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Chapter 8



Giles made tea and bought it in.


Buffy had taken her place on Spike’s lap again.


Giles sat down.


“Ok, what’s going on?” Angel asked looking at Buffy and Spike.


“No, first things first, why are you here?” Buffy asked, addressing her question to Wesley.


“Why, er, um well, erm, it’s er”


“Fucking…SOMETIME today!” Spike shouted glaring at Wesley.


“To help eliminate the nest that Darla and Dru are with” Wesley said, amazed that he didn’t stutter once.


“I see. Have you thought this through? – Do you have all the facts?” Spike asked.


“Facts, thought it obvious, um…” Wesley nervously looked at Gunn then Angel.


“We thought that we could stop Darla and Dru from going to this party, make things easier for you and Buffy to do the job” Wesley said.


“And why would you want to do that for, is it so…” Buffy shut up as Spike squeezed her hip to make her quieten.


“I thought it was to eliminate the whole nest” Gunn said.


“And get rid of a third of the guest list, very clever, don’t you think that would arouse some suspicion?” Buffy said witheringly to the black guy.


“Man, is she scary!” Gunn whispered to Wesley.


“We, um, er, we thought that Darla and Dru might cause you some trouble, with Spike, we’ve c-c-come h-h-h-here f-f-f-for you’re b-b-benefit” Wesley stuttered.


“Bollocks you did! Spike shouted. I can handle Dru and Darla, what YOU don’t know-“


“You’d like to THINK you could handle them” Angel spat out giving Spike a filthy look.


“Oh, and I suppose you’re going to tell me that you could handle them, as they are going to listen to you. How likely is that, since you’re the person that locked them in a warehouse and then tried to torch them, sure, Peaches, gonna be wanting to listen to you with every fibre of their undead being, They’ll be all over their ‘Daddy’ like a rash,  I don’t think.” Spike said


Wesley looked puzzled, so did Gunn, Angel looked at the floor.


“Angel, what does he mean?” Wesley asked puzzled.


“This true, man?” Gunn asked.


Angel said nothing at first, then nodded.


“When did this happen?”


“About four months ago” Angel said quietly. Spike whispered to Buffy, and they both stood, Buffy gave Spike her front door key, kissed him and he left, saying nothing else.


“Um, where’s…he go – oh” Wesley began.


“Why did you try and kill them and not tell us?” Gunn asked Angel.


“Because…” Angel began, but couldn’t form the words.


“Because, he’d been sleeping with Darla” Buffy said. Wesley and Gunn looked at Buffy, and then at Angel, they both looked shocked.


“Is this true?” Wesley asked, frowning.


“How…” Angel looked up, looking pained. Buffy pulled on her coat.


“Later” She said to Giles, and went.


“Buffy…I can’t even smell you for him…why?”


“You don’t get to ask, Angel, not any more” With that, she left.


“Is. That. True?” Wesley asked Angel, very annoyed. Angel just nodded. Gunn sucked in air through his teeth, Wesley looked at Angel.


“Just how STUPID are you, eh?” Gunn rounded on him.


“I know, I know!” Angel sighed, dropped his head in his hands.


“I’m sorry Giles, seems as though we’ve wasted your time, I thought by coming here, we could help, but this puts a new light on things” Wesley said, trying for the life of him to understand Angel’s behaviour.


“Only just found out myself” Giles said.


“Oh, yes, I bet Spike LOVED telling you that, didn’t he, eh, and what’s all this, sitting on his lap business?”


“Actually Angel, it’s for the job, they have to look like a couple – not forced or contrived, they need to be as natural as possible to blend in, and in all this, although Spike did tell me about what you had done as regards Dru and Darla, about this job, his main concern is not putting Buffy in any more danger than is necessary, his first and last thought is for her, full stop. You being there adds considerably to the danger – especially as you aren’t Darla and Dru’s No. 1 fan club any more ”


Giles said. Gunn stood up and said angrily,


“I don’t understand you, man!- Darla! – She could have turned you back…”


“NO, NO, she…she couldn’t have turned me, that’s why I…anyway, what right have you to judge me?”


Angel defiantly rounded and faced the young black man.


“I have the right, when your behaviour puts me and mine into danger, that’s when” Gunn said angrily. Wesley stood.


“Well, as we’re not needed…”


“You might be, and Gunn, stay if you want to, I’ll go” Angel said.

Giving him a withering look, Wesley said,


“Oh don’t act the martyr Angel, makes me nauseous, you brooding” Surprising everyone, including himself.


“I take it you can handle everything here?” Wesley asked. Giles nodded, I hope so…”


“If he gets too close to Buffy, he’ll…” Angel began, but the three other males looked at him so he shut up, made for the door.


Gunn and Wesley said goodnight and left.

Driving away, Gunn said to Angel,


“Man, what were you thinking?”


Angel said nothing.


“You realise you could have put us ALL in more danger than was necessary, by you not telling us you tried to kill them, and screwing around with Darla?”


Wesley said. Still Angel said nothing.


Gunn slowed at the traffic lights. Angel seized his chance, and quickly got out.


From the back seat, Wesley leaned forward, couldn’t see him out of the front window, so he scooted backwards, to look out of the back of the van.


“I can’t see him, he’s gone” Wesley was rubbing the dirty window, to no avail. The lights changed to green, and Gunn pulled the van up around the corner.


“Shall we go look for him?”


“Doubt if we’ll find him…where the hell does he think he’s going?” Wesley took out his mobile phone, and phoned Giles. Giles in turn phoned Buffy’s house.


“Thanks for telling us, bye” Buffy put the phone down. Sighing, she turned to Spike and said,


“Angel’s done a runner out of the van, they were going back to LA, his mates were having a go at him about putting them all in extra danger over Darla and co…”


“So, he’s on his way back here” Spike said


“Suppose so, he’ll be demanding answers”


“He can demand all he fucking well likes, pet…we don’t owe him any explanations. Besides, we can’t tell him what we don’t really know ourselves, love” Spike cuddled her up.


Raising her head from Spike’s chest, she said,


“You um, you don’t think that he’s gone to that warehouse, you know, where Darla and Dru are, do you?”


“Any idea where they were when he got out?”

Buffy shrugged, and said,


“Giles didn’t say, all he said was he did a runner at the traffic lights”


“Well, let me think, I left, you came out, what…two, three minutes after me, say they stayed another ten minutes at the shop…main highway out to LA…most likely the traffic lights by Blockbuster Video on the Malahide Road.” Buffy nodded.


“Which is…about fifteen minutes hike to these warehouses that Darla and Co are holed up. Let’s phone Giles.” Buffy pressed ‘memory 2’ on her mobile, heard it ring.


She gave Spike the phone, and then ran upstairs to check things.


“Rupert Giles”


“Giles, it’s me, look, I’ve worked it out, Angel probably jumped out of the van at the lights at Blockbuster Video, it’s only about ten to fifteen minutes or so from where Darla and Co are…” Spike said



“Yes…yes, you’re probably right. Oh Gods, he could mess things up right Royally too if he goes there alone…they’ll know something is up – even if one of them stake him, they’ll wonder what’s up, why he was there, and be extra vigilant…”



“I know, look, if he doesn’t show at the shop or here in the next…say…twenty minutes, half an hour or so, we can assume that he’s gone there”


“Ok, look ring me if…oh, hold on………………Its Wesley and Gunn back, if he show’s, ring me, and if he doesn’t, ring me anyway, bye. Wes” Spike heard the beginning of a greeting to Giles’ watcher friend who had obviously returned to the shop. Buffy came back down stairs.


“I’ve made sure all the windows are locked, not that he can get in, but, well, you know…and he’s not in the tree, what did Giles say?”


“Well, he’s none too happy, reckons Angel would cock things up good and proper if he goes to the warehouse alone, he said if he does or doesn’t show here in the next half an hour we’re to phone him, and that Wesley and that black kid had returned to the shop.


Who is he anyway, cheeky bastard, pulling a stake on me…nice right hook though babe!” Spike added with a grin, winking at her.


“Just one of a band of ‘vigilante’ brothers who works with them…he got a brother turned or killed or something, I’m not sure, don’t care” 





“No…ok then Giles…no, look, we better leave things for tonight, he’ll have to hole up somewhere during the day, we’ll have a better chance of finding him then…can he get into your place?”


“No, I did the de-invite after Jenny…”


“Well, at least that’s something, just be careful…ok, bye”


“Not there?” Buffy asked.


“No. He can’t get in at Giles’ place anyway, not since he killed that bird of his…”

Buffy nodded.


“Can’t here, either” Spike nodded.


“Wes and that other bloke, are staying at the shop, Giles is going home…you know, I’ve just thought…” Spike said.


“What’s that, baby?”


“I bet…I bet you, he’s gone to my crypt. Shit. He’ll tear the place apart” Spike frowned.


The phone rang; it was Giles. Buffy answered it.



“Hi, Buffy, is Spike still there, at your place?”


“Yes, why?”


“Because I’ve been thinking, he, I mean Angel might go to Spike’s crypt”


“That’s exactly what Spike just said. He’ll probably rip the place apart, too”


“Tell Spike to be careful, we need to get this job done, Dracula always goes back to his native Transylvania after St. Vigius, and it’ll be another eight months at least before we get another opportunity to have a bash at him else”


“Yeah, ok, but don’t worry about Spike, he’s going nowhere, he’ll stay here, with me – being at the crypt is too dangerous” Buffy said, looking at Spike and smiling.


“Night then, ring me, even if it’s the middle of the night if there’s any trouble”


“There’s a first, Giles worried about me!” Spike said with a grin


“He wants this job doing, else it’ll be eight months before we’d be able to have another crack at Dracula.” Buffy said. Spike nodded, then said,


“Um, did he say anything when you said I was going nowhere?”


“No, only to ring him, even in the middle of the night if there’s trouble”

Spike’s stomach grumbled.


“Hmm, my baby hungry?”


“Actually, I am, rather…”


“Well, I know where there’s a nice fresh supply…”


“Do you now…going to tell me?” Spike grinned


“Better than that, gonna show you, follow me…”

Giving her the sexiest grin, Spike said,



Buffy grinned, turned off all the downstairs lights, and led him upstairs.





“Oh, oh baby…oh, don’t stop…oh yes, oh Gods, oh, oh, now, now, now!”


Spike bit into the vein in her neck, and Buffy exploded into deep, hard climax, squeezing the life out of his massive cock that was buried to the hilt inside her. As her sweet hot blood flowed down his throat, he shot a heavy load against her cervix. He stopped biting when his orgasm subsided, they were panting. Spike licked her neck. Eyes rolling, he took his weight on his forearms.


“You ok baby, I didn’t hurt you?” Spike asked, concerned.


“No, you didn’t hurt me…just the opposite in fact…wow! Um, had enough?”


“Baby, never, but I’m not taking too much, you need your strength too.”

Spike lay to the side of her; she cuddled him up.


Angel practically fell out of Willie’s bar; he’d managed to swipe a bottle of Jack Daniels on the way out.


He staggered in the alley way, hit the bottle neck against the wall so it broke, put it to his lips, and drained it, cutting his mouth in the process.


When it was empty, he let it slip through his fingers, with a satisfying smash, and he reeled off in the direction of the Restfield Cemetery.


Banging open the crypt door, he slurred,


“Daddy’s home!” and promptly fell down the step, and went sprawling.


Spike usually kept a torch or a few candles burning…Spike. And Buf…no. No. No, no, no. Wasn’t possible.


A rat scurried passed.


“No, s’not poss’ble” Angel said out loud. He got to his feet, very unsteadily, and staggered over to the sarcophagus.


He lay on it, and passed out.


“Are you tired baby?” Buffy asked, stroking Spike’s face.




Buffy giggled, and dipped her head below the covers and began to tease and tickle his rapidly stiffening cock. Spike grinned, also ducked below the covers, and said,


“Turn round, put your feet up this way…” Buffy did as he asked, so that they were in the classic 69 position. After that, Buffy straddled his slim hips, but Spike turned her around, so she was facing his feet, he sat up while still buried in her, fondled her breasts and bit her neck with blunt teeth, the huge bulbous head of his cock was rubbing her G Spot, reaching down to where they were joined, he gently pinched and rubbed her slippery clit, making her scream loud and long through her orgasm.


Still she wasn’t satisfied, they made love facing one another sitting, with her on top facing him, where Spike played with her breasts again, teasing her nipples, and then to finish, he spooned against her back, where they fell asleep, with him still inside her!


Gods, carry on at this rate and there’d be nothing left of him…and was he complaining? – Not one little bit!


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