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Buffy couldn’t help grinning broadly as the taxi pulled up outside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.


“I’m SO glad the Sheraton messed up the bookings – and now we can stay here!”


Spike grinned at her child-like enthusiasm. “Sure about the suite though? I can book another...“


“Spike, I’m sure I’m sure, okay? *It’s what I want.” They smiled at each other, and Spike went to check in while the bellhops sorted out the luggage.


Five minutes later, Buffy was looking out over a magnificent view of Central Park, after gazing around the suite in wonder at the huge bathroom with sunken whirlpool bath and giant walk-in shower, lounge with every thing you could want, and a bedroom with a massive bed.


“Wow…look at that for a view!” Buffy turned and saw that Spike was on his cell phone, but he smiled at her and ended his call and came over to the big picture window. “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were on the phone."


“It’s okay, pet. Look, I’ve just brought that ‘One-To-Watch’ interview forward. If we can get that in before we have to go off to the record store signing, it means you can have…um…let me see…three – yeah, a good three hours shopping – before the shops close....if you want.”


“Oh, wow! Oh, yes please!” Buffy bounced on the balls of her feet. She wasn’t in the slightest bit tired, more like a kid on Christmas eve!


“, where is it…ah, here we are – spending money.” Spike held out a check to her. Buffy’s eyes went huge, and she sat down heavily in the nearest chair.


“Oh my god! I’ve never – I mean – but what if-oh!”


Spike chuckled at her incredulity. “Babe, your single is number one, your album will do the same. That’s a drop in the ocean.”


Buffy saw the words ‘five hundred thousand dollars’, and couldn’t comprehend such amounts of money…HER money!


“Are you tired pet?”


Buffy shook her head




“Um…a bit. How long have we got before I’ve got to do anything?”


Spike looked at his watch again.  “Well, I didn’t know just how tired you’d be, so didn’t book anything until three o’clock this afternoon.”


“Oh good!”


“Would you trust me on this?” Spike said, holding her around the waist. Buffy smiled up at him, and slipped her hands around the back of his neck.




“I know you said you don’t feel tired, but, have a rest now. You’ll feel better for it later on.”


“Okay.…will you stay with me?”


“Course I will pet” Spike had his lips by her forehead, and he kissed it softly.


Buffy yawned, and then giggled.  “I didn’t THINK I was tired!” She led Spike into the bedroom. While she carried on into the bathroom, Spike took off his shoes and sat on the bed. He thought it prudent to set his watch alarm, just in case they fell asleep.


Buffy came back into the bedroom, threw the skirt she’d been wearing over the chair, and looked at Spike who was sitting on the bed with his back to her. She could hear a little beeping sound.


She crawled over the bed and knelt behind him, slipped her arms around his neck and looking over his shoulder she said, “Oh. I thought you’d got one of those computer game things…what are you doing?”


Spike pressed the winder of his watch in, and put it on the nightstand, he turned his head and said to her, “Just setting my watch alarm, so we don’t oversleep.” He kissed her nose lightly and Buffy looked at his lips for a second or two, then she began to kiss him properly. Without breaking the kiss, he shifted around, and they somehow managed to maneuverer themselves to lying down facing each other.


“Are you really sure about this, love? I don’t want you to think I...."


“Sure, I’m sure…” Buffy lay more on her back with Spike leaning over her, their kisses becoming more wanton and passionate.


He began to kiss and nibble at her neck, making her pant and writhe. Suddenly he stopped.  “Um…sorry babe, but I...well, I haven’t got any………I need to get condoms.”


Buffy shook her head and said, “It’s okay, I’m on the pill for irregular periods.  I’m safe, okay?”


One thought hit Spike; **Wow, bare-back**


Not only was he going to make love to this beautiful woman, it was going to be as nature intended.  He resumed kissing her. “God baby, you smell so good, you’re SO beautiful” Spike breathed in her ear.


With slightly shaky fingers, she began to undo his shirt, and pushed it down his arms. Raising up slightly, Spike threw it off him and onto the floor, and he in turn gently removed her sweater.


He then started to kiss lower on her neck, and the tops of her breasts. Buffy could feel him trying to find the clasp of her bra at the back, so to help she pressed on the rose covered clip in the front. The cups parted, and she raised up and let it slide off her arms. All she had on now were her tiny panties.


Spike still had his jeans on as he began to nuzzle at her soft firm breasts, kissing and teasing her nipples, flicking with his tongue and sucking them in turn to hard nubs, making Buffy gasp and hold his head to her. In between his ministrations, he would murmur how lovely she was, how soft she felt. He quickly skimmed down kissing her abdomen, and settled between her satin-soft thighs.


Buffy raised her head off the pillow, slightly frowning, “Wha-where are – oh – OH!”


Slipping her thighs over his shoulders, he undid the tiny bows at her hips, and dropped the little scrap of lace-edged silk on the floor, and then said softly,  “So you don’t forget who’s doing this to you…I’m going to write my name with my tongue over a very special place………”


Her head snapped back onto the pillows as a wondrous sensation overtook her body.


Wiggling his tongue over her labia, he gently parted her inner lips until he found his prize, and proceeded with a stiffened tongue-tip to paint the letters of his name over her clitoris, every so often teasing her opening with long deep strokes, that had Buffy breathless.


Her head whipping back and forth, she was totally mindless to anything other than the sheer unadulterated pleasure he was giving her. Clutching handfuls of bedding, her hips rocked of their own volition, and she couldn’t breathe properly. Her neck arched, eyes tight shut, her mouth open.


She was gasping. Such sensations she’d never had before. The fact was, she’d never had oral sex before.


“Mmm……… baby…is that good, huh?”


Buffy tried to answer, honestly she did. A slightly strangulated, ‘Yea –hmm, ooooohhhhh’………was the best she could manage, as words eluded her.


Spike chuckled and continued his ministrations, finally sliding a finger inside her hot, tight depths to rub her G spot, causing Buffy’s already maximum loaded senses to trip to over-load. She cried out and bucked her hips as a series of mini-orgasms ripped through her.


Spike couldn’t stand the tight confines of his jeans any longer, and he quickly undid the belt and snapped open the top button. The sheer size and weight of his monster hard-on made the zip open on it’s own, and he speedily shed them and kicked them onto the floor.


Leaning on one forearm, he reared over her and began to kiss her neck and then her lips. Blindly, Buffy reached for him, and  felt his whole body stiffen. He gasped when her fingers closed around his erection. Her fingers didn’t meet he was so big, and her eyes flew open, her first thought that he’d never fit!


Glancing down only confirmed her first thought. He was absolutely massive! She circled her thumb over the leaking slit, lubricating the head, and Spike gasped and closed his eyes, letting his head drop to her neck.


“Baby – oh, gods – I’ll be gentle...go slow – oooh!” He shuddered as he felt her put him at her opening, then slowly began to enter her. Buffy arched her back, and Spike withdrew and thrust forward several times until he was a little over half way inside her.


They were both gasping.  She was so tight and hot and glorious.


Buffy wanted him so much, she began to firmly thrust her hips up towards his. Spike reached down and snagged her behind the knee and drew her leg up towards her chest, and she followed with the other leg automatically,  crossing her ankles behind his back, high up around his waist.


Spike slowly sank fully inside her to the hilt, pushing right into her cervix. He could feel the tight, hot, cushiony squeezing of her inner walls surround him. She felt so good that he knew he wouldn’t last. He'd wanted her too much. for too long, from the moment  he’d set eyes on her, and the actual act of their union was even better than he’d imagined.


Buffy’s fingers flexed. She held his shoulder, his biceps, feeling the straining muscles under her touch. Their hips churning, the sensations they were giving and receiving were so utterly, unbelievably good that neither could speak at first. It was hard enough to just drag air into their lungs!


He leaned down and kissed her, their tongues fought for dominance. Spike upped the pace and began to thrust harder and faster, much to Buffy’s delight. She matched his pace,  marveling at Mother Nature that she could accommodate him so completely. He filled her to the brim, and the feeling was indescribably good. 


“Baby…oh god, so good………you’re too, good……I can’t hold…” Spike began to babble.


“Do it! Don’t…stop, ooh…oh yeah…oooh, Spike, don’t stop, harder…oh, I’m...oh...ooooohhhhh...“


“Buffy – oh – me too…I’m…aaaaahhhhh – “


Thrusting at an incredible pace, Spike felt the first involuntary clench of her orgasm. He couldn’t hold back any longer himself, he thrust up as hard as he could. She felt him swell, stretching her that little bit more, the sweet tight clamp of her femininity milking him as he shot a heavy load inside her, both crying out the longest, deepest, hardest orgasm they’d ever had. Ever. Ever, ever, ever……………


Spike came to with his head on the pillow. Buffy had run a hand through her hair, leaving her palm resting on her forehead. They were both panting hard.


When she could speak, Buffy croaked, “I honestly didn’t know it could be like that, so fantastic, so completely………”


“Incredibly, wow?” Spike finished for her.  “Babe, that was…well…quite simply the best. You were incredible.” He raised up and gave her a soft kiss.


“Me? It was you!”  She deepened the kiss, her tongue fighting a duel with his. He was still rock hard, still inside her.


“Are you sore pet, shall I...“ He went to move, but Buffy gave him a squeeze with her thighs, holding on tight to his shoulders, as he grinned down at her.


“More. Again,” she demanded, smiling back at him. Spike, ever happy to comply began to thrust slowly again. She picked up his rhythm and they were both able to last longer this time, bringing each other to dizzying heights of pure ecstasy that even rivaled their first time, culminating in an earth-shattering climax that left them both exhausted.  They fell asleep, wrapped in each others arms.



Buffy stirred, then came awake fully. The first thing she realized was that she was snuggled up to a very sexy, very naked Spike. The second thing she noticed, was that the phone was ringing.  “Spike…Spike..”




“Phone’s ringing, baby,”


Spike shifted onto his back and groped for the phone on the nightstand. “Yeah?” he asked sleepily, then he sat up. “Right, um, sorry…jet-lag caught up with us.  Give us fifteen minutes would you, and send up some coffee and sandwiches please…thank you.” Spike put down the phone and turned to Buffy.  “We overslept! The watch alarm went off but we must have been in too deep a sleep to hear it. One-To-Watch are here for the interview. I said to give us fifteen, you go have a quick shower. I’ve ordered coffee and that okay, baby…sorry ‘bout the rush.”


He leant over and kissed her.


Buffy hugged him to her for a second and said, “That’s fine – I won’t be long.” She got up and went and had a quick shower, returning five minutes later wearing her toweling robe.


“We doing the interview up here?”


“Don’t mind, do you pet?”


“Course not…jeans will be okay, won’t they? They don’t want pictures?”


“We can always get Cordelia at the office to fax through photo’s – oh – that should be the room-service.”


Spike went and opened the door.  A man wearing a white jacket wheeled in a trolley with a mountain of assorted sandwiches and a huge pot of coffee and cups.  Spike tipped him and immediately set about pouring them both a drink.


All through the interview, Spike sort of hovered in the background. He kept catching Buffy’s eye, and they couldn’t stop smiling at each other, a fact picked up on by the interviewer. At the end, as she was packing her tape recorder and things away she said to Buffy, “Is he your boyfriend?”


Buffy looked at Spike and grinned. “Spike? Spike is my manager, and my…yes, my boyfriend.” She glanced at him again, and caught his smile.


“Thought so…the air sort of...well, crackles around you, and you haven’t taken your eyes off each other the whole time…” She smiled at Buffy and continued, “Not that I blame you. He’s all sorts of gorgeous, isn’t he? Well, it was nice meeting you, Buffy, and good luck with the album – not that you’ll need any luck.”

She held out her hand and Buffy shook it, grinning and saying thank you. The woman left. As soon as the door was shut, Buffy was in Spike’s arms, and they were kissing.


“What time is the car coming for us?” she asked.


“Twenty minutes.”


“Right, well, I suppose I better put a bit of color on my face. I must look a fright!”


Spike gave her a quick kiss. “Nope, you look beautiful to me love.” She smiled and blushed slightly, which she knew was silly, but still…


“Oh my GOD! They're not all here to see ME, are they?”


The limo passed the front of the MegaMusic Store and Buffy stared with amazement at the huge crowds of people. She could see marshals holding them back behind barriers that tightly zigzagged their way up to the store entrance.


“Well, they sure aren’t here to see me, pet!”


The popularity of her own celebrity still surprised her. The car slid smoothly into the parking bay at the back of the shop, where they were met by the manager at the fire-exit door. They were both ushered in quickly, and Spike said he’d wait in the manager’s office for her.


Buffy came out into the shop through a door marked ‘Private’, seeing the first 50 of the waiting crowd had been let in. Stacked all around were copies of her CD, and a life-sized cardboard cut out of the picture of Buffy standing on the shore adorned the shop floor. The windows advertised her song and the fact that she would be appearing at the shop to sign copies of the CD. The song was playing over the air, and for an hour and a half she signed her name and shook hands.


Spike had prudently gotten the store to have some already signed photos (stamped ones, done by the secretaries) of Buffy on hand. That way, if they sold out of the single, the customers wouldn’t be too disappointed and would have something to show for their patient queuing.


This was good thinking on his part, as the store had in fact sold out it’s allocated 1500 copies of the CD. People had been buying it all the previous day and the morning, too.


After thanking the very happy manager, Buffy and Spike left and got back into the car.


Part 16-B 

“Here, put these on pet, and I bought this for you to put on…Right, I think you said shopping was the order of the day, yes?”


Excitedly, Buffy put the little pale blue cardigan on, and the dark glasses, and Spike asked the driver to take them to Madison Avenue rather than back to the hotel.


Bowled over by the fact that she could see all the designer stores, let alone shop in them, Buffy went into Versace, Armani, La Perla, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, DKNY and Calvin Klein. She also visited Bloomingdale's, and spent a fortune!


She’d probably spent more in two and a half hours, than she’d spent in her entire lifetime. But she was bubbly happy as they walked through the shops, shops she’d only ever dreamed about going into, let alone buying anything! Walking hand in hand with Spike, she’d never honestly been so happy.


They’d had to make several trips back to the car to load her shopping. By seven o’ clock it was dark and they both were hungry.


Spike asked the driver to take them back to the hotel via Broadway, so Buffy could see all the theaters and the bright lights.


When they did get back to the hotel Spike asked her what she wanted to do; go out, or order room service. Thanks to the afternoon sleep, they didn’t feel all that tired, and Buffy wanted to be out, experiencing it all.


“Don’t tire yourself out, Kitten. You’ve got that TV show tomorrow morning remember, and we want you to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed for that!” Spike reminded her.


“I know. We won’t be too late back…now, I don’t know about you, but I'm starving!"


"Yup, me too babe."


“I fancy a big, juicy steak…yeah that’s what I want.” Buffy rubbed her tummy, nodding.


“Sounds excellent. I know just the place,”  Spike said grinning.


They both changed and took a cab to a restaurant Spike knew off Madison Ave., where they  had huge steaks with fries and salad, a bottle of good wine and then an enormous ice cream confection that defeated them both in the end. They had to leave some, as they were both full.


“Shall we walk a few blocks, look at the shops and then get a cab the rest of the way?” Spike suggested, which Buffy was happy to do.


They were soon back at the hotel, were there was several messages for Spike. While Buffy did her thing in the bathroom, Spike set up his laptop in the sitting room and caught up with a little work.


Buffy called him from the bedroom. “Will you be long, baby?” She stood there, leaning against the door jamb, one hand seductively holding near the top of the door, her one hip thrown into profile. Saucily she ran her tongue along her top lip. She was wearing  one of her purchases, a filmy little bit of lacy nothing, held together with tiny satin ribbons that accentuated her curves and made her look so utterly desirable and sexy that Spike shut down his laptop and joined her straight away!


“You like?”


“Uh, uh, I LOVE…but I prefer you totally naked, c’mere you sexy little minx!”


Buffy squealed as Spike made a playful dive for her and she very quickly allowed him to ‘catch’ her. She slid her arms around his neck and said seductively,  “So…whaddya gonna do now you’ve caught me, huh?” Grinning, she teased and ground her hips against his growing erection, making him catch a breath.


“Well now………let me see. I always thought actions spoke louder than words…” Spike gently walked her backwards and they both tumbled to the bed where he began to pull open the little satin bows till all her delights were exposed to him. He began to nibble on her neck, fondle her breasts, and suckle at her nipples, making her mewl like a kitten, getting her very hot.


Emboldened by the wine she’d had earlier, she gently pushed down on the top of his head and said, “I’ve forgotten…remind me of your name again, would you?”


Spike grinned at her, and after undressing himself in record speed, he quickly settled between her smooth legs and gave a repeat performance of writing his name for her; over, and over, and over again...until Buffy had lost count of the orgasms and had shouted herself hoarse.


Buffy woke and stretched, looking at the clock; it was 3.50am.


She got up and went to the bathroom. Feeling ever so slightly sore and a little sticky, she had a shower and felt refreshed.


The room was warm enough to pad around naked in, and when she got back into bed, she found Spike had shifted from lying on his side to on his back. She looked at him – and gods, he looked so handsome. His growing out bleach job tumbled mop of unruly curls, the chiseled jaw and full lips,  his fine physique, well-muscled shoulders and biceps, to the six-pack abs. He was one neat package all right.


Feeling wide awake, and full of devilment, Buffy lightly traced her finger down his chest, around under his pectoral muscles and then she traced on down between his six-pack.


Spike stirred slightly and she smiled. Under the sheet, she could see the outline of his manhood beginning to stiffen. Gently, she inched the sheet down until she had him fully exposed. She fluttered her fingers through his crisp curls and tickled over his thighs. She was dying to touch him. It.


Swallowing and licking her lips, she bent her head forward, and licked the length of his shaft. Spike murmured a sigh and he moved his head to lay on his other cheek. Buffy stifled a giggle, and did it again, this time she gently took hold of him, and lifted the head to her mouth.


She licked around the head and then, making her lips into a wet ‘O’ shape, she slowly slid them down, clamping them under the ridge, sucking gently. She began to slowly pump him, taking as much of him into her mouth as she could.  Bringing her other hand into the mix, she cupped his balls, lightly squeezing and massaging circles over them with her thumb. Spike let out a loud pleasured groan and bucked his hips up toward her.


Buffy, for her part, was really enjoying herself. She’d only done this once before, and (or so she’d been told) needed a lot more practice.


The one thing she would be grateful for though, was to a certain young troubled student at her last job. Dawn, her name was, always getting herself into scrapes. Buffy had  come round to her office area one day to find Dawn looking at a website, ‘How to give better blow jobs’. Of course, Buffy had admonished her, closed the site and sent the girl on her way immediately, but later she'd secretly went back and made a note of the web address...


“Ooooohhhhh –babe!” Spike gasped.


She removed her mouth from him, although she still carried on both sets of hand movements.


“Never really done this before…tell me what to do,” Buffy said softly.


“You’re………you’re doing...oh, f-fine, love…oh god yes!” Spike thrust his hips up. He didn’t want to hurt her, but when her mouth returned to him and began the gentle sucking along with the slow pumping and the massaging of his balls, he was in ecstasy.


Trying to remember what she’d read, she experimented with speed, and firmness of pumping and sucking...just sucking the head or sliding her mouth down as far as she could without gauge his reaction to what he liked best. His thighs tensed and his hips bounced when she pumped him fairly fast and firm. Taking him as deeply as possible into her mouth had him mindless, his fingers tangled in her hair as he babbled how good she was doing.


She didn’t suck all the time, and for a while she just pumped and massaged, working her thumb over the fine seam that divided his balls, then she slid her fingers lower to stroke the firm ridge behind them, a very sensitive area, so she’d read, sending Spike wild.


The head of his huge dick looked angry and purple and fit to burst, crying out for attention, and so Buffy took pity on him, sucking him greedily into her mouth tasting the clear fluid pre-cum. Twenty minutes of this and Spike couldn’t hold out anymore. She noted his breathing got faster and shallower, his hips bounced a little higher, and his moans and groans of pleasure became more frequent.


“Babe...I‘m, oh, god yeah, so good…I’m gonna…oh yes…oh babe, don’t stop, oh yeah, yeah, oh – god, I’m coming – uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn – ah, ooooohhhhh………oh, god, baby, that was…oh!


He’d warned her in plenty of time that he was coming, so she could move her mouth away.  Much to his delight and pleasure, she chose to stay and she even swallowed without gagging. She kissed up his abdomen and chest and then she kissed him lightly.


“Any good?” she asked with an impish smile.


“What can I tell you, babe…stupendous!”


“Good. I couldn’t sleep!”


Spike grinned at her and cuddled her up, kissing the top of her head.  “So I gather. Lucky me then, eh?”


They cuddled and just talked for about an hour, and then they both fell asleep. They were awake again by half past seven, and they made love slowly and gently, gradually building to a terrific crescendo for them both. Afterwards they decided to give the Jacuzzi a whirl before a room-service breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice, cereals, bacon and eggs, tea, toast and honey. Spike said it was a good idea to have a hearty breakfast, as she was filming and had no idea as to what time lunch would be.


“I was hungry anyway…must be all this energy I’m using!”


Spike flashed her a sexy grin, and Buffy wondered just when she’d gotten so bold! She grinned while she buttered a piece of toast.


Buffy was shown to her dressing room, which was small, but pleasant enough. Spike said he’d take the opportunity to get on with some work, and when Buffy went off to make-up, he plugged in his laptop and set about catching up.


“Which show are you on, the first or the second, do you know?” the makeup lady asked.


“First. Does it make a difference?”


“Well, they record two shows, and the set is changed in between. Just a matter of color co-ordination” the lady explained.


Holden’s Weekly was a popular show, a mixture of celebrities and the general public who had been in the news that week. Buffy had looked through the ‘running order’ and saw that she was ‘sandwiched’ between the local guy whose dog had saved his life by literally dragging him out of a burning building, and a lady who had once weighed a little over 400lb, but thanks to a special diet had lost three quarters of her body weight.


When it was Buffy’s turn she was introduced and she came on-set to rapturous applause. The previous guest was still seated, and his dog barked and wagged his tail. Buffy waved to the audience and sat down next to them. The audience laughed as the dog took a shine to Buffy and kept nudging her to fuss and pet him, which she did!


Holden was the perfect host, and he asked her the usual questions about winning the 'Search for A Star' show. They showed a clip of her singing, as she wasn’t going to sing live, and he asked her how her life had changed, about her forthcoming album and the twenty date tour she was going to do.


They did something new to Buffy while doing a show, and took a ‘live’ phone call from a member of the public, which was put out on air. The call was from a lady who was getting married to her Marine boyfriend, and they both loved the song so much that they were going to have it played at the ceremony. Buffy was very touched and she said thank you and congratulations to the lady and her fiancÚ.


Holden wound up the first half of the show. The two guests (and the dog!) getting their applause. Then, a ‘before’ photograph of an enormous lady was shown, followed by one showing her as she was now in the flesh, a trim, slim happy looking person, a quarter of the size she used to be, who smiled and waved to the camera.


“All that plus controversial senator Brad Rico, coming up after this break.,Don’t go away now!” Holden said to camera.


They cut to the commercials, and the first guests could leave. Buffy unclipped her microphone and made her way down the corridor to her dressing room where Spike was waiting for her, watching a small portable TV.


“Hey....was I any good?” She smiled and went and kissed him lightly.


“Brilliant as usual, my little baby, although you were nearly up-staged by a cold nose and a waggy tail!” Spike kissed her nose.


“I know – Ruddles what a fantastic dog, eh? He was so cute! It was amazing, they don’t know how a dog that size could drag an unconscious man out of a burning house…”


“Well, come on babe, chop-chop. We have to get back to the hotel. 'Hot! Magazine' are due in an hour.”





There were six people from 'Hot! Magazine'; the interviewer, a photographer, a lighting man, a sound recordist and two stylists, one doubled up as a makeup artist. Buffy was going to have a six-page spread done on her, she had hundreds of photos taken, with at least two dozen changes of clothes. They chatted about her style and life-style, her music and taste in general – and the whole thing took just over two and a half hours.


While Buffy and the 'Hot! Magazine' crew worked in the sitting room, Spike worked in the bedroom, phoning contacts and making arrangements. He’d gotten her two radio interviews, a tea time teen show slot, and  a feature on a local cable-access music show.


She did one of the radio interviews over the phone, and the cable-access show feature from a bench in Central Park, all arty camera angles that sometimes switched to black and white. It was late afternoon, and Spike knew that she must be feeling pretty tired by now, as he was.


“Anything else today?”


“Nope, just rest. I thought we could go to the Little Italy area tonight – grab us something wonderful to eat, that okay by you, pet?”


Buffy squeezed his hand. "Hmm, sounds fantastic…so, what have I got to do tomorrow?”


“Sight seeing and more shopping, if you want. Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and anywhere else your little heart desires.”


Buffy leaned in and kissed his cheek, and Spike let go of her hand and put his arm around her shoulder, hugging her to him. She slipped her arm around his waist, leaning her head on his strong shoulder, and they slowly wended their way back to the hotel.


“Oh my god, that has to be the best thing I’ve had in my mouth since…(she mouthed) ‘this morning’ !” They both giggled and Spike held out a forkful of spaghetti Bolognese to her.


“So, how come you know New York so well, all the best places then?”


“I used to live in Queens for a while. I started off in acting – did drama and English at University, then I got a chance to come to NY for twelve months. We used to do things in Central Park, off Broadway shows, stuff like that. Then I drifted into music, became more interested in it than acting. I’d got a few good contacts in the music business, thanks to my father really. He used to let out the estate grounds for pop concerts…that’s how I met Sweet. He was just a manager back in the early nineties. He said to me if I ever needed a job, to go see him – so in 1998 I did. He’d just started Aphrodite then, and it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. Several of the top bands had contracts ending with the label they were all at, he broke away, signed them up, and never looked back since.”


Buffy sat back and dabbed her mouth.  “That was superb!”


“Want to try their Tiramisu – even better than Luigi’s!”


“Really, is that possible?” Buffy laughed, and a small man, typically Italian looking came out of the kitchen.


“Hey, Tony…long time no see!” Spike called over. The man squinted at Spike for a second or two, and then grinned and came from behind the bar over to their table.


“Will-yam! How are you…let me look at you…so, where you hiding yourself these days, huh?”


After a big back slapping hug Spike sat down and said, “Based in LA now Tone. Gotta go where the music takes me!”


Tony pretended to look disgusted and batted the air in front of him. “ daughter, Sophia, she’s in LA – she says to me, Papa – nowhere do they do great Italian food – it's all wheat-grass and egg-white omelette, she cannot get decent spaghetti vongolÚ!” Everybody smiled.


“What is she doing?”


“Fashion – she's in final year at university – then she wants to go home to Milano.” Tony looked at Buffy and smiled. “You have an eye for a very pretty lady!”


Buffy blushed and Spike grinned. “I do indeed, let me introduce you, Tony, this is Buffy, Buffy, Tony Corelli."


Buffy smiled and shook his hand.


“So, you here long?”


“Unfortunately, no, we're going the day after tomorrow. Buffy is a singer and we're here doing promotional work.”


“Mixing business with pleasure, no doubt!” Tony nudged Spike, and they both grinned. A tall young man came through from the kitchen and called over to Tony in Italian.


“That is my youngest boy, Tomasso – I must go. Try and come again before you go, huh?” He hugged Spike again, and kissed Buffy on both cheeks.


“We’ll try”


Tony went back into the kitchen, and the waitress placed a large portion of Tiramisu between them.


“Hey, do you know why there are so many Italians called Tony in New York?” Spike whispered.  Buffy shook her head and smiled. “Because coming from Italy, they had To NY on their luggage! Here, taste this and tell me what you think!”


“Hmm….this has GOT to be sin on a plate,” Buffy said dreamily, closing her eyes and savoring every mouthful.


When they left twenty minutes later, after Tony insisting that they didn’t pay, they walked a block and then caught a cab back to the hotel.


The rest of the trip passed in a whirl. They went site seeing and shopping, and Buffy did the interviews Spike had arranged. He’d also managed to get her a spot on one of the big late night chat shows.


They had to make a dash for the airport to catch their flight back home. Sitting on the plane, ready for take-off, Spike was holding her hand.  “Well, did you enjoy it, babe – your first trip?”


“I loved every second of it – New York will always be so special to me now.”


“Me too, babe!” They felt the plane pick up speed as it began to taxi down the runway and then take off.


Spike had always liked New York, and he had an even better reason to do so now; it was where he fell in love with a girl called Buffy...





More please...