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Chapter 1



Buffy breezed in through the front door, after patrolling alone, and immediately grinned.


She quickly pulled off her hat, coat and gloves, and kicked off her shoes. She mounted the stairs, every other one having a lighted scented candle on it, and a trail of fresh rose petals carpeted her steps.




She got to the top of the stairs, There was Spike, waiting for her, bare chested, tousled haired, his jeans slung low on his hips.


“What’s all this?” She gave him a knowing smile.


“Your bath awaits…” Spike pushed open the door to the bathroom, and revealed yet more lit scented candles, and a tray with a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket, two glasses, and a bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries. The bath was filled with fabulously scented bubbles. Buffy was out of her clothes in a blink of an eye.


“Ahh…” Buffy sensuously shimmied back nestling against Spike’s chest, as he

squeezed the contents of the sponge over her shoulders, sending the deliciously fragranced water cascading over her breasts.


“Open” Buffy turned her head and opened her mouth, Spike popped in a strawberry.


“Hmm…yummy!” She settled herself back.


“Champers?” Buffy took the glass of bubbly amber liquid off him and drank.

She put her glass down and nestled back, smiling, her eyes closed.


“So baby…gonna tell me what this is all about?”


“Do you like it?” Spike asked, nuzzling her ear.


“No, I LOVE it…I love you!” She turned and reached up and kissed him with passion.


“It’s our second anniversary…when we got together that first glorious night eight days before the Dracula affair” Spike was nuzzling and kissing her neck.


“You old romantic thing you! Gods, I love you so much…” Buffy raised a soapy leg and smoothed down it with the sponge.


They finished the strawberries and Champagne, showered off and got out of the bath, and dried off. After blowing out all the candles Buffy said,


“Come with me…” leading Spike by the hand to the bedroom.


“You really think I’d forgotten what today was?” Buffy said giving him a sexy grin, and then she added,


“Now, get into bed, close your eyes, and then you can be a BIG, BAD, vampire for your little slayer…ok?” Spike growled low, setting her all a-tingle.


“Don’t open your eyes until I say”


“I promise!” Spike heard her leave the room.


In the spare bedroom, Buffy quickly shimmied into a Victoria’s Secret black lace basque, sheer stockings and spiky high heels.


She also took some fur-lined handcuffs from the chest of draws. She draped herself in the doorway.


“’Kay Big Boy, you can open your eyes now” She posed sexily, swinging the handcuffs from one finger, her tongue tip running along her top lip.


“OH GODS! Come here, NOW!” Spike commanded, kneeling up on the bed.


Buffy gave a growl herself, and launched herself at him, they tumbled to the bed, kissing and caressing, Spike ‘allowed’ himself to be wrestled on his back, and Buffy snapped the fur-lined cuffs on him, and through the wrought iron bedstead.


“Now…I’m going to start up here………” Buffy kissed his forehead, his eyelids, his nose, lips, cheeks and chin…


“And I’m working my way down…” she continued down, maddeningly slowly… caressing and stroking him, occasionally giving his massive manhood a squeeze and a rub, making him buck, and beg.


By the time she got to his stomach, the tip of his massive, thick cock had made it wet and sticky with the pre-come he was oozing.


She glanced up to see if he was watching, when she saw he was, she lapped at it like a cat, occasionally swiping her tongue over the leaking slit.


She then slipped the whole head into her mouth, sucking down the angry purplish knob. Spike was incoherent with want, he raised himself up off the bed. Buffy shifted to between his thighs, so Spike got a great view of her tits being pushed up and encased in the sinful black lace, while she sucked his balls and stroked the sensitive ridge of flesh between his scrotum and anus.


She licked a finger very wet, and gently circled over the little rosette of his anus, while she pumped and sucked his huge length at the same time.


“Babe…oh gods…I’m, gonna…oh yeah, harder…oh yes, that’s my girl…my beautiful one…oh yes, don’t stop………


“Hmm…delicious…don’t come yet…want to make this…last…! She slipped her wet lips up and down; she’s stopped stroking his peritoneum and anus, and began to fondle his balls instead, squeezing gently, rolling them around, massaging circles over them, all the time pumping slowly but firmly on his monster sized dick.


She teased him for a good hour, bringing him to the edge, then easing off…it got to the stage where he was really begging her, and she took pity as his cock looked fit to burst.


Pumping faster and more firmly, sucking on the head, then sliding her lips down as far as she could go without gagging. Spike’s hips bounced on the bed, and he began to cry out,


“Ohh, ohh…Buffy, Buffy I’m, I’m…AHHHHHH! Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, ooooohhhhh baby – YESSSSSSSS!”


Buffy sucked him down greedily. When he’d finished, she let him slip from her mouth, and then she straddled his hips, she leaned forward, began to lick and suck his flat nipples.


“Want…want to touch you baby…wanna make you feel good!”

Buffy undid the handcuffs, and lay down with a wicked grin, and putting her wrists together above her head, she said,


“Take me as you will, lover…” Spike gasped and swallowed…











Chapter 2



Spike undid the handcuffs, and Buffy slid onto his lap.


“Make love to me now, so I can look at you” She centred herself on his hardness, and sank down, her arms loosely around his neck.


Spike played with her breasts, suckling at her hard nipples, nipping at her neck with blunt teeth.


Buffy couldn’t describe it, but it felt different tonight, even more special than usual, the very air she breathed felt charged somehow…she bobbed fast and ground down on him hard, making them both frantic for release.


Pulling his head to her neck as she began to climax, she begged for him to bite. As soon as he felt the first clench of her orgasm, Spike morphed and claimed her, her rich blood flowed down his throat, and his cool seed flooded her womb. The orgasm was exquisite, deep, long and hard for them both, that left them panting.


Buffy positively tingled, her insides fluttering with after waves of pure pleasure. She was totally gasping and heaving for breath. Spike lay down, bringing her with him. They lay like that, with him still inside her, and they both fell asleep.


When they woke in the morning, they made love twice more. Buffy’s tummy felt all tingly, she felt excited for some reason.


She got up, made them tea and toast, and then they were both bought back down to reality when Giles phoned them at lunchtime.


“ Where are you?”


“Where do you think, you’re phoning me, at home…”


“No, you were both supposed to be here at 10.00am”


“We were?”


“You’ve forgotten about the meeting I scheduled?”


“Giles…it was our anniversary last night…”




“Yes, two years since Spike and I got together…we had a ‘special’ evening.”


“Really, oh, what did you do?”


“I beg your pardon?” Buffy asked incredulously.


“Well, did you go out? – Nice meal…”


“No, and no…and that’s ALL I’m saying!” Buffy said giggling.


“Oh…OH!” Giles suddenly realised, involving those two, going out would be the last thing on the agenda…


“Well look, if you can drag yourselves out of…um, just come here ASAP, ok”

Giles said.


“Why…is it bad?”


“Don’t know…it’s something directly from the PTB…I must go, got another call coming in, ok, see you”


“Is that Watcher of yours getting pervy in his old age, wanting to know what we were doing?” Spike asked grinning.


“It’s a shame…I think it’s been that long since he’s been in love…he’s forgotten what it’s like”


“So, what does he want, my little love goddess?” Spike encircled her waist, pulling her in for a kiss.


“A-a, now…don’t get me started again…we’re needed at the shop…we were supposed to be there well over an hour ago”


“Then another hour won’t matter” Spike said grinning, circling his thumbs over her nipples.


“Ah, ooh, Sp-Spike! You’re incorrigible! But, oh yes! Irr-irresistable…hmm…”





An Hour and Twenty Later………


“You are taking the blame for us being extra late!” Buffy playfully pressed Spike in the abs and he grinned.


“Didn’t hear you moaning…well, no, that’s a lie, I did, but it wasn’t about being extra late!” Spike quipped, and pulled her close for another kiss.


“Spike! What’s got into you!” She grinned.


“You have…you’re like a drug…you’re my fix…and it’s an addiction I’m never gonna give up…there isn’t a twelve step programme that’s gonna cure me of you, that’s for sure”


“Baby…all this romantic, sexy talk slightly looses its edge, given our surroundings…” Buffy frowned slightly at the dank walls of the sewer tunnel.


“Hmm, yeah, I know…but when I’m with you, it’s like nothing else exists” Buffy turned gave him a passionate kiss, and said,


“I’ll get the door open…got your blanket ready?”


“Uh huh” Buffy climbed the tubular steps and shifted the manhole cover, and ran to the back of the shop, and opened the door.


“’Kay, babe” She called, and Spike hauled himself out of the tunnel and ran into the shop. Buffy went and replaced the manhole cover, and followed Spike inside.


“At last…thought you’d got lost!” Giles said seeing them emerge in the training room.


“There are maintenance men in the tunnels, we had to come the long, long way around” Spike said. It had been true about the workmen, but they managed to dodge them, instead of the detour.


“So, what’s so urgent – don’t tell me there’s an apocalypse on the way?” Buffy asked, making her way into the shop.


“Nothing like that”


“Tea, anyone” Spike went to go into the little curtained off area that served as a ‘kitchen’.


“Um, please…make an extra cup please, Wesley’s here” Spike and Buffy both exchanged a look.




“Make the tea Spike, and then I’ll explain all”





Buffy sat at the table.



“Hello Wesley”


“Buffy…you look, well, what can I say…wonderful!”


“Oh, um, tha-thankyou!” This compliment surprised her somewhat, and she smoothed down her hair and felt slightly self-conscious.


“Tea up…” Spike set the tray down on the table, and gave the other watcher a friendly nod.


“I was just telling Buffy I think she looks wonderful” Spike looked at Wesley, and said,


“Well, that’s because she is…what did you expect, a haggard mess? You’ve been around the poof too long and his biased thoughts. He’d love to think as Buffy’s with me, I don’t look after her!” Spike said sitting down. Buffy just smiled.


“So…come on Giles, what gives?”


“This…is going to come as a BIG shock to you both” Buffy looked worriedly at Spike, who immediately put a protective arm around her, and he narrowed his eyes and said,


“Well, come on, out with it. Whatever it is, we’ll face it together, won’t we pet” Buffy smiled and just squeezed Spike’s hand.


“Um, that you will. It’s erm…it’s not an apocalypse, it’s a prophecy” Giles said, reaching for a scroll.


“Here you go” he handed it to Buffy. She went to pull open the ribbon bow, but Giles stopped her.


“No, not now. Take it home and read it” Buffy gave Giles a puzzled look, and

then she glanced at Spike, who was looking at the roll of parchment.


“Can we go then?” Spike sat up straight.


“Uh huh, and I’ll see you whenever, or ring me” Giles said. Both Buffy and Spike stood up.


“Well, we’ll be off then” Buffy went out and lifted the manhole cover, and Spike dashed from the shop with his blanket down the hole. Buffy followed, securing the cover back in place.


“I can’t wait to see-“ She went to pluck at the bow again. Spike covered her hand with his.


“Come on pet, let’s get home first” Buffy nodded and they started for home.


Spike threw the blanket over the back of the sofa, and Buffy sat, Spike came and sat next to her.


“Ok, here goes…Giles seemed awful cagey about this…” Buffy undid the ribbon, and unrolled the scroll.


Frowning to read the fine gothic style script, Spike held it with her, and he began to read………


Suddenly Spike caught a breath.


“Wha-what, what is it, where, what?”


Buffy scanned lower where Spike was reading, as she was still just making out about the ‘Chosen One’ and 22 summers have passed, two of those with ‘He who walked on the dark side now treads the path of light and fights for the good,’ yadda, yadda, yadda…


“Where Spike, what is it?” Spike looked incredulous, and Buffy read,


“It came to pass that the Powers That Be blessed the union of these two souls, and made that union into three…”


“Made it into three? What does that me-oh my gods!” Buffy looked at Spike huge eyed.


“Three –as in…”


“You, me and a…baby?” Spike said, barely above a whisper.


“I’m…pregnant? – Oh boy…Spike…babe…”




“I’m going, sorry, WE are going to have a baby!”


By the look on Spike’s face, he didn’t know whether to laugh, shout for joy, weep with happiness or what!



Buffy grabbed Spike’s hand, and put it on her flat stomach. Spike reached for her and pulled her into a hug, he buried his head in her neck.


“A baby…I’m gonna be a mom! – And you’re gonna be the best daddy!” Tears of joy slipped silently down their faces as they held each other.


After spending the entire afternoon making love, they scanned the scroll to see if they could find out when the actual birth date was, and the scroll said two months before her own birthday.


“That makes me like pregnant from today!”


“Last night. I felt it, it was…different somehow.”


“Yes. Yes, you’re right, it was different.”


“We’ve made a baby…all out of love!” Spike leaned over her, looking deeply into her eyes.


“Oh my baby, what a beautiful thing to say. I love you…I love you so much, come here to me my love…” she cradled the vampire she loved so much to her.


“You’re my everything you know. My sunshine. My day. My very existence, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you”


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