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Chapter 14


“Can I?” Buffy held out her hand, and Giles passed her the device.


“What’s it made of?” Spike went to touch it, and it burned him, there was a hiss like water on a hot plate.


“Ow!” Spike sucked his finger.


“Baby – you ok?” Buffy looked concerned, kissed it for him. Giles rolled his eyes.


“Well, supposedly, wood from the crucifixion.” Giles said. Buffy’s and Spike’s brows rose. 


She put it back into its box.


“So, what way are we going to do this…before, during, after the party?” Buffy asked Giles.


“Ah, well, we thought that-“




“Um, yes, Q-Q-Q-Quentin and I erm………… d-d-do what y-y-you w-w-want, really”


“I should think so too! I mean, well, fair’s fair, it’s Buffy taking the risks… she should play this how she wants” Spike said.


Buffy smiled and squeezed his hand.


“Yes, well, do please concen…trate” Giles looked down at the floor, away from Spike’s irate stare.


“We will, I won’t have her in any more danger than is necessary, we’ve been through this, I seem to remember.” Buffy held Spike’s hand, his angry look disappeared when he looked at her, and he couldn’t help giving her a soft little kiss.


She leant her head against Spike’s shoulder, and slipped her arm around him.


Giles looked at the two of them and nodded, he did believe him.


A delivery driver rapped on the door. Giles went, came back a minute later carrying a package wrapped in brown paper.

“Is that it? – I was expecting something bigger” Buffy looked at the box on the table.


It was roughly three inches wide, by four inches deep, and about seven inches long.


“Well, it only has to accommodate a handkerchief and the stake thingy, doesn’t it?” Giles said.


“I suppose”


“What’s that, Dracula’s coffin?” Spike asked, grinning. Buffy nodded and smiled.


“Spike, are you going to see Dru?”


“No, I’ve, we’ve, Buffy and I’ve decided, that if Buffy has her hair dark, Dru won’t recognise her, we’ll keep very much to ourselves, if Dru thinks I’ve got myself a new queen, she dare not act up, anyway, she’s probably got someone else herself.”


“Erm, here’s the receipts, for the outfit” Buffy handed three tickets to Giles.


Victoria’s Secret? – Valentino? Jimmi Choo?! Buffy!, this isn’t what we agreed!”


“I think the Watcher’s OWE me, don’t you, Giles?”

“Yes, but underwear and shoes too, good gods, HOW MUCH?” Giles whipped off his glasses, incredulous that underwear could cost so much!


“Got to look the part, need the um…foundations to get the look I’m after.” 


Spike went to nosey into the lingerie bag, but grinning, Buffy slapped her hand on it,


“Wait, you’ll get to see it soon enough” she whispered, grinning.


Giles had his back to them, Spike pressed Buffy back over the table, gave her a kiss, breathed,


“Can’t wait” Into her ear. Buffy shivered, her nipples hardened, and Giles turned to say something, and they jumped apart.


“I think for safety’s sake we better put the nipples – erm, um, er, er, I-I-I-I m-m-m-m-mean b-b-b-box, the b-box away” Giles went blood red, and strode off behind the counter rummaging about unnecessarily underneath.


Spike held the back of his neck, and looked up to the ceiling, trying not to laugh, Buffy had hunched over till her nipples had gone back to normal, she swatted Spike’s backside, they were both grinning.


“That was your fault!” She suppressed a giggle.


“So, Saturday morning, I thought that you could come here and- “


“No. Not Saturday, not the day of the party, we need to be together, all day” Spike said to Giles, indicating just him and Buffy.


“Yes, well, I understand that, but I thought that you could practice scenario’s in the training room, and”


“No, we won’t be practicing, we just need to be together, is all”


“Oh, but”


“No buts mate, just me and Buffy, alone at her place, okay?”


“I see.”

Giles looked from Spike to Buffy.


“Well, can I see you on Friday night, just to have a quick run through?” Buffy looked at Spike, to take her lead. He nodded.




“Good. Oh, that blasted phone…” Giles went off to answer it.


“I could leave you in bed Saturday, and” Buffy began.


“No, baby, because WE’LL be in bed, all day!” Spike said with a grin.


“ALL day, Spike!”


Pulling her to stand between his legs, Spike said,


“Listen babe, we need to cover you with as much of my essence as we can, we can’t have Dru smelling the slayer and ruining things, can we – or Dracula twigging that there’s something up?”


Spike reasoned, but he couldn’t keep the extremely happy tone in his voice or the grin off his face while he said it. He carried on,


“I mean, if we hadn’t got ourselves…involved, then things would have been different, but we have, haven’t we, babe – Got ourselves involved?”


“We sure have”. Buffy couldn’t help herself, and she kissed him.


The thought of being in bed all day with Spike as part of official business, almost made her feel guilty, she grinned when she broke off the kiss.


“Steady on, you’ll frighten the customers” Giles said.


Buffy stayed where she was, her forehead resting against Spike’s. Giles wanted a quick word with Spike alone, so he said,


“Oh, er Buffy, go get all the burber root’s we’ve got in the storeroom, would you, Spike can have them”

Spike grinned.


“Really, oh, thanks!”


“We can get them on the way out” Buffy said. Giles looked pained.


“Please Buffy”


“Oh. Ok” So taking the hint, she went off. As she disappeared from view, Giles turned to Spike.


“Right, Spike, you swear you’ll not get Buffy into any danger”

Spike looked at Giles, and said honestly,


“I promise you Giles, I’d cease to exist before I saw her hurt or in any serious danger.”


“Do you love her, Spike?”


“Think I must do, although…(Giles raised a brow) I know I shouldn’t, but I do, very much.”

Giles nodded.


“I’ll see if I can get you some expenses…gas money, bottle of scotch, something”


“Oh, er yeah, great”


Buffy came back upstairs from the stockroom with about half a carrier sack of roots.


“Can we scrounge a lift?” Buffy asked.


Um, can’t I’m afraid, I haven’t got my car, I leant it to Angel so he could get home”


“Oh, thank gods for that, I’m so glad you did, if he’d have hung about last night, I’d have staked him for sure.”


Buffy said, and Giles looked mildly surprised.


“Oh, um right, come on then, see you Giles” Buffy picked up her three carrier bags, and Spike got Burber root, and the left via the tunnels.






“Gonna show me then?” Spike went to open the lingerie bag that lay on their bed. He was grinning.


“I suppose I’d better, else you’ll never stop going on about it…what are you going to wear, anyway?”


Buffy began to undo her blouse, and Spike pulled out a lacy Basque. His eyes went big and he swallowed, Buffy slipped it on, adjusted the top, so her breasts were pushed up high and full, almost spilling over…


“I won’t put the stockings on, don’t want to ladder them. Pass me the blue bag, please”


“Huh, wow!” Slowly, and without taking his eyes off the beautiful sight of her all trussed up in black lace, Spike passed her the designer bag. She drew out a black silky dress, strapless, short, tight, and she looked sensational.


“So, what do you think?” Spike was speechless, then he said seriously and quietly,


“He’ll want you for sure”


Buffy cocked her head and gave Spike a little smile, and said,


“Baby, all Dracula’s going to get from me, is a staking…I promise. Want to see the shoes?” Spike lifted the lid on some very thin strapped high diamante strewn sandals.


“They might not be suitable for fighting, but I can always wear my patent leather pumps…don’t tell Giles I spent $350 on shoes for nothing!”


“How much?” Spike grinned. Looked up at her, she’d taken off the dress, and was standing there, her back to him in just the Basque, slipping her dress onto a hanger.


She smiled as she heard his zip being pulled down, and when she felt his cool fingers inching up her thigh…is cool soft lips on her neck, she was TOTALLY gone……


The sight of his massive cock as he plunged in and out of her, from behind, it all shiny with her copious juices had Spike frantic for release, never had he seen anything so erotic…reaching round he gently pinched and rubbed her slippery clit, making Buffy shriek and force herself back on him hard, so he was so deep, he felt the sweet hot tight clench of her orgasm, and cried out as he came deep and long and hard, surging up again and again, till he was well spent.


Slowly pulling out of her, thick rivulets of cool semen ran down her thighs…she felt hot, sticky and fuelled up for more…

Showered, and back in bed, Spike said,


“If he makes a move on you…”


“Which is what we want him to do, it’ll make the job easier, he takes me to his room, I stake him, we go, end of story”


“But love…his brides will be with him, Christina, Elvira and Elizabeta”


“Well, I’ll play hard to get…” Buffy reasoned, then added,


“I suppose you c-c-could, um…”


“No, I couldn’t, feign interest in them – they’d know in an instant I was lying…”


“But I thought you said they were beautiful?”


“They are…but, well, they couldn’t hold a candle to you” Buffy smiled and stroked his face.


“Oh, my sweet baby…look, if we’re in danger, either of us, we just get out, I don’t want anything happening that might harm you”


“Buffy!” Spike kissed her passionately, and she responded with equal fervour.


They made love all night again, and Spike fell asleep. Buffy got up, went into the bathroom, and dyed her hair a rich mahogany brown.


She got back into bed. When Spike woke sleepily at 11.28am, he glanced at the sleeping brunette and went to cuddle her, then he shot up, staring, then realised what she’d done.


“Gods, you gave me a fright, thought I was in bed with a stranger!”

Buffy smiled, tousled his already unruly locks and said,


“Not the only one going dark, and those waves are SO sexy…”


“Really, it’s keeping it tidy, as I can’t see in a mirror”


“I’ll keep you looking gorgeous” Buffy kissed him. Spike ran his hand down her hair,


“You look so different!”


“Good, that’s what we want isn’t it?”


“Yeah, I know…take a little getting used to, though.


“Ah, but you still love me, right”


“Oh, of course I do, I’m just not used to………” he swallowed, looked at her serious faced, he realised what he’d said, he hadn’t voiced the fact that he loved her before…


“I’m sorry, that was a rotten trick. But, I’m not sorry what you said” Buffy said, moving in close.


“No?” Spike looked at her. it was blinding obvious, he WAS in love with her…

She smiled, leaned in and kissed him softly,


“Not sorry one little bit, because I –“


Spike and Buffy sighed deeply, and Buffy answered the phone.


“Willow!” Ten minutes later, Buffy put the phone down.


“Well, I think she’s happy for us”


“Well, you did kinda spring it on her, love. ‘Hey guess what, Spike and I are an item!’” he smiled, feeling a little bit sad, wondering if they could get back the mood of ten minutes ago…


“So, what were you going to say, before the phone rang?” he asked hopefully


“Say? …Oh, um I forget” She bit her bottom lip to stop from smiling.

Spike just nodded once, looked a little sad.


The sadness soon went as her hot little fingers crept down over his cool smooth abs, towards his rapidly stiffening manhood. After licking and sucking him to a frenzy for ten minutes, she sat astride him desperately wanting to feel him inside her, she sank down on him, groaning erotically, Spike reached up, fondled her breasts, teased her nipples, she looked magnificent rising and falling on his huge hardness, her head rolled, eyes closed, mouth half open emitting one long continuous ‘ooooohhhhh’, Spike swiped his thumb across her slightly distended clit, and Buffy moved harder and faster, fluttering her inner muscles, he held her hips and thrust up really hard, pushing right up into her cervix, Buffy screamed that she was coming for all the world to hear, lost on a sea of pure orgasmic pleasure, she croaked out,



“You, only you, baby, I – I love you!” Spike surged inside her, panted out,


“Say…say it a-a-again, plea, please baby!”


“I, love, you…I love, you, I love you! Ooooohhhhh!” She multiple orgasmed as Spike clung to her as she squeezed him with her strong vaginal muscles.


“Buffy, I love you…oh, gods, Baby I love you” nothing had ever sounded better than those words, sweet music to his ears.


Gently resting against his cool chest, Buffy looked into his eyes.


“I mean it, you’re mine now” Spike squeezed away tears of joy, he couldn’t speak, just buried his head in her neck.


“Mine, mine, mine!” he whispered, stroked her hair.


“All yours, baby!” Buffy breathed.









Chapter 15




Buffy rattled the door of the Magic Box


“Sorry we’re closed”………(she did it again)


“I said, we’re clo- Buffy!?” Giles did a double take, and then opened the door.


“So, whaddya ya think?” She held her hands up to her hair without touching it, and gave a little twirl, grinning.


“It looks…um, is Spike here with you? Oh hi, Spike, I didn’t recognise her!” Giles said closing the door of the shop behind them.


“I know, I thought I woken up with a stranger!”  Suddenly Spike realised what he’d said, and looked a little embarrassed, then shrugged.


Even Giles must realise they were sleeping together. How wrong could a euphemism be, sleep, they did precious little sleeping really!


“I’ve stopped using my usual shower stuff too, and perfume, I’m using the stuff Spike uses, it’s lovely!” Buffy enthused.


“Yes, right, good, look, every things here, the cloth, stake and box. Now, do you want me to come as back up?”


“No, we’ll be fine the less people I have to worry about, the better”


“Ok, and I don’t suppose you want…Wes and - ”


“ - Don’t even suggest it, not after the fiasco that was the other night…incidentally, what DID you go inside the warehouse for – it could have been really dangerous, AND you only just got out in time, Spike and I thought that we’d have to come and rescue you all”



“To tell you the truth, even I don’t know, my last words were, why are we here, and shh, and then finally, we should have worn gloves.


You will be careful, won’t you Buffy” Giles looked a little worried.


“Sure, and I’ll have Spike with me, he’ll watch out for me, don’t worry”


“I certainly will, I’ll not let any thing happen to her Giles, rest assured on that”

Giles nodded, he did believe him, especially after that tea he’d used on him yesterday.


“Have you checked the venue out?”


“We’re going tonight, but it seems pretty straight forward” Spike said.


“There’s been a huge black container lorry driving up from LA, we think it might hold Dracula, it’s been noted before, something like that could easily be parked at some quiet end of the docks…oh, excuse me”


Giles went off to answer the phone. Buffy had got the three items together needed for Dracula’s demise.


“Right, oh, where’s Giles?” Buffy asked, coming over to Spike.


“You might know, phone” Buffy nodded.


“He’s just told me, that they think Dracula’s being driven up from Angel’s neck of the woods, in a huge black container lorry, makes sense I suppose, parked up by some quiet docks…” Spike said.


“Pity it can’t be impounded, left there so he starves…”


“Are you worried, babe?” Spike asked, cuddling her up.


“No, not worried…got my bestest guy with me, I just want to get it over with, so we can be together.” Spike rested his head on her shoulder.


“What are we going to do?”




“When this job’s over… - will you phone your mom in Santiago – do you think she’ll disapprove?” Buffy looked Spike in the eyes, stroked his face tenderly.


“Bridge we’ll have to cross, still, you have one advantage over Angel”


“Oh, what’s that?” Not sure whether he like being compared to Angel either favourably or not.

“My mother  actually LIKES you.” She kissed him lightly, rested her head against his.


Before going to the venue, Spike drove them to the warehouse.


“Why here?” Buffy asked.


“Come with me, I’ve had an idea - I just want to cause a little trouble.”


“Spike, is that wise…I mean”


“Shh, Pet, don’t worry, you’ll understand what I mean, come on”


She followed Spike without further question, showing him she trusted him.


Checking to see if there was anyone in, Darla and Dru had left two fledges on watch, not expecting any trouble.


Spike quickly dispatched both, catching them totally by surprise, and then they looked around, found the tickets to the ball, which Buffy took, and Spike then found what he was looking for. Buffy frowned.


Spike looked around for something suitable, found a piece of hair ribbon. He pulled the head off Miss Edith, beloved doll of Dru’s, and tied the ribbon round the neck part, and tied it to the beam so the dolls head hung down like it had been hanged, he pierced the body of the doll to the table with a big dagger.


They left.


“That with the doll will send her even more mad than she already is, and she won’t feel like partying…” Spike said. Buffy smiled, nodded. 


They hung around outside in the shadows, and soon the gang of them came back, Dru included.


They got inside, heard Drusilla scream and wail. They heard Daria shouting for the fledges they left on watch, and then they heard another one say that the tickets had gone.


“Come on babe, we’ve heard enough.” Spike took Buffy’s hand, and they ran to the car, drove off.


“It was only a fucking doll, Dru…” Darla shouted, unsympathetically. Dru wept and wailed, took to her bed, cuddling the bit of dismembered doll.


“Find those fledges, find those tickets, and somebody mend that fucking doll, before I burn the lot of you” Darla screamed hatefully, sending clan members running everywhere.



Spike drove them to the vineyard; they parked in the same place as last time, and scrambled down the rough embankment. Inside, everything was ready, from what they could see through a chink in the roughly drawn curtains.


“That’ll be the stage I’ll present you on…” Buffy nodded.

They drove home in silence; Buffy could see Spike was edgy.


She went upstairs as soon as they got home, and ran a bath. Calling Spike up, they enjoyed a relaxing bath together. Spike was still a bit quiet.


“What’s wrong baby, hmm?” Buffy sat on the bed next to him, stroked her hand through his damp hair to relax him. Spike turned and sat more on one hip, so he could face her, and hold both of her hands.


“I’m…I’m worried that I’ll…cock things up…” he looked down.


“You won’t, I’m sure, and I wouldn’t want anyone else in there with me, but you”


Buffy dipped her head, trying to look into his eyes.


“It’s not the fighting, or even how many of them there are…it’s………”


“What, baby, it’s what?”


“If he touches you, I’ll rip his cock off and make him eat it for wanting you, I’ll gouge his eyes out for looking at you, and I’ll rip his arms off for touching you…”


Buffy leaned forward and kissed him. Cupping his cheek, she held him close.


“He won’t be able to thrall me, he couldn’t do it last time, and I’ve only got to concentrate on something, like sing a nursery rhyme in my head, or recite a shopping list or something like that, get the job over with, and then we can go and be together…anyway, won’t you have Huey Dewy and Louis to contend with, his brides?”


Spike smiled and asked,


“Would you be jealous?”

“What, I’ll stake the lot of them if they make a move on what’s mine!”


Spike held her close, kissed her like the world was going to end. They spent all night making love, slept all morning, and then made love for most of the afternoon.


“I hope we don’t have to do to much fighting, I’m knackered” she didn’t shower, needed all the smell of Spike on her she could get.


She got dressed, and wore Spike’s coat in the car for good measure. Buffy had the device down her bra, along with the handkerchief, and they left the box in the car.


Spike looked SO sexy in his suit, he had the tickets and the seal of the Clan Aurelius.


They didn’t get there too early, arrived a little after eleven o’clock. Just before they got out of he car, Spike said,


“If you feel his thrall taking over…”


“I’ve only got to think how much I love you, and you love me, his thrall will be useless”


Buffy leaned forward and kissed him.


“Gods, I do love you Buffy, so much” He caressed her face, his eyes burning into her.


“Good, coz you’re MINE, and I’m not letting you go!” They kissed, and then got out and made their way to the venue.


Dracula himself wouldn’t show much before midnight anyway. Outside, Spike could see Daria trying to argue the toss with the gatekeeper.


“Well, check your guest list, you’ll see that we’re on it”


“But I need your tickets, you could be anybody”


“Why aren’t we in there yet?” Darla called out angrily to Daria. They could hear Dru snivelling miserably,


“I want to go home…I want to see Miss Edith…”


“If you don’t shut up about that fucking doll, I swear I’ll burn the rest of it, and YOU, NOW, SHUT THE FUCK UP! AND GET US INTO THE PARTY!” Darla screamed out of the car window.


Keeping their heads down Spike and Buffy went in smoothly and trouble free.


He refused a drink, blood, drugs and everything else that was offered, as did Buffy.


It was dark, and loud music thudded, the bass beat bouncing off their chests.


After about forty minutes, the music was turned down and it was announced that Dracula had arrived, and would see the clan heads and their queens in his rooms shortly, this will be done in alphabetical order, so it will be Clan Augustus, followed by Clan Aurelius, then Clan Brutus Andronicus… the announcer droned on.


“So, Babe were on second…and he’s receiving us in his rooms, eh?”


Someone came up to Spike, and pawed at Buffy’s arm, Spike gave a low warning combat growl, and they left.


“Have we got his ‘gift’?”


“Don’t worry, it’s tucked safely in between my boobs”


“Lucky it!” Spike breathed in her ear…Buffy kissed him, then the announcer called for the leader of Clan Augustus.


“If there are enough for us to take, we’ll do it now, if not, then we’ll just have to leave it till later…”


About five minutes later, the head of Clan Augustus came out of the rooms, angry looking, his ‘queen’ in tears, he was pulling her by the arm.


“Oh dear, perhaps she wasn’t to his ‘taste’ Spike smiled, then said,


“Alright then we’re up” The announcer called for Clan Aurelius.


He gave Buffy an appreciative stare as they passed.


Spike narrowed his eyes, and the announcer realised this and kept himself in check.


They went through a dark passage, the only light coming from a flaming torch at the end of the corridor.


There was a huge vampire standing guard by the door, and Buffy went to go in, the guard put his hand on her shoulder. Spike gave a very low growl, warning the guard off, and when he wasn’t quick enough to move the offending hand,


Spike snarled, and the guard looked at him closely.


He must have saw something flash in Spike’s eyes, because he soon moved it, big as he was.


They herd a bell ring, and the guard moved to one side, and Buffy and Spike were allowed in.


It was quite dark. There was a bed, and Dracula was surrounded by his three ‘brides’, Buffy thought that she was in some sort of sixties time warp, what with their hair and makeup, all thick eyelashes and brows, bouffant backcombed hair.


“William the Bloody, Clan Aurelius” The announcer said.


“Ah, Will-yam, it’s been a long time…”


“Dracula” Spike leaned forward to kiss the hand offered to him.


“You have bought me your queen?”


“I have indeed…she’s mortal still, I will take her when the full moon rises…” Spike said.


“Hmm, pretty little thing…still mortal…I might turn her…give you the honour of my brides”


“I respectfully decline your offer, and you won’t take my queen, she, is mine, and mine alone” Spike said confidently


Dracula sat up and everyone hissed at him. Spike stood his ground.


“I remember well, the Scourge of Europe…you are a renowned warrior…” he rolled the letter ‘R’ in all his words, making his east European accent thicker.


“Come, come here my pretty, I may not be able to turn you…but I can claim a kiss” Buffy didn’t move.


**Stay put baby, don’t give in to his thrall** Spike said through his thrall.


“Come to me” Dracula held out his hand, trying to draw her close to him. Buffy didn’t move.

Narrowing his eyes, Dracula tried again, holding his hand out, beckoning her to him, like he was trying to draw her in on an invisible cord.


“You vill come to me”


Closing her eyes, Buffy recited, ‘Mary had a little lamb…la, la, la, I love Spike your thrall is crap, doesn’t effect me… half a pound of tuppenny rice, half a pound of treacle…I love Spike, he loves me, he’s mine’ she didn’t move.


Spike was SO proud of her, the thrall was strong; even HE could feel it.


“She resists me…HOW IS THIS SO?” Dracula was intrigued.


“She knows her own mind, is very strong willed…perhaps…”


“Come to me, child, I COMMAND you!” Dracula was sitting bolt upright. His brides were writhing, hissing, they wanted her too.

**Resist babe, please, I love you…** Spike thralled her.


Buffy just about held on, she felt very tired. She kept on with the nursery rhymes…’Humpty Dumpty sat on…on a wall…Mary had a little…her eyes flickered, and Spike began to thrall her for all he was worth.

**Hold on baby, please, I love you, you’re mine, not his… please baby…**


Buffy felt her own power and Spike’s thrall combine and overpower Dracula’s thrall.


“Now!” She shouted, and as Dracula collapsed back his thrall draining him,


Spike threw himself at the vampiresses; he pulled a viol of accelerator fuel out of his pocket, and grabbed a candle, threw the fluid at them and ignited it.


Their screams alerted the guard outside, and he opened the door, the oxygen rush fanned the flames that engulfed them and Spike threw himself on the hulking great demon, and they began to fight.


Meanwhile, Buffy pulled out the special stake, and plunged it into Dracula’s chest, quickly mopping up the dust before he had time to re-animate, the screams and hissing of his brides had bought more guards in.


They were on fire, shrieking and wailing, flailing their arms around, setting the room alight. The bed, drapes and even the carpet caught fire, and Spike thought it about time they made their exit.


Several more of Dracula’s minions came running in, and Spike threw a chair at the window, but it bounced off some bars.


“Shit!” he began to fight, Buffy joined in, they managed to get out into the hallway, and inspiration struck.


The bedroom was totally aflame now, no one could enter, Spike was fighting four big vampires, keeping them off Buffy.


She’d staked six already, and Spike had staked at least twice as many, but still they kept on coming.


Ducking and punching, Spike pushed Buffy out of harms way.






“Save…oof….go, I’ll be ok…bastard, take that…uh! – Buffy…GO!”


Buffy could see how grossly outnumbered they really were, desperately trying to think of a way to get them both out safely.


Suddenly she had a brainwave.


“Hold on baby, got…ow! – got an idea…” She punched and kicked, fought her way along the corridor, until she came to the stage where the music was being played.


She ran into the party, went over to the music and stopped it, screaming,


“It’s a trap, it’s a trap, the slayer!”


Screaming and a stampede started for the exits, the hall began to burn and


Spike staggered in the hallway, the big guard that had blocked their way earlier had caught Spike in the back with the base of a broken candlestick.


Buffy screamed, and flew for the guard, she dusted him with a broken chair leg, went over to a semi-conscious Spike.


The candlestick was so close to his heart.


“You…you did great, baby, just great…I love…y-uh!” As he slumped down the wall, it pushed the candlestick into his heart and he exploded into dust. Buffy screamed,




More please...