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Angel’s in town – Its ‘COMPETITION TIME!’


Dedicated to the ever-lovely Jen and Patty


Chapter 1


Spike moodily put the container of blood back into the fridge and went and sat down.


“Come on mate, think –THINK!” Spike mumbled to himself, trying to think of a plausible way to see Buffy while Angel was here in Sunny D. Jumping up, he paced around the crypt. He was on edge, and annoyed beyond belief that he wouldn’t see Buffy because of the ‘poof’ coming to visit!


“What’s he coming here for anyway? – Big waste of fucking space he is…”


Where was a new nest of vamps when you needed one!


“Um, knock-knock…I knocked but – sorry, are you talking to someone?”


Spike looked up.


“Only to myself – hi Clem, what can I do for you?”


“Y-you said I could come watch Passions – if you’ve changed your mind, that’s fine, I under-“


“No, come in…don’t suppose you‘ve heard of any new nasties in town have you, by any chance?”


“Nasties? – No”


“No new vamp nests?”


“Nuh uh, why?”


“Oh…no matter – just fancied a spot of violence is all” Spike said, not wanting Clem to think he needed an excuse to run to tell the slayer………


“Sorry…hey, do you smoke these? Sharkman left them last night at the poker game, not a bad bit of burn…want one?”


Clem handed Spike a cigar


“Thanks, I’ll um, I’ll smoke it later” Spike put the cigar on top of the bookcase.


He’d had an idea………


“I’m going out, make yourself at home, you can stay as long as you like, just blow the candle out before you go, okay?”


“Oh, um, right – thanks Spike…there’s a triple showing of Star Trek”


“Well enjoy – bye!”


Spike got to Buffy’s house – good, no sign of the poof yet – shouldn’t be too long before he showed though………


He entered the kitchen via the back door. He knew that there was nobody but the slayer in the house, and she wasn’t downstairs, Spike listened at the foot of the stairs, he could hear her taking a bath.


Grinning he crept upstairs and saw all of Buffy’s clothes laid out on the bed, He quickly went in, and began to touch every item of her clothing, he rubbed the collar of her blouse around his neck, and made sure he’d ‘scented’ it well. Not that Buffy would be able to smell it………


Trotting downstairs, Spike then secreted his beloved Zippo lighter down the back of the sofa.


He heard the bathroom door open, and smiling, he left the house.


Now all he had to do was to wait until the poof showed up.


He didn’t have long to wait, twenty minutes later a rather fancy sports car came up the road and parked outside Buffy’s house.


“A Viper, huh, and where the fuck did you get the money for THAT Peaches?” Spike mumbled to himself.


Still musing on that fact, Spike let himself into Buffy’s house via the back door again.


“Buffy…Buffy – where are y- oh, there you are – you haven’t seen my lighter anywhere, have you?”


“Spike! What are – your lighter? – Look, what are you doing here – I TOLD you Angel was coming, in fact, he’ll be here any (DING-DONG) That’ll be him now – go will you!”


Buffy answered the door, Spike would be lying if he said that the sight Buffy hugging Angel didn’t make the bile rise in his throat…he clenched his fists slightly…


“Angel – so good to see you – you made good time, I wasn’t expecting you until – oh!”


“Hope you don’t mind, bought somebody to see you” Angel leaned out of the embrace; funny…Angel got a whiff of…something familiar.


“Cordelia, how nice” Buffy said flatly, as Cordelia sashayed down the path, dressed to kill in Vera Wang and Manolo’s.


“Buffy – mwah, mwah!” Cordelia ‘air-kissed’ either side of Buffy’s face.


As she went to close the door, Buffy spied the brand new Viper sitting outside, and her eyes nearly bugged out.


Resisting the temptation to slam the door, Buffy plastered a smile on her face and decided to play ‘perfect hostess’


“So, can I offer you a drink – tea, coffee?” The way Cordelia was sitting next to Angel on the sofa – well, you couldn’t fit a teaspoon between them!


“Oh god no – hello, caffeine - Do you have any carbonated spring water?” Cordelia asked


“Sorry, fresh out, got the regular stuff out of the faucet though!”


“Oh my god, you don’t drink THAT do you, full of chlorine and ugh!”


There was a noise in the kitchen, and Buffy just knew it was Spike


“Oh, somebody else here?” Angel asked


“That’ll be Spike – Spike, is that you – come on through, say hi” Buffy called, a little too brightly.


Spike frowned, what was she up to – she sounded friendly… he wandered in to the lounge, and suddenly, the picture became clear to Spike – Angel had bought his honey…so Buffy wanted to use him to needle Angel did she? Okay, he’d play ball………the girl with Angel looked vaguely familiar to him………


“Spike – long time, no see” Angel said


“Angel, not long enough” Spike said, giving him a big false grin. He then turned apologetically towards Buffy and said as genuinely as he could,


“Sorry pet, I forgot you said you were having company, I’ll do a sweep on my own, Clem mentioned something about a new vamps nest down by the docks”


“Oh really, hang on, excuse us!” Buffy smiled at Angel and Cordelia, and hustled Spike into the kitchen. Spike thought he was for it…but Buffy shocked him.




“Whu-what?” Spike was shocked rigid!


“Stay, here now – I can’t make small-talk, not with her, please?” Spike looked steadily at her.


“Please? – I’ll make it up to you!”


Well, well! Now THIS was a turn up for the books! Begging him to stay was she – oh yes, come on Spikey old lad…let’s go make some ‘small-talk’………


“Bit of light banter huh – okay” Buffy went to turn away, but Spike snagged her by the elbow, and she turned back to face him, in a low rumbling voice, Spike said,


“But I’ll hold you to your promise!”


Buffy just nodded and went back into the lounge.


Spike followed her through and took off his duster, and went and hung it up. Angel frowned; Spike looked a little too used to doing that. He sauntered back into the lounge, and bounce-sat on one of the big armchairs.


“So Peaches, still fighting the good fight with your little band of vigilantes in La-La land then?”


“Very funny – I don’t think”


“Glass of wine, anybody?” Buffy was almost wringing her hands


“Alcohol – ugh, do you even know what that does to your skin?” Cordelia looked disgusted. Inside Buffy was simmering; it wouldn’t take much to make her boil over tonight………


“So, Cordelia – is that Vera Wang – golly Angel must be paying you too much!” Buffy said, giving, what she hoped was a light laugh.


“Oh this old thing…I didn’t buy it, Angel bought it for me…didn’t you  - when did you buy me this now?” Cordelia asked Angel, knowing the answer full well herself.


“Hmm, um…not sure! Wasn’t it for the Christmas Dance?” Angel ventured, he hadn’t a clue!


“No, I wore the black velvet, that one you like so much, remember, the backless one to that function, the one you said I was wearing the wrong way round - oops! Um………Oh, I know, it was for that corporate, for Wolfram and Hart – (she turned to face Buffy)

I’ve had it for four months now, you bought it for a corporate party we gave, didn’t you Angel?”


“And it didn’t fit him, so he gave it to you, very gallant!” Spike quipped. Buffy smiled


“Huh, Very amusing!” Angel retorted


“Well, I thought so!” Spike sat back grinning, arms folded


Angel looked embarrassed slightly



“So, how are the others, Xander, Willow?” Angel asked


“Fine!” Buffy said. There was another pregnant silence, and Buffy was just seething, looking at Cordelia’s perfect porcelain coated nails.



“Are you doing The Race this year?” Cordelia asked


“The Race, what’s that?”


“We’re doing it, aren’t we Angel, it’s for charity – a race across the Arizona desert”


“One way to salve your conscience I suppose…what are you doing it in – that thing outside?” Spike asked


“That THING as you put it, is a VERY expensive car”


“You’ll ruin-“


Spike cut Buffy short, she was going to say they’d ruin that lovely car.


“You’ve ruined the surprise, course we’re doing it, aren’t we, pet?”


“What – oh um, yeah”


“In what – not the – oh god! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! “ Angel slapped his thigh and began to laugh and laugh.


“What’s so funny Baby?” Cordelia asked


“Spike’s old jalopy…you’re not SERIOUSLY telling me you’re going with him in THAT, Buffy it’ll fall to bits before the start line!”


Through gritted teeth, Spike hissed,

“We’ll do it, AND we’ll finish the course, my Desoto will leave you standing!”


Angel was still chuckling


“Yes Spike – I believe you – NOT!”


Buffy felt really annoyed, but that was only a fraction of what Spike was feeling, he was bloody fuming………


“Um, Buffy, could I speak to you for a moment please, alone? – I have something to…” Angel looked a little sheepish


Buffy looked at Cordelia, then at Spike and said,


“Um, sure…come on into the kitchen”


“You’re the cheerleader!” Spike said, clicking his fingers and pointing to Cordelia.


“What – oh, you remember me” Cordelia said, disinterestedly, studying her nails.


“You’ve changed a bit though…so you work for Peaches now, huh?”


“Peaches – you mean Angel – I work WITH him, yes”


It was all Cordelia could do to glance at Spike and sneer. He’d love to bring this snooty little cow down a peg or three…


“So, what do you want to tell me?” Buffy asked


“You reek of Spike”


“I’m sorry – you bought me in here to tell me I - ?” Buffy looked puzzled and then felt indignant.


“N-no, no, that’s not what I – look, there could be something big going down in LA, sometime soon – it could be something and nothing, but I need to know something”


Buffy resisted the temptation to sniff herself in front of Angel and she tried to concentrate on what he was saying, but boy, had HE got a nerve – moaning he could scent Spike on her, when there was Cordelia all over him!


“Buffy, are you listening?”


“Yes, big going down in LA, go on – what do you want, my help?”


“It would be nice to be able to count on you, yes… So, is Spike always around here then, he looks…comfortable”


Buffy dug her nails into her palm, but said,


“So, big…how big is big – hordes of evil vampires? – Chaos demons – apocalypse – what?”


“Oh, nothing world-ending…see the thing is, well, they’ve made me head of Wolfram and Hart, and-“




“Yes – and-“


“YOU are Colonel in Chief, at Evil Enterprises?”


“It’s not like – why do you smell so strongly of Spike, Buffy ? – I can’t even smell your essence for his!”




“You, you reek of Spike! Your clothes, your skin (he leant forward and sniffed her hair)– even your-“


“GET OFF!” Buffy pushed him away angrily – the bloody CHEEK of him!


Spike was up out of his seat and striding to the kitchen, as he’d heard Buffy shout ‘get off’


“Buffy – you okay pet?” Spike faced the pair of them, they both looked annoyed, but her features softened when she saw Spike and she said,


“Yes, thanks Spike, we’re coming back in there now”


“What’s going on out there?” Cordelia asked Spike


“You better ask Peaches” Spike said.









Chapter 2



“So…still doing the ‘Billy Idol’ wannabe look” Cordelia said sarcastically. Spike just smiled and let it wash over him.


“Well, will you?” Angel persisted


“Will I what?” Buffy asked sharply


“Help, if need be”


“If it’s demon and needs a slayer, then yes, I’ll be there, now come on, don’t want Cordelia getting cold now do you?” Buffy walked on ahead, she bit her lip after she said it, she didn’t want Angel thinking she was jealous.


“I mean, come ON Spike, how long have you had that look for?” Cordelia pressed.


Spike sat forward and leant with his elbows on his knees, his hands clasped between them


“So, what do you suggest then – fancy yourself as some kind of fashion icon do you? Fashion victim if you ask me, but still. You’ve obviously moved on from modelling, but still want to keep your hand in, is that it?”


“What do you mean, moved on from modelling?” Cordelia asked frowning


“Well – oh sorry, I thought it obvious, you know the………” Spike just waved his hand vaguely at her body.


“Tell me!” Cordelia sat up straight


“Well – things begin to sag and droop…” Angel got angry, Buffy bit her lip to stifle a giggle and Cordelia stood up, totally incensed


“Now look here, just you apologise!” Angel stood menacingly over Spike, who just grinned, then the grin left his face, and Spike said tersely,


“What for – just stating the truth here, Peaches…what is this, she can dish it but I can’t, is that it?”


“Well you HAVE had that look for years!” Angel said


“So what do you suggest, that I swan around in Gucci loafers and Chanel suits – unlike YOU mate, I get my hands dirty – I don’t sit behind a bleeding big fancy desk, which I’m mighty glad about, and if you must know, you’re getting decidedly porky looking mate…must be all that pigs blood and no exercise!”


Buffy could have clapped her hands with glee!


“I didn’t come here to be insulted! I came here to ask a favour, I don’t have to sit here and listen to this!” Angel said angrily.


“Look, can we just be civilised, please?” Buffy asked


“For that you’ve got to be civilised in the first place!” Angel said looking disgustedly at Spike


“How dare you – how bloody, fucking DARE YOU! – Civilised, YOU didn’t know the MEANING of the word until you met me!” Spike said angrily


“WHAT? You are kidding me!” Angel spat, turning away from Spike


“I lived double-barrelled splendour in Belgravia Square, a ten bedroomed house, we had servants and I had a private income, I didn’t have to work – YOU were a bloody ‘arse-hanging-out-of-your-second-hand me-down-breeches, bloody Bog Totter from the old country, tell me, who was it who got us ingratiated with the best in society, got us the finest places to live, huh tell me that, I could speak French, and Latin, knew which bloody knife and fork to use at dinner, when you were still scratching your arse and picking your teeth with your knife!” Spike said angrily.


They were almost nose to nose now, and Spike had let his temper get the better of him, he’d also let out far more about his past than he’d ever wished to – that was the power of anger Angel made him feel.


“YOU-“ Angel started, but Spike just batted his hand away and said,


“Save it, I don’t want to hear the verbal shit you spout anymore, do us all a favour, and put a sock in it! Angel turned and faced Buffy and said angrily,


“So Buffy, this is what you’ve reduced yourself to, what the hell do you think you’re playing at – don’t think I don’t know what’s going on here, you and Spike, you’re together, aren’t you? – Huh – go on, admit it – you are aren’t you? How could you let that filthy demon touch you?”



Buffy saw red! Cordelia was angry too, angry with Angel for getting jealous over Buffy


Buffy gave Angel a cracking smack around the face.



“Oh, I’ve just remembered where my lighter might be………shift your arse, girl!” Spike lifted the corner of the cushion that Cordelia was sitting on, upending her almost, she had to grab the arm to save herself from falling on to the floor. He plunged his hand down the back of the sofa and drew out his lighter. Grinning he said,


“There you are, me beauty –


“I think it’s best if we go!” Angel said standing


Cordelia stood too.


“So, if need be, you’ll help with this thing?” Angel asked Buffy


“Be my sacred duty to, wouldn’t it” Buffy said – she didn’t want Angel to think she was doing him any favours.


“Buffy – I – I didn’t, don’t want it to be like this between us!”


“Like what?”


“Awkward…jealousy” The word hit Buffy like a punch


“Jealous? – Who’s jealous – I’m happy that you’re happy, what I’m not happy about, is you thinking you can pick and choose my friends for me”


“Angel, come on, let’s go – bye Buffy…see you at The Race then!” Cordelia called from the front door


Angel went to home in for a kiss, but Buffy had other ideas and turned away and scratched the back of her head.


“We might as well patrol, Spike”


“Sure pet, whatever you want”


“Bye then Buffy – (Angel couldn’t help but smile) see you at the Race………if you change your mind, you could always – “


From the glare that Cordelia gave him, Angel thought better of saying, ‘come with us, can’t she Cordy’, and just said,


“Go in your car – instead of that death-trap of Spike’s”


“I couldn’t be bothered to – what was it Spike, grease the grub nuts, or”


Buffy was trying to think back when Spike was mocking her, totally baffled her with bullshit, about what she should have done to her car before she took on the Arizona road trip.


“Eh pet – don’t got giving the opposition and unfair advantages now, if they don’t know how to get their car ready, then tough” Spike didn’t want Angel telling her all what he’d said was a load of old twaddle………


“Right! Yes, of course – so bye then, see you at the Race!”


“May the best man and car win!” Angel said with a grin


“I will, bye – drive dangerously now!” Spike mocked


Buffy closed the front door


Spike looked at her a little warily, but ventured to say,


“I take it you didn’t know about the cheerleader then?”


Buffy’s brows rose and fell, and she gave a shrug.


“Bastard he is…”






“Hold me”


Spike wasn’t about to go against her now, and gathered her up in his arms, holding her close. He heard Buffy sniff and he just held her, kissing the top of her head and rubbing her back to soothe her.


“You said something about a new nest of vamps?”


“That was a fib…look, you go get yourself a rest, I’ll patrol for you”


Spike was resigned to the fact that what had started out as a bit of fun, or rather an awful LOT of fun, had just changed into something serious between them.


“I’m okay – I could do with a spot of violence”


“Yeah? Me too, you have no idea just how much I wanted to hit him”


“Oh I think I do!” Buffy said, smiling up at him. Spike grinned


“Okay yeah, perhaps you do!”


“I’m not upset about Cordelia, I’m really not – I’m glad he’s happy!”


“What then?”


“Well, where does he get off telling me whom I can and can’t see!” Buffy looked up at Spike and smiled.


“Was that true, what you said, about living in London in a fancy house with servants?”


If Spike could have blushed, he’d have been beet red!


“Never mind about that now – look, if we’re going to stand any sort of a chance of beating peaches and the cheerleader, I’m going to have to work on my car – I’ll need to stay here and work out of your garage…and there’s lots of stuff I’ll be needing to”


“And who’s going to pay for it all?”


“Me! – I don’t care what it costs, just so long as we beat that prat, and wipe that smug supercilious grin of his podgy in-bred-overhang forehead fucking pug ugly face of his!”





“So…when did you plant the lighter?” Buffy asked as they ambled their way around the Peacefield cemetery.


“While you were in the bath, sorry”


Buffy just looked at Spike, and then smiled – he hadn’t even tried to lie about it!


“How come he could smell you on me?”


Now Spike wasn’t stupid, he’d come clean about the lighter, but all this honesty business lay heavily with his demon!


He shrugged and said,


“Dunno, pet – we have been shagging like – well, you know what I mean…it’s not something you can wash off – but don’t worry, it’s just a vamp thing, the Scoobies wouldn’t be able to, you know detect anything”


“So…want to come back to mine then…we could do it in a nice big soft bed for a change”


“Yeah? – You kinky little devil!”


The second they were through the door, they were at each other, pulling off clothes and making for the stairs – pressing her up against the back of her bedroom door, Spike held her two hands in one of his above her head, while he kiss/bit down the slope of her breast to the hard nipple, making Buffy hiss with pleasure.

He worried it with his tongue before sucking gently on it, making Buffy writhe with ecstasy. He went to go lower, but she stopped him

“No need…please, I’m so close, I want you now”


Buffy pushed him backwards and they tumbled onto the bed, they quickly divested themselves of the rest of their clothes,

She reached down between them to put him at her tight wet entrance.

She was so wet, and the tip of his cock was shiny wet with his own secretions, that the huge bulbous head began to slide inside her.


Her head rocked from side to side, her eyes rolled and her lids fluttered shut. Churning her hips, panting and gasping, crying out in breathless groans…she humped and he pushed until he was totally hilted inside her;


Buffy pushed her bottom into the mattress, then up towards Spike. She wrapped her legs around him, and felt him thrust in all the way. He caught her rhythm, and he started to thrust into her hard and deep, she climaxed almost straight away, crying out how he was so good, so big, the best, the sweet tight heat of her had him frantic for his own release, but he wanted to try and make it last…he actually made her come twice more before his need for release hit critical mass.


Buffy bit his neck, lightly scratched his back, and squeezed his butt, working her inner muscles again. She felt him swell even bigger, and she cried out yet another orgasm, this time in unison with him has he pounded into her, thrust up really hard the gazed at her through half-closed unfocused eyes, he gave one final deep thrust, and spurted thick ropey strands of semen into her, crying out as he did so.


The phone rang, and her voice still a little croaky from all the crying out she’d done, she answered




“Buffy – look, I’ve left Cordelia with Giles, but only for a little while, she’s not happy about it – I want to come and see you”




“Now, of course!”


Buffy looked at Spike lying in the bed next to her.


“Sorry Angel, now isn’t convenient”


“But Buffy! – We can’t leave things the way they are”


“What things”


“Things like what do you think you’re playing at, being with Spike!”


“Tell him to go fuck himself!” Spike hissed angrily


“Angel… go fuck yourself!” Buffy said, and put the phone down.


Spike looked at her incredulously, that she’d actually SAID what he’d told her to say!


“Never in a million years, did I think…” Spike began, and then they began to laugh and laugh………………………


The End


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