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Thanks:  To Pipergirl and Pattyanne, my inspiration to start writing (There are more stories here and there, but hey I can’t name you all!).  A second shout to Pipergirl who was my beta for this story.  It wouldn’t be half as good or grammatically correct if it weren’t for you!  (Folks she really did a lot of work making ‘notes’ in my story because this is the first time I’ve tried to write fiction EVER!)



“Daddy? Don’t you like it?”

Buffy used her best little girl voice as she turned around and stuck her derrière out slightly. Giving a little wiggle – a shimmy of her hips – she wanted the muse of this scenario to get a nice long look at the cute panties that were part of the new ensemble she had bought just for this occasion.

Sexy red? Racy black? Angelic white? No, it was pink. The most girlie shade of pink that anyone could hope to have found. Although terribly unoriginal, she had to admit to loving the costume herself. The ‘dress’ part of the sheer outfit was an A-lined baby doll, that barely fell below crotch level. The upper portion’s bra had enough underwire and padding to lift her breasts high and press them together; this gave her a nice cleft of cleavage she didn’t know was possible before finding this amazing piece of engineering.

All of this held by spaghetti straps.

The panties were her favorite part. They actually covered more flesh than her normal everyday lingerie due to the fact that this pair had to accommodate all those tushie ruffles adorning them – the very ruffles that were being shaken in Spike’s direction. No! No ‘Spike’ - daddy, he’s daddy tonight, she internally reminded herself.

Buffy was overcome by the preposterousness of the situation and didn’t know whether to burst into giggles and run away, or continue to stand her ground. As sure as she had that moment of apprehension, her arousal snapped her back. Realizing the scene had been set, and she couldn’t babble her way out of this even if she TRIED! Anyway, she wouldn’t do that to him - or to herself to be truthful.

As Spike stood there in silence, running his gaze all along her body, she wondered for a brief moment if he was disgusted at this daddy/baby girl ruse. Or would he be put off by the notion that maybe this was her way of getting the chance to call someone “daddy” in her life since hers hadn’t bothered to stick around? The thought only flickered in Buffy’s mind for a moment before she realized that he doesn’t fall for any of that psycho-babble bullshit. Truthfully, the idea just popped into her head one day because instead of “luv,” or “kitten,” he called her “baby,” and she loved it.

Spike hadn’t said a word yet, so Buffy decided to try again. Without a second thought, she turned to face him fully and walked a little closer. Dancing her index finger along her lower lip, she looked up and found his piercing blue eyes, cocked her head and said, “Daddy, are you mad at me?”

Spike was beside himself. The only reason he hadn’t answered her the first time was because it wasn’t physically possible for him to do so.  Upon entering the room, he had been immediately assaulted with that enticing display of girlflesh. And when she said those words!  Christ! Those words caused all the blood in his head to race for his groin at a frantic pace. What a little vixen! Get it together man, he thought to himself, if you want this to continue say something! At that, a scarred eyebrow lifted up questioningly, “Is there a reason for daddy to be mad?” the vampire replied, sporting a hint of his trademark smirk.

No doubt about it now, the game had begun. Huh… This is what masterpiece theater meets porn would be like, Buffy thought amused.

“Daddy, I was a very naughty girl,” she said in a soft, sexy tone, all the while giving him her best pouty lip and shifting her weight from one leg to the other like a nervous child.

Spike reached out and offered his hand to Buffy. “Why don’t you come tell daddy all about it?” Once he had a hold of her hand, he led her over to the comfy wingback chair by the bed. Sitting down, he motioned for her to sit on his lap.

Instead, she decided to straddle his lap, so as to have a better view of him as her little performance progressed. His strong forearms rested on her legs while his hands found themselves playing with the ruffles covering her ass.  Buffy took a moment to enjoy the light tickling sensation that her lover’s actions caused before their eyes locked, both reading desire in the glazed eyes of their mate.   She placed her hands gently on his shoulders and leaned to coo into his ear a breathy sentence. “Are you going to punish me daddy?”

“It all depends on what you did, baby” was his deepened reply. All the while his hands started to roam over her ass, hips and thighs.  Spike was beyond aroused, and more than a little intrigued. His slayer had said exactly four – FOUR sentences to him and he was diamond hard, his mouth watering.  His mind wasn’t at all sure if anyone or anything existed beyond this girl, in this room, until Buffy broke him out of his reverie.

“I had a dream.” She paused for a moment trying to figure out just what kind of dream she had – well, she’d had EVERY kind of dream about him! But which one should she share? Keep it basic Buffy, she thought to herself, keep it unspecific and lets see what he does with it. He is the daddy after all – the Big Bad daddy.

“I dreamt that you touched me all over,” she continued. Her left hand snaked from his shoulder around to the back of his neck playing with the soft blond hair at the base of his head. She didn’t know just how long she’d been doing it, but she realized she was ever so softly rocking in his lap. “You also let me touch you all over, daddy. You were so big and hard. When I woke up my panties were all wet.”  As Buffy half spoke and half moaned the last sentence she licked the cuff of the ear she had been whispering her “dream” into.

Meanwhile, the hand that remained on his shoulder trailed down his chest and stomach to the ‘big and hard’ part of him to which she was referring, giving it a nice squeeze through his jeans. When she heard a slight growl, she pulled herself back from his ear. Keeping her head down, she looked up at him through her eyelashes, partly in mock shame but mostly in lust.

Spike looked into her eyes then, with intent, to her chest. Buffy was taken aback slightly, when his almost black lust filled eyes briefly flashed feral yellow. His hands, which had remained roaming on her lower half, came up to knead her breasts, before slowly fingering the cup material down to expose her taut nipples. His cool, dexterous hands left the softness of her breasts, sliding along her skin until they reached her back. Pressing against her back, he pulled her forward and took a nipple in his mouth.  Buffy grabbed the top of the chair with both hands and arched into him, pinning his head between the back of the chair and the nipple he was so fervently sucking on. Panting, she remained in a half-dazed state, allowing him to travel from one mound to the other, till she realized that one of his hands was making its way down her back into her panties. It was at that moment Buffy understood anticipation. Anticipation for his mouth, hands, tongue, and cock; anything this monster, her man, her love, wanted to give she’d happily take and ask for seconds.

Spike’s middle finger gradually followed the part in her supple cheeks. He allowed himself the pleasure of lingering around her anus for a couple of leisurely strokes, until he felt her tense up. He decided to let his finger continue its journey without making a fuss, tonight was her ‘game’ and he’d let her have it her way; making a mental note that there were more ‘games’ to be played in the days ahead, and he would have her – all of her.

As his finger reached her drenched pussy, finding it so wet that he had trouble locating the entrance of her slit, he realized there was NOTHING that ever compared to this feeling, the feeling of loving Buffy – both emotionally and physically. When, at last he slid his finger inside her, the sizzling hot woman he held, he let out a satisfied sigh. However, that sigh turned into a whimper when he just as quickly removed it.

The blonde vampire muffled her whimper with a quick kiss before he pulled back. His black eyes collided with her smoldering deep green gaze as he brought the slickened finger up to her mouth and proceeded to coat her lips with her own juice.  Bringing the digit to his own mouth, he took his time sucking it thoroughly clean.  He followed by sticking his tongue out and licking her lips, first the top then the bottom, in slow and gentle swipes. Pulling back, he looked at her, “Is that how wet the dream made my little girl?” he said in a husky, lust-cracked voice.

“Yes daddy.” came Buffy’s reply, followed by a fevered gulp.

Spike took a hold of Buffy’s waist and scooted her back off his lap until she stood in between his legs. He looked up at her and said, “You’ve been a very naughty girl and will have to be punished to teach you a lesson.” Running his hands slowly down her legs all the way to her ankles and back up to her panties, he swiftly lowered the fabric allowing her time to step out of them before he tossed them aside. He surprised her when he stood and quickly took off his shirt, permitting her to explore his well-defined pecs and abs at a leisurely pace.

Buffy’s hands decided they were no longer content with his upper half.  She slid her hands down to cup his butt before finding and undoing his belt; this caused Spike to pause, close his eyes and let out a deep breath.  She stroked his erection a few more times through his jeans, teasing him, before she attempted to unbutton and unzip his low hung-jeans. She subconsciously licked her lips all through these ministrations, but her need was not lost on Spike. He grew increasingly harder knowing that Buffy got off just as much on the thought of his cock as he did on her quim. She proceeded to release him from the confines of his pants and boots. When that was done, he sat back down in the chair and took her hand, placing it around his dick.

“Show me how you touched it in your dream.” His voice was rough with need.

Buffy stepped forward and knelt in between his spread legs. Breathing heavily, she stroked and kissed his inner thighs, placing her hands where her lips had been. When she leaned in and placed a kiss on the head of his cock, he shuddered and placed his hands over hers, caressing them reassuringly. Buffy started what she internally named her naughty girl/hands free suck off, on the head of his cock, tonguing the slit and licking the pre-cum off; placing her lips tight around the head, she began sucking at first softly then increasingly harder as her own excitement grew. She knew when she did something especially good because his hands would tighten over hers and she would get a little gasp from him. It made her so heady and completely alive knowing that she could have that affect on him. I am woman, feel me suck, she joyously thought. Buffy proceeded to lick from the base of his shaft to the top like he was a lollypop - Just what every little girl wants! - sometimes straight from bottom to top, sometimes tracing the veins, and sometimes curling her tongue as much as she could around this hard post that his cock had become.

“Baby….please, baby suck daddy…” was all the vampire could sputter out in his aroused state. Spike couldn’t believe he had been able to last this long. He had shut his eyes fearing they had crossed because of the attentive actions this goddess graced upon him.

Buffy tightened her grip on his thighs and took him in till his length hit the back of her throat. She bobbed up and down with her lips securely placed around his dick sucking, while her tongue maneuvered for extra sensations.

Spike’s grip on her hands had increased tenfold. When Buffy glanced up at him she saw that his head was pushed tight against the back of the chair and his chest was arched out in pleasure.

The sight caused the highly aroused woman to take him in again as far as she could and use her throat muscles to coax him along.

“FUCK!...My little girl…..absolute best…….cocksucker!......AHH!.....Fucking best!”

With that, he came, and Buffy milked as much cum out of him as she could. Lapping it up, loving it, relishing the moment of sucking him off and leaving him like this – a pile of flesh, impenetrable to the outside world. God! What a fucking rush, she thought!

When his cock softened she let it slide out of her mouth, stood and leaned in for a deep, needful kiss. His eyes opened and he let go of her hands. Allowing his hands to glide over her body wherever they would reach, he fondled her tits, and pinched her nipples, thinking that they couldn’t possibly get any harder. When she had to break from their kiss to gasp for some air, his caress tearing a deep moan from her throat, he knew it was time to move her to the bed.

Spike moved to stand, allowing Buffy time to straighten and take a step back while he did so. He stood looking at her for a few moments then, slowly started circling her, like the predator he was, took all of her in.  She was a sight, he thought to himself: flushed body, dressed in a sheer, pink nighty with her breasts uncovered and no underwear. She smelt of arousal, and when he kissed her she tasted of his cum. God! What a fucking rush!

He moved in, pressing his bare chest to her back, walking her to the edge of the bed. “You’ve been a naughty little girl indeed, touching daddy like that. Now you say that in your dream daddy touched you too? Come over here and let me touch you and see if it’s the same as in your dream.”

Once there, he bent her over, motioning for her to put her hands on the bed. Walking back around to look directly at her backside, he took a hold of her nighty and folded it up so her naked ass was an unobstructed view for his eyes to feast on. He tapped his hands on her inner thighs to let her know to widen her stance. The Slayer did as the vampire requested. Spike’s hands roamed over her thighs and ass taking in the smoothness of her skin. His hands curled over her hips and around her bent form finding her clit. She surrounded him now. All his senses were filled with her: the sight of her body, the scent of her arousal mixed with perfume, the feel of her soft skin, the sound of her moans, and the taste of sweat and Buffy – no other way to describe it. Her taste (like everything else) was as singularly defining as her fingerprint. This was all so much that he felt himself grow a bit dizzy.

She gasped, not only because of the fingering of her clit but because Spike was bent over her holding her in a tight embrace. Buffy could feel his erection firmly pressing into the cleft of her backside, chilled breaths rolling over her spine and his head lying close to her shoulder blades, the softness of his hair tickling her back.  Just as she was getting used to the sensations they were gone. She gasped again when she felt a finger slightly touch her quim back and forth, a cool digit meeting scorching, demanding heat. Buffy opened her eyes; in her bent over position she could see that Spike was now sitting between her legs, with a bird’s eye view of her pussy. The sight was too much for her, and she let out a deep moan.

“Like that daddy…just like the dream…touch me there,” was her further response.

Spike placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks, controlling Buffy’s movements, and began to lick and suck at her clit with fluctuating pressure and speed. His Slayer’s essence consisted of so many things; it varied from day to day what exactly he though she tasted of. ……today it’s spiced peaches.

“OOOHHHH!......Daddy……..use your fingers………daddy…ugh…”

Spike continued his oral actions on her clit. Complying with her cry, he brought his left hand into the mix by running two fingers along her sopping opening then plunging them in and out.

“OOOHHHH!...........OOHHHH DADDY!” came her cries as she was thrusting her cunt against his face and hand, working to get herself off. “Uuuuaaaahhhhhh!” was the last thing Spike heard before she all of collapsed on him. He held the weight of her body up by holding her hips, continuing to lick up her spendings lazily, like a contented cat with a bowlful of cream.

He knew the moment when she returned to full consciousness because he felt her legs stiffen enough to hold her own weight up once again. Placing a soft sucking kiss on her clit, he got up to stand behind her. Buffy moved to stand upright out of her bent over position, but Spike placed a firm hand in the middle of her back to let her know he wanted her to stay that way.

Spike decided it was now time to dole out punishment to his little girl.

His hands wantonly roamed along her backside, around to Buffy’s stomach and then to her chest. Spike continued to rub her tits when he began to place wet kisses down her spine. Reaching the bottom he straightened up drawing one of his hands to her hip and the other to lie on her rear.

“You are an awfully bad girl to have had thoughts of daddy like that,” he said slowly, not able to hide the lust in his voice.


Buffy’s head whipped up in response to his hand striking her behind, eyes round and aware, eyebrows raised. Oh! I shoulda saw that coming. Not entirely unpleasant though.


And I doubted he would like this?

“How would baby like it if daddy shows her what he does to her in his dreams?” he asked.

“Please daddy, show me.” Buffy replied

He centered himself and drove his cock into her awaiting channel.  He stilled for a moment, to regain his composure, trying not to lose it right then and there. When he felt calmed, he took hold of Buffy’s hips and began to thrust into her.

Buffy began to rock back against his thrusts, and knew he loved it when she began to hear “ugh…..ugh…..ugh” from his throat in time with each thrust.

This was great, but Buffy had been bent over the bed for too long. Her arms were falling asleep and she needed a change. She began to shake out her hands hoping they would come back to life. She started to get that pins and needles feeling when she finally begged, “Daddy...need a different position.”

Spike slowly realized what was happening. Without breaking their bond he moved to sit on the edge of the bed, keeping his feet close together. She was straddling his legs, still firmly impaled on his cock. He placed his hands on her waist to help her bounce, while she leaned forward a bit and placed her hands on his knees for leverage. Buffy started to squeeze him harder, loving that his cock ran so deep within her.

Feeling her slayer muscles grip his cock, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Spike reached around and began to rub and pinch her clit.

And that’s all it took.  Buffy began to fall, her core contracting and fluttering all around him; and when he came with a guttural moan, her sex extracted every last bit of cum he had in him.

When they both stopped trembling from their orgasms, they leaned back onto the bed one on top of the other, panting.

“Love you daddy,” Buffy said giggling.

“Love you too baby girl” was Spike’s reply.

They laid there comforted by one another, still intimately attached, legs draped over the side of the bed, Spike’s arms around Buffy resting on her stomach, and her arms on top of his. He hugged her closer, and nuzzled his head in the crook of his love’s neck, feeling the soft silkiness of her hair against his face, falling peacefully asleep.

Before slumber overtook her, Buffy realized this was happiness – this is what she lived for – to love him.

Both lie dreaming of what little roll play would be next on their list.

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