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Chapter 4


Spike was awoken when his pillow was rudely snatched from under his head.


“Wha…,” he said groggily with sleep swollen eyes and looking around for the purpose of this abrupt awakening.


A grinning Buffy came into focus, adjusting a stack of pillows and giving them a good ‘wack’.  “You look a little uncomfortable,” her grin became a full fledged smirk, “why don’t you move over a bit and make yourself comfortable?”


The bleached artist wasn’t sure what she was up to, but his sleep-hazed mind didn’t have the ability to question her suggestion.  So, he did as she requested and propped himself against the pile of pillow.


She straddled his lap and kissed him hungrily.  The more Buffy plundered his mouth the more alert he became, running his hands along her back and rump enjoying the silkiness of her skin.  Giving him one last wet, loud smacking kiss the long-haired beauty pulled away and began to direct her mouth and hands towards his now large swollen member.  Buffy couldn’t help but revel in her feelings of power and desire.  *Look at his body!  I’m going to capture it, tame it, and make it mine.*  


Beginning her hunt, she glided her lips down his jaw line whisper soft.  Used wet open-mouth kisses to make her way down his neck.  Licked and sucked his nipples till he groaned, then traced the lines of his abdominals with her tongue.  Her mouth lavished attention on his hip bones while her hands kneaded his thighs.  Power was hers as she spared a quick, predatory glance at the writhing, moaning subject of her attentions.


Placing herself comfortably between his legs she stared at her goal open-mouthed.   The blonde temptress had yet to really have a good long look at it yet.  It was fantastic *just like the rest of his body*; large and powerful looking, the very essence of man.


It was torture.  Watching this angel analyze his cock while licking her lips was about to undo him.  *She’s going to kill me!*  The anticipation of her touch was agonizing.  Spike shut his eyes tightly trying to will away the urge to grab her and relieve his angry rod.  He settled for placing his hands in her hair, feeling the silky strands glide along his fingers.


Buffy touched his shaft softly, tracing the engorged veins.  Her touch was so soft Spike opened his eyes to reassure himself that he wasn’t imagining her touch.  His eyes met deep pools of green overflowing with desire.  She asked, “Can you see?  I want you to watch me bring you off.”  She took one long lick from base to tip and he gasped.  “Remember, I want to hear you.”


Placing a firmer grip on his aching cock she took the head in her mouth nursing at it like a bottle.  *Full of man milk* she thought as she smiled against taut flesh.  Buffy released the appendage only to reacquaint herself by licking at the salty slit and smooth shaft.  Again and again and again she licked, teasing him and moaning in pleasure all the while.


“Oh!...Oh Buffy...,” came a strained cry.


Looking up into midnight blue eyes, she taunted him further, “Oh Spike you’ve got the yummiest dick.”  Without breaking eye contact she swirled her tongue once on the tip of his cock, and then smiled with her lips still pressed against the head.


“God damn,” was all the response she received when she started fondling his balls throwing in a lick or kiss to aid in the caress.


“Jesus!  Suck it!”  he said as he started to squirm on the bed.  “Take it in and suck it.” 


Spike was a panting mess.  The sexy blonde between his legs was giving him the best blow job of his life.  If the sight and feel of her mouth playing with his bits wasn’t enough, the view of her wiggling backside laying on the bed almost made him cum before the main course had even started.


Complying with his urgent request Buffy started by taking the head in her mouth letting a little more in at a time, her hand engulfing what she couldn’t down.


“Ugh…oh God…oh…oh Buffy….harder, please...suck harder!”  The long mane of the huntress was gliding along his thighs and hips softly as she increased the pressure on his cock.  It was a great contrast of sensations, causing his head to drop back and his eyes to shut tightly.


Buffy was feeling beautifully feminine making this man quiver – her man quiver.  *I’ve ‘tamed’ now it’s time to make him ‘mine’.*  She hastened her movements and began to hum around his shaft.  Spike went stiff with a quick intake of air.  As her prey released a shuddered breath she watched as the muscles spanning his body started to twitch and jerk.  *He’s mine.*


He had completely lost control with the force of his orgasm.  Buffy greedily accepted his salty fluids, bringing him down slowly by lapping him clean.


Using his hold on her hair Spike gently urged her up to a kiss.  The kisses that followed were deep, uncontrolled and consuming kisses.  Kisses that raged, were raw and penetrated built-up facades.


They weren’t hiding from each other, nor could they have if they wanted to.  They were connected and fueled by their need of one another.


As they kissed, Spike, half delirious, slid one of his hands down her back, over her ass and between Buffy’s legs.  He stiffened two fingers allowing her to undulate on them to get the friction her body craved.


Her body was calling.  Buffy had become so wet that she felt her thighs become slick.  Earlier she had felt all powerful but she couldn’t help but think that now some of it had left.  She was the needy one now.  Her body ached to be filled.


Watching this woman, the woman who so fast was becoming the center of his existence, writhing on his hand and nibbling on his lower lip had him rapidly returning to steely hardness.  Buffy was driving him crazy.


Placing his hands on her hips he lowered her onto his throbbing pole.


Buffy groaned as her soaking core enveloped his large cock.  Feelings overwhelming her; Spike filled her in a way she’d never known existed before.  *Completely.* 



“God Spike,” she hissed while bouncing on him with utter elation.  “You’re dick’s perfect….fits me perfect.”



*This woman is starved* Spike thought to himself.  He had never had a woman ride him like this and look at him like he was her savior, her heaven on earth, and he hoped he was reflecting it back, because he felt that way too.   “Harder Buffy…you know you want more…take it… it’s yours.”  Breaking eye contact he latched onto one of her breasts sucking greedily, fulfilling a hunger of his own.


It didn’t take long; emotions were too intense, too animal driven.  Her walls clenched around his shaft setting off his climax, allowing them to ride their pleasure out together – moaning and moving as one.


Instinctually they knew as they lay there sleepy and sated that this wasn’t something that they should let go of.  They were a part of something special now.  They drifted into slumber not with thoughts of self, but with thoughts of ‘us’.




That was his first thought when Spike woke up and took in his newfound object of affection.  He was giddy with the of a new day with her.  *I'm gonna have lots of days with her.*  He buried his face in her hair, breathing deep the aroma of her shampoo.  Instinctively his body pulled toward her and held her closer.

The slight pressure Buffy's body felt when he snuggled closer was just enough to fully bring her awake.  After a brief stretch and quick yawn, the sleepy blonde turned in his arms reciprocating the embrace and added a chaste kiss on the lips.  She couldn't help but smile.

"Do you have plans for today, Luv?"

"Umm... no, none that I can think of," came the groggy reply.

"Good, then you can stay and have a lazy Sunday with me."

She quirked a finely waxed brow.  "Sounds good.  What exactly do you do on a typical 'lazy Sunday'?  I hope it includes a shower and breakfast somewhere in there."

"Well, usually I make myself some coffee, sit and read the paper, maybe do the crossword.  Depending on what I feel like I'll watch some tele or read a book.  The main thing is that the whole day is spent doing nothing constructive for anyone else."  He gave pause before he continued, "Oh, and all that's accomplished while wearing nothing but my knickers, with that notation he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively."

Buffy giggled and snuggled in closer.  "Is that so?"

Spike purred in response.  "But I was thinking.  Being that I now have a partner in my lazy Sunday routine the agenda needs to be altered a bit."

"Do tell."

"I suggest this first I'll make love to you."  He pulled her in close for a slow kiss.  "Second I’ll make some breakfast while you shower."  The remark was punctuated by a kiss on the forehead.  "You can start on the paper while I get all cleaned up."  His hands started to leisurely roam her back.  "We do the crossword together."  With a firm grip on her rump he stated, "Then we’ll shag good and proper."  A lecherous grin.  "There's a footie game I want to catch, then..."

"Let me guess," she cut in, "then you get to 'shag me good and proper' again?"

"No!  I was thinking more along the lines of fucking you into the mattress--you know all the adrenaline from the game.  But if you want another shag session we can move the fucking till later in the day."  He started to ramble on in mock seriousness.

By this time Buffy had broken down into full out laughter.  "May I make a suggestion?  I know you've got this all worked out but since I'm one half of the equation I thought I might get some say."

"Anything," came the mumbled reply as he kissed his way down her neck.

"It's an amendment to the dress code.  I'm voting no 'knickers'."  She said it wearing her very own wicked smirk.  *Take THAT Mr. Lusty.*

Spike looked up from his ministrations with the bluest eyes twinkling, thinking that she was not only great but a real pistol as well.  "Starkers it is, Luv."

As he pulled his girl closer he showed her just how much he approved of her input.  Placing her leg over his hip, he entered her smoothly.  Side by side they moved with slow and luxurious movements, officially kicking off their first lazy Sunday together.


The day continued as planned.  Buffy quickly showered while Spike prepared something for them to eat.  After eating he made sure Buffy was happily set up with the paper on the sofa and made his exit to shower.  Before long Spike padded out of the bathroom, a towel slung low around his hips, running another one over his bleached locks roughly; taking in the view of his home, or rather the naked woman sitting on his couch, he smiled a contented smile.  He was about to comment on his thoughts when he heard Buffy speak up.

"Since when does 'naked' mean towel?"  She grinned a saucy grin while waiting on his response to her tease.  The towel, she knew, was around him out of habit, but she couldn't help but give him a tough time of it.  Naked was the order of the day, and well... he just looked so good naked.

Spike's retort was not unique but none the less provoking, "You plannin' on doing something about it?"  The wide grin on his face did nothing to hide the joy he took in their banter and the expectation that she WAS, in fact going to do something about it.

In a flash Buffy was firmly pressed against his body ridding him of the pesky terrycloth, her mouth licking and nipping his freshly washed neck.  The feel of his warm, damp skin undid her, wondering how it was that she couldn't get enough of his man.

Taking it all, wanting more, he pondered this wanton woman before him.  He had been the object of desire before but her drive for him was outmatched.  *What makes her like this with me?* he wondered.  *Is it love?*  Before he had time to consider the ramifications of that thought, Buffy let out a surprised yelp, running away from the window and hiding herself against the wall.

Still in a state of surprise himself and not noticing a fire or any other disaster that should have interrupted what was fast becoming one hell of a snog, he questioned somewhat exasperated, "What?"

Peeking around the edge of the window eye wide she pointed, "There!  There's a guy on that roof.  I think he saw us!"  Her heart was beating like a drum.

Spike chuckled, earning him an annoyed glance from Buffy before she turned her attention back to the onlooker.  "Come here," he grabbed the beauty by the arm and swung her so she faced the window, his chest placed against her back.  "You mean THAT him?" he said as he motioned toward the man two buildings away.  "Luv, he's so far away.  I'm sure he can tell what's going on but nothing more, no details."

When she moved to get away from his embrace he continued, "Besides," he said huskily, slowly drawing her arms with which she had tried to cover herself, up to lock around his neck, "I wouldn't be looking away if I were him either."  Burying his face in the curve of her neck, he breathed deep, his thoughts lingering momentarily on her scent.  His hands traveled down from her interlaced fingers around his neck, down her arms, the sides of her torso, resting briefly on her hips before beginning a slow path up the front of her body.

Buffy was lost in sensation; the sensation of the man surrounding her in his touch, his voice.  She was also aware that they probably still had an audience and she felt a little dirty that that fact was turning her on the more she thought about it.

Spike's low, silky voice brought her back.  "That git doesn't get to touch these sweet mounds."  His hands followed his thoughts kneading the soft orbs making Buffy moan with desire as his ministrations increased in pressure.  "But I do," he stated possessively.

As one hand released its hold on her breast and sensuously slid its way down her body, he continued to purr equally possessive thoughts into her ear.  Cupping her sex with his hand he said, "He doesn't get to fill you soft, shaved quim."  With one last glance to their audience of one, Spike entered her.  "But I do." He repeated his earlier sentiments in an exerted breath.  "Because you're mine Buffy, all mine." 

Ragged breaths and gasps filled the space as the intense sensations caused by the coupling continued.  With her hands still locked in place behind his neck Buffy let him hold her hips and guide the rhythm of their bodies.  She arched her back to let him in deeper.   His chatter undoing her, making her wetter.  She was his, but did he know how much?


*So soft... so soft... everywhere.* His mind babbled as he increased the pace of his thrusts and the stroking of her clit, driving them faster towards their peaks.

Feeling her inner muscles start to clench, he urged her on, his voice thick as honey.  "That's right, baby.  Show him... what I... do... to you."

Buffy cried out as her orgasm overtook her.  Her pussy fluttered around him so tight his breath hitched.  Just as he was about to come she pulled away and quickly dropped to her knees, one hand rubbing her clit, the other trailing across her chest and abdomen.  "Now, show him what I do to you." 

With two strokes of his hand he was lost.  He watched as his cum landed on her chest and oozed down her torso.  Her hand rubbed in the moisture in circles over her skin, while the other hand brought her to another climax.

Coming out of a blissed daze, Spike dropped to his knees and engulfed the limp woman in a strong embrace, kissing her passionately.  Pulling away breathlessly, he looked toward their spectator and panted, "I think he gets the idea of what we do to each other alright."  He stood on now shaky legs, righting her along with him.

Now mindful of what they'd just done, Buffy looked up with a slight blush on her cheeks and quietly said, "Umm, I think we need another shower."

"Right you are, Luv."  Wrapping one arm around her, Spike looked back one last time to the ogling bystander and gave him a two-fingered salute.