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Thanks:  To Pipergirl for betaing and giving me her story idea.



 Chapter 1



‘Wear this and meet me in the den at eight sharp!’



The note wasn’t a suggestion, more like a command and the grin on Spike’s face revealed that he didn’t care one little bit.  Nothing except an apocalypse would keep him out of that room tonight.



He opened the box with the glee of a child on Christmas morning – except he was expecting to find the naughtiest of apparel.  *TWEED?*  With a furrowed brow the vampire inspected the package more closely.  The contents contained: a pair of tweed slacks, white dress shirt, coordinated blue and brown tie, his reading spectacles, and two items with a note attached to them.  The first noted item was a bottle of temporary hair dye.  *Lovely, mousey brown* he thought and rolled his eyes before he read the note.  ‘No product – I want to see curls.’  *Bossy bint.*  The second item was a red apple and the note simply read ‘hint’.



Realizing it was a little past seven, Spike walked into the bathroom with the bottle of dye to ready himself for this evenings festivities.  “Might as well have a snack too” he said to no one as he bit into the apple with a loud crunch.



Wishing he had a reflection so he could see if his tie was adjusted properly and get a view of the devastatingly ordinary hair color he was sporting, Spike buttoned his cuffs and put on his glasses.  He knew she found them sexy, she had told him as much, and it wouldn’t be the first time they would have made love with them on.  He couldn’t help but wonder why William never got so much as a sideways glance with this look.  *Oh well, turned out better that I didn’t actually.  Maybe my look was just too ahead of my time?*



As eight o’clock approached the Williamized vampire anxiously walked to the den – only to find no Buffy.  Looking around it wasn’t hard to notice that the room had been rearranged.  The large wood desk that faced the window now was turned inward and several items from around the house helped set the stage as well.  One of the straight chairs from the dining room and a tall accent table were coupled as a second desk set and faced the larger desk.  The dry erase board, usually placed by the phone in the kitchen, was hanging on the wall, viewable from both desk settings.  On it was etched ‘Mr. William’s Class’.  *So, I’m the prof  huh?  Guess I better teach her a thing or two.*  He chuckled to himself as he thought about what he might teach her and walked to the head of the makeshift classroom.  He placed himself behind the large desk and grabbed a book from the shelf to occupy himself while he waited, hoping she wouldn’t be too long as he was already starting to stiffen up.



At 8:15 he heard the pocket door slide open and shut again as he looked up from his reading.  It was obvious who was to be the hunter and who was the prey in this little scenario.  If it could have been possible he would have sworn that her eyes flashed yellow and her incisors elongated a bit as she sized him up. 



She was on the prowl.



When she entered the room and saw her love, it made her mouth water.  She wasn’t at all sure he’d go along with the dye, but hey, a girl had to try.  He looked yummy sweet and she had a sweet tooth.  *What a great coincidence.*



“Miss Summers, you’re late.”  He said looking back down to his reading trying to reign in his desire to match her aggression.  “Please do try to be more punctual in the future.”  He stated as his upper crust accent broke through.  



He had never been witness to a school girl looking so feral.  Who knew a female in a short red plaid skirt, white knee high socks and short sleeve button-up blouse could be as dangerous and deadly as anything he’d ever come across in his unlife.  Top that off with saddle shoes and pigtails tied with red ribbons and she was the picture of sin.  His mind rallied at how this one woman could turn him inside out like no other.  *Then again she always could.*



Buffy’s stride was predatory.  She placed a couple of books she had clutched in her arms on the students' desk and continued toward the teacher – her teacher, who at this moment couldn’t look away from her gaze.  She licked her lips, leaned low over the desk allowing the dark blue eyes of her mate to take in a view of her uplifted cleavage.  She presented a piece of paper to Spike.



“Here’s my assignment Mr. Williams, I know it’s late but I’m willing to do some extra credit to bring up my grade.”  She was batting her green eyes coyly but wearing a copy of the smirk she truly did learn from this teacher.  “And I’m….I’m sorry I’m late, but there’s a real good reason,” she innocently stammered as she twirled a lock of hair slowly around her index finger.



Unable to tear his eyes away from the spectacle of her breasts spilling out of a white lace bra that showed seductively through her blouse he laid the paper aside, cleared his throat and asked, “What kind of  ‘extra credit’ did you have in mind Miss Summers?”  He swallowed making his Adam’s apple bob.  The action made Buffy’s panties just a little more wet.



“Hummmm…let’s see,” the student said as she walked around the desk letting her fingers trail along the hard desk surface.  When she reached her subject her hand continued its path along his arm to his shoulder.  Standing behind him she lightly touched the skin of his neck right above his collar.  “How can I ever make it up to you?”  



“Miss Sum…,” he winced and stiffened when he felt her warm breath behind his ear, “…this is completely inappropriate.”



Buffy loosened his tie just enough to reach and undo the top few shirt buttons.  As she scratched down his covered chest with her nails she purred into his ear, “Mmmmmmmmm…that’s good, because I was hoping to make it up to you in an entirely inappropriate way.”  One hand cradled his erection when she licked a line up the side of his face with the point of her tongue, before releasing the remaining buttons of his shirt.  The student voiced a groan as she ran her hands over his chiseled chest and abdomen.  “Do you have any idea how sexy you are Mr. Williams?  What you do to me?”  Placing soft kisses on the back of his neck she gave pause.  “You make me want to do VERY naughty things.  I know you’d like what I’d do to you.   Besides, how am I ever gonna be the teacher’s pet if I don’t do everything I can to make my teacher happy?”  



*She deserves an ‘A’ in sexual innuendo* he thought as he squirmed in his seat.  



Buffy smiled and took a hold of his tie giving it a good yank.  “Stand up,” she commanded.  When he did as asked, she led him to stand at the side of the desk. 



“Miss…Miss Su…Miss Summers,” he faltered.



The girl quickly turned around and placed her lips feather light against his and whispered, “Please Mr. Williams, call me Buffy.”  She promptly dropped the strip of fabric and placed herself on the desk, lying on her back so her head was placed just off the edge near his crotch.  Positioning him closer the blonde student looked up at him and licked her lips as she deftly wrangled his belt and zipper parting the material taking his length in hand.  Spike groaned and it looked like his knees were ready to buckle.  Buffy loved the feminine power that washed over her during these times and it just temped her to be more wicked.  She fondled and admired the hard shaft tracing the veins with light touches of her fingertip.  When his hips involuntarily jerked forward she grinned and with the flat of her tongue gave a tip of his dick a strong lick.



He gasped and couldn’t hold back a shiver.  This woman knew how to undo him totally.



As she took his cock in her mouth he leaned forward placing his hands on the desktop one on each side of her body for stability.  She let her tongue play around the curves of his tool, toying with him, until she secured her lips and started sucking.



He knew what to do.  This was his favorite way to be sucked off; it allowed him to go so deep into her throat.  The vampire started to gently thrust his hips.  Looking at his spit glistened cock parting those sinful lips he told himself for the millionth time *she was made for me.*



Spike closed his eyes and grit his teeth when she started to hum around his shaft and massage his balls.   His body moved more frantically and sought deeper refuge within her mouth.



She sucked harder.   His luscious hardness pulsed as it thrust in and out of her mouth.  Her lips, her mouth, her body couldn’t get enough.  Buffy loved him, his body, and how empowered they made her feel.



“OH!  Oh Buffy….baby….God DAMN!”  He struggled with words as he wondered if she might actually suck all the juice out of his body when he finally couldn’t take it anymore.  “Ugh…Ugh…Ugh…,” he grunted in time as he gently drove into her mouth.



Spike was close, she could tell.  Buffy let one of the fingers from the hand at his balls feel its way around to the tender skin behind his sack.



“Ahhhhhhh!”  He shot his creamy load down her throat with uneven jerks loving the feel of her milking his cock.  Buffy licked his dick clean letting it go to hang out of his trousers as she sat up and knelt on the desk before him.



She threaded her hands through his hair and grabbed hold tightly, her hips undulating against his pelvis.  Animal want coursed through her veins.  Forcefully she kissed him, driving her tongue in taking what she wanted and letting him taste himself until she had to pull back to breathe.



He enjoyed this side of her, especially knowing that none of her other lovers ever experienced her like this – raw and unadulterated.  This allowed him to enjoy her in a different way too.  Never before had he gotten to take a truly submissive role in love making, and appreciated that he had met his match in her.



“Touch me,” she said breathless.



Spike let his hands wander from her waist up to her breasts giving them one good squeeze.  In search for more contact he undid what few buttons were fastened on her blouse and pushed the cups of her bra down.  Roughly he encased the swell of one breast in his mouth, taking as much of the supple mound in as possible and alternating between the matching pair.  He sucked hard, matching the stealth she had used during her impressive display of oral skills.  He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer as he continued seeing to his pupil.



She loved this!  Loved when Spike suckled her.  He could do it for hours never getting tired of playing with her ‘sweet titties’ as he would say.  *Hell, maybe it has been hours now, hard to tell.*  All this little school girl knew was that her nipples were pleasantly raw, in that stage where every nip, suck, and twist sent a shock wave to her core,  heating the building inferno.



“Chair.  Now.”  She could barely pant out.  Pointing to the straight chair behind the student desk; she reiterated when he didn’t move fast enough.  “Sit!”  As he went to sit she barked out another breathless order, “clothes off too.”



Mr. Williams followed her directions, stripped and sat down.



Buffy stripped out of her shirt, skirt and underclothing as she approached her seated lover, leaving her in knee-hi socks, and shoes.  She straddled the chair but did not sit.  Instead she leaned forward to whisper in his ear, her pig tails grazing his shoulders and breasts hanging in front of his face.  “Those glasses look great on you Mr. Williams, then again so would I.” licking the cuff of his ear after her arousing statement.



Spike let out a strangled breath trying to control his lust.  He was having trouble keeping his hands *and other parts* to himself.  Trying to talk himself down, he inwardly repeated the mantra *Not yet…this is her time….not yet….not yet…*.  His thoughts were quickly interrupted when the errant pupil slammed down on cock, her pussy so wet that they heard a moist slapping sound.  When she was firmly seated Spike felt her hot juices run down his testicles and groaned as his eyes rolled back in his head.



Buffy clenched her inner walls and ground down on the vampire, eliciting a growl from her prone lover.  She was so ready to take him.  The school girl giggled, took hold of his shoulders and began to bounce in his lap.  Grunting on the down stroke she felt his shaft hitting her womb.



*Was this luck?  No!*  He thought *luck is having a good hand in a poker game, not having the girl you love riding your dick like it was her favorite trick pony, honey blonde hair and tits bouncing in your face, making sounds of rapture and staring into your eyes like she can see you soul.  This isn't luck.  This….this is indescribable.*  All he truly knew was that he couldn’t take much more.  Snaking a hand between them he began rubbing her clit.



The little noises she had been making turned to full on moans.  *He is my teacher.  He is the master of my body.*  Buffy drew in a sharp breath then screamed as she came hard, almost violently.



Spike grabbed a hold of her hips and thrust up into her again and again until her tight pussy pulled him over.  Coming just as hard he grunted as he spasmed inside her.



Resting her forehead on his, they sat entangled and panting for a few moments until Buffy broke the silence.  “Well, I think I’ve learned my lesson.  Don’t you?”



“Hardly, Miss Summers.”  A wicked grin splayed across his handsome features.  *My turn.*




Chapter 2


Spike almost laughed aloud at the confused look on her face.  Standing up he turned around and deposited her back in the vacated seat.  He bent down to retrieve his necktie, placing it back around his neck, and adjusting it as if he were fully clothed.



Buffy laughed so hard she cried seeing him naked with a tie draped around his neck.  *He makes my life so much fun.*



A goofy grin on his face, the temporary brunette lowered his face till he was only inches away from his pupil.  Adjusting the glasses on his face, he spoke, “Find something amusing Miss Summers?......Hummm?”  When she shook her head no, he returned to the head of the classroom by the board.  He picked up one of the dry erase markers and began to write.



After a few moments he turned back around to find her starring openly at his body - elbow on her desk, head propped against her hand, lips slightly parted.



“Miss Summers.”



“Humm?”  She responded on autopilot, her body unmoving not even blinking.



“Miss Summers?”  He said again a bit more loudly.



“Humm?”  She mumbled again as she finally perked up and closed her mouth.  “What…huh?  What did you say again?”  *Damn it what do you want!  I’m busy ogling my boyfriend!*  



“Buffy this is completely unacceptable.”  His voice was so deep it made her loins vibrate.  “How do you think you’ll become ‘teacher’s pet’ if you can’t please your teacher?”



With a lifted brow she raised herself out of her chair and laid her form, clad only in shoes and socks, stomach down on the large teacher’s desk.  She raised her upper half by leaning on her elbows.  Her knees were bent and crossed at the ankles, swinging her lower legs like an innocent girl.  Looking him in the eye she challenged him, “Oh, I can ‘please my teacher’ alright.”



Placing a single finger on her shoulder, Spike lightly raced the curvature of her body.  His digit, along with his gaze, traveled down to the valley of her lower back and up to the swell of her buttocks where he allowed his whole hand to stroke the smooth flesh.  “You sound pretty sure of yourself,” he said as he jumped up on the desk.



Buffy’s legs immediately parted for him.  “I’m quite confident Mr. Williams.”



“We’ll just have to test that confidence out then won’t we?”  The spectacled vampire placed himself between her legs and began to leave slow wet kisses up her backbone.



When he started his way back down again Buffy laid her head down on her arms and sighed a contented sigh.  She closed her eyes and let his tender touches wash over her being.



Spike slid his hands down her sides, around the globes of her ass and onto her thighs.  After kneading the firm muscles for a few moments his restless digits made their way to her soaked core.



The amorous school girl moaned in pleasure and tilted her pelvis toward him wanting to give him all the access he needed.  When two fingers entered her she began to grind against them.  His dick became painfully harder at seeing her body writhe in such an erotic rhythm, fucking herself on his fingers.



Withdrawing his slick fingers he lowered his body to hers positioning his shaft for entry.  Pushing just the head in, Mr. Williams brought his arms under hers and took hold of her shoulders, allowing him to force her body back on his cock as he thrust hard all the way in.



They both moaned at the sensation.



Again and again and again, he pushed her body onto his cock.  She heard him take a deep breath every time he clenched his rear to pound into her, hitting the sensitive spot inside her.  Without warning Buffy came, drenching his rod with her juices, squeezing as hard as her walls could and gasping for air.


Spike withdrew his engorged member from her.  Grasping her hips he pulled her up till she was on her hands and knees.  Plunging his fingers once again into her sopping channel, he pumped them a few times wetting them thoroughly, placing one of the digits at her puckered opening.  The instructor eased in one finger while he placed his steely erection at the entrance to her pussy, sinking both in simultaneously.



“Ahhhhhh!”  Buffy’s jaw went slack, eyes closed with the heady feeling of double penetration, and she started to move, pushing back to match his thrusts.



He added a second finger as he began to thrust harder.  “Come on baby…come on…come for me…ugh…come with me…UGH…” he chanted.  “Now…now…do it, NOW!”



Both the teacher and the student came, shuddering in, around and against one another.  Their chests heaved with exhaustion, minds dizzy with satisfaction.



Sitting holding each other on the desktop Buffy thought aloud, “I’ll never be able to work on this desk again.”



“Don’t know about that, Luv.  It just might be that doing the bills will just make you want to come find me for a good snog from now on.”  The look on his face at this suggestion showed that he was pretty pleased with himself.



“Why is it that I put up with you again?”



“Because you love me… and because I live to love you.” He said planting kisses along her neck and holding her close.



Giving him a loud, wet puckered kiss, she replied mockingly, “Oh yeah, how COULD I have forgotten?”





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