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Part nineteen....
"Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology..."
"Buffy!  Are you about ready?"
What a question. She was as ready as she was
ever going to be to start a new grade, at a new school
where she only knew a handful of people...a small
Calling down something affirmative to her mother, Buffy
took one last look in the mirror before she scooped up
her book bag and ran downstairs. 
In the kitchen, her mom was pouring juice and shaking
vitamins out of a bottle. She looked up and smiled when
her daughter walked in. "You look nice, honey."
"Thanks," Buffy replied briefly, accepting the vitamins and
swallowing them down with a swig of orange juice.
After changing her clothes four times, she had finally
decided on her short waisted white sweater with elbow
length sleeves and her blue denim almost-mini skirt. Want-
ing to give herself a little stature, she'd zipped her feet
into her knee high boots, then finished the outfit with a
white elastic hair band.
"How about breakfast?" her mother asked. "Some eggs,
maybe?  Cereal?"
"Ugh...Mom," Buffy groaned. "I'm way too nervous to
eat. I'll just have toast...with boysenberry jam. And maybe
a granola bar."   She pulled open the fridge and examined
it's contents. "Where's the leftover pizza?"
"Bottom shelf," Joyce answered, cracking eggs into a bowl
and scrambling them into a pastel yellow froth. "Sweetie,
don't be nervous. You'll do just fine at Sunnydale High. You
already know some of the kids...and Mr. Giles will be there
in the library. And of course, William will be there."
Her mom's deliberately casual tone made Buffy smile. Joyce
wanted so much for her to confide her feelings for the "boy
next door" but Buffy wasn't ready for any heart-to-hearts on
the subject. 
Their relationship was still so new, so tender, and so wildly
exciting that she wanted to hug it to herself and not expose
it to endless question and answer sessions. 
Joyce scooped mounds of fluffy scrambled eggs onto
two plates. Without a word, she placed one in front of her
daughter, satisfied when Buffy picked up a fork and began
to eat.
When the toast popped up, she grabbed the jam from the
refrigerator and brought it to the table. Buffy reached for a piece
and slathered a thick layer of boysenberry preserves over it's
surface. "Good," she pronounced, her voice slightly garbled.
"You sure you don't need me to take you today?" Joyce
asked, sipping coffee. "I don't mind."
Buffy shook her head. "No. I'd rather go with William."  She
looked up suddenly, hoping she hadn't hurt her mom's
feelings. "I..I don't mean that the way it sounds. I just..I
thought...you know...you shouldn't be late for work and...."
Joyce held up one hand to stifle the flow of words. "Honey,
don't worry. I'm not offended that you'd prefer to be driven
to school by a handsome young man in a Ferrari. Much cooler
than being dropped off by your mom in a dusty five year old
"It's not that..." Buffy began to protest. Joyce, however,
shook her head and smiled.
"Buffy...believe it or not I was sixteen once myself. And I'm
not so terribly decrepit that I've forgotten what it's like. Besides,"
she added, gathering up their dirty dishes, "I have a mountain
of work waiting for me. It'll be good to get an early start."
Jumping to her feet, Buffy snuck up behind her mother as
she stood at the sink and threw her arms around her. She
gave her a tight squeeze and a loud, smacking kiss on the
back of Joyce's hair. "You're the best mom, ever," she said
sincerely. "Which I know I should tell you more often."
Joyce turned around and returned her daughter's enthusiastic
embrace, thinking how fortunate she was that Buffy was such
an affectionate girl.  Most teens her age wouldn't be caught
dead kissing and hugging their mother goodbye, but her
daughter had always been willing to submit to as much cuddling
as she could get and would hold still for excessive 'mothering'.
Laying her head against her mother's shoulder, Buffy closed
her eyes for a moment, snuggling into arms that had always
meant safety and happiness, and unending love.  "I love you,
"I love you, too," Joyce said, feeling that mixture of emotion
that Buffy caused inside of her heart; the love and the pride
at what a lovely young lady she was growing up into, combined
with the inevitable sadness of knowing that her baby was no
longer a baby at all.  Soon, her little one would be making her way
through the world on her own, and Joyce just wasn't sure she
was ready to let go.
But when Buffy pulled away, she allowed her to slip through her
fingers, forcing down the instinctual urge to hold on tightly to the
only child she would ever have.
"Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the French I took.."
A soft knock startled Buffy and her mother apart. Joyce returned
to the sink full of dishes, while Buffy threw open the back door.
William looked up and their eyes met. Unspoken "I love yous"
passed between them as they shared a knowing smile.
"You all ready to go?" he asked, his glance moving up and
down her small figure in a way she could almost feel.
She took one step back as he took one forward.
"Good morning, William."  Joyce picked up a small towel
and dried her hands.
He returned her greeting, still staring at Buffy.  It wasn't
until Joyce turned around that he was able to change
the direction of his gaze.
"Bye, Mom," Buffy said quickly, snatching up her
book bag and the lunch Joyce had made for her.  Before
she could get even one step away, her mother called
her back.
"Run upstairs and brush your teeth, honey."
Buffy sighed impatiently. "We're gonna be late," she
Joyce wasn't buying it. "Then don't stand here arguing
and just go do it."
As she clomped up the stairs, muttering under her
breath, Joyce regarded William with a steady gaze.
"She's not about to admit it, but she's very nervous
about all this."
William smiled and shrugged. "S'pose that's to be
expected. New town, new school...lot of changes all
at once."
Joyce only hesitated for a moment. "Keep an eye on her
for me, William?  As much as you can, anyway."
"You know I will," he promised, projecting reassurance
into his voice for her benefit.
"She's not as brave as she pretends to be," she said
quietly, hearing Buffy coming back downstairs. "I'm
counting on you to take care of her."
He nodded. "Till the end of the world."
It was the easiest promise he'd ever made.
"But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me, too
What a wonderful world this would be.."
Swinging into a space in the student parking lot,
William shut off the engine and looked at Buffy.
"Ready to learn?" he asked, reaching for her hand and
placing a gentle kiss on the back of it.
She made a face. "I think so."
"You nervous, love?" 
"No."  There was a pause. "Kind of."
"Got your class schedule?"
"Your locker assignment?"
"Number 301. Seven...ahead to fourteen...back to thirty-
"Say what?"
He chuckled. "The thing you put your books in."
"Why didn't you say so?  Got it."
"It'll be all right, you know."
William climbed out of the car, then went around
to open the door for her.
She stepped out, expecting him to back up a
little.  He surprised her by staying in place and
bending his head to kiss her.
It was a sweetly soft kiss, and Buffy pressed closer,
wanting more.
He pinned her up against the car, obliging her
desire.  His mouth caressed her cheeks, and then
returned again to her lips.
"Now I'm ready," she whispered.
"Don't know much about geography
Don't know much trigonometry.."
They walked up the front steps of Sunnydale High
School holding hands.  Both of them drew a fair share
of attention and admiration, William from the girls
and Buffy from the boys.
"What's your first class?"
"World history. What fun."  She rolled her eyes.
"Actually, it is...if you let it be."  He gave her hand a
comforting squeeze.
"What's yours?" she asked.
"Advanced Topics In Algorithms."
Buffy stopped dead in her tracks. "Huh?"
"It's a procedure for solving a mathematical problem in
a finite number of steps," he explained.
To her, it sounded like something developed by NASA
engineers or some other bunch of geniuses. She only
hoped that it wasn't a required course.
Taking a grip on her hand, he delivered her to the door
of room 211.  "Corragio," he murmured, lifting their
clasped hands and kissing her fingers before he released
She smiled. "French?"
"Italian.  Now, I'll meet you at the bottom of the stairs
and walk you to your next class, all right?"
"All right," she agreed.
"Don't go anywhere without me."
"Why would I?"
Dropping a light kiss on her lips, he nudged her through
the classroom door.
"Don't know much about algebra
Don't know what a slide rule is for.."
Thankfully, she spotted a couple of familiar faces
in the classroom.
Anya was sitting at a desk in the middle of the room,
three back from the front row. Next to her, Buffy saw
Willow Rosenberg, a girl she'd met briefly at her birthday
party, and liked immensely.  Sweet natured and soft
spoken, Willow was the type of girl who always went
out of her way to help.  She was extremely intelligent,
according to William, and made consistently high marks
in all her classes.
"Buffy!  Come on and sit over here," Anya called out,
pointing to the empty desk in front of her.
Making her way through the group of milling students,
Buffy plopped down in the desk and heaved a grateful
sigh. "I was afraid I wouldn't know anybody in the class,"
she said, turning around to talk with the two girls.
Willow pushed back a lock of her long reddish brown
hair. "Don't worry," she said sincerely. "Every one here is
really nice...with a couple of exceptions," she tacked on,
glancing at the classroom door.
Buffy followed her gaze and saw Cordelia Chase walking
in and talking to another girl, one with long, smooth blond
hair. They were both expensively dressed, and carried book
bags with a gold Gucci buckle on the back flaps.
Walking slowly towards the back of the room, they found
two desks next to each other and arranged their belongings
on them. 
Buffy watched for a moment, turning her face away when
Cordelia's eyes met hers and she leaned over to whisper
something in her friend's ear.  The blond glanced at Buffy,
then giggled annoyingly.
"Don't pay attention to them, Buffy," Willow said, smiling
encouragingly. "They've got their own little clique that they
rule over like a couple of queens, but they're pretty harmless
if you ignore them."
"Buffy's already had a taste of Cordelia," Anya said, pro-
ceeding to tell Willow about their encounter in the ladies
room of the Bronze.
Willow listened with a sympathetic ear. "Cordy warns every
new girl about staying away from Angel. One of these days
she should warn Angel about staying away from new girls."
"Mm-hmm," Anya nodded, then gave Buffy a sky smile. "It's
not a problem for Buffy," she said. "She's totally gone for William
Buffy smiled, her cheeks blushing a light pink, but she was
saved from replying by the teacher coming into the room and
insisting the class come to order.
"But I do know one and one is two
And if this one could be with you
What a wonderful world it would be.."
The rest of the morning passed fairly quickly. William
met her at pre-appointed places and showed her where
her classes were, leaving her each time with a kiss and
a whispered, "Love you."
Buffy was pleased to find out that she shared all of her
classes with either Anya, Willow, or the both of them.
Xander and Oz, Willow's boyfriend, were seniors and
not in any of their classes, but they spent the morning
break together, sitting on the front lawn and enjoying the
When the noon bell sounded, releasing the students for
their lunch hour, she found William waiting for her outside
her science class. He greeted her with a kiss, then took
her hand and led her through the crowd of kids.
"Where are we going?" she asked, having to trot to keep
up with him.
Instead of answering, he ducked down a short hallway
and pulled her into a supply closet.  There was a bare
light bulb with a string hanging down to switch it on and
off.  The bulb was obviously on it's way out, because
the light it gave off was dim and weak.
"I'm going to die if I can't kiss you properly," William
said softly in her ear, sliding his arms around her
waist. "I've missed you all morning."
Buffy dropped her bag and wound her arms around his
neck, raising her face for his kiss.  His mouth devoured
hers with a single minded passion, and his hands moved
restlessly up and down her back.
She pressed closer, needing more contact. When her
hips brushed against his, he gasped into her mouth and
slipped his hands down to cover the curve of her bottom.
Applying pressure, he ground his loins against hers.
Buffy returned the pressure wholeheartedly, trying to
relieve the ache that was growing inside of her.  She could
feel the wetness beginning to trickle into her underpants,
and she rubbed harder against the iron hard erection William
had developed in three seconds flat.
"Buffy," he moaned, covering her face with soft, brief
kisses. "I love you...so much...harder...please..."
Taking a tighter hold on her rear, he began thrusting
his hips forward a little.  He moved his right hand and
pulled her arm from around him to take her hand, then
began guiding it down between them....
Unfortunately, there was no lock on the door, and
they jumped apart when it suddenly swung open.
The janitor shooed them out, warning them not to let
him catch them in there again.
Buffy's face was bright red with embarrassment,
and William tightened his arm around her as he walked
her back to the front lawn of the school. "I'm sorry," he
murmured, pressing his lips against her hair.
She shook her head. "Don't be. I wanted to be there,
He spotted their friends sitting at a table and headed in
that direction, trying to will away the hardness still aching
between his legs.
"Now, I don't claim to be an 'A' student
But I'm trying to be
Cause maybe by being an 'A' student, baby
I can win your love for me..."
After the lunch break, Buffy's next class was P.E., and
she was glad to go there, hoping that lots of physical
exertion would curb the raging desire William had set
It only worked to a small degree.  She was waiting her
turn to run when she spotted him coming out
of the boys gymnasium wearing track shorts and a maroon
tank top.  He was walking with Xander, talking about something
that must have been funny, because he laughed.
Buffy couldn't take her eyes off him.  The shorts revealed
his well built legs, and the tank top showed off the definition
of hard muscle gracing his biceps.  He knelt to retie his
running shoe, looking up to say something to Xander as he
shook his shaggy hair back from his face. 
When he stood up and glanced towards the field, he
smiled and waved to her.
Grinning idiotically, she waved back, then had to endure a round
of good natured teasing from Willow and Anya before the teacher
blew her whistle and directed her onto the track.
Buffy smoothed her T-shirt down and lined up next to
a tall girl with long brown hair. "I'm Amy," she said, smiling
as they knelt into a starting position.
"I'm Buffy. Hi," was all she had time to say before the
whistle went off again, signaling them to begin their race.
Buffy was feeling so good about how well her day was
going that she nearly flew around the track, leaving Amy in
her dust.
Back at the starting point, the teacher praised her time
and directed her to the next event.
Amy came up behind her, still breathing hard. "That
was great!" she said, tying her hair back into a pony-
tail. "You should think about trying out for the cheer-
leading team. You've got a lot of energy."
It sounded like fun. "Maybe I will," Buffy replied.
"Well, if you decide to, let me know. I'm the co-
captain and I can show you some of our moves for the
try outs."
Buffy nodded, turning her gaze back out onto the field,
searching for William, wanting another look at him in
his shorts and tank top before she took her next turn.
The sight inspired her to do her absolute best.
"Don't know much about the middle ages
Look at the books and I turn the pages
Don't know nothing 'bout no rise and fall
Don't know nothing 'bout nothing at all..."
Fifth period was a study hall for her. William scooped
her up and she came out of her math class and walked
her over to the library.
It was nearly deserted, since most of the students used
their study period for anything but studying.
Much to her surprise, William sat down next to her and
opened his science book.
"You have a study period, too?" she asked brightly.
"Mm-hmm," he said. Locating the page he wanted, he began
to read.
Buffy pulled out the notebook with her English assignment,
then went off in search of the book she needed. 
The student library was beautiful, filled with shelf after shelf
of well used books.  There were a few computers located at one
far end, and the tables and desks gleamed under the mellow
light filtering in from the high arched windows on the top floor.
Buffy climbed the two sets of stairs, her feet silent on the
carpeting. She wandered up one aisle and down the other,
letting her fingers drift along the spines of the books. Reaching
the end of one shelf, she turned the corner and ran smack into
William. "Oh!"
He grinned. "Sorry I startled you, love," he said,  not
looking sorry in the least. "But have you noticed that we
have the place all to ourselves?"
"But I do know that I love you
And I know that if you love me, too
What a wonderful world this would be..."
Part twenty....
"I give her all my love
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her, too
I love her...."
"What are you doing?" 
"Kissing you."
The activity that followed could hardly be described as a mere
kiss, but by the time Buffy figured that out, she no longer cared.
Gently pushing against her, William nudged her flat into the
far wall, hiding them from anyone who may walk in and glance up at
the third floor.
His hands moved down to her hips and held her firmly against
him, while his mouth roamed along the line of her jaw, then up over
the curve of her cheek. When he kissed a trail over to her ear and
breathed warmly on her skin, she nearly collapsed in his arms.
"Buffy," he whispered. "I'm going to go insane if I can't touch you
right now...under your clothes."  His hands slipped up and began
probing under the hem of her sweater. Sliding around her back, he
fumbled with the clasp of her bra. "Can I undo it?" he pleaded.
Hardly able to make sense of his words, she nodded and leaned
forward a little.  The clasp separated and her breasts settled into
two warm hands that instantly surrounded and supported them.
Her own hands moved up and cupped the sides of his face, guiding
his mouth back to hers.  When she felt the tentative caress of his
tongue, she parted her lips, allowing it to slide deeply into her mouth.
A beam of afternoon sunlight streamed through a high window,
warming the soft mass of brownish-blond curls she threaded her
fingers through.
The pressure of his mouth on hers increased when he felt her
hands in his hair, pressing him down closer. Leaning against her,
he fondled and caressed her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over the
hardened nipples. 
Her skin felt electrified, every slight touch of his hands made her
shiver. She rose up on her toes, wanting to be even closer, and
closed her lips around his tongue. 
William groaned in his throat when he felt her gently sucking
at his tongue. The erotic imagery so implicit in the gesture made
him painfully erect, and he stepped closer, rubbing himself against
The sound of pleasure he made gave Buffy an immediate thrill
of feminine power.  Still gripping his hair, she changed the nature
of their kiss, becoming bolder and pushing his tongue back into
his mouth. Following it with her own, she tested the edges
of his teeth, and caressed the soft inside of his cheeks.
When they finally broke apart, they were both gasping for air.
"She gives me everything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me
And I love her..."
Freeing his hands from inside her sweater, William moved them
down Buffy's sides, then around to curve over her bottom. He used
his grip there to pull her more snugly against him, blindly searching
out some kind of relief for his aching shaft.
They stared into each other's eyes, saying volumes without ever
uttering a sound.
He leaned back a little, his eyes moving down between them as
his hands began sliding her skirt up.
Buffy's fingers gripped the swell of his biceps. This was going farther
than she'd planned, but there was no help for it. She no longer just
wanted his touch...now, she needed it. He had made it that way.
Hoping desperately that no one would come wandering into the
library, she parted her legs slightly, allowing his hand to slip
between them and move her panties to one side.  When she felt
his fingers touching her, she had to force her eyes to stay focused
on his.
"Like this?" he whispered almost soundlessly, cupping and
caressing her.
Her hands moved to his shirt front, her fingers gripping the soft
cotton and tugging on it until his face was buried in the curve of her
neck. His breath was hot on her skin and she gasped when she felt him
exploring the moist folds of her labia.
His index finger, wet from her arousal, slowly swirled around the
sensitive bud of her clitoris. Touching and teasing, he played with
her, occasionally moving to dip ever so slightly inside.
Her mouth was once again filled with his tongue as his free hand
slipped around behind her to grasp her bottom. With gentle little
pushes of that hand, he built the pleasure the other was delivering
so intensely to it's breaking point.
Winding one arm around his neck to keep herself anchored to the
earth in some way, Buffy whimpered and moaned, grinding herself
against his invading fingers.
Without warning, he suddenly pulled his mouth from hers and
whispered harshly in her ear. "Do it, Buffy. I want you to. I want to
feel it."
The passionate tone of his voice was the final thing she needed to
push her over the edge. Biting down on her lower lip until she was
nearly drawing blood, she climaxed, wetting his hand even more
"A love like ours
Will never die
As long as I
Have you near me.."
She almost took him right along with her.  He did everything he
could think of to keep from ejaculating in his pants, from holding
his breath and clenching his abdominal muscles, to mentally
reciting the Periodic Table of Elements in a mantra of self control.
That control was almost shot to hell when he felt her small hand
cup over the place where his jeans were uncomfortably tight.
His own hand came back out of her underwear, fingers wrapping
around her delicate wrist.  "I can't," he whispered, his voice hoarse
and his breathing rapid. "Not here."
Buffy smiled, misinterpreting his meaning completely. "That's not
what it feels like to me," she said, wondering where on earth she
had found the nerve to say such a thing.
Trying to move her hand up and down, she was thwarted again
by his grip on her wrist.  Somewhat perplexed, she looked up at
him. His need was plainly written on his face. Why was he trying
to stop her from satisfying it?  "What's wrong?"
He sucked in a ragged breath as his head dropped onto her
shoulder. "There's nothing here to...to clean things up with,"
he explained.
"It'll either end up on the floor," he said, swallowing hard, "or in
my pants."
His meaning was suddenly clear, and her cheeks reddened
slightly. She released him from her hold, and he raised his
head to look at her.
The agony on his face was profound, and she couldn't stand
it. "No, it won't."
Pushing aside the fear of getting caught doing something they
couldn't bluff their way out of, she reached for him again, unzipping
his fly and dropping to her knees.
She slipped one hand into his pants and brought out his straining
erection.  It felt like a steel bar in her hand as she stroked it,
making drops of semen leak from the slit. 
"Buffy?" he choked, hands automatically burying themselves in
her hair.
"Shhh," she whispered, lowering her head.  She licked delicately
at the broad, moist head of his penis.  When she heard a soft
curse issue from his lips, she slid her tongue up and down his
erection, flicking it over the most sensitive spots.
"Please," he begged softly. "In...inside your mouth."
Glancing up to observe his reaction, she held his shaft at it's
base and sucked him in deeply.  She saw him watching
her,  and the look on his face made her blush.
The dragging suction as he slid out, followed by the the delicious
glide back in, was making him tremble.  His hips moved back
and forth a little, establishing a rhythm as he pumped in and out
of her mouth.
He shuddered and gasped in her embrace, his eyes riveted
to the sight of her lips around his penis.  "Harder," he groaned,
Inspired by the sight of his obvious pleasure, Buffy began to
move a bit faster. Her mouth slipped up and down his length,
first sliding down as far as she could take it without gagging,
then suckling only on the head. She tasted more of the fluid he
was producing, allowing it to slide down her throat.
William was close to delirious as his body prepared itself
for the orgasm that was imminent. His hips jerked in her grasp,
his testicles swelling and lifting.
Closing his eyes tightly shut,  he concentrated on the way it
felt and sounded,  all luscious friction and wet sucking.
His fingers inadvertently tightened in her hair the moment his
pleasure reached it's peak. Air hissed as he sucked it in
through clenched teeth.
"Oh...oh, god...in your mouth...warm...wet...oh...yes...there,
it's...right there..."
The warm wetness exploded from him in hard spurts, not one
of which found it's way either to the floor or the inside of his
"Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky..."
Sanity returned quickly, bringing them both back down to earth
with a loud thud as they acknowledged the very real risk of discovery
they had blindly flouted.
William pulled Buffy to her feet, and they rearranged their
clothing.  After exchanging one last kiss, they returned to their
respective studies without a word, behaving as though nothing
out of the ordinary had just happened between them.
"I know this love of mine
Will never die..."
After the dismissal bell rang for the day, Xander stood next
to William, watching as he sorted through the items in his
locker, collecting the books he needed to take home. Every
so often, he would scan through the crowd of students,
looking for  Buffy.  "She should have been here ten minutes
ago," he said, frowning. "Do you think she's lost?"
Xander sighed.  "I doubt it. Just about anyone can point her in the
right direction."  With his arms folded across his chest, he
shook his head at his friends distracted expression. "Man, you
are hooked right through the bag."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"It means, my friend, that you're not appreciating the bounty
that is Sunnydale's student bodies, the ones of the feminine
persuasion.  It's all around you and it's eager to make your
William said nothing, which only encouraged Xander to keep
talking. "Over there, for instance," he said, gesturing towards a
pretty redhead a few lockers down who kept smiling flirtatiously in
William's direction. "That's Cindi. Extremely high on the hottie
scale, wouldn't you agree?"
Briefly following his friend's gaze, William nodded. "Very pretty. And.
if I hadn't already met Buffy, I'd definitely be asking if I could carry
her books for her." 
"Like I said...hooked through the bag. You may as well just marry
her and get it over with."
William spotted Buffy and smiled. "I will. You can count on it."
"Is it just me," she asked, sailing up to him, "or is everyone in
this school really tall?"
"It's you," he replied, dropping a light kiss on her lips. "You're such
a little thing."
She smiled sunnily up at him. "That reminds me...can we get some-
thing to eat?"
"Anything you want, love."
"Right through the bag," Xander muttered.
"Stuff it, Harris."
"And I love her...."


Part 21

A/N: AN: Okay, about the song lyrics. I've had a couple of people ask me why I'm using lyrics that are...well...old. And corny. I don't want you all to think I'm 1,000 years old or that I don't like any newer music, cuz I'm not and I do. The reason I choose these lyrics for this story is because they're from a more innocent time, when love songs were not quite as...descriptive as they tend to be now. (some of them) and that's how I feel about this incarnation of William and Buffy. Even though they're 'trembling on the verge', they're still very innocent and sweet to me, and I wanted to choose songs that played on that. And I figured anybody who doesn't like them will just skip right over them anyway)

Sitting on the floor in Buffy's living room, with a huge amount of papers and books spread out around them, William slipped one arm around her and kissed her, subtly leaning her back in his arms.

The ceiling creaked suddenly, and they both jerked upright when they heard Joyce's footsteps crossing her bedroom floor, directly over their heads.

Pausing, they held their breath until the footsteps stopped and the whirring of Joyce's sewing machine cranked up again.

William sighed, pretending to find something interesting in the homework assignment. Buffy had picked up her pen and was scribbling earnestly in her notebook. He was preparing to do the same when she caught his eye and tilted the book towards him, showing him what she had written.

'I Love You'

Feeling the familiar warmth start to creep over him, he grinned at her and wrote her a return message in his own notebook.

'I love you, too'

She smiled back at him, leaning slowly forward...

And the sewing machine suddenly stopped.

An instant before their lips touched, they hesitated, both straining their ears to ascertain whether or not Buffy's mother was on her way downstairs.

The machine started up again, and they both released the breath they'd been holding.

'This is nerve wracking,' William wrote.

'Yeah' Buffy answered. At least we have an early warning system'

'But all I want to do is kiss you.'

'That's what you said in the library, and look how that turned out.'

He didn't even want to think about it, much less call it into active memory. Not right now, when he was so close to her that he could feel the heat coming off her skin. No, remembering that incident in any detail was only going to wreak havoc with his nervous system.

He flipped to a fresh piece of paper and wrote,

'I liked the way that turned out.'

'Me, too.'

Looking into her eyes, he was briefly trapped by their flirtatious sparkle.

'Really?' he asked.

'Yeah, really!!!'

William smiled at her triple exclamation point, his grin widening when she underlined the word 'really'.

"Just the two of us
And nobody else in sight
There's nobody else
And I'm feeling good
Just holding you tight..."

Buffy frowned, pushing down on her pencil so hard that the lead snapped.

William nudged her and pointed to his notebook.

'What's wrong?' he wanted to know.

She located the sharpener she kept in her pencil bag. 'I'm stupid' she replied.

'You're NOT stupid.' This time, HE underlined the last word.

'Then why don't I understand this problem?'

'Want me to look at it?'

She smiled sweetly. 'My hero'

It took him less than two minutes to explain something that her teacher had been trying to get across for two days.

About to throw herself on him and kiss him senseless, she squashed that notion when the sewing machine stopped and she heard her mother coming downstairs.

"How goes the studying?" Joyce asked, pausing on her way to the kitchen.

"Pretty good," Buffy answered, a bit too loudly. Fortunately, her mother seemed to have other things on her mind and went on into the kitchen with no more than a vague smile aimed in their direction.

They waited, both studying the actual homework in front of them, for Joyce to head back upstairs. Three agonizingly long minutes crawled by before she reappeared with a can of soda.

"I hemmed your new jeans, Buffy," she said as she ascended the staircase. "You might want to try them on and see if I took enough off."

"I will, Mom. Thank you." About to say more, she looked over at William's notebook.

'New jeans?' he had written.

'Yeah...ridiculously long, even in petite'

He smiled as he wrote, 'Like I said...you're such a tiny little thing..'

'Are you calling me short?'

'Yes. Short and lovely.'

Well, she could hardly complain about that!

"So listen very carefully
Get closer now and you will see
What I mean
It isn't a dream.."

'I want to kiss you so badly I can't stand it.'

An elbow in her ribs dragged Buffy's attention out of the mysteries of algebra. Reading his words made her blush and smile.

'Then why don't you?' she replied.

William just shook his head. He wanted to tell her that just kissing her wasn't going to satisfy him. If he could be completely certain that her mother wouldn't come down again, he would have written that he wanted to take her out to the pool and lay her in the hot sun, that he wanted to lie beside her and cover every inch of her body with kisses, that he wanted to undress her and push her legs apart and taste that sweet flavor that belonged only to her.

But Joyce had abandoned her sewing project, and he had no way of knowing when she might suddenly appear. The last thing he needed was for her to come into the room and see the physical reaction that would go hand-in-hand with his written declaration.

Instead, he wrote, 'There's a dance after the football game on Friday'

Buffy briefly wondered why there'd been a change of subject, but she didn't remark on it.

'I know' was her only answer

'Will you go with me?'

Actually, she had simply assumed that they would attend together, but she loved the fact that he was asking.

'Yes' she answered.

'And after the dance.....'

Now things were getting more interesting.


'Xander mentioned something about a bonfire at the beach'

She smiled. 'Sounds like fun'

William waited a couple of minutes, then quickly scrawled, 'Remember our first night at the beach?'

Once again, Buffy felt her skin heat up. Like she could forget.

'I remember'

He chuckled and flipped to a new sheet of paper.

'Will you let me kiss you?'


'And touch you?'


Taking a deep breath, he added, 'The way you did the other night?'

Buffy looked at him, sighing softly, drawing the moment out before she answered him, 'Yes'

William leaned over and nuzzled the side of her face. "I love you," he whispered.

She tilted her head back, looking up into the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. "I love...."

Joyce's feet made a racket on the stairs. "Don't mind me," she called out. "You just keep pretending to study and I'll keep pretending to believe that's what you're doing."

Exchanging a mildly panicked look, they dove back into their schoolbooks and got to work.

"The only sound that you will hear
Is when I whisper in your ear
I love you
Forever and ever...."

Practically the entire school turned out for the football game. Buffy and William made plans to meet up with Xander and Anya, and once they were there, they ran across Willow and Oz.

They found a long section of the bleachers free and spread out over them, paying an equal amount of attention to the game on the field as they did to the goings on around them

"You know, I almost made the football team," Xander announced, then gave them a look of mock offense when they all snickered. "What? You don't believe me?"

"Sure we do," William said. "What position?"

"You see that kid down there passing out water to the players? If I hadn't tripped and dropped an entire cooler of Gatorade on the locker room floor...that would be me."

The boys got into a spirited discussion about the differences between American and European football, which the girls totally tuned out.

Buffy slipped her hand into Williams and squeezed it, leaning closer. "I'm hungry," she whispered. "Can we get something to eat?"

"Sure we can. How...."

Everyone in the bleachers suddenly surged to their feet as one, screaming a cheer of encouragement.

William's attention was drawn back to the field.

Seeing how interested he was in the game, and since she understood less than nothing about it, she volunteered to fetch the snacks.

"Are you sure?" he asked, halfway standing up.

She pushed him back down. "I'm sure. Go ahead and watch the game. I can find my way back."

He kissed her and pulled out his wallet, handing her a twenty dollar bill. "Is this enough?"

"Are you crazy?" she asked him. "Half of that is twice too much!"

He just laughed. "Well, go ahead and stock up, love," he said in her ear. "I wouldn't want you to get too hungry....later on."

Another scream erupted from the crowd, giving Buffy a chance to escape with her red face before anyone asked her if she was all right.

Later on. Now that he had said it, it was all she could think about.

"There's a kind of hush
All over the world tonight
All over the world
People just like us
Are falling in love..."



AN:  Okay, about the song lyrics. I've had
a couple of people ask me why I'm using
lyrics that are...well...old. And corny. I don't
want you all to think I'm 1,000 years old or
that I don't like any newer music, cuz I'm not
and I do.  The reason I choose these  lyrics
for this story is because they're from a more
innocent time, when love songs were not quite
as...descriptive as they tend to be now. (some
of them) and that's how I feel about this incar-
nation of William and Buffy. Even though they're
'trembling on the verge', they're still very innocent
and sweet to me, and I wanted to choose songs
that played on that. 
(And I figured anybody who doesn't like them
will just skip right over them anyway)
Part twenty-two...
"Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right
To think about the girl you love
And hold her tight
So happy together..."
She was about to join the line at the concession stand,
trying to  decide between plain popcorn or caramel, when
she felt a gentle tug on her ponytail.  Thinking William had
joined her, she turned around and smiled.
"Hey, there Buffy," Angel said, grinning wolfishly down at
her. "How've you been?"
Unconsciously, she took a step back. "Fine, thanks."
"Good.  That's good. School going all right for you?"
"Um...yeah. I think so. I mean...it's just started but...so
far it's...good."
She honestly didn't know why she was rambling on the
way she was.  All she could chalk it up to was the plain
fact that Angel made her nervous for some reason.  He was
so big and so "in your face" that she felt even smaller than
she actually was.
"Great," he murmured. "Hey, I was wondering...if you aren't
busy on Sunday, I'd love to show you around town a little
bit. We could grab some dinner, maybe see a movie?"
Oh, no, no, no.  This wasn't happening.  It was the absolute
last thing she wanted any part of.
"Sunday?  Um, I don't....I think I may have to do something
with my mother on Sunday.  We...well, sometimes we go out
and...do things....together." 
He frowned slightly. Buffy could see that he wasn't used to
being turned down when he made this particular offer.
"Okay," he said slowly. "How about one day next week then?"
God, it was getting worse.
"If I should call you up
Invest a dime
Would you say you belong to me
And ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be so very fine
So happy together..."
"She's taking too long," William said, glancing at his
watch. "I'll bet she's lost."
Xander rolled his eyes. "You ALWAYS think that. Does this
girl have some kind of problem with her internal compass?"
"No," William laughed. "Not that I know of."
"Then, relax.  I'm sure she'll find her way back."
But no matter how hard he tried to focus his attention on
the field, he couldn't seem to shake off his worry.  The
longer he sat there, the jumpier he felt. 
Two more minutes crawled by, and he just couldn't sit
still another moment.  "I'll be back."
Xander didn't even glance at him. "The concession stands
are in the other direction."
"I'm going to the restroom.  I am," he insisted, when his
friend just shrugged.
He made his way through the crowd of kids clogging up the
steps. On the bottom bleacher, he saw Cordelia Chase sitting
alone.  The space next to her was obviously being saved, and
she had a serious frown on her face as she looked at her watch.
Something inside of him tightened up like an over wound spring.
"Cordelia," he said amiably. "How are you?"
The irritable look on her face vanished, replaced by a flirtatious
smile.  "Hi, William. Nice to see you."
"You, too."  He glanced at the empty space beside her. "You
all alone here?"
Now, she looked a little offended, as though he was suggesting
that she would EVER be out on a Friday without a date.  "Hardly,"
she answered, waving her hand. "Angel just went to get me
something to drink."  The reminder brought the frown back to
her face. "I don't know what's taking him so long, though."
Without even realizing it, William clenched his fists.
Angel.  The concession stand.  Buffy.
"You know, if I see him, I'll tell him you're waiting for him."
He didn't hang around to hear her reply.
"I can't see me loving nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue
For all my life..."
Confrontation was not Buffy's strong suit, but she
was beginning to think that it was going to come down
to one before Angel would stop whatever it was he was
"Look, Angel...I appreciate your offer. It's very nice of you,
but I'm kind of...seeing somebody."
If anything, his grin became wider. Almost....shark-like.
"That's all right," he said casually. "So am I. Kind of seeing
somebody. That doesn't mean we can't see....each other."
Oh, yuck.  Just when she thought he couldn't get any
"Actually, it does," she informed him, pulling back when he
moved one hand to play with her hair. "Don't."
His hand dropped, but his grin stayed in place. "Don't
"Don't touch me."  Her words were clear and precise.
Angel's eyes narrowed slightly. "You're a little stuck-up,
aren't you?" he asked softly. "What...is little Miss Buffy too
good for me?  Too good to be touched by me?"
He'd actually managed to back her up against the fence. She
could feel the cold wood grain through her shirt.
"I didn't say that. I just asked you not to touch me."
Her voice carried, and a couple of kids turned to see
what was going on.
This didn't make Angel one bit happy.  "Right," he said, a
bit too loudly. "Like I have ANY interest in touching you."
He made a face suggesting that the whole ridiculous
situation was all HER idea.
"Sorry to disappoint you, honey. But you don't exactly,"
he snickered, "measure up."
Buffy couldn't believe what she was hearing. "God,"
she snapped. "You are SUCH a jerk!"
It sounded lame to her own ears, but it was the best she
could come up with.
"Oh, don't feel bad," he said. "I'm sure you'll grow into your
bra someday. Double up on your vitamins, and give me a
call in a year or two."
She could hear the kids around her laughing, and her
cheeks burned with scarlet heat as Angel chucked her
under her chin and winked at her.
The next thing she knew, he was flat on his back on the
"Me and you,
And you and me
No matter how they toss the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together..."


Part twenty-three...
(For Deb....cuz I shortchanged her last time,
after she asked so politely. Sorry, Deb. Hope
this makes things a little bit sweeter)
"How gentle is the rain
That falls softly on the meadow
Birds high up in the trees
Serenade the clouds with their melodies..."
Before she could even blink, William lunged
forward and grabbed the front of Angel's shirt, hauling
him halfway to his feet. 
"APOLOGIZE!" he yelled, getting right in Angel's face,
then spinning him around to face Buffy. "APOLOGIZE!"
To Buffy, Angel didn't look capable of apologizing to
anyone, for any reason.  There was blood pouring out
of his nose and smeared across his chin.
She cared less than nothing for Angel's obvious pain.
The only thing she was concerned about were any
possible repercussions that might be visited upon
"It's all right," she said, reaching for his arm. "Just
let him go."
At that point, Angel's feet skidded out from under him.
William let him slither bonelessly to the ground again,
keeping a firm grip on his shirt.  Leaning down, he
looked directly into Angel's eyes.
"If you ever...EVER...speak to her that way again....I
WILL kill you," he bit out, letting go of Angel's shirt
and allowing him to fall back on the ground.
Angel rolled over and rose unsteadily to his feet. "I dink
you brode my fugging dose," he groaned, clutching his
Buffy moved behind William, holding on to his arm. He
looked ready to lay into Angel again and the whole  ugly
spectacle was  beginning to attract attention. The last
thing she wanted was for  someone  to call one of the
teachers or parents over to see what was going on.
"You stay away from her," William said, his jaw
clenched. "If I see you anywhere near her again...I'll
break more than your nose."
She began tugging him backwards, trying to make
him leave.
Angel wiped his bloody chin on his sleeve and glared
after them. "Fugg you!  You....touch me....and my fadder
will sue the lidding hell ouda you."
"Ooh," William replied, sarcasm dripping from his
voice. "You  gonna sic the LAWYERS on me?  Now I
AM terrified!"   
Several of the onlookers giggled. Angel glanced around,
the tips of his ears turning bright red.
"William," Buffy said softly, pulling harder. "Let's go."
He turned and looked down at her, still breathing hard.
"Please," she added. "I want to go."
These words finally seemed to break through his anger. He
took a deep breath and grabbed her hand, then started
tugging her through the crowd and out towards the student
parking lot.
She practically had to skip to keep up with him, but he
didn't slow down until he reached his car. Then he stopped
and turned around, pulling her into his arms and burying his
face against the side of her neck.
"I'm sorry, Buffy."
"Oh, see there beyond the hill
The bright colors of the rainbow
Some magic from above
Made this day for us just to fall in love.."
She didn't know what surprised her more, his apology
to her or the shockingly tight embrace he wrapped her in.
His arms were trembling, and his breath was hot against her
"Sorry for what?" she asked, raising one hand and stroking
the back of his hair. "You didn't do anything wrong."
Maybe he thought she was angry with him for starting a
physical altercation.
He shook his head, nuzzling closer. "I shouldn't have done
"Well...I know. But he kind of deserved it."
"What?"  He pulled back a little to look at her. "No. He
COMPLETELY deserved it."
Now she was more confused. "Then what are you talking
about? You didn't do anything."
He swallowed hard. "I shouldn't have let you go on your
own that way. If I'd been there, he'd never have said those
things to you."
Buffy pulled a little further back, unsure what to say.  She
didn't want him to think that she was some helpless little
girl, depending on him to do everything for her, even
something as simple as walking to a concession stand
for popcorn.
And yet, on the other hand, there had been something
very...arousing...about watching him deal with Angel the
way he had. 
She felt awful for even thinking that way. She knew
violence wasn't the right way to handle a situation. Her
mother had spent years preaching the gospel of 'sticks
and stones'.
But the feelings were there, all the same.
"Buffy?  Are you angry with me?"
So what was she supposed to do with them? Ignore
"No," she said quickly, shaking her head for emphasis.
"No, I'm not."
He'd been....protecting her. And the more she thought of it
that way, the more sense it made.
Wouldn't she do the same thing, if she was able to? 
Wouldn't her own instinct be to defend him at any cost?
In any way she could?
Of course it would.  That was simply the way it was
when you were in love.
"Why won't you say some....."   It was all he could get out
before she flung herself at him.
Throwing her arms around his neck, she jumped up and
kissed him harder than she'd ever done before.
His surprise only held him back for a moment.  Then
his arms wrapped tightly around her again, lifting her
right off her feet as he returned her kiss with all the
fervor she was demonstrating.
When they finally pulled apart to take in air, he
grinned at her. "What was THAT for?"
She shrugged. "Because I love you. Now, can we
get out of here?"
"Don't you want to go to the dance?"
"Not really."
"What about the bonfire at the beach?"
"I'll pass."
"Where do you want to go?"
"Somewhere we can be alone."
She had absolutely no further need to convince
"Now, I belong to you
From this day until forever
Just love me tenderly
And I'll give to you every part of me.."
"Do you think Angel will really have his father sue you?"
He turned the car onto Revello Drive.  Both her mother and
his uncle were out for the evening, so they'd decided to go
to the pool house.
"Don't worry about that, love," he said, smiling at her. "He'll
probably be too embarrassed to tell his father about it."
"But what if he does?"
"Then I'll deal with it."  He pulled into the driveway and cut
off the engine.  Turning to face her, he reached behind her
and gently tugged the elastic from around her pony tail,
releasing the soft cloud of her hair to tumble around her
face. "I...my family...has lawyers, too. Some of the best in
the UK. If he tries to cause any trouble, believe me, they'll
put a stop to it."
He cupped her chin in his palm and leaned forward to
give her a light kiss on the lips.
"Want to go inside?"
Standing and waiting for him to unlock the door, another
possibility occurred to her.
"What if he calls the police or something?" she asked,
stepping past him into the front room.
"What if he does?" William shrugged, closing the door.
"You might be arrested."
He chuckled, sliding his arms around her waist and
pulling her close. "You know, for such a little girl, you
worry far too much."
She ducked back when he tried to kiss her. "And you
don't worry at all?"
"Not about that."
"But what if...."
"Shhh," he shushed her. "I don't want to talk about Angel
anymore.  I want to talk about you...and about me....and
about us. Just us. No one else."  He placed one finger over
her lips when he saw that she was about to speak again.
"There's no one else in the world right now. There's only
Sighing deeply, she gave in. With this kind of close
proximity to William, Angel and all his possible trouble-
making was firmly relegated to her mental rubbish bin.
"Did you hurt your hand?" she asked, reaching for it
and lifting it for inspection.
"A bit," he admitted. "That sort of thing isn't quite as
easy as they make it seem in films."
Buffy shook her head, tsking over it. "Poor baby."
"Kiss and make better?"
Obediently, she brushed her lips over his bruised
knuckles. "Can I tell you a secret?" she asked,
hiding her face playfully.
"Please do."
She opened her mouth to speak, then blushed. "You'll
think I'm being silly."
"Never happen," he assured her. Besides, I love it when
you're silly."
"Well, what?  Tell me."
"Promise you won't laugh?"
"I'll try not to."
"What kind of a promise is THAT?" she demanded.
"The sensible kind. I don't know what you're about to
Buffy rolled her eyes. "Fine. It's just that....after the whole
thing was over...when we went back to the car...I was kind
of....it made me feel....excited."
A smile bloomed on his handsome face. "Yeah?"
She nodded, her blush deepening. "Uh-huh. I don't know
"I don't CARE why."  Bending slightly, he picked her up
and carried her over to the couch, sitting down with her
in his lap.  "Go with the feeling."
"Oh, don't ever make me cry
Through long lonely nights without us
Be always true to me
Keep this day in your
heart eternally..."
The darkness in the room pulsed with sexual heat,
broken only by the flickering light of the television.
They had started kissing on the couch, then slipped to
the floor together.  William hadn't wanted to turn any
bright lights on, but he definitely wanted to see every part
of her, so he had grabbed the remote and switched on
the TV, muting the sound.  Then, grabbing the pillows and
down comforter from his bed, he made a comfortable place
for them.
He supported himself on one arm, leaving his left hand
free.  Deepening their kiss, he slid that hand up her arm,
then over to caress her breast.
As it always did, his first light touch made her long for
more. She arched her back, thrusting herself more fully
into his hand.
He squeezed and fondled her, carefully at first, then with
deeper passion, slipping his tongue into her mouth and
searching for hers.
Buffy closed her lips around his tongue, sucking gently
as he had taught her.  Then, to William's great surprise,
she placed her hand over his on her breast, guiding it
beneath her sweater, then leaving it there.
Releasing a strangled moan from his throat, he pulled
the lacy cup of her bra down and began to explore soft,
bare flesh.
Once upon a time, he would have been happy to do no
more than this, counting himself fortunate that she allowed
it.  But now that he knew from experience how much better
it could be, simply touching her breast was no longer enough.
He took his hand back and rose to his knees, bringing her
with him. Without hesitating, he tugged her sweater up
and over her head, then twisted open the clasp of her bra.
Discarding both garments by tossing them onto the couch,
he took her breasts into his hands and bent his head
to run his tongue across the satin-like curves, devouring
the taste and texture of her skin.
She made a soft sound in her throat that made the erection
he already had even stronger.  Hearing her give voice to her
pleasure was wildly exciting. Knowing that he was one giving
it to her made it even better.
He kissed and licked the entire surface of both her breasts,
then took one nipple into his mouth and suckled it while his
fingers played with the other. 
"Oh, Buffy," he breathed warmly into her cleavage. "You're
so beautiful. So soft and warm."
She buried her fingers in his curls. "More."
Smiling, he bent his head and complied.  He used his
tongue to stimulate her erect nipples, painting wet circles
around them.
Their bodies were growing accustomed to each other's
touch and the awkward fumbling was becoming less and
less every time they were together.
Releasing her breast from his mouth with a loud, sucking
pop, he rubbed his cheek against them. "Beautiful," he
whispered again.
The memory of Angel's opinion still stung. "So, you
don't think I need to grow into my bra size?" 
"Trust me."
"One day we shall return
To this place upon the meadow
We'll walk out in the rain
Hear the birds above
Singing once again.."
She made him take off his shirt so that she could
reciprocate his touch.
He remained as still as he could while she did.
She slipped her hands down, holding him at the waist
as he yanked at the snap of his jeans, wrenching them
Buffy copied him, her hand only shaking a little.
"Lie down."  He pushed her gently down on her back
and removed her shoes, socks, and jeans, trying to
ignore the painful message his body was beginning
to convey.
He nudged her thighs apart, breaking her automatic
attempt to keep them shut tight. He knew it was simply
a reflex gesture on her part. "May I?" he asked, slipping
his thumbs into the sides of her panties.
Giggling at her own silliness, she relaxed her legs,
allowing him to pull her panties down and off.
But her laughter disappeared when she felt the light
touch of his lips on her inner thighs, kissing her there
Slowly...slowly...his mouth moved up. He looked
at her, asking with his eyes if she wanted him to....
She did.
Calling into memory everything he'd done the last time
they were together like this, he carefully ran his tongue
up and down the cleft of her sex, lapping gently.
Buffy's head dropped back as she closed her eyes,
digging her fists into the comforter and twisting the
He continued licking her with long strokes, teasing
her clit with the tip of his tongue.
She was gasping for breath, her body straining up
towards him for more.
From his vantage point between her legs, William
watched her reaction. She looked so beautiful, so
caught up in her passion, so totally lost in herself.
He had to grind his pelvis down into the comforter to
hold off ejaculating right then and there.
When it seemed like she couldn't take another moment
of it, he placed his open mouth on her clit and began
sucking it. 
She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming when the
climax exploded inside her.
William held tight, licking her tenderly to ease her back
down. Once she was calm, he pulled back.  The moisture
glistening on her thighs dazzled him. He wanted so badly
to feel it on his shaft.
Unable to take his eyes off that magical place, he stood
up and tugged off his shoes, then removed his jeans.
Buffy sighed with pure contentment. She opened her eyes
and was jolted to see him standing up, fully naked.
That jolt was nothing compared to the one she got
when he dropped between her splayed thighs and
lowered himself on top of her.
"William," she gasped, placing her hands against his
chest. "What...what are you..."
"It's all right," he said quickly, not wanting to frighten
her. "I won't put it in, I promise. Just...just let me...let
me feel you.  Please....please, Buffy..."
He reached below and  pushed his erection down
until it was positioned between her legs, pressing
upwards, rubbing the full length of her. 
Still uncertain what he had in mind, Buffy remained
as stiff as a plank of wood.
Until he began to move....
"Oh, you hold me in your arms
And say once again you love me
And if your love is true
Everything will be just as wonderful.."
William kept his promise and didn't try to pene-
trate her. 
He moved his hips back and forth, lifting himself
against her so she could feel his length sliding over
her labia.
It was easily one of the sweetest things he'd ever
A whole new flood of wetness seemed to be pouring
forth from her, slickening his thrusts.
Her nails were digging into his shoulders, pulling at
him. Hoping it was what she wanted, he lay down on
her, using his forearms to hold his weight as their
bodies pressed together.
It was exactly what she wanted.  To feel him on her,
holding her down, his hips plunging up and down, from
side to side.
It was unlike anything either of them had felt before. So
close to the real thing, but without the possible 
Every time he pushed down, he ground the base of his
erection against her clitoris, stimulating it to the point
of madness for her.  She raised her hips up to meet
him, then pulled back when he did.
William moaned and panted against her neck, pumping
harder and faster, sometimes stopping to press down and
up. Each time he sank in, she tightened her thighs a little
"Buffy," he whispered. "Love...you..."
Sliding her hands down his back, she could feel the
muscles working.  "I love you, too."
He was close, so close, and he wanted it so badly.
His jaw clenched and his eyes shut tightly as he
concentrated. All his energy and strength locked
into the rhythm, his entire world compressed to that
aching place of need.
When that need was finally satisfied, he gave her the
same satisfaction.  With one last thrust, he pushed
hard, rubbing her clit until she came over the edge with
His ejaculate pulsed out of him in thick spurts,
coating her inner thighs and wetting the comforter.
The world and everything in it grayed out for a
As the last tremor shuddered through him,  he
went limp in her arms, panting and utterly spent.
A few moments later, he raised his head. "Every-
thing good?"
Buffy smiled at him, smoothing his sweaty hair
"Very good."
"You'll hold me in your arms
And say once again you love me
And if your love is true
Everything will be just as wonderful..."
AN: This chapter is for everyone who can
remember how it felt going to a formal dance,
wearing the most perfect dress ever, with the boy
you've dreamed about. I don't know about anyone
else, but it's one of my best memories.
AN: I tried to describe the dress Buffy wore in
'Prophecy Girl' for this story.
Part twenty four...
"Poetry in motion
Walking by my side
Her lovely locomotion
Keeps my eyes open wide.."
The front door burst open with all the force of a police
raid, followed by the sound of a small blonde whirlwind
pelting up the stairs, yelling for her mother.
"What? What is it? What's wrong?"  Joyce came rushing
out onto the landing, expecting to see her daughter bleeding
from every pore on her body from the way she was hollering.
"I found it, I found it!" Buffy squealed. "It's perfect. It's white
and long and floaty, and it's just my size and it looks sooo
good on me. You have to come and see it!"
She grabbed Joyce's hands and began tugging her down the
"You mean...now?" Joyce asked.
"Right now. Please, please, please....I don't want
someone else to have MY perfect dress."
Since there was no answer to that comment, Joyce
grabbed her purse and followed her daughter out to the
Buffy sat in the passenger seat, fiddling with the radio,
taking her sunglasses off and pushing them back on, and
bombarding her mother with an endless barrage of questions
and commentary that all centered around one, vital, all
important subject....The Homecoming Dance.
The first formal dance of the new school year was fast
approaching, and Buffy had been all over town in search
of just the right dress. 
She'd considered and rejected at least twenty of them
before Joyce had announced that she was weary of
making the rounds of every mall within a fifty mile radius
of Sunnydale. If Buffy was going to be that difficult to
please, she could do her shopping with her friends and
let Joyce know when she finally found the dress she was
dreaming of.
At almost five o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, the parking
lot was nearly empty. They found a space in the first
row, and even as Joyce was locking up the car, Buffy
had already pulled open the heavy glass door that opened
onto the main concourse of the Sunnydale Mall.
The dress was draped gracefully over a mannequin in the
main window of a shop that went by the colorful name of
'Raspberry Lemonade', turning slowly on a revolving stand,
under soft pink lighting.
"Isn't it perfect?" Buffy whispered, a reverence in her voice
that was usually reserved for European cathedrals.
Joyce had to agree, it was a lovely gown. Sleeveless, and
creamy white in color, it had a snugly fitting bodice, and a
flowing satin underskirt, covered with a layer of floaty chiffon.
"What do you think?" Buffy asked, gazing appealingly up
at her mother, her small hands clasped together prayerfully
as she bounced lightly on the balls of her feet.
"I think," Joyce said slowly, casting a critical eye up and
down the dress, drawing out the tension, "you should go in
and try it on."
Buffy squealed in pure happiness, throwing her arms around
her mother and planting a smackingly loud kiss on her cheek,
before dragging her off her feet and into the shop.
Five minutes later, she stood before a three way mirror,
spinning in a circle and making the skirts of the dress
swirl gracefully around her legs.
"Isn't it beautiful, Mom?" She stopped in front of Joyce and
held the sides of the dress out. "Don't you love it? And it
fits perfectly. This dress is SO me!"
Joyce looked her up and down. "This is THE one?"
Buffy nodded happily. "Yes."
"You know you can't change your mind. Once you buy it,
there's no bringing it back because you've found something
you like better."
"I wouldn't ever!" Buffy said, horrified at the very notion of
returning her perfect dress. "Besides," she added playfully,
"I've already tried on every other dress in town and there's
nothing I like better."
"You're sure?"
'I'm sure."  Turning back to the mirror, Buffy again turned
in a slow circle.
Joyce watched her, smiling and handing her credit card
to the hovering salesclerk without taking her eyes off her
daughter. "Wrap it up."
"Poetry in motion
See her gentle sway
A wave out on the ocean
Could never move that way..."
"I need shoes."
"I know."
"Well, I found these really nice ones downstairs at
Daisy Chain. They go perfectly with the dress."
"Let's go and look."
Buffy transferred the dress bag to her left hand and
squeezed her mother's arm. "You're the best mom ever!"
"Hmm. Remember that the next time I ask you to clean
up your room."
"I will."
"Sure, you will."
"I'll try?"
Joyce laughed. "I'll take it. Now, point me towards 
the perfect shoes?"
Ten minutes later, they walked out of the shoe store with
a box containing a pair of size 5 white pumps with medium
high heels and delicate straps across the ankles.
"How about some ice cream?" Joyce suggested as they
wandered past the food court.
Buffy was always agreeable to ice cream. She secured
a table, while Joyce ordered two hot fudge sundaes.
They sat there eating in a companionable silence for a
few minutes.
"So," Joyce finally said, "you have the dress and
the shoes. What's next?"
Buffy scraped hot fudge from the sides of the dish. "I
don't know. I think I have everything I need."
Her mother smiled. "The perfect dress...the perfect
shoes...the perfect escort," she teased.
"Check, check, and check," Buffy replied brightly.
"What about your hair? Up or down?"
"Up, I think. Maybe down. I'll experiment. Are you
going to finish that?"
Joyce pushed the remainder of her sundae across the
table.  "Jewelry?"
Buffy looked up with a sheepish smile. "Well...I was
going to ask...."
"Uh-oh."  Joyce sat back and folded her arms across her
chest. "Let me guess. You want to borrow my diamond
"Can I? Please?"
"I don't know, Buffy," Joyce sighed. "They were very
expensive. And I've had them for..."
"...a long time."
"You'd have to promise to..."
"...take good care of them."
"And not to..."
"...lose them."
It was at this point that Joyce discovered it was
almost impossible to lecture her daughter while
laughing at the same time.
"I love every movement
There's nothing I would change..."
"Every time I think it's impossible for you to get
any more beautiful, you prove me wrong."
Buffy's cheeks turned a fetching shade of pink, charming
William beyond the telling of it.
"You like my dress?" she asked, spinning lightly on
one foot for him. 'It took me forever to find it."
"It was worth the hunt," he smiled. "You look lovely in it."
He wanted to tell her the first thing that had crossed
his mind when she'd opened the door; that she looked
like a bride. All she needed was a veil and his grand-
mother's pearl and diamond choker, and she'd be ready
to leave for the church.
Maybe he would tell her that later. When they were
completely alone.
"William," Joyce greeted him, from the top of the
stairs Buffy had just descended. "You look wonderful!"
"Thanks," he replied, holding out his hand to take
Buffy's. From behind his back, his free hand produced
a corsage box with a tiny wrist corsage of pink rosebuds
nestled inside like a precious jewel. "For you," he said
softly, telling her all she needed to know with the look in
his eyes.
Joyce joined them at the foot of the stairs. "You two look
almost like a fairytale. I keep expecting to look out the
door and see a pumpkin shaped carriage."
"Mom!" Buffy made a show of rolling her eyes, but she
laughed as well. 
"Oh, I've embarrassed her," Joyce said, pretending
great chagrin. "Now I suppose she won't stand still for a
picture or two."
"They're taking pictures at the dance," Buffy said,
holding out her hand for William to slide the lacy wrist
band of flowers onto. "I'll make sure you get one."
"One?" Joyce exclaimed. "I'll need at least five. I'll
want an 8X10 and I know your grandparents will want
one, too. I think your dad will....just bring home the order
form, all right?"
"All right."
"Now, stand still and smile!"
"She doesn't need improvement
She's much too nice to rearrange.."
"I've never been in a limousine before," Willow
squealed, settling in next to Oz. "It's so elegant."
"Actually, I wanted to pick you up in a horse drawn
carriage," he replied, "but all the horses were on strike."
"On strike for what?"
"Better working conditions, bigger feed bags, major
medical...just the usual things."
Buffy laughed, smoothing the skirt of her dress and
snuggling closer to William. "What about a dental plan?"
"No," Oz shook his head. "They haggled over it but couldn't
agree on the terms."
'I'll tell you who needs a dental plan," Xander interjected.
"Who?" Anya asked.
"Oh, that would be our not-so-bosom-buddy. One Angel
O'Connor. The guy with the big mouth and the glass jaw."
"Xander," William said quietly.
"What? I'm sorry, I can't help it. I've waited thirteen years
for someone to wipe that smirk off his face the hard way,"
Xander replied. "Then you come to town and three months
later, he's eating dirt. I'd have paid cash money to have seen
it happen."
Buffy said nothing. She'd spent the days following that
altercation on pins and needles, wondering if Angel would
make good on this threat to sue William for assaulting him.
Angel had been out of school for almost two weeks, and
when he'd reappeared with his bruises and swelling almost
gone, no one had said a word to him about the incident.
As time had passed with no further problems, Buffy had
begun to believe what William had said; that Angel was too
embarrassed to admit the truth of the situation to his father.
William's uncle had questioned him about the swelling of
his hand, but had accepted the explanation he'd been given;
that someone had insulted Buffy beyond bearing and he'd
simply reacted instinctively to defend her. 
"Just let it go now," William said firmly, squeezing Buffy's
hand. "This isn't the place to talk about it, and it's definitely
not the night for it."
"He's right," Anya added. "You can gloat about it later with
"Thank you," Xander said. "I'm glad someone understands my
need to do just that."
The limo driver swung the long car into the circular driveway
at the entrance to the country club, ending further discussion.
"Poetry in motion
Dancing close to me
A flower of devotion
A'swaying gracefully..."
The entire main ballroom had been set aside for the
Homecoming Dance, and the decorating committee had
transformed it into something wonderful.
Directly opposite the main doors, there was a stage
where the band played. Someone had attached white
lattice work to the ceiling and strung tiny lights through
it, giving it the appearance of a star-filled sky.
There was a long buffet table at either end of the large
room, with snowy white linens draping gracefully to the
floor. Offerings ranged from chips and dips, to platters
covered with various pastries and cookies.  Large glass
punch bowls were presided over by a member of the
refreshment committee.
Although the rest of their group looked suitably im-
pressed by it all, Buffy couldn't help noticing that William
took everything pretty  much in stride. Knowing that he came
from a  very privileged background, she wondered if things
here seemed a bit ordinary to him.
If this was true, though, he gave no outward sign of it.
Smiling down at her, he asked, "Want something to eat,
love? Or would you rather dance first?"
Buffy returned his smile with her own, pressing her
cheek briefly against the fabric of his tux. "Dance,
please," she requested.
Oz and Willow went to scout out a table for the group's
base of operations. Xander, towing Anya along behind him,
headed straight for the buffet.
"Have I told you, yet," William asked, leading Buffy out
on the dance floor, "how beautiful you look tonight?"
"You did," she replied, stepping into his embrace. "But
go ahead and say it as often as you want. I really don't
Wrapping his arms around her waist, he leaned over to
whisper in her ear. "You're the most beautiful girl in the
room," he said, his warm breath stirring her curls. "And I
love you very much."
Laying her cheek against the lapel of his tuxedo jacket,
Buffy's eyes drifted shut. "I love you, too. And you're
definitely the handsomest boy here."
Even though men's fashion was hardly her forte, she'd
known from the moment she'd seen him wearing it that
his suit was no rental job.  It fit him too perfectly, in a way
that rented formal wear never did, as though it had been
tailor made for him.
Pressed close together, hardly moving at all, the intimacy
of their embrace almost made her dizzy. Everything around
her seemed enhanced. The lights sparkled like the stars
they were imitating, the music was soft and slow with a
seductive beat she could feel in her blood. 
Even the air she breathed was transformed by the
warmth of so many bodies and the intoxicating mingle
of different perfumes.
"Buffy?" William placed one hand beneath her chin,
tilting her face up.
She opened her eyes, looking up into his gemstone
eyes.  "Hmm?"
"Nothing," he said. "Just..."
"Just what?"
"Just this."  One hand went to the back of her neck,
keeping her in place as he bent to kiss her. Their lips
came together, clung briefly, broke contact, met again,
broke again....
His arms tightened around her waist as she wrapped
her fingers around his biceps, clutching them for
Giving up any pretense of movement, William concen-
trated on her. His lips moved to  press kisses against her
smooth forehead, then each soft cheek.
"Just that," he said softly.
"Poetry in motion
See her gentle sway
A wave out on the ocean
Could never move that way.."
Following the ancient custom that says 'If one of us
goes then all of us go',  Buffy, Anya and Willow
congregated in the ladies lounge, repairing hairdos
and freshening make up, chatting with vivacious
excitement about the evening.
When the lounge was empty of everyone but them,
Anya pulled Buffy and Willow into a corner."Can you
guys keep a secret?" she asked softly. The other
two girls nodded eagerly, moving closer in a con-
spiratorial manner. "I've decided that...tonight's the
"Tonight's what night?" Willow asked, then gasped as
the meaning became clear. "You mean...THAT night?
The night where you...and Xander...it's TONIGHT!?"
Anya sighed. "Say it a little louder, Wil. I don't think
everybody heard it over the music."
"I'm sorry," Willow squeaked. "I just...I wasn't expecting
that...about tonight."
"Neither was I!" Buffy echoed, her eyes big and
round. "Are you really?"
Anya nodded. "We've been together for two years," she
said. "He really wants to."
"Yeah, but....do YOU want to?"  Now Willow's voice was
so low they had to lean close to hear it.
"Well, sure," Anya said. "I love him. And besides," she
added, "I was reading my mom's copy of Cosmo last
month and IT said that a man reaches his sexual peak
at around seventeen."
Buffy and Willow looked at each other, then back at
Anya, both obviously thinking the same thing...
Their boyfriends were also seventeen.
"Poetry in motion
All that I adore
No number 9 love potion
Could make me love her more..."

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