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Chapter 21


“Can you stay with me tonight?” Buffy asked as they pulled up on her driveway.


“Sure, but I’ll need to go early in the morning and then come back for you, ok?”

Buffy smiled and they got out of the car.


“There’s a light on, do you think Willow’s in?”


“Um, let me think…no, probably not, she teaches an evening class tonight, but she comes home first, leaves the light on for the burglars!”


Buffy opened up and they went in.


Willow…Will, are you home?” Buffy called. On receiving no reply, they took their coats off and hung them up.


“Want a drink or anything?”


“Uh-uh, come here you gorgeous little girl!”


Buffy grinned and went straight to him. “’Kay, now I’m here, what are you going to do, huh?”


“This!” Spike went to home in for a kiss, but Buffy leaned out of his grasp grinning, and suddenly lightly pushed him away, and made for the stairs


“You’ll have to catch me first!” She ran up the stairs. Giggling and in hot pursuit, Spike ran after her, easily catching before she even reached the top step.


“Gotcha! Now young lady…I’m going to show you what I do to naughty little girls!”


Buffy’s eyes flashed and she said sexily, “What.. EVERY naughty little girl?”


Spike grinned and gently pulled her into the bedroom, closing the door and leaning in close he whispered, “Oh no, just THIS naughty girl!”


“Can’t wait………………………”






When Anya got to the restaurant at 9.10, Rupert was already waiting for her; he’d been hovering around the booking desk.


“Anya! You made it…come on through…let me take your coat…hungry?”


“Starving, I missed lunch”


He felt like a schoolboy on a first date. Nervous and fumbling, her slight lateness adding to his anxiety, he almost dropped her jacket. “Drink?” He did the gentlemanly thing and pulled out the chair for her


“Great. I’ll have a vodka Martini” He went to the bar and ordered her drink, bringing back two menus, and gave her one, putting her drink down by the side-plate.


“There you are…so, good day – you had me worried, being a bit late…I thought, well…”


Anya took the menu, and placed it on the table, taking a sip of her drink.


Rupert cleaned his glasses nervously.


“Giles, please. Look, lets just put last night behind us, and start again, shall we? Pretend it never happened”


He put his glasses back on and stared at her owlishly.


“This……… all this nervousness, there no need, honestly. Last night was just a silly glitch, okay?”


“I AM truly sorry Anya, really – “


“Giles, it’s all forgotten, just like a bad dream. Now………let me see, I’m starving – what’s good today?”


Giles knew it was the end of the matter, and felt his shoulders drop and he began to relax at last. She opened the menu and perused the contents. Maybe he hadn’t blown it after all.


“Ooh! Look at that. The duck breast with foie gras mousseline and truffle oil sounds good for starters………then I think I’ll have………the calves liver. Oh, no I won’t, I’ll have the roast lamb shank with juniper and rosemary jus, crushed new potatoes and the braised red cabbage with sherry vinegar and raisins, thank you. What are you going to have?” Anya folded the menu shut and handed it back to the waitress


“Well, the crab’s fresh in from Chesapeake Bay, I’ll have the baked crab claws with the foaming lemon cream sauce, and then I think…hmm, I can’t decide between the venison casserole with red wine and redcurrant gravy, spring onion and parsley dumplings, or-“


Anya sat up, looking surprised  “Where’s that? I didn’t see that! – No, no, it’s ok. I’ll stick to what I ordered. After all, I can always try yours can’t I, love?” The waitress smiled and retracted the menu.


“I don’t know whether to try the pheasant. Hmm…then there’s the wild boar.”


“Have the venison, I want to try that!” Anya said cheekily.


Giles smiled and closed the menu and handed it to the waitress  “Okay then, the crab claws and the venison, thank you Polly – oh, and a bottle of the um………yes, the 87 Red Burgundy – that okay with you Anya, as we both have red meat?”




“Yeah, make sure it’s the 87”




“So…I nearly dropped us in it this morning” Anya said, sipping her drink




“Jenny phoned me, she wanted to come over or me to go over to her hotel, she’d left her spare contact lenses at mine, and she told me she came here to see you last night”


“Oh god, what did you say?” Giles put his glass down


“Well, when she said ‘I went to the Winds bar last night, I said, I know…………”






Lying snuggled up together Buffy had her head on Spike’s shoulder “I’m going to miss you the next four days”


Spike turned his head and kissed her forehead. “I’ll miss you too, kitten”




Spike moved more onto his side to face her, so her face now rested against his bicep. With his other hand he stroked her hair from her face. “Course really! Buffy…I don’t want you to feel rushed, or feel like I’m pressuring you, but you’re in my thoughts 24/7. I’ve really fallen for you – but I don’t want to rush and spoi-hmm…mmmmmmm”


Buffy had begun to kiss him, her passion mounting. She broke the kiss, and leaned over him, looking him straight in the eyes “You’re not rushing or pressuring me, it’s what I want, YOU, are what I want”


Spike raised his head and began kissing her, gently pushing her backwards and he maneuvered himself to lie between her legs.


Slipping between her satiny soft golden thighs, he nuzzled and ‘scented’ his cheeks on her dark curls, before licking the length of her hot sex. Buffy felt electrified, parting her femininity with his probing tongue, he found his prize, and swiped his tongue up and down and back and forth very fast over her clit. Buffy cried out in pure pleasure, her heels rammed into the mattress as his relentless talented tongue worked it’s magic on her. He worked his tongue lower to mop up her flowing nectar, her hips bounced as she experienced a series of little orgasmic flutterings.


“Please baby, want you, I want you so much”


Her small fingers closed around his rock hard thick length, she began to pump slowly ………


“Oh Gods, yes, yes, I want you”. He could feel she was ready, he knelt, lined himself up, thrust forward, slowly, oh so slowly, he began to slide inside her, tight, moist heat. He withdrew and then thrust forward again, giving her time to adjust to his incredible size. Buffy arched her back and her neck, mouth open, eyes closed, she groaned so erotically as he thrust up deep inside the core of her need.


“Oh, God Buffy!” Spike moaned, God she felt SO good, tight, wet, glorious. Moving her hips in time with his thrusts twenty minutes of this, Buffy thought she’d explode with exquisite pleasure.


“Ooohh – Gods Spike. So big-so good, oh yeah, hard, harder OOH GODS!”


 She thrust up hard in time with his thrusts, nothing had ever, ever felt this good. She locked her ankles tightly around his waist; she could feel he was fully seated inside her. Spike thrust harder and moved his hips from side to side, sending delicious tremors all through them both. They both let out cries of pure lust, and suddenly her orgasm was upon her, she was mindless, her head thrashing from side to side, Spike cried out, “Buffy, ah, Kitten, I’m not …… going to last oh, Buffy, Buffy – Oh god Buffy, I- I love you!”


His head dropped to her neck, as his tender words washed over her he felt her nails dig into his shoulders, and the first tight clench of her orgasm. She cried out, “Spike! Oh god - I love you, you too………ooooohhhhh…………”


Her climax had tripped him over to his own, and he pumped spurt after spurt of thick semen inside her, crying out her name. Both panting hard, Spike kissed her gently, looked into her eyes.  “I do Buffy, really, I mean it, I love you”


Buffy’s stomach back-flipped and she felt as if she could burst with happiness. She pulled him towards her. “Good, because I really mean it too, I love you” They lay like that, still joined for ages. Just basking in the afterglow together.


They eventually fell asleep, but both woke later, making love again.


Buffy, singing her head off along with the radio tried to close her case again, to no avail. Opening it with a sigh, (but even that didn’t shift the big smile she had on her face) she re-arranged certain items, and decided against taking her boots, and hairdryer and took them out.


She closed the case again, and it shut with a satisfying click, and hauled it off the bed.


“Buffy…when will you be back?” Willow stood cleaning her teeth in Buffy’s bedroom doorway. She’d stood there watching her friend looking so happy for a full minute before speaking.


“Friday evening – I’ve left you some cash to cover any eventualities, and don’t forget the new washing machine comes on Wednesday I’ve paid for them to plumb it in properly, but – DON’T whatever you do let them take the old one, it goes in the garage” She was still grinning


“Right, anything else?”


“Don’t think so. You can always phone my mobile. Is Oz going to stay here?”


“He’s busy with his band, but I think he said something about Wednesday. What if…well, what if your dad phones again, what shall I tell him?”


“Tell him the truth, I’m away at the moment, and I haven’t decided what to do yet. He’s waited ten years to contact me, he wait another few weeks” Willow nodded.


“So…are you going to be on anything I can watch?” Willow asked, grinning.


“Um, not sure, the ‘live’ things I’m doing are mostly kids programs, one is a link between programs…oh, I’m on the Alan Wavecrest show, but I think they record it, so it might be on at a later date, I’ll ring you”


“Can we get that on cable?”


“Yeah, station 35.”


“Right. And now, are you going to tell me what’s given you that silly big grin that hasn’t shifted, even when you were talking about your dad?”


“Grin? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Buffy said, beaming even more. Willow smiled and shook her head.


They both heard a car draw up on the driveway.


“That’ll be Spike!” Buffy grinned and ran downstairs and opened the front door.


“Hi baby, all  finished packing?” Spike pulled her close and gave her a smacking kiss on the lips, his arm around her shoulders.


“Yeah, I haven’t taken much, just the one case, and an overnight bag”


Spike looked amazed “Wow, I’m impressed! Just show Anya and Harmony how to do it please, they always take so much, they need a truck for their clothes alone!”


“Well, I figured that if I wear the same jeans and stuff, nobody is going to see on the radio, are they?”


“Exactly! Anyway pet, time’s getting on, shall I go get the luggage and I’ll take you to the studios”


“Okay, it’s in my bedroom, I’ll just go say goodbye to Willow – oh – oh thanks Will, Spike was going to do that!”


Willow appeared at the front door, and put Buffy’s suitcase and overnight bag down.


“There you go! – Hi Spike!”


“Hi Willow, I’ll just go put these in the boot – trunk you know what I mean!” Spike grabbed the luggage and Buffy went and got her coat and purse.


“Well, see you Friday evening. Just ring me if there are any problems, okay” Buffy hugged her friend.


“You can always ring me too Will, just in case, here this is my mobile number” Spike handed Willow one of his business cards.


“Right, thanks – well go have a great time Buffy!”


Buffy grinned as she got into the car and waved to her friend, and Spike drove them to the studios to go and meet Clem.




“Hello? Cecily – Where the fuck are you – don’t tell me you’ve forgot-“


“No, um, no, I’m not Cecily, I’m her friend, Dru”


“Is she there?”


“Um, she’s not well, she had a real bad night I think she’s got a bug or something. Who is this please?”


“It’s Tucker, I’m at the studios – she was due to start shooting a new series today, Candy’s World Trip. Can I speak to her?”


“Er, um, well she’s asleep…can I get her to phone you?”


“Asleep? Oh fuck…Sweet’s just gonna LOVE this…I’ve got the worlds biggest male porn star sitting here waiting, and she’s still a fuckin’ ‘SLEEP!”


“Oh, she was with Daddy last night, he’ll be cool about things, don’t worry, she really wasn’t well”


“Well, I hope you’re right, and tell her to get her arse in here pronto, we can fix her up. Despite what you say, Sweet ain’t gonna be too happy paying the Master $10,000 a day just to sit around”


“Okay, will do, bye” Dru put the phone down and went upstairs. She opened the curtains and window in Cecily’s room. Cecily was curled up into a ball with the covers tightly round her.


Dru sat on the bed and pulled back the comforter.


“Cec…Cecily…Come on Cec…wake up!”


“Go way!”


“I’ve had this guy called Tucker on the phone for you”


“Uh…oh…wha’s –the-time?”


“It’s twenty past ten”


“Come back lunchtime”


“He said you were to go to the studios, he’ll fix you up. Something about Daddy having to pay the Master to sit around” Cecily suddenly sat up with a jolt, and wished she hadn’t. Her head swam and she felt nauseous, there was a faint smell of disinfectant in the air that added to her discomfort.


“Oh fuck, oh god…I forgot all about the movie”


“Want some coffee?” Dru stood up from the bed.


Cecily threw back the bed covers. Each movement felt like torture to her whole body. She swung around and put her feet on the floor, reaching for her purse she took out a packet of Marlboro cigarettes and a lighter.


“Ew! This floor is wet…why is the floor wet Dru?” Cecily shakily lit a cigarette, it wasn’t easy, she had the shakes so much the flame wouldn’t connect with the tip at first.


“You were sick, I cleaned it up”


“Oh, right, thanks…fuck, my head…where did we end up, where did we go last night?”


“Daddy took us dancing! We went to…The Basement, and then onto George’s No. 8, don’t you remember?” Dru had picked up the photos she’d left on the nightstand and began to look through them.


“Huh? Oh, um, yeah, yeah, that’s right” Cecily wouldn’t have remembered if she’d gone to the moon and back last night, she’d done so much coke.


The phone rang again; its piercing tone had Cecily wincing.


“Get that for me would you love, if it’s Tucker, tell him I’m in the shower and I’ll be there by lunchtime, ‘kay?” Cecily stubbed out her cigarette, and then made a concerted effort and got up out of bed, lurching to the bathroom.


“Okay!” Dru said brightly. It wasn’t Tucker, but Sweet.




“Hello princess. Where’s Cecily?”


“She’s in the shower”


“Tucker, a man at the film studios tells me she hasn’t gone to work”


“Oh she was sick in the night, but she’s okay now, she’ll be going there by lunchtime”


“Did she say that?”


“Yes Daddy, honestly”


“Okay princess, I’ll see you later”


“Bye Daddy!”


“CECILY!” Dru called.  Cecily stood up from the sink unit, pinching her nose, wiping it on the back of her finger, waiting for the rush of euphoria.




“That was Daddy”


“Is he mad at me?”


“No, I told him you were sick, but you’d be at the film studios lunchtime”


Cecily relaxed a little


“’Kay. Did you say something about coffee?”


“Sure…want breakfast?”


“Just coffee, love”




Cecily looked into the mirror at her reflection. Her eyes were a little bloodshot, she knew she was doing way too much coke and other stuff than was good for her, that and the late nights, the alcohol and lack of food was doing her no good at all, she would have to slow down. She’d get this series of six movies out of the way, and then go on a little holiday. Her head clearing, she squirted paste onto her toothbrush and began to clean her teeth. Dru appeared in the doorway, holding what looked like a photograph.


“Coffee’s on. Cec…does Spike still work at Aphrodite?” Cecily rinsed and spat, and ran the tap to clear the sink.


“Spike, um, well yeah, I think so, he’s Noiz’ manager. Why? What have you got there?” She turned to look at her friend after wiping her mouth on the towel.


“Oh…just some pictures I found”


“Let me see…oh god! I remember that beach party! Ooh! V-e-r-y arty…I don’t know why I’ve got that one” Cecily was looking at the Matinee Idol Spike photo.


“It was from when I lived here before. Has he…have you seen him, you know…recently?”


“Who, Spike? Um, oh god…let me see…not since, hold on, when did Noiz do Dallas? Let me think…oh, Easter, yeah, Easter weekend. Why – Oh Dru, don’t tell me…you don’t…”


“Don’t what?”


“You don’t still love him, do you?” Cecily looked at Dru, who just turned away and said quietly,


“Coffee’s ready”




“Oh, er, hi. I wonder if you could help me? I’ve been left several messages on my Ansa phone, I’ve been away for a few days, and these messages, well, I’m not sure if you’ve got the right person”


“What’s your name?”


“Riley Finn”


“Oh, um, right, erm, did you used to live in Sunnydale and go out with a girl called Buffy Summers?”


“Er, well, yes, yes I did, but what has that got to do with coming to some TV Studios-“


“Hold on, stay there, I won’t be a minute” Cassie put the receiver down by the phone and raced out into the corridor.




Glory turned her head and angrily hissed,


“Can’t you see I’m talking!”


“Riley Finn’s on the phone, he’s the right one, I –“


“Why didn’t you say!” Glory left the guy she was chatting to standing and barged passed Cassie into the office.


“………Checked.  Um, Sorry about that, but she’s been waiting ages for this call” Cassie said by way of an explanation to the guy. He shrugged and walked away.


Cassie went back into her office to find Glory leaning against her desk, being so sickly sweet and nice to this Riley Finn on the phone.


Cassie didn’t want to hear it, so she picked up her purse and went for coffee.




Xander thought he’d be diplomatic, and stay out of the office so that Spike and Buffy could say their goodbyes in peace.


“I’ve forgotten my sunglasses, they are in my drawer. And what are you skulking around out here for, hmm?” Cordelia asked him with a grin.


She went to go into the office.


“Cordy, don’t go in th-oh, too late” Xander frowned and turned away, rubbing the back of his head.


Cordelia went in, and came out twenty seconds later, grinning.


“They never even noticed me! Didn’t look like they were coming up for air anytime soon either! Tell Buffy I’ll wait in the car. Is Clem already down there?”


“Yes, he just took Buffy’s luggage down”


“Oh gods, will there be enough room?”


“She only had one case and an overnighter”


“Wow! I admire her restraint. Okay now listen here you, just you behave while

I’m away, d’you hear me Harris!” She grinned at him, and he grinned back.


“Spoilsport! I will. And don’t you get up to any mischief, either!”


“Moi – mischief – as if! – See you!” The lift door slid open and she left with a little wave.


The office door opened and Buffy and Spike came out.


“Ready for the ‘off’ then, well, good luck. Not that you’ll need it, but, you know” Xander said smiling.


“Thanks Xander – oh, I suggested to Spike that you and Harmony come with us to that Sweet’s party – I thought that as none of us is too keen, we can at least have a little fun together”


“Great, I’ll tell Harm later, bye then, see you Friday”


“Bye Xander. Now, I wonder where Cordelia got to?”


“She’s waiting down there in the car for you”


“Right then, are you coming down with me Spike?”


“Of course Kitten, won’t be long Xander. Don’t run off, I want you to come out with me later, to listen to some bands, okay?”


“Right” The lift doors closed taking Buffy and Spike down to the ground floor.


Spike stopped the lift between the first and second floors, and kissed Buffy.


“Going to miss you, ring me when you get there, ‘kay?”


“I will. Can I have another kiss?” Spike obliged, giving her a cuddle and whispering


“Love you”


Buffy closed her eyes and smiled, hugging him tighter, she whispered,


“Love you too. I’ll miss you” They then heard a loud banging sound and somebody shouting.


“HEY…WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE LIFT….ANYBODY STUCK IN THERE, HELLO  - HELLO!” Grinning guiltily, Spike pressed a button and the lift started again, and opened on the ground floor, to a little huddle of people around it.

Spike and Buffy stepped out, looked straight ahead, saying nothing. When they passed everyone, they both let out snorting giggles by the exit doors. Spike caught her hand.


“I won’t come out to the car, Kitten, now, get as much rest as you can okay, and don’t forget to ring me – bye babe”


“I will, I promise, bye – miss you”


“Miss you” she left, and turned back and waved, Spike mouthed


‘Love you’ Buffy grinned and mouthed ‘love you too’. Smiling, he took the stairs back up to the office.


Buffy had met Clem earlier on, and thought he was very nice. He had a slight facial deformity, but he had a lovely nature, and had promised Spike to look after Buffy for him.


“All belted in? Okay ladies, Sacramento, here we come, with a slight detour to pick up the radio interviewer in Burbank!” Buffy and Cordelia laughed as they drove off the car park.




Cassie came back from coffee, and sat behind her desk.


“Oh Cass, there you are. Now, any luck finding anything about Buffy’s father?”


“Er, erm , n-no. No, sorry. The er, the art-article just said ‘father’, d-didn’t give a name”


“Oh. Oh well, never mind, least you tried!” Glory smiled. Cassie’s brow rose in surprise. She wondered briefly what alien had beamed down and taken the REAL nasty, snarky sarcastic Glory and had put this ‘nice’ one in her place!




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