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Thanks:  To Pipergirl for betaing.




“Hope you got a nice look-see, Pet. It’s the last you’ll be doing of that for awhile.”

Chills ran up and down Buffy’s spine as the soft, silkened fabric was wrapped securely in place around her eyes. Her mate spoke to her in that low and sexy drawl he knew made her loins ache and knees weak. *God! Does he know how to welcome a gal home or what!* she thought as her mind started to swirl, picturing what Spike had up his sleeve.


All she knew was that Spike had excused himself from patrol tonight – which was highly irregular considering how he ‘liked to get his violence on’, and when he failed to greet her when she returned home she felt nervous. Bad nervous.  Bounding up the staircase calling for him, Buffy entered their bedroom and was relieved and without a doubt more than a little tingly to see that candles were lit and the bed was encased only in blood red satin sheets. *Sneaky vampire* That’s when she was grabbed tightly by the arms, and her body was pressed hard face first against the now closed bedroom door.


“Blindfold’s not too tight is it Pet?” Spike for his part could barely contain his:

1) Childlike giddiness at having the love of his unlife (and life too, as it were) so willing to play kinky little games.

2) Complete horniness that Buffy was becoming totally aroused by her new sub-role.

3) Unyielding love for a slayer who could look past the vampire – the ‘Slayer of Slayers’ – and could trust him enough to surrender her sight, her body and being.

“No, just right, thanks for asking.” Came her quiet reply.

Swallowing the chuckle he felt at Buffy’s polite response, he gathered her arms at the wrists and tied them behind her back with the same smooth fabric, hopefully clueing her in to the fact that politeness wasn’t really on tonight’s menu. Giving her a not so subtle nudge forward Spike said, “Let’s get you scrubbed up. I like my pets nice and clean before I make them all dirty.” He punctuated his remark my giving her a hearty slap on the ass.

“Hey! What’s that about?” She knew she was being a bit of a drama queen about the gesture but hey, she was feelin’ sassy thinking about how:

1) She was about to be thoroughly ravished.

2) Her boyfriend couldn’t be any more strong, handsome, cute, sexy, cool, kinky and completely into her.

3.) Damn! He’s a creative and a total Zeus in the sack!

The bleached vamp took a step to her side, crouched down so his lips moved whisper soft against her ear and in that ever-present, low purring tone replied, “I’m warning you right now, luv. I’ll have none of that, none of your insolence tonight. In fact, I suggest you remain silent unless I ask you to speak.” Buffy felt him smile against her ear before he placed a very wet, very noisy puckered smooch on her soft cheek to remind and reassure her all of this was in fun. As he started to move back behind her to continue their trek to the bath he added, “Oh – but feel free to moan and scream when necessary.”

Spike pressed in close to Buffy’s back to guide her as they walked forward.  When her hands brushed over his obvious excitement she couldn’t restrain a bright idea.  With glee in her heart and wetness between her legs, the fierce little blonde took one bound palm and vigorously cupped his erection.

“Oi! Like your toys do ya, kitten?” He stopped and with fierceness to his voice continued, “You’ll be gettin’ plenty of that later pet, I assure you, but don’t push me.” Placing a flat hand on the small of her back he gave her a hard push, making her almost stumble into the bathroom.

Spike embraced her in a harsh, wanton manner. The deep kiss that followed mimicked his needful clutch on her body; his tongue plundered her mouth, just as his hands traipsed over her body, taking whatever they could.  He couldn’t wait any longer. Needed to be near her, flesh to flesh, breathing her, feeling her, taking her.

The Slayer’s breathing was ragged and heavy with want. She could feel his muscles rippling against her body; feel his breath on her neck. The pleasure was mind-boggling.

Adeptly removing her boots he pawed his way back up her body. Buffy heard a noise around her shoulder then rrrriiipppp.  Her shirt was torn from her body. She heard the noise again and realized that Spike was using his fangs to divest her of her garments. And while that was very arousing this was also her favorite bra (very supportive on patrol)!

“Hey fang face! How about...”  She was stopped from completing the sentence by a hand over her mouth.

“PET! How about …”

Her bra was snatched off, and his hands grabbed her jeans and jerked them open without regard to the button fly. Buffy heard them ‘ping’ off the walls and onto the floor. Spike continued his animalistic removal of her clothing by shoving her jeans down and off her legs and ripping off her panties.

“…you mind the rules…”

She could hear (and in her mind’s eye could see) Spike ridding himself of his t-shirt, heard a zziippp, and the sound of denim being pushed down agile and muscular legs and cast aside.  For an instant she was saddened that she wasn’t able to gaze at his stunning body, because it never failed to take her breath away.

He pushed her down to her knees roughly, and shoved his cock into her stunned gasping mouth. “…and suck my dick!”

Growling and thrusting his hips slightly, Spike removed Buffy’s hair clip and tossed it to the ground, allowing her hair to drop softly over the back of her blindfold and around her shoulders. He wound his hands in the back of her silky tresses that with one touch always made him just a little more hard.  As he held her head still he started to thrust deeper and harder until he felt the tip of his cock reach the back of her throat.

Shock! She was shocked! Well, shocked and highly aroused, but WOW! Spike’s growling only got louder as Buffy came out of her stupor and started maneuvering her tongue and moaning around the velvet-fleshed rod invading her mouth.

And she sucked. Sucked like his dick was the straw to the thickest milkshake she ever drank--and she wanted to drink deep throatfuls of it. *Maybe I’ll get a brain freeze from his cool cum?* she thought heedlessly, never stopping once to think what she was allowing a man she once called her enemy to do.

The demon and the man continued to drive their way home in the slayers’ mouth.  Pleasure so intense his brain was telling both man and beast it was imaginary; but his unnecessary pants and the sight of her below made it gloriously real.

“Ahhhhhh!...God Pet!...You suck so good!...OOOOHHHHH!” He lost his wad, cumming in her mouth again and again. One spasm freed his member from the warm confines of her mouth and he lost it on her lips and chin.

Unable to think straight when he saw Buffy’s tongue dart out and clean his fluids from her lips, Spike grabbed his bound partner and pulled her to her feet once again. Clutching her closer, he kissed her ravenously tasting himself in her mouth while he fumbled with the shower controls.  He slowly stepped into the shower drawing Buffy in after him.

Buffy gasped as she was placed in the hot shower. Her mind flooded with sensations as her other senses kicked into overdrive. She was amazed at what she could feel, hear taste, and smell; his muscles twitching as he shampooed her hair, the pointless breathing cushioned by a faint purr as he cleaned her body, the salty-sweet aftertaste of his cum, and she could smell him – not the odors of leather and tobacco that normally get mixed with it – but him. It had to be primal to know the essence of her love, her mate, so well.

“You doing ok kitten?” The low, almost melodic voice came as he was standing in front of her.  He could see the inner dialogue play on her face questioning whether or not to answer.  “It’s ok, I asked you a question.”


“Good, we can move on then, yeah?”

“Yes…..please.”  She was anxious for more.

As he continued to hold her in a tight embrace, kissing and trailing his hands over her flesh, he started to rock his erection into her mons. Spike loved the way she was breathing so deep the air rumbled in her throat. He knew her want. It made him ache to feel the deepest recesses of her body.

Buffy’s breath hitched when his still soapy finger rimmed around her puckered entrance and deftly slipped in.

*Oh!* She contemplated telling him to stop, but as the sensations became more and more pleasurable her mouth couldn’t form the words.

Her breathing deepened and was accompanied by occasional moans as he continued to rock his cock against her pussy in rhythm with the trusting of his finger in her ass. A second finger joined the first in the tight passage and her arousal climbed.

Spike couldn’t believe it took all this time to gain entrance into her virgin hole; his dick pulsed with self-congratulatory praise for his success. He knew it turned her on to think about it – he could of course tell, and knew she knew he could tell. *It’s not like she should think I’d ever give up trying. I’ll make her sorry she waited so long.* Inserting a third digit, he knelt down and licked her pink moist folds, lapping up her juice in long, languid strokes.  His pointed tongue moved to her sexual nerve center, vigorously flicking at it as he filled her pussy with two fingers from his free hand, keeping time with the other

 “Ugh…..ugh…..ugh…..UGH…,” Buffy had no idea how her legs were still holding her upright. She was delirious and had almost lost her balance a couple of times, as being bound and sightless took its toll on her stability, but her lover would sense it and use the tension in his hands and his forehead to steady her. The sensations were too much.

With a scream she blacked out

Hearing her heart beat steadily, Spike carried his blonde goddess out of the shower and leaned her limp body on the sink counter where he took about the task of toweling her body and hair dry. *Know how to fuck my woman good and proper, I do.* he thought with a satisfied smirk.


Buffy came to, surprised to find herself dry, without her blindfold, and spread eagle face-down on the silky sheets she had only gotten a glimpse of when the evening started. The crimson bedding felt so sensual against her skin.


“Pet, the rules still apply……don’t.” His voice was even and calm but held warning.

He was straddling her upper thighs, rubbing her back, shoulders and arms with oil that smelled musky and minty at the same time. His slippery generous fingers worked every muscle. They moved around to caress her sides and snuck between the mattress and her body to cup and knead her chest.

“Christ, Pet,” he half moaned into her ear, leaning his chest against her back and allowing his cock to settle in the cradle of her sex, “you have such sweet tits. Could spend days on end doing nothing more than feeling, licking and sucking them.” Spike let himself linger until he had her nipples pebble hard, then released them to venture southward. Resuming his oil-rich massage on her upper thighs, he gradually worked his way down her legs and feet, making camp at the sites that elicited a groan or gasp. He shifted back to sit astride Buffy’s thighs. Target – virgin territory.

It was a good thing she was tied up and expected to do very little, because that vampire could give one hell of a massage, and Buffy was utterly boneless. She was convinced that if he had kept up his ministrations she would have fallen into a coma, a happy one, but a coma none the less.  She had already gone unconscious once tonight and she didn’t want to miss out on anything. Her mind focused back on his caress as it moved from her legs, to her back, and centered on her curvy bottom. As Spike worked her fleshy globes into oblivion she paid no heed as he knelt, and bent forward.

Buffy jumped and arched her body off the bed when she felt Spike licking and lightly probing her rear cavity with his tongue. *Ass freak* she thought.  But once again let him continue, because if she was honest with herself, she’d like to come as hard as she did in the shower for a second time and wondered if the nerve endings in her rear reached some sort of cut-off switch in her brain.  He increased the pressure on her opening. “Ohhhhh!” *Damn! Boyfriend being an ass freak maybe not so bad after all.*

Spike sat up and grabbed a couple of pillows from the head of the bed to put under her stomach. “Pet, lift your bottom up for a second,” emphasizing his words with a quick rub of her tush.

The bound woman struggled with his request, but managed. Spike placed the pillows under her and allowed her time to get used to the new position while he sat back on his heels between her spread legs and stroked himself, taking in the view of the two holes his dick would be plundering. Seeing her luscious bottom wiggle, his restraint had reached the finish line. Without warning or ceremony, he grabbed her hips and plunged deep within her quim, eliciting a deep moan from Buffy.

How many times had they done this? Buffy didn’t know. She’d lost any kind of count long ago; it always felt like it was the first time when he slipped his notable manhood into her, filling her up each and every time, stretching her to her limits. She hoped she never got used to the feeling.

“Oh Pet…….Love……..always so……….always so wet for me……………God you’re beautiful!” Two oiled fingers being slid into her ass capped the declaration. To his surprise - she didn’t clench. *Saucy wench* At such a positive response to his manual actions, Spike slowly retracted his thick length from her cunt and his fingers from her rear.

“Kitten, give it a try and I promise you, you’ll love it.” His belled tool rested only a second at her puckered hole before he nudged the head in.

Buffy let out a strained, whimpered cry, but rocked back just a bit to let him know to continue.  The pleasure-pain response from her body was exhilarating.  

Spike carefully slid his shaft in, “That’s right; take it all in, all the way. You feel so good Love.” When her breathing became less distressed and her body loosened up a bit, he began to thrust gingerly. Buffy began to make pleasurable grunts and groans in time with the rhythmic movements of their joined bodies. Time passed and the movements increased in urgency and vigor, each needing to reach completion. Buffy started to tremble when he began to stroke her clit, until her moans became a shuttered scream reaching her peak. Her body involuntary flexed and quivered around him. One, two, three more thrusts and Spike crested as well, unable to fight off his body’s automatic movements.

Draped over Buffy, Spike recovered enough to untie her ankles and wrists. He rolled over, pulling Buffy to lie on top of him.

After a moment, she raised her head to look at him, “Can I talk now?”

“Please do, Love.”

“Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad you’re an ass freak. I liked it.”

Spike chuckled and started to softly stroke her back, “I don’t know about ‘ass freak.’ I’m pretty much equally enamored of all your orifices.”

“Good to know. I think?” Buffy crinkled up her face not sure how to respond to such a statement. After a few reflective moments she broke the silence, “Love you.”

“Love you too,” Spike said raising his head to give her a smile full of adoration and a kiss on the nose. “You know, it’s your turn to come up with the next game.”

“Don’t I know it,” Came the all too quick and terribly assured reply. 


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