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Thanks:  Patty betaed and suggested I write this fic after an interesting trip I took.



Her breath was fogging up the mirror.

A black leather corset cinched together with a red satin cord, the bust cut
so low it barely contained her now heaving chest. The thong was even more
scandalous. A scant triangle of leather with an intricately cut design
mimicking a lace pattern, revealed tiny glimpses of her nearly completely
shaved mound. The ties on the sides were long and dangled down her hips.


He was taking it all in…pink, wet lips, hair, tits and ass encased in a
tantalizing package. He’d followed her here. The game was hers, the
predator stalking its prey. When he realized where she was leading him, he
decided to give her time to look around and get comfortable in her
surroundings before he attacked. And when he did…..


He was on her. Pressing her body into the mirror, his jean bound cock
rubbing against the flesh of her rump, his breath tickling her shoulder.

Buffy was nervous. Not only because she apparently now frequented this
interesting establishment, but because it appeared that things were going to
get quite amorous, quite soon. And they got kinda loud, not some of
the time – usually MOST of the time. There was no hiding the vocalization
of their response to one another, whether it be Spike’s feral growls,
post-coital purrs, or her own whimpers, moans - and yes, screams. Not only
that, but he loved to talk - nasty, dirty, salacious things, intertwined
with words of love and devotion. A heady mix that always made her wetter
than hell.

Spike wasn’t about to wait.

This was no time for gentle foreplay or teasing. He figured when you’re
about to ‘see to your girl’ in the dressing room of a fetish shoppe, it
should be hard and fast, with all the kink they could muster.

Nipping his way down her neck, Buffy quivered as she heard the sound of the
vampire’s belt being undone and his zipper lowered. The anticipation making
her loins ache; her breath hitching when he entered her in one quick thrust.
Grabbing her hips Spike proceeded to pound her against the mirror they
were both facing, too lost in the feel of the fuck to notice the erotic view
that was reflected back at them.

“You love it, don’t you?”

It was a statement not a question.

“Say it….” He continued between hard thrusts, “Tell me you love me…..fuckin’
you…..givin’ it to you….good. Say it!”

“God! I…..I….love it!” Buffy panted out. It never failed to excite her
more when he was demanding like this. He knew what he wanted and was going to take it.

She'd stopped questioning ‘why’ long ago, figuring if the vampire
could at times make love to her with the tenderest touch and sweetest words,
the slayer could sometimes be controlled by that vampire and made to
bend at his will.

So into the act, they nearly missed the bored comment from the shop clerk
passing the dressing stall. “Remember, you fuck in it, you buy it.”

*Not a problem.* thought Spike. Not that he had many worries when he was in
the middle of screwing his dream girl; the only true worry being that he
would have to stop.

Buffy on the other hand was a bit mortified until Spike started rubbing and
pinching her swollen clit. At which point her mind conveniently pacified her
by remembering just what kind of store she was in. *Oh hell, we’re adding


About the time she focused fully back on her very enthusiastic mate, her
internal muscles seized and she cried out in the rush of climax, Spike right
behind her in release.

They stayed there. Buffy panted against the chilled mirror, while he soaked
up her heat and breathed in the smell of her.

The slayer enjoyed the embrace. His touch was firm and his body so solid.
She let out a contented sigh that made him growl. The little vibrations
from her moan reverberated through her body to his dick, still
encased in her hot, wet depths.

Quickly pulling his re-hardening member back into his pants, he zipped up and
spun Buffy around for a hard demanding kiss. “Stay.” He commanded, before
he exited the changing stall.

Buffy’s eyebrows rose in question. *O-kay?* she thought to herself. She
stood there for a few minutes, shifting her weight from foot to foot,
fidgeting. Just as she was about to get dressed and go searching for her
missing vampire, Spike stormed back into the room.

“Put these on,” was his simple instruction as he shoved a handful of fabric
into her arms and proceeded to shake his duster off followed by his
trademark black tee.

Sitting down on the bench to tend to his boots he noticed Buffy hadn’t moved,
she was just standing there ogling him. Pausing his actions, he said, “Come
on then, Luv. What are you waiting for?”

With a devilish grin and a tilt of her hip she replied matter-of-factly,
“But if we ‘fuck in it, we buy it’.”

Spike smirked. “Consider it bought. Now, hurry up. I can’t wait to see
you.” And, with that, he went back to relieving himself of his boots and

As he did so, Buffy began to sift through the garments he had picked out for
her. The black silky fabric of the top was cool and slippery in her hands.
It was designed to tightly mold to her torso while loosely draping over her
breasts. The slide of the fabric against her sensitive flesh tickled her
ribs and caressed her hardened nipples. The black lacy garters and
stockings completed the ensemble – well, almost. She looked around for the
missing panties when out of the corner of her eye she noticed….Spike
swinging a small piece of black fabric from his index finger.

“Looking for these, Luv? I don’t think you’ll be needing these anytime
soon.” He finished with a sexy leer as he tossed the lace onto the fucked
in/to be purchased pile of clothing.

She made it a torturous show. Drawing up the stockings on each leg slowly
and fastening them to the garters at an even more leisurely pace. Spike
tried to touch but was reprimanded by a teasing slap on the offending hand
and a ‘tsk’ that he knew meant he was doomed to wait till the task was
completed. *Why? Why, did I have to pick up the garters?* he thought to
himself as he watched her continue to dress. He couldn’t take the wait and
began to gently stroke himself as he watched her.

Buffy stood before him, pussy proudly framed by the fabric of the garters.

“Fucking gorgeous, you are,” he said in a dry whisper, looking at her from
head to toe repeatedly, eyes blackened with lust. Shaking himself out of
his stupor, he cleared his throat and gave an order. “Come here.”

She stepped toward him as he eyed her hungrily. Putting his hand out he
began to stroke her mound, urging her to get on the bench with him. Allowing
him to guide her so she was facing him, straddling his legs, he rubbed her
more urgently and tilted his head to kiss a trail along her collarbone, up
her neck and jaw and ending at her mouth. At the same moment he plunged his tongue into her mouth, two calloused fingers delved into her soaking pussy.

Buffy moaned into his mouth. Without thought, she began to raise and lower
her body on his fingers as her hands threaded through his hair to find a
tight grip.

“That’s a girl.” He spoke to her softly, while listening to her quick
breaths and the wet sound of her dripping cunny working itself on his
slickened digits. It was always hard for him to believe that his fingers
could make her this wet. Feeling her tighten around his fingers he quickly
pulled them out and lowered her onto his throbbing girth.

Buffy came loudly in response to the new penetration, jerking around for a
bit before being able to start the process anew by slowly rocking her body
against his.

Spike uncovered her breasts and began to suckle roughly, placing need and
want in his actions. When he wasn’t sucking his tongue would work circles
over her nipples, to be followed by nipping teeth. He loved her tits, and
she loved the attention he showered on them, often holding his head to her
chest to maintain the contact, like she was doing now.

She slowly gained stealth riding him harder, squeezing him tighter, and
grinding her pelvis powerfully against his. When he began to grunt with
impending release, she eased a hand in between their bodies to her clit,
rubbing furiously so they could come together.

As one, they groaned their pleasure.


The looks they received from the clerks and the patrons of the shop did not
go unnoticed by the couple, but they were just a little too relaxed to care
at the moment. Buffy held on tightly to Spike as he quickly paid for the
garments, and they took their leave.

Climbing into the De Soto, Buffy huffed and apologetically eyed Spike.
“Ummm….. Spike, I think I forgot something.”

“What? Do you want me to go….” But before he could finish his sentence he
was interrupted.

“Uh, no! No. That’s okay. I’ll go.” And with that, she hurried back to the


Buffy hoped it had worked. She couldn’t lie very well,  especially not
to Spike. But she wanted to surprise him. And, oh boy would she surprise
him later.

“Ummmm….” she stuttered to the clerk. “Can I have this added to the
charge?” she said as she held up the item.

“Of course…..” the girl began, but before she could finish the statement the
young blonde pushed the leather cock ring in her pocket and rushed back to
the awaiting auto.

Buffy couldn’t suppress the faint sly grin that was plastered on her face
when she seated herself.

“Did you get it?” Spike questioned.

“Yeah. Yes, I did.” She replied a little too perkily.

With a raised eyebrow he turned his attention back to the road. He didn’t
know what this was all about, but he figured he’d find out – later.

~Fin~  Well, maybe.