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Part 2

"How do you go about
Tying a bow about love?

Where is a package sold
So big that it'll hold love?"

Tugging her up onto her knees, Spike peeled the black
lace down, helping her pull her arms from the straps. When
he was finished, she was bare to the waist, the skirt of the
gown spread around her like a black rose in full bloom.

Buffy reached for the buttons of his shirt and undid them,
one by one, slowly. As her fingers dallied, he amused
himself by playing with her hair. Smoothing it down with his
hand, he gathered it in two handfuls and brought them around
to her chest, arranging it so that the honey colored tresses
covered her breasts, then brushing it aside and replacing it
with his hands.

He squeezed and fondled her soft curves, rubbing his thumbs
back and forth across her nipples until they were hard and
Buffy's breathing sped up.

"That feel good, baby?" he asked, a smug grin on his good
looking face.

Buffy smiled. "Yeah," she replied, sliding his shirt down his
arms and off. She tossed it onto the floor, then copied his
actions with her hands on his chest. Wetting her index fingers
in her mouth, she teased the flat copper circles until they
were as hard as hers. "Does that?"

It felt so good that he developed an instant erection, and had
to loosen his pants. She intercepted his hand and did the honors

The top snap of his jeans popped open, and she grasped the
zipper tab and started pulling it down, smiling when the pressure
being placed on it from the other side caused it to part on its own.

"My, someone's eager to come out and play," she said.

Spike slid his hands up and held her face between them. "Kiss
me," he demanded roughly.

Quite willing to do anything he asked, Buffy parted her lips
and moistened them with her tongue. A soft growl from her lover's
throat punctuated her action, then his lips covered hers with an
urgency that made her dizzy.

"Love's what you're getting for Christmas
That's what you'll get from me
The only thing I wonder is how to put it under
Your tree....Christmas Morning."

As they kissed, Buffy slipped her fingers into the sides
of his jeans, then began tugging them down over his
slim hips.

Spike broke away from her long enough to rid
himself of the remainder of his clothing, then yanked
her back into his arms.

Turning, he fell backwards onto the bed, taking her
with him.

"Oh,," he whispered against her throat. "You
feel so damn good."

Buffy placed her hands on either side of him and
straightened her arms. Hovering over him, she smiled
and offered him her breasts.

Spike took what she was offering, holding the soft mounds
in his hands and caressing them, using his thumbs and
forefingers to play with the hard tips.

After a few moments of this play, he wanted more.

"Come on, luv," he coaxed her. "Let me taste."

Buffy hesitated for a moment, as though she was
thinking it over, then lowered herself just enough to feel
the tip of his tongue on one nipple.

"More," he demanded harshly, grabbing her shoulders
and pulling her down.

Buffy's eyes drifted shut as he opened his mouth and
took her breast in, sucking it gently as he swirled his tongue
around the hard peak in his mouth.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "That's my baby." She arched her
back, pushing more of her flesh into his mouth.

Spike changed his tempo, and began sucking harder, nipping
her with his teeth. He moved from one breast to the other,
making sure to caress whichever one he wasn't sucking.

He broke away long enough to issue a demand. "Spread your

Buffy obeyed, distributing her weight onto her knees.

Spike's hand moved down her back and over her rear. Squeezing it
firmly, he began to pull her gown up until it was gathered around
her waist.

With one hand cupped over her ass, he sent the other one back
around front, delving between her legs.

His first touch was light. Spike moved one finger, locating her
clit, and rubbing it.

"Spike!" she gasped, enthralled by what he was doing.

"What?" he asked.

Buffy clenched her teeth. "More!"

"More of what, love?"

She tried to move her hips down, seeking what she wanted, what
he was teasing her with. "Damn it!" she hissed. "I swear...if
you want to live to see your next metaphorical'd
better give me...what I...want!"

"Can't write to Santa and
Just ask the man to send love
There's no shop to drop in
For last minute shoppin for love."

Spike slipped his finger in, probing deeply as he
rubbed her clit with his thumb. "That better?"

Buffy's face was slack with pleasure. "Mm-hmm," she
murmured. She could say nothing more, too steeped
in the erotic rush of sensation to make much sense.

A few moments later, Spike withdrew his fingers from
her. Without missing a beat, he rolled them both over
until she was beneath him.

Before she could even squeak, he began licking his way
down her body. Lingering for a moment in the shallow cup
of her navel, he made her giggle by running his tongue
around it.

Continuing his way down, he made himself comfortable between
her splayed thighs, slipped his hands under her bottom, and lifted
her sex within reach of his nimble tongue.

Buffy's entire body jerked with the first rush of sensation. She
began to slowly raise and lower her hips, encouraging him in his
ministrations with her soft whines and purrs of pleasure.

"My baby likes that, doesn't she?" he murmured. "She likes it when
I eat her pussy."

Buffy nodded. "She loves it when you eat her pussy," she corrected
him. "Drives her...crazy."

Lowering his head again, he licked her roughly several times, then
eased his tongue slowly inside of her, probing deeply and sucking
at the same time. "Mmmm," he moaned, giving her the extra bonus
of vibration.

Panting, Buffy's fingers began to play with his silky curls. "Oh, yes,"
she whispered hoarsely. "More, baby...feels so good..."

Spike sped up the thrusts of his tongue, until he was literally fucking
her with it. Harder and faster, he plunged it in, then pulled it out, pausing
sometimes to suck at her clit.

"Spike..." Buffy choked. "I'm gonna come, baby...yes..ah, God....Yes!"

He broke away just long enough to say, "Do it, babe....come in my mouth.
Want to taste it."

She bucked and gyrated beneath him, as heat burned in her groin. Her
head thrashed on the pillow, as she ground herself against his eager

Climax erupted within her core, then spread through her like an out
of control forest fire. She could hear ragged whimpers and soft screams,
and knew that they were coming from her throat.

When it finally began to subside, Spike sat up and wiped his
face with the back of his hand. His erection was throbbing, almost to
the point of pain. "Buffy?"

Her hazy eyes opened and she looked at him, holding out her
arms. "Come here, honey."

He fell into her embrace, kissing her wildly. "You do it," he panted
in her ear. "Put me inside you."

Smiling, she reached down between their bodies and took hold of
his cock. Placing it in position, she rubbed the head of it against her
labia, eliciting a harsh grunt from her lover. "All the way in, baby," she

With one thrust, Spike gave her what she'd been aching for. His
cock slid into her wet passage, and when he was completely sheathed
in her, he paused to grind it into her, rubbing his pubic bone against
her sensitive clit.

They were too aroused to start off slowly, so Spike didn't hesitate. He
began to pump into her, hard and deep. Their bodies merged and separated
with a moist slapping sound.

Giving up his attempt to hold himself up, he lowered his weight onto
her, burying his face against the side of her neck.

"," he moaned. "You feel so fucking tight and
wet...unh...yeah...fuck me...come on, baby...fuck me hard...that's my
girl...make it tight...YEAH!...that's the way...such a tight

He kissed her lips and her neck, licking the sweat off her shoulders. Bending
his head, he sought the lush curves of her breast. His tongue swirled
wetly around her nipple, then he took it into his mouth and began to suck.

Buffy felt every pull of his mouth as her sex contracted, clamping
down even tighter on his shaft. She dug her nails into his back, and the
slight sting spurred him on, made him pound in even faster.

When Spike sensed that she was on the verge of another climax,
he couldn't hold back. Five deep thrusts later, he exploded inside of
her, grinding it in as he ejaculated copiously.

He collapsed on top of her, panting for unnecessary air and telling
her over and over again that he loved her, that he would always love
only her.

"Love's what you'll get for Christmas
Christmas morning you'll see
A beautiful present of love wrapped up in me."

"Happy Christmas, Slayer."

"MERRY Christmas. How many times do I have to tell you? Merry
is for Christmas and happy is for new year."

There was a long pause.

"Season's greetings, Slayer."

"Same to you, honey."

Part 3
"She's an out bound, mellow down
Easy feet on garden ground
Sunny weathered good time child."

"Come on, luv...wake up!"

"No, thanks."

Spike gave her shoulder a gentle shake, then swatted her
lightly on the behind. "Hey! You're gonna sleep right through

Buffy rolled over in bed. "I was dreaming," she mumbled, her
voice slurred with sleep. "Then YOU gotta come along and wake
me up right when I'm getting to the good part."

"Come on." He prodded her insistently. "Time to go downstairs
and see if Santa was good to you this year."

"Santa was pretty good to me last night." She gave him a sassy
smile. "And he also gave me a beautiful necklace."

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she stretched and sat
up, surprised at what she saw. "You're already dressed."

"Yeah," he nodded. "For a couple of hours.'s your

Buffy looked him over. He even had his boots on. "Did you go

Spike ignored the question. "Get your lazy arse out of bed,

"Well, what's the hurry?" she whined. "You got a bus to catch?"

He whipped the blankets off of her, leaving her only the
sheet. "Up!"

"Oh, come on," she said teasingly. "Wouldn't you rather come
back to bed? I'll give you an early...."

Spike cut her off. "I'll take you up on that offer later. BUT, if
you're not out of that bed and getting dressed by the time I
count ten...I'll take you downstairs the way you are, Morning

Pretty sure that this was no idle threat, and considering the
fact that all she had was her new necklace and a big smile,
Buffy did what she was told.

Rolling reluctantly out of bed, she pulled on the sweater and
jeans he tossed to her, grumbling under her breath about bossy
vampires who were dumb enough to piss off a slayer.

"It isn't the first time," he said, steering her out of the room
and down the stairs. "Doubt if it'll be the last."

"She's got a sweet, warm, break the storm
Custom tailored, angel form
Unrestricted open smile."

In the living room, the tree lights were glowing cheerfully,
and there were several packages under it that she hadn't
placed there.

But, her eyes were drawn to the mantle over the fireplace. A
large, red velvet stocking hung in the middle of it, a stocking
that she'd never seen before, and in that stocking was...

Buffy gasped, her eyes wide with surprise. "Oh...look at
that." Crossing the room quickly, she lifted out a small and
squirming bundle that was peeking it's head out of the stocking.

Cuddling the puppy against her cheek, she looked back
at Spike. "Is that where you went this morning?" she
asked. "To get this puppy?"

"Yeah. Red took care of her for me last night," he said. "I
had a hell of a time getting her to give it back."

Buffy laughed. "So, when you asked me last night if I
wanted a'd already gotten it?"

"That's right."

"And just what were you gonna do if I hadn't wanted

"Oh, come on, Slayer," he grinned. "Every little girl wants
a puppy."

"Everyone around her
Is hung up on space and time
But still she stays a bright eyed child
With Christmas on her mind."

The tiny dog began wriggling in Buffy's arms, making her
giggle like the child he'd just mentioned.

"D'ya fancy her, luv?"

"Are you kidding me?" she asked in disbelief. "I already
love her. I always wanted a dog, but my mom thought it
was too much responsibility for me."

Spike slipped his arms around her waist, laying his chin
on her shoulder. "What are you gonna name her...and don't
even suggest it," he added when she opened her mouth to

"Suggest what?"

"What you were about to suggest. I may not be the demon
I was once, s'pecially after falling in love with you, but I draw
the line at having a poodle named after me." He grinned and
kissed her cheek. "Now, if it was a pit bull..."

Buffy sat down on the floor, placing the puppy on her feet.

"She doesn't have to talk a lot
Ain't you glad for what you've got
Pollyanna country dream.
She's not above temptations of
Cloudy, deep November love
Or pennies in a gum machine."

"She's so cute," Buffy said. "So tiny and delicate."

Watching the dog gambol around the room with it's
clumsy puppy bounce, she suddenly snapped her

"I know! We should give her a really fierce name like
"Killer" or something, so the other puppies will know
better than to push her around because she's small."

Spike appeared to be pondering the notion. "This reminds
me of something, what is it? Cute..tiny..fierce name hinting
death..don't mess with her if you know what's good for you,"
he mused. "It's right on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't..."

"Very funny," she said, giving him a push. The puppy
trotted by, and she scooped it up in one hand. Lifting it
to her cheek, she laughed when a little pink tongue darted
out and swiped her with a doggy kiss. "You need a name,
don't you? Hmm? What sounds good to you?"

"Even in the summer
She can see the signs
That keep her on the honest road
With Christmas on her mind."

The puppy yipped loudly, and a door flew open upstairs.

"What was THAT?!" Dawn came pelting down the stair-
case. "It sounded like...oh my GOD!" she squealed. "It

Buffy smiled at her sister, framed in the doorway. "Isn't
she adorable?" she asked, holding the puppy up for

Spike joined them on the floor. Leaning back against the
sofa, he crossed his arms over his chest and watched
fondly as the two people he loved most in the world
played with their new pet.

In the end, it was Dawn who came up with the perfect name.

"What about 'Christmas'? We could call her 'Crissy' for

Buffy was agreeable, and Spike was happy the decision
was finally made.

"Christmas it is then," he said firmly, handing the puppy
over to Dawn. "There's a bag in the kitchen with dog
food and some toys. Why don't you take her and see if
she's hungry, then come back and see what else Santa
left for the Summers girls." He turned and looked directly
at Buffy. "Who have been SO good all year."

She smiled and winked at him.

"She goes down points of view
On anybody's avenue
Looking for the sweeter side.
She's a knock on wood, look for good
Crimson ribbon riding hood
Movin on the downhill ride."

Dawn had barely cleared the doorway when her older
sister jumped into Spike's waiting arms.

"I HAVE been a good little girl, haven't I?"

Spike nodded. "Yes, you have, luv...and last night..." He
growled in her ear. "You were spectacular."

Buffy dropped her eyes in a show of modesty. "I'll bet
you say that to all the slayers."

He was about to kiss her, when the doorbell rang.

"Who the hell is that?" he frowned.

"That's our company," Buffy explained. "Christmas day,

He just looked at her.

"Honey...we went over all this," she said. "It's all about
friends and family."

Spike rolled his eyes in obvious frustration.

"The exchange of gifts," she went on. "The having of
dinner." The doorbell buzzed again. "The NOT leaving
them outside in the cold. Sound familiar?"

"Weaving through the arguments
In delicate designs
With rainbows at her open door
And Christmas on her mind."

"Fine," Spike said. "Let the festivities begin." He
grabbed her hand as she began to stand up. "Keep
in mind that I have another "present" for you, and
if you unwrap it in front of everyone, it could be

Her cheeks tinted with a pink blush, Buffy slipped out
of his arms and stood up. Bending at the waist, she
cupped his face in her hands and kissed him, long and

"Then I'll unwrap it later, when I can thank you for it
properly," she said sweetly. "I think you'll find that I can
be a VERY grateful girl when I'm treated right."

He caught her hand to keep her there. "Baby," he said
seriously, "I'm gonna treat you right like you have NEVER
been treated before."

She had to kiss him for saying it, and she did just
that as the doorbell rang...and rang...and rang...

"Yes, rainbows at her open door
And Christmas on her mind."

~The End~