, with seemingly no idea that the little things she did could drive a man mad with lust.

It was a good thing she knew how to protect herself. Otherwise, she would be an easy target for a predator of the human variety, the kind of man who couldn't take "Go to hell" for an answer.

There were too many men walking around these days thinking that they were God's gift to women, not realizing that it was the other way around.

He, personally, found women to be the most wonderful idea any benevolent deity ever had, and he kept that in the front of his mind every time he took one to his bed.

Vampire though he may be, he'd never gotten his rocks off by hurting a girl in bed, and he'd never once committed a rape, no matter how much a woman SEEMED to be offering herself.

There were a lot of men, he knew, that probably thought Buffy was asking for it on a daily basis, and no doubt felt that they were the right ones to give it to her.

Just the thought of some man thinking such things about her, let alone trying to do something about it, made him angry as hell.

"What are you thinking about?"

The softly asked question broke through his meandering mind.

"I'm thinking about, you, angelface," he said, slipping his fingers through the silky strands of her hair. "And how much I like being here with you."

"Really?" she asked anxiously.

"Yes," he replied promptly. "And now...where we again?"

She giggled. "You were saying something about teaching me something new."

"Oh, could I have forgotten?"

He bent his head to kiss her, but she put her fingers against his lips.

"I was wondering.." she began.

"Wondering what, honey?"

She took another deep breath and spoke quickly, before her nerve completely deserted her. "What you were doing to me before? YOU like that?"

He smiled. "Giving it...or getting it?" Before she could start stammering out a confused answer, he said, " both parts."

Unbelievably, her little hand began to creep down his side and then bravely reached for the part of him that hadn't lost any of it's hard urgency.

Her boldness surprised..and thrilled him. When he felt her warm little fingers wrapping securely around his cock, he hissed through his teeth. " when you touch me, it's..."

"It's what?" she asked, smiling a womanly wise smile.

"It's heaven...and it's hell...and everything in between," he said, falling onto his back and thrusting his hips up. "Tighter," he begged. "Oh...yes...."

She was a fast learner. Her small hand slid up and down expertly, using the wetness she found at the head of his cock to lubricate her caress.

When he opened his eyes, he saw her leaning closer to him, staring at his shaft intently, as though gathering her nerve.

"Buffy..." he whispered.

She looked up and met his gaze.

"You don't have to, baby. Not if you don't feel like it."

She paused only for a moment. "I do want to," she said. "But I..I don't know what to do...exactly."

<Oh, bloody problem, beautiful...I'll be more than happy to tell you....>

"Just lean over...and place your lips against the don't have to open your mouth yet. You can start with...with kissing...just like we did before."

She licked her lips, which nearly did him in right then and there, then lowered her head and pressed the softest kiss he'd ever felt on the tip of his shaft.

It jerked uncontrollably in her hands, spilling a little clear fluid. She gasped at the taste on her lips.

He waited to see what she would do, and she didn't disappoint him. Her little pink tongue crept out of her mouth and swiped at the smear of cum on her lower lip, tasting it.

Amused, he had to ask. "Well, what do you think?"

She said, "A little salty," in a perfectly serious tone of voice, as though he'd asked her if her dinner was properly seasoned.

Raising one hand, he stroked her hair and said, out of the clear blue sky, "God, I am so crazy about you."

She looked at him with wide and wondering eyes, then smiled the prettiest smile he'd ever been graced with.

"Come here," he said, reaching for her and pulling her up until she was within reach to kiss.

They spent several long and lingering moments exchanging kisses that ranged from light and airy, to deep and moist and penetrating.

When she finally pulled back, it was to move back down his body and resume her lesson in the art of oral pleasure.

He was having a difficult time of it. The feel of her lips when she kissed his shaft was beyond belief. And when her silky soft cheek rubbed against it, like a kitten nuzzling a gently stroking hand, he was afraid he would do something he hadn't done since he was a callow youth...completely lose control and make a mess all over her.

Finally taking a firm grip on his libido, he brushed her hair away from her face to watch what she would do next.

But she needed encouragement to cross this particular bridge.

"Buffy...sweetheart...if you want to," he swallowed hard, "just open your mouth a little and...and I'll do the rest."

Glancing at him for a brief moment, she closed her
eyes and parted her lips.

Desperately reining himself in, he slid in just a fraction of an amount. Not wanting to frighten or possibly gag her, he kept his entry shallow, his hips barely moving.

As she became more comfortable with the feel and taste of him, she opened her mouth a little more and began to move it up and down slowly.

The back of his head ground into the pillow he was laying on as he stared sightlessly at the ceiling. "Oh, yes, sweetness...that's the way...such a..a good girl."

She boldly encouraged him to spread his legs farther apart, then settled herself between them.

"Now...hold it at the base...that's it...can you...can you go a little deeper, baby? Just a...ahhh...yeah, that's...that's good."

She made a soft inarticulate sound that vibrated around his aching shaft, driving the pleasure just that much higher.

When she suddenly released him from her mouth, he almost protested out loud, but stopped himself at the last moment. If she'd had enough, well then....

All linear thought deserted him when he felt and saw her extend her tongue and begin to slide it up and down, then around and around, his cock.

<Oh, god...she's licking me...and I didn' t even tell her to...oh, yes...oh...harder baby...just a little harder..>

"Oh, christ...Buffy..." he moaned. "You're so've got...the sweetest little angel..."

She recaptured him inside the tender trap of her mouth, sliding down a little further with each dip of her head.

"Uhh.." he grunted, his hips jolting upward. " it...more...suck harder, honey...please...please...a little it...harder...YES!...OH...YES!"

He felt the pressure increase as he saw her cheeks draw in, and he knew then that he was very close to losing control, to just grabbing hold of her head and ramming himself in and out until he spewed his load all over the place.

"Buffy...." he said hoarsely. "Stop...I'm gonna come if...if you don't....stop now..."

But she ignored his warning. In fact, she used her free hand to take his and squeezed it, signaling that she was all right, that she wanted him to be satisfied the way he had satisfied her.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned in her throat, and that was all it took to convince him to let her have her way.

"Yes,'s coming, baby...I'm...I'm...AHH!...COMING...NOW!!"

He looked down in time to see her eyes become as round as tea saucers, and he abandoned himself to her completely, spurting bursts of fluid into her mouth.

When he was finished, he could see that she was uncertain what to do at this point. Her eyes widened even more in her distress.

"It's okay," he assured her, releasing his hold on her. "Just run into the bathroom and spit it out."

She clapped her hand over her mouth, and he looked around for something she could use...a waste basket or something...

There was one on the other side of the room, and he jumped from the bed to fetch it for her. But when his feet hit the floor, he heard her say, "It's's gone."

He turned to look at her, just in time to see her wipe her mouth with the back of her hand. Thinking she had just spat it out onto the sheet, he was even more surprised at her next statement.

"It wasn't that bad."

As he sat back down on the bed, staring in utter amazement at the innocent humor she unwittingly articulated after what must have been a horribly shocking experience, he felt a wave of emotion overtake him. This girl.....

Oh, God....he was falling in love with this girl!


And you'll smile, when you dream about the night
Like it's a secret you've been keeping.
Laying beside you, lost in the feeling
So glad you opened my door...


Buffy unwrapped the paper from around a drinking glass in the bathroom and ran the water until it was cold.

As she filled the glass,she examined herself in the mirror, searching to see if she looked any different, any more womanly or exper-

But all she saw looking back at her was herself.

She stuck out her tongue playfully, then stopped and took a good long look at it in the mirror.

Nope, nothing different about it.

She had to face it. Aside from a slight funny aftertaste in her mouth, she was still the same naive little teenager she'd been when she first walked into this cottage.

"But not for much longer," she said, then took a mouthful of water and swished it around, wishing for some mouthwash.

"Did you say something, angelface?"

" Nothing..."

Leaning down, she splashed a little cold water on her face, then dabbed it dry with a towel and turned off the faucet.

Tightening the towel she had wrapped around her, she opened the bathroom door and paused a moment before leaving.

William was still in bed, and he had pulled up the comforter, not wanting her to feel embarrassed, she supposed.

He was stretched out on his back, both hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling, smiling just a little bit, as though something mildly amusing had just occured to him.

Buffy couldn't stop herself from staring at him. He really was...the only word she could come up with at the moment was beautiful. In a completely masculine way.

She'd never seen any man before that she would describe in such a way. Most of the boys she knew could be called good looking, or even cute. And there were a few movie actors that she found to be handsome.

But this man...this vampire...was simply beautiful. Everything about him...the silky platinum curls that she'd mussed so enticingly as she wound them around her fingers; the classically sculpted face, with those lovely fine cheekbones and well shaped nose; his sensuous and kissable; and his arms, lean and corded with muscle, but not overly layered in it, they were strong arms and felt good wrapped around her.

He turned and looked at her then, holding out one hand. "Come back to bed, sweetness."

She returned to her place beside him, smiling at his tender touch. His eyes smiled back at her and she was almost breathless with the emotions running amok inside of her. Such lovely dark eyes, a rich indigo blue, with almost femininely long lashes, his eyes were the center of her storm, and his embrace was her shelter.

Turning on his side, he propped his head on his hand and leaned over to kiss her.

"Did I do all right?" she asked hesitantly, when he pulled back.

"You did wonderfully all right, angelface," he said sincerely. "You're every mans sweetest dream."

Dropping a series of light kisses down her throat, he whispered, "I want you so much, you beautiful girl. More than I've ever wanted anyone before."

She caressed his cheek with her tiny hand. "I want you, too...William."

Normally, that name grated on his nerves. Nobody called him that, not since his mother had died. He had left William behind a long time ago, and had been quite satisfied to see him go.

But now, with Buffy, it didn't seem quite so bad to allow a little of William to show itself. She was young and innocent, as William had once been, and somehow he knew that if she had been a part of his world all those years ago, before everything changed, then his life would have turned out very differently.

William could have courted this girl with all the gallantry and the bad poetry he had been brimming over with...and she would have praised it.

He could have walked down any street in London with her on his arm, and she would have looked up into his eyes as though he represented her entire world and all the happiness to be found within it.

William would never have noticed that any other girl but her even existed.


You're my song, music too magic to end
I'll play you over and over again
Loving so warm, moving so right
Closing our eyes, and feeling the light
We'll just go on burning bright....

Somewhere in the night.....

Part Six.....

You're My World


You're my world, you're every breath I take
You're my world, you're every move I make
Other eyes see the stars up in the skies
But for me they shine within your eyes....


Buffy moaned softly, a kittenish sound that stirred up all the banked embers of his lust.

He moved his mouth from her throat, dragging his tongue down until he found the tender hollow at its base, a soft and shallow cup where he deposited the gentlest of kisses.

She turned her head, and opened her eyes, focusing on the lace curtains, stirred by a slight breeze. The billowed in and danced
to the damp music the ocean played.

Her fingers played with the curls at the nape of his neck, clutching them almost painfully when he brought his mouth down to her breasts.

"So beautiful," he whispered against her skin. "Soft...except here," he added, lightly touching the tip of is tongue to one nipple. "Here they're firm, and a little like it when I touch you here, don't you?"

"Yes," she nodded, stroking his hair. "I like it more than anything."

He sighed, feeling more content and at peace than he'd felt for more years than he cared to remember.

"I could lay my head between your breasts, and just stay forever. Could live and sleep here...and die happily." He glanced up at her and grinned. "Well, you know what I mean."

She returned his smile. "I know what you mean," she agreed.

Buffy DID know what he meant, because she felt the same way. She could happily live out the rest of her life in this small room, talking and touching and making love with him, until the world stopped spinning.

Even though she had no idea how they would end up their time together, she knew she'd never regret one instant of it.

It was almost frightening. In an unbelievably short period of time, she had fallen in love with a creature she had no business caring for. But what was she to do?

You couldn't help where you found love. All you could do was be glad you were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Her heart had no on/off switch that she could flip when it was convenient.

The heart wants what it wants.

She glanced down, watching William as he moved his mouth back and forth from one nipple to the other, sucking them slowly, nipping at them with his teeth, then licking the slight sting away.

She could feel the wetness flowing from between her thighs as her body responded to her lover's ministrations.

Leaving the sensitive tips of her breasts, he kissed a wet trail down the center of her torso, dipping his tongue into her navel, which produced the expected results.

"Hold still," he laughed, taking a firmer grip on her hips.

"I can't," she said, her voice high pitched and giggly. "I'm so..oh, no...ticklish there.."

He continued nuzzling her, smiling as she turned and twisted in his hands. This silly sex play was just as arousing as the most serious and tender touch.

Everything about this girl was exciting. It was all so fresh and new for her, that she made it seem that way for him, as well. The innocence she brought to their bed was more tantalizing than any tricks that the most practiced courtesan in the world could produce.

That innocence, combined with her eagerness to learn everything about the art of lovemaking, was unbearably sweet and wildly sexy.

And, best of all, she was so adorably unaware of it.

Their play was brought to a halt when she planted her feet on the bed and lunged upwards to escape his teasing touch. The motion brought her lower body very close to his mouth, and he took immediate advantage.

Shoving her legs wider apart, he dipped his head and licked her roughly from bottom to top, lingering at the apex of her sex, rubbing it firmly with his tongue.

She released a shrill gasp, instinctively grinding herself against him as she dug her fingers into the mattress beneath her.

Fastening his mouth around her clit, he alternated between sucking it and licking it, as he brought one finger up to carefully trace up and down her outer fold.

He looked up then, and caught her watching him. Without breaking eye contact, he pushed his tongue up into her, and moved it around, then began a series of thrusts and withdrawals that mimicked the rhythm of intercourse.

Her sex was producing copious amounts of wetness, which he lapped up eagerly. The more she gave, the more he wanted.

But the time was rapidly approaching when they would have to take the final step into intimacy. His body was aching to connect with hers, and it was letting him know in no uncertain terms, that it had best happen soon.

Reaching down with his free hand, he took hold of his shaft and tried to ease his discomfort a little. Wrapping his fingers firmly around it, he slid them up and down a few times, then massaged the tip with his thumb.

When he couldn't stand it anymore, he raised his head and met her gaze.

"I need you, sweetheart," he rasped. "I want to make love to you...right now...let me...please..."

She answered him by holding out her arms, inviting him to take what he wanted.

He moved back up to lie on top of her, careful to hold his weight off of her by supporting his upper body on his forearms.

"Spread your legs a little more, angelface," he instructed, trying not to sound like a college professor. "Now lift your knees a little...that's my girl...MY girl," he repeated more forcibly.

Leaning on one arm, he reached down with his free hand and positioned himself at her opening. He rubbed the head of his shaft against her, wanting just that little bit more stimulation for them both.

When he had himself where he needed to be, he brought his hand back up and grasped both of hers where they lay beside her on either side of her head.

Lacing their fingers together, he looked down into her wide and trusting eyes....


As the trees reach for the sun above
So my arms reach out to you for love
With your hand resting in mine
I feel a power so divine.....


"I...I love you," she said, smiling bravely.

Lowering his head, he pressed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes.

"I love you, too," he whispered. "You're my angel."

Pushing away all thoughts of what on earth he was going to do about Drusilla, not to mention the fact that he'd fallen for a slayer, he kissed her and began to push himself into her at the same time.

Buffy gasped out loud. She'd been prepared for some pain, she'd read enough to know about that, but this was worse than she'd ever imagined it to be.

If this was what sex was all about, then she was amazed that the world was so overpopulated.

"It's all right, sweetness," William whispered in her ear. "You're doing fine."

"No, I'm not," she wanted to say. "This is not my idea of fine."

But all she did was whimper a little.

"I'm sorry, love," he soothed her. Looking down at her sweet little face, he saw that it wore an expression that could only be described as...disgruntled.

Pulling slightly out, he inched in a bit further, almost wishing that he was a little smaller.

"Are you okay?" he asked, nuzzling her cheek.

"Well...yes...I guess so," she said crossly. "But it hurts!"

"I know it does, sweetheart," he said, straining for control. "But it should feel better soon."

"SHOULD??" she asked loudly, wanting more reassurance than that.

Only an effort of will that he'd spent decades perfecting kept him from laughing out loud.

He rolled his hips gently from side to side, then down and then back up, sliding all the way in. At the same time, he kissed her and plunged his tongue into her mouth, to muffle any screams.

When he was completely sheathed inside of her, he moved one hand back down and located her clit, then rubbed it gently, until he felt her begin to untense her thighs.

Releasing her mouth, he leaned down and found her right breast, lightly flicking his tongue back and forward over the rigid peak, then taking it in and sucking on it sweetly.

As the worst of the pain began to recede, Buffy could concentrate on the pleasureable aspects of this act. His mouth on her breast felt as delicious as ever, and his finger was amazing between her legs.

Her body was providing all the lubrication necessary, and things were becoming decidedly hot and slick down there.

But when he moved his hand and took a firm grip on her bottom, then ground his pelvis against hers, he hit the right spot as though there'd been an "X" marked for his convenience.

Every nerve ending on her body was dancing with sybaritic pleasure, and her own hips began to rise to meet his downward thrusts.

"That's my sweet girl," he murmured approvingly. "You feel so tight and hot...oh, God...that's perfect..."

Her hands traveled down his back, caressing his skin, and finding the churning muscle of his rump. She cupped her hands over it, lightly digging in with her nails.

This made his head jerk up and back, as he released her nipple with a moist sucking sound.

"Ohh...yeah!" he muttered harshly. "That's the it again...ahh, harder...yes."

She did as he asked, clawing at his back and his ass, knowing that she must be leaving the mark of her nails on his skin...and quite pleased at the idea.

He began to pump harder and faster, abandoning any thought of control. His hips met hers with a loud slapping sound, eliciting small grunts of pleasure from them both.

When he tried to slow himself down, he was shocked to hear her say, "More..please...I...I need...."

Delighted, he smiled down at her. "I'll give you all you want, sweetness. Everything is for little angel."

He sped up the pace of his thrusts, remembering to angle himself so his shaft rubbed against her clit with each stroke.

Buffy could feel a straining urgency building in her lower regions. She felt as though she was reaching for something on a high shelf, and if she could only get a foothold somewhere, she would be able to grasp it.

As always, he seemed to know just what it was she needed. Placing his lips close to her ear, he began to speak to her.

"God, feel so warm and wet...and so damn tight...can you feel me, baby?...can you feel me inside of you?...moving in and out of deep...yes...that's it...make it tighter...squeeze me a little more...ah, beautiful little are, you're're close, baby...I can feel want to do...and I want it too...I want to feel you come all around me...I want to feel it...and see it...and hear it...hear you purr for little kitten...little wildcat...ahhh....yeah..."

She was so close, her fingertips were actually brushing the thing she sought. Her hips began to rise and fall more rhythmically and she started panting and crying out his name, over and over and over again.

The sound of his name being called in that heavenly tortured tone was pushing him over the edge of sanity.

Desperate to take her with him, he took hold of her bottom and lifted her lower body from the mattress, then started to pound into her harder and faster, until the chasm opened up and they both fell into it, with no desire to ever come back out.


You're my world, you are my night and day
You're my world , you're every prayer I pray
If our love ceases to be
That is the end of my world for me....


Not wanting to collapse on top of her, he rolled over onto his back, bringing her along with him.

Buffy still had her eyes squeezed tightly closed. She rested her cheek against his chest, panting for air as she felt his fingers slide down the damp skin of her back, then back up her spine.

She bit down on her tongue and tensed up, but he noticed her squirming.

"You certainly are ticklish in a lot of places, little one," he observed with a smile.

"I know," Buffy sighed. "When I was little, I couldn't keep a secret to save my life. All anyone had to do was come at me with their fingers wiggling and I sang like a canary."

He chuckled. "The other children must have loved you."

"Oh, they liked me well enough," she said. "But they never asked me to be a look-out." Lifting her head, she grinned at him. "Now, see what I've done...I've confessed my biggest weak spot to a vampire."


"You won't tell, will you? I mean, if something like that got out, it could really be embarrassing."

He wrapped his arms tightly around her. "Don't you worry about that. No other vampire is ever gonna get close enough to lay one finger on you."

There was an odd sensation down between her thighs, and it took her a minute to figure out what was happening.

Before she could say anything though, she felt the wet slide of his shaft softening and slipping out of her.

After that happened, it just felt like a big sticky mess, and she would have given just about anything for a nice hot....

<Oh, yeah....there's the bathroom of my dreams just a few feet away...>

Problem was, she wasn't quite sure how one excused oneself from a bed. Since there was no pen and paper available, she couldn't ask Miss she did the only thing she could think of.

"Umm...I wonder if I could use the bathroom?" she asked, with all the courtesy her mother had ever been able to drum into her. "I really need to...."

She couldn't bring herself to actually tell him that she needed to pee, so she manufactured an uncomfortable look, hoping to convey the sense of urgency necessary without making him think she was about to wet the bed.

"Of course you can use it, angelface," he said, amused at her manner. "It's all for you tonight, anything you want."

He helped her sit up and was about to get out of bed when she gasped in true horror. When he turned to look at her, he saw her staring at the very conspicuous blood stain on the bed.

"Oh, God...look what I did," she squeaked.

He already knew it was there. He'd smelled it from the instant he'd pierced her virginity. The scent had been
so heady and intoxicating that he'd had to completely close himself off from it, fearing that his demon would lunge to the surface and demand to know the source of the aroma.

Her upper thighs were stained with more of the blood, and he had to look away for a moment and collect him-
self, not allowing THAT delicious thought to be processed at all.

"S'all right, angelface," he assured her. "It happens to every girl the first time." He shrugged a little. "Doesn't seem fair
that a girl's first experience with making love has to be painful and bloody, does it? You ask me, I think God dropped the ball with that one."

She was still clearly distressed. "But this...this isn't my bed...or even YOUR bed. This is a hotel bed...and I've ruined it!"

For a moment, he was afraid she was about to burst into tears.

"Don't you worry about that," he said quickly, trying to distract her. "I'll tell you what...why don't you go and use the bathroom and take a shower...or a bath if you'd rather. I'll deal with all this."

It took a bit of convincing on his part, but he finally managed to nudge her into the bathroom. When he heard the water
running in the tub, he pulled his jeans on and reached for the phone.

After punching the number for the front desk, he had a brief conversation, then hung up and went over and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Everything all right, sweetness?" he asked casually, after the water was turned off.

When she assured him that she was managing, he gathered up her clothing and folded it neatly, placing it on the vanity

A quiet knock sounded on the front door, and he opened it to admit a young woman in a pink and white maid uniform.

Apparently, the situation had already been explained to her, for she had fresh bedlinens in her arms. It took her less than
three minutes to strip the soiled sheets from the bed and replace them with clean ones.

As she gathered up the stained sheets and headed for the door, he thanked her and handed her a twenty dollar bill. He'd already told the front desk that he would pay for the damaged sheets, and the clerk had been more than pleasant about it.

Buffy emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of fragrant steam, wrapped snugly in another enormous bath towel.

Her eyes were drawn immediately to the bed, and they widened with surprise when she saw the clean sheets.

He sat down in one of the armchairs and held out his hand to her. She approached him hesitantly, and when she sat down on his lap, she grimaced a little.

"Still hurts?" he asked, wincing himself at the thought of being the cause of this pain.

"Just a little," she said cheerily. She said nothing about the bed, so he assumed she was still too embarrassed to talk about it, and left the subject alone.

Glancing at the window, he could see that it was still dark, but years of experience told him that the sunrise was no more than a half hour or so away.

They had to leave.

Although he hated the idea, he didn't want to be trapped here during the day, and he knew that she absolutely had to go home. He could disappear for days at a time without anyone noticing, but she could not.

When he told her it was time to go, she looked at him with such sad eyes that he immediately wanted to take it back, to tell her that they didn't have to go anywhere, and that they could stay in this room forever making love to each other.

But he knew he couldn't do that. They both had responsibilities they had to fulfill, vastly different though they were.

He had to be the grown-up here...and he hated it.


The end of my world....


She gave him directions to her house, and he drove there a little faster than he should have. They didn't speak much on the way, except for his asking her to please write down her phone number for him. She found a small note pad in the bottom of her tote bag and wrote out her number, address, and, amusingly, her full though he might forget it if she didn't.


The end of my world....


He walked her to her front door, and watched as she unlocked it. When she turned to face him, he impulsively pulled her into his arms and kissed her long and hard on her lips.

It took a Herculean effort on his part to let her go and to step back, but the sun was on it's way for real now, and he had no choice.

"I'll call you," he said casually.

Buffy nodded, then watched as he almost ran to his car and drive away.

She stood there until he turned the corner, then went inside and dropped her bag on the floor. Closing the door behnd her, she sighed deeply and climbed the stairs, tears falling freely down her cheeks.

Somehow, in spite of him requesting her phone number and his promise to be in touch, she knew she wasn't going to be seeing him again.



The end of my world for me......


More please...