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Chapter 7


Cecily let herself in, dropped her purse and keys on the hall table, kicked off her shoes and called out for her friend.


“Dru………Dru, where are you?……………Dru…Dr- oh, there you are. Gosh, are all right?” Dru came wandering out from the lounge and she looked awful, very pale and wan.


“I’m okay…tired.”


“That’ll be the jet-lag. Want a drink?”


“I made some tea, but you’ve not got any milk. I like my tea with milk”


“Sod tea, I mean a drink, drink. A proper drink!” Cecily went to the kitchen with Dru following her.


Cecily opened the fridge and surveyed the meager contents. She grabbed a carton of leftover Chinese food, sniffed it, wrinkled her nose, and put it on the counter. The she took out orange juice, and lifted the lid of the pizza box to find one slice, which she put in her mouth and held there, while she threw away the box. Biting off a portion of the pizza and chewing, she then pulled a face and spat it out into the bin.


“I’m always giving myself food poisoning…” Cecily opened the freezer and took out a bottle of vodka, got two glasses out of the cupboard.


“No, not for me!” Dru put her hand over the glass.


“Don’t be silly!”


“Anyway, it’s too early!”


“It’s 3.40pm. Livener, pick-me-up, whatever, and it’s NEVER too early! – Besides which, I’ve been up since 8.30am!” Cecily poured the glass half full with the ice-cold vodka, and topped it up with the orange juice. She drank it down and poured another, holding the bottle poised over the other glass, she asked, “Sure I can’t tempt you?”


Dru had her head leant on her hand, she just shook it. Returning the juice and vodka to the fridge and freezer, Cecily saw the red light winking on the Ansaphone.

She pressed the ‘play’ button. The machine beeped, and a metallic voice stated that she had three messages, the first being from a man.


“Hi baby, look, we’re all behind with the recording, so I won’t see you tonight. Hope you’ve got a nice film to show me …see ya.”


“Who was that?”


“Hold on, let me find out who these other two messages are from, then I’ll tell you…”

Another male voice said, “Cec, it’s me, Tucker. I forgot to tell you, you’re due your med test, so could you go to Dr Frost’s office before you come in tomorrow – thanks, later.”

The final message was somebody trying to sell her insurance, which she cut off and ran the tape back.


“Was that your boyfriend?” Dru asked


“Rack, he’s lead singer with the band Noiz. Gods, he’s hung like a donkey, and absolute animal in bed!”

Dru sat up, remembering what the message said. “He knows what you do?" she asked incredulously.

Cecily gave her friend a puzzled look. “Yes, of course he does! In fact, it was he seeing one of my films made him call up the studio!”


“He doesn’t mind – you, you know, doing it...with other men?”


“Why should he? He knows it’s just a job, me fucking other people, its just sex. Besides, he has his groupies! Anyway, before I do anything else, I must book to see Dr. Frost…”

 Cecily picked up the phone, and pressed speed-dial 4, and it rang.

“Dr Frost’s office please...Hello, can I have an appointment for tomorrow morning please...Cecily Adams…HIV test, yes, CS International...10am, right, thank you...bye.”


“CECILY!” Dru looked panic-stricken.


“What?” Cecily asked, as calm as you like.


“Are you? – I mean, do you think you’ve got, well, are you ill?”


“Ill, no. Why – oh, the test? Don’t worry; we have to have a test done every 6-8 weeks. Some studios say three months, others six, it’s just a precaution, gives everybody peace of mind.”


“You don’t use condoms?”


“Ew, no, like bathing with your clothes on!  That’s why we have the tests, anyway. Look, as my nearest and dearest has seen fit to let me down tonight, fancy going out? Paint the town red, huh?  Show everybody old Dru’s back in town!”


“I don’t know Cec…”


“Come on…where’s your joie de vivre? You used to be worse than me at one time!”

Then Cecily thought that it was perhaps the medication she was on making her friend dopey and slightly morose.


“Look, let’s fill up the hot-tub, send for some take-out Chinese, and decide later, yes?”

Dru nodded.  “Cec?"




“Do you ever see Spike now?”


“Spike – no…I know he’s still at Aphrodite, he’s Rack’s manager, but I haven’t seen him since you were last here, why?”

Dru shrugged and said quietly, “Just wondered, that’s all. It all ended so badly.”





“Okay pet? – I’ll leave you to it then for a while, I’ll be back at, let me see………it’s one-thirty now…half past three, we’ll go for coffee, ‘kay?”

Buffy nodded and she then began talking with Ford, before going into rehearse.

Spike left the recording suite to go up to his office.

Who should be walking towards him, but the sexy duo, Vixen. They were wearing skin-tight leather all-in-ones and spiky heeled boots; both showing a lot of cleavage. They practically ran to him and curled themselves around him, almost purring, hands everywhere, caressing his chest, back, thighs, with Faith slipping her hand around and squeezing his buttock.


“Hmm…buns of steel!” Faith drawled, in her sexy rough voice.


“Now, now ladies!” Spike took Faith’s hand from his butt, and she slipped in around his waist instead.


“You two are naughty girls, aren’t you, huh?” They all giggled, and he still had his arm around each of them.


“And? What are you going to do about it, BIG boy?” Lilah slid her hand down his chest and abs; again Spike stopped her short of doing something indecent in a public place!


“I’m not that kind of bloke, I’ll have you know!” Spike said, grinning


“Shame…we could have had SO much fun together, just the three of us, don’t you think, Fay?”

Faith was nuzzling Spike’s neck, and he could feel himself getting aroused, his neck was highly sensitive…trying to shrug away from her nibbling, Spike wriggled


“Oh SO much!” Faith huskily agreed.

Spike quickly extricated himself from the duo’s grasp. “You’ll be the death of me, you two will, now go on! Get that new video made!”


Normally, he would have slapped their bottoms playfully, but he decided it wouldn’t seem right now, somehow………The two girls laughed and went on their way. Rolling his eyes and blowing out his cheeks, it was a slightly discomfited Spike that went up to his office!



“Seriously, I’m sure he thinks we’re joking…what I wouldn’t do for that guy…!” Lilah said to Faith wistfully.

“Tell me about it! The guy’s a walking sex-bomb – I could eat him all up … starting in the middle!”

Faith agreed and they both giggled.




When he got to his office, Spike set about getting Buffy an ‘advance’ check written, he also got Cordelia to phone Ethan Raine to book Buffy a spot on his show.

“Not Glory first?” Cordelia asked.

“Good god no, it would be like throwing Bambi to the lioness.”

Cordelia smiled at Spike’s analogy. “Hmm, suppose you’re right, but you know he hates these last minute bookings”

“Just remind him who pays his wages, he’ll do it – besides which, once it goes out tonight that it’s Buffy on tomorrow, his ratings will sky-rocket.”

“There is that, yes. Okay, I’ll do my best.”

Cordelia hugged her clip-board to her chest, smiled and left.

At twenty past three, Spike went down to the recording suite, and watched Buffy from the booth. She had headphones on, and was singing into a microphone suspended from the ceiling.

“Hey, Ford…isn’t that a too high up, she seems like she’s having to stretch a little.”

“No, it’s fine, helps the breathing – makes the voice stronger,” Ford explained.

“So, how did she do?”

“For a first-timer? Brilliant she’s a natural – like a duck to water, this is the second track she’s doing. She had the sense to bring in a tape of other stuff she’s done at home, and we picked this one out of a possible four, we’ll use this and another one she’s already done for the album. We could be all done and dusted within a couple of weeks, I’m sure.”


The music stopped and Buffy stood waiting for the green light to come on indicating that the recording had stopped.

The green light came on, and the buzzer rang.


“Was that okay? – I was a bit wobbly in the middle.”

“Don’t worry, we can fix that. Let’s have a break now.”

Buffy nodded and took off the headphones and shook out her hair, fluffing it with her hand.

Spike opened the door. “Oh you’ve really impressed Ford, he tells me you’re a natural, he’s really impressed!” Buffy blushed and then Spike said, “Come on – lets go grab a coffee or something – I’ve got something to tell you.”



Dru followed Cecily out of the taxi outside ‘Cobra’, one of the hottest clubs in town.

“Cec, where are you going? Queue’s this way,” Dru said, watching her friend making her way to the entrance past the huge waiting crowds.

Waving a dismissive hand Cecily said, “Queuing-schmooing! I don’t queue anywhere – come on, follow me!”

And, to Dru’s utter amazement, Cecily said something to the doorman, who’d already recognized her and had the entrance door half way open for her.


“Sorry miss, you’ll have to-“


“It’s okay, she’s with me!” Cecily smiled, and the doorman apologized and pulled the door open a little wider to allow Dru through.


“See! Easy-peasy!” the two girls giggled and made their way to the ladies rest room.


Up in the 6th floor café, Spike was handed a sheet of paper by one of the messengers.


“Ah right then…tomorrow morning at eleven o’clock, you’ll be taken to the TV studios in Burbank, you’re going to be on Ethan Raine’s show. It’s recorded, and you’ll do your song, and just a little chat, just be natural, be yourself, and you’ll be fine, okay?”


“Oh god!”


“What? – you’ll be fine. You’ve already sang in front of a far bigger studio audience than he has. There’s ninety seats in his studio, you sang in front of eight hundred at ABC – you’ll be fine, I promise you.”

Buffy nodded, then a sudden thought hit her. “Okay…oh, what will I wear?”


“Don’t worry, there’s wardrobe and makeup there. In fact, have you heard of Andrew and Larry?”


“Oh yes, god, I LOVE those two! I love the way they bitch about each other, then bitch and pull to bits the outfits of the stars they haven’t dressed!”


“That’s them...well, they’ll put you right, don’t worry. Now…I’ve got two things for you…first, I know how things are fixed at home, with the phone and that, so here you go, a cell phone for you, it’s pretty straight forward.”


“Great, thanks! I was thinking I needed one.”


“And here…you might think it’s a lot, but I promise you, you’ve earned it, it’s an advance.”

Spike handed over a folded in half check. Buffy opened it, and her eyes bugged – “Wow…oh my god!”

Tears sprang to her eyes, she covered her mouth.

The figures and letters of $150,000 swam before her eyes. She was overwhelmed, all her house problems were over now. She fumbled for a tissue, “Sorry, I’m sorry, it’s…wow.”

Spike wanted to gather her up in his arms. “You okay pet?”

Buffy nodded as she blew her nose. “I’m sorry!”


“Silly thing, you’ve no need to be sorry – after all the work you’ll do the next few months, you’ll be saying you’re worth ten times that!”


Buffy gave him a watery smile.

Another messenger gave Spike another sheet of paper, but this wasn’t anything to do with Buffy.


“Um, you know tomorrow...will you be with me?” Buffy asked hopefully.


“I um, I hadn’t planned on…doing…anything else BUT be with you!”  Spike changed what he was originally going to say. Buffy smiled and finished her juice and muffin. “Good!”

Spike smiled too. "We must drop into Cordelia’s office on the way down, you need to sign for that check I gave you.”  Buffy nodded. “Right then, that’s us all done here, why don’t wait outside for me, I won’t be a sec.”

Spike said to Buffy, and she nodded and went out of Cordelia’s office.


“Is Xander around?”


“He’s getting that release contract form signed by Angel O’Connor as we speak.”


“Oh, okay, doesn’t matter, I’ll see him later.”


“Shall I tell him you want him?”


“Nah, don’t worry, see you in bit.”


“I’ll be here,” Cordelia said, without looking away from the monitor screen.

Spike went out into the corridor, and the sight that met his eyes gave him a jolt like an electric shock. There by the lift, was Buffy, just being let go from a big hug by Angel O’Connor, and they were both grinning their heads off.

 “Oh Spike!”  Cordelia came dashing out of her office, stood in front of him.


“You forgot this, can’t get in without it!”


She offered him the security pass so he could drive into the Burbank studio’s, but Spike shifted slightly to look over her shoulder, he was more intent on watching Buffy and Angel.


“How the fuck does he know her?” Spike said with quiet anger.


Cordelia arched a brow, and looked over her shoulder. She turned back to face Spike. With the corners of her mouth turned down, she shrugged, “I dunno”

Spike could hear snatches of their conversation;


“………Actually went back there and worked as a counselor! After I said I’d never set foot in the place ever again ………”


“Spike………Spike!” Cordelia said frowning

Spike dragged his eyes off the duo at the lift and looked at Cordy, but then soon refocused on the couple. “What?”


“……………Signed to Midnight Music now, better deal…………I had artistic differences with the other band members………”

Spike gasped incredulously. “Can you hear him? - ‘Artistic differences’ my arse, they learned that he couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance, and couldn’t even fucking lip-sync to his own words! – My god, you can smell it from here!”  Spike said disgustedly.


“Smell what?” Cordelia asked.


“The bullshit!”


“ you want this security pass or what – coz I’ve got things to do.”

Spike took it off her, and she went back to her office, shaking her head.


“Buffy” Spike called.


“…………Great to see you, keep in touch, won’t you?”


“BUFFY!” Spike said, letting his annoyance show through. Buffy began to walk backwards away from Angel.


“Gotta go Angel, good luck, bye."  She turned and came up to Spike. "Sorry Spike, old friend, well...old boyfriend, actually!”  Buffy said grinning, but then she saw Spike didn’t look  pleased, and the smile fell from her face.


“Really? Well come on, doesn’t do to keep people waiting, gives a bad impression.”  Spike pushed open the fire doors with gusto so they banged back against the wall. He was walking very fast, and Buffy had to trot to keep up with him.

She could tell he was annoyed.

Without looking at her Spike said, “Despite what he just told you, Angel O’Connor was sacked by Aphrodite records. He’s now signed to a rival company, so...I know what you do in private is your own affair, but don’t get too involved with him. Sweet wouldn’t like it, and he has just given you a generous advance of $150.000. Most only get $30,000... so don’t do anything to annoy him, count yourself lucky.”


“Yes.  Spike... I’m sorry – I didn’t think - ” Buffy felt awful that Spike was annoyed with her.

He in turn, felt like nine kinds of shit lying to her and being angry, he had no right, other than he fancied her like mad…




Xander put his head around Cordelia’s office door. “Hi, seen Spike?”


“Just left to go back down to the recording suite with Buffy, why?”


“Here you go, the release form. I need a favor from him.”


“Huh, I wouldn’t, if I were you,” Cordelia warned


“What? – Why not?”


“He’s in a foul mood…that and the green-eyed monster” She muttered the last bit under her breath.


“Sorry what?”


“Nothing. Can I help?”


“Do you know anything about this date he’s supposed to be getting me?”


“Date? No, what for?”


“Doesn’t matter, I’ll take my chances, see him later, bye”




“Just a little toot, it won’t hurt you, do you better than that shit the doc’s given you. I mean Dru, where’s your spark? You used to be the life and soul!” Cecily held the silver tube out to Dru


“But what if I…”


“What? What if you what? Started enjoying life again? Ooh, heaven forbid!”

Dru took the tube off Cecily, and bent down and snorted half a line of coke. She sniffed and pinched her nose, sniffed again, wiped it on the back of her finger, sniffing again, and felt the immediate hit of euphoria.


“There…wasn’t so bad, was it…come on, seen some hot guys out there! Oh, hold on…” Cecily bent and snorted the half line left, sniffing deeply and pinching her nose, throwing her head back and laughing as they left the rest room.


Chapter 8



Spike opened the door to the recording suite, and he turned to face a worried looking Buffy.

“Spike, I’m sorry”

She didn’t really know what she was apologizing for, except for the fact he was annoyed about something.

Immediately, Spike felt the stab of guilt, and his shoulders dropped and he shook his head.

“No, love, I’M sorry. There’s something about that bloke that just riles me. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

Buffy could see that Spike was genuine in what he said, and she felt the coil of worry in the pit of her stomach relax, felt relief he wasn’t angry with her.

He smiled and said, “You go have a good rehearsal. Um...are you in a rush to get home?”

“To an empty house – No! Did you want me to stay late?”

“Well, I was thinking, after your rehearsals, we could go and have a chat with the photographer, sort out what you’ll be wearing for the cover of your single, and then perhaps, well, we could go get something to eat.”

“Great!” Buffy said with enthusiasm.

“Yeah? – Good! Um…do you like Italian food?”

“Love it – although, I’m not dressed for a restaurant”

“Don’t worry, this little place, it’s always full of sound recordists, engineers, lighting directors, always in jeans – but the food is terrific.”

“Sounds great,” she grinned.

“You’ll be in here for what…let me think…two hours now, so I’ll come and get you at around…6, is that okay? – We can leave around 7 o’clock, and that will get you home nicely so you can have a nice relaxing bath and a good nights sleep. Don’t want any dark circles under those pretty green eyes of yours now, do we?”

Buffy blushed a little and smiled.

“See you in a while then, pet.”

She nodded and went into the recording suite.



Spike went to the video editing room and smiled. Good, she was there.  “Harm, got a minute, pet?”

She stopped the tape of her Christmas song and stood up. “Blondie-B-oh, uh, I mean, um…hello Spike.” Harmony looked downcast.

“Want to go to the Indie Radio Awards still?” Spike wheedled.

Harmony tried for her ‘hurt, little voice’, and shook her head. “No…you said I hadn’t won, so what’s the point?” She looked at Spike with big puppy-dog eyes.

Spike went over to the couch and patted it for her to sit next to him. “Look, I’ve been thinking, this will be good practice for you, for when you start winning awards.”

“What?” her face broke into a huge grin, and she squealed, “I’ve won an..."

Spike winced and held up his hand. “Hold on, calm down.”

“Yes Spike. Sorry Spike. Carry on … I’m going to win something!”

She bobbed her knees up and down very fast, until Spike gave her a ‘warning’ look.

“Sorry – you’ve got my undivided attention now – go on...what award is it?”

“HARMONY! Okay, this was a mistake!" Spike stood up and looked down at her. "I thought you could do it, but obviously I was wrong.”

He made to move for the door, but she caught his arm.


“What? I’m sorry, I’ll do it. Whatever it is, I won’t screw up, I promise!”

Spike looked at her for a few seconds, nodded, and then sat back down. “Now LISTEN, and NO interrupting, okay?”

Harmony just looked big-eyed, and nodded her head.

"Because Anyanka is out of the country, I want YOU to go and accept the Best Singer award on her behalf." Harmony opened her mouth to speak, but Spike put his hand up in the recognized ‘Halt’ sign.  "Let me finish." She nodded. "Right. Anya’s already done her piece to camera, I just want you to go up and collect the award, and say thank you. But...and this is important bit here...I don’t want you to do it as ‘Harmony, Teeny-bop Pop-Star’, I want you in a long evening gown, hair up, make-up immaculate. I want everyone to see that you are the height of sophistication, elegance and poise, okay?  You are nearly 25 now, and it’s perhaps about time we moved on with your image, maybe even do something a little…I don’t know…raunchier – for your next song after Christmas? Still, that’s something you can discuss with your new manager, Xander. In fact, it was he whom you have to thank for this idea – I wasn’t sure whether you could pull it off, quite frankly.”

“Um, can I speak now?”

Spike nodded.  “Sure – go ahead”

“I can do it! I can look sophisticated and that!”

”But can you tone down the enthusiasm a little, pet? When it involves kids, bounding around like an eager puppy, it's fine. What we want here, is cool, calm and sophisticated. You can talk to Xander about your change of image over dinner at the Four Seasons. Have a couple of cocktails in the ‘Winds’ bar upstairs first, and we’ll throw in a limo to take you, okay?”

Harmony nodded eagerly. “Will he agree, do you think? – I’d really like to alter my image…those kids today drove me nuts…"

Spike smiled.  “I’m sure you’ll find a way to get him to agree…pretty girl like you could sweet-talk him…and I know you love to talk, and the fortunate thing is, Xander does like to listen..make a good impression on him – and well....who knows?”

“Spike…am I up for any award this year, do you know?”

“Actually – I think you’re front runner for Teen Magazine favorite female pop singer, best single AND favorite outfit.”

Drumming her fists lightly on her knees, Harmony grinned. “OOOHHH, YES!”

“Remember, the key-word here...‘sophisticated’. Don’t want any ‘Gwennie’ crying crap, just keep it simple and cool, ‘kay?” He stood up.

“Course, yes, sure!”

“Okay then, I’ve got to go – you get back to your video.”

Harmony leaned back on the couch, dreaming daydreams of accepting awards with the utmost grace.




“Tickets to the awards, a couple of cocktails in the Winds bar first, then dinner downstairs at the Four Seasons, and a limo to take you. She wants to discuss a change of image, to one of, well, more grown up I suppose you could say. After all, she isn’t a teenager. And all this, the whole idea, her picking up the award, being sophisticated and the possible change of image, it came from YOU, understand?” Spike said.

Xander looked shocked.  “From ME?”


"But...well, what should I say?"

Spike rolled his eyes.  “Have I got to do EVERYTHING for you, goddamn it?  Look…do what you do best; LISTEN! God knows she loves to talk! Tell her you’ll think about her ideas, but want to mull it over…that you’ll have to discuss things with Sweet, then go along with what she wants – eventually that is. Let her stew a while before you agree…you might find she’ll be willing to, well, you know, ‘help’ you come to a decision in her favor, ‘help’ you to persuade the Big Boss…”

“You mean … you mean she might sleep with me?”

Xander, who’d been leaning back in his computer chair with his hands clasped behind his head, suddenly sat up straight, grinning.

Spike sighed and rolled his eyes. A myriad of sarcastic remarks ran through his head, but in the end he just nodded and said, "Yes."

Xander leaned back again, hands on top of his head this time, grinning. Then a thought hit him, and he turned towards Spike, his smile gone.

“But what if Sweet says no, and he doesn’t want her to change?”

Spike muttered ‘give me strength’ under his breath.

“Then just give it to him straight! She’s 25 years old, needs to re-invent herself, and waiting in the wings on Junior Talent Time or Poppet Pop-Stars are dozens of little Harmony wannabe’s just waiting to be snapped up!  He’ll agree, trust me.”

Xander thought…then he slowly nodded. “Yeah…yeah, I think you might be right!”


“I mean, yes, you ARE right!”

“That’s better. Now, just remember, all this was your idea, okay? I didn’t think she could handle it, but you persuaded me?” Xander nodded. Spike stood up and went over to the door. “If you want to start the ball rolling, she’s in the video editing room – see ya later, bye.”

Xander looked down at his shirt, straightened his collar, and brushed imaginary bits off his trousers. He cupped his hands over his mouth and nose, exhaled and sniffed. His breath was okay…he could stop off in the Gents rest room and check his hair…

“Right then, here we go…”



He opened the door to the video editing room. Almost immediately, his arms were full of grateful, over-eager blonde, hugging and thanking him profusely for having faith in her…

“Hi, Harmony, I thought that- ooh! Oh, um…"

“....and I promise, I won’t let you down, and oh thank you! – I’ll look all sophisty- whattsit and be good, and ooohh.. thank you, THANK YOU!” Harmony hugged Xander hard, kissing his cheek, and squeezing him for all she was worth.

“Oh, um, erm, yeah,, huh, great…you’re…ooh, welcome, I’m sure!” Xander slipped his arms around her and hugged her, grinning over her shoulder.

Maybe Spike was right!



Dru was twirling around, arms outstretched, laughing.

Everything was floating past, a sea of colors, one merging into the other. The pulse of the trance music flowed through her and became her pulse, the throbbing beat her own heartbeat. She felt alive, living, set free...she was running, flying – free at last...she had her wings back. Faces swam into focus and out again, laughing, drinking, living the moment. She was the music, she was the life, it flowed from her pretty fingers…and she bestowed it on all that surrounded her………

“Who's that Cec?”

“Hmm? Oh, that’s Dru…she’s back!”

“Well, she’s certainly enjoying herself!”

“Yeah…wanna meet her? Dru…Dru, come here, and meet some friends!”

Cecily swayed up to her friend and stopped her spinning around.

“Come and meet my friends!”

“I’m dancing…I’m…… whoops!”

Giddy from all the twirling, they staggered to the table, Dru almost falling over, which started them both giggling.

“This is Kendra…and this is her boyfriend, Forrest.”

Dru tried to focus on the couple.


“Forrest? Like, like a tree – wheeee a tree, I’m a tree…I like tree’s.”

“She alright?” Forrest asked Cecily. He was frown/smiling.

“Yeah…she’s just not, you know, well, she’s been off the scene too long…”

“Well whatever’s making her happy…I want some. Got any?”

“Sure…come with me…”

The trio went off to the toilets to get themselves ‘sorted’, and were soon flying high.



Warren Meers, or rather Warren Walsh as he preferred to be known these days because of an outstanding warrant, surveyed his kingdom from the upstairs balcony of the club. He sipped his vodka Martini, made for him by the weaselly little barman, Willy.

“Hey, Willy…come here”

“Yes, boss?”

“That girl down there, thin, long dark hair, the one totally off her face spinning like a top…recognize her?”

Willy came from around the bar and looked over the balcony. He looked for a few seconds, and then turned to his boss.

“Isn’t she that mad bint, the one that caused that big hoo-hah when she threatened to jump off the roof of Aphrodite Records a while back? She used to be in here a lot at one time…she’s with Candy Hunt, I know they used to be friends, both Brits.”

“That’s what I thought. Wonder where she’s come from…haven’t seen her for a good while…okay, Willy, back to your station.”

“Yes, boss.”





“Good rehearsal then?” Spike smiled as Buffy left the recording suite.


“Um, I popped down to see the photographer, but he wanted to get off home, so I thought we could do that first thing after the show tomorrow. Okay– shall we go eat now?”

“Great, coz I’m starving!”

“Well, then, to Luigi’s, pronto!” Spike held the door open for her; they trotted down the stairs, signed out and left the building.




“Hmm…oh gods, this is heaven!”

“What did I tell you? I know the red-check tablecloths are a bit naff, as are the candles in wine-bottles, but you won’t find a better Lasagne al forno anywhere…here…try my cannelloni.”

Spike held out a forkful, and Buffy ate.

“Hmm…and this dressing on the salad…oh gods...what’s that?” Buffy eyes followed a waiter carrying a creamy chocolate confection to another table.

“Ah, that is their famous Tiramisu. It literally means ‘pick-me-up’ . It’s little Ratafia biscuits soaked in Marsala wine and coffee liqueur, with whipped cream and chocolate…I swear it’s to die for. Means another hour in the gym mind, but it’s worth it – we could share one, if you like!"

Buffy smiled and said, “Hmm, me likey!” making Spike grin too…






“That’s it babe, give it to her good!” Kendra encouraged, as Forrest pumped hard and fast in and out of Cecily.

“Oh fuck, oh yeah…yeah, ugh, so good, ooooohhhhh………don’t stop, don’t you DARE fuckin’ stop…ohh!” Cecily babbled.

Forrest found another gear and thrust at her with renewed vigor after taking a huge sniff of Amyl Nitrite. Kendra wafted the bottle of the fruity-smelling amber liquid under Cecily’s nose, before taking a sniff herself; then she began to suck and pull at Cec’s pale brown nipples.

Cecily’s head whipped from side to side, she was panting hard, she felt so good…

Forrest threw his head back, gasping. Kendra knew her man was past the point of no return, so she reached down to where they were joined, and she pinched and rolled Cecily’s slippery protruding clit, making the girl shriek and buck through a deep, hard orgasm. The tight squeezing of her inner muscles bought Forrest off and he came in one long hard burst, shooting deep inside her.



The blonde guy bent over the girl collapsed on the bathroom floor.

“Hey…um, sorry, forget your name…you okay…huh? You all right?”

Dru stirred.  “Huh…Spike?”

“What? – You okay?”

Dru sat up, the whole room swayed; she felt her mouth saliva up. She tried to focus on the blonde guy talking to her.

“I’d come back to bed if I were you.”

“You’re not………who are you?”

Dru tried to stand up, then she suddenly realized that the guy was using the toilet and she felt slightly shocked, and shrieked.

“What are you doing?!”

“What’s it look like, I’m having a piss…so……… we gonna go again or what?”

“Oh god…I feel…I’m going to be…”

She put her hand over her mouth as she started to heave, and just made it to the shower cubicle. Dru switched on the shower, and shuddered as cold water sprayed over her hand as she washed the vomit down the plughole.

She felt awful, her head was pounding, and her stomach felt sore. Setting about cleaning her teeth, she rinsed and spat, when a male voice from the bedroom said, “Use the mouthwash, else I’m not kissing you again”

Frozen mid brush, Dru wandered into the bedroom to see the blonde guy naked, lying on the bed, watching a porn movie on TV with the  sound off. She took the brush out of her mouth.

“Who are you? – Where did you come from?”

Trying to get more coherent thoughts together, Dru knew that, basically, there was something wrong here. She’d ‘come to’ on the bathroom floor with a total stranger standing over her, and they’d apparently already shared an intimate experience that she couldn’t remember.

“Parker…sorry, forgot your name. We met at Cobra.”

Just then, a giggling and stark naked Cecily came into their bedroom,  went to a closet and opened it.

“Don’t mind me…won’t be a sec…”  She took out some sort strappy leather thing and went to leave, when Dru snagged her arm and pulled her into the en-suite bathroom.

“Who the hell is HE?” Dru hissed

Cecily looked at her friend impassively, and shrugged.

“I dunno. Just somebody you latched onto in the club. What’s up, don’t you like him anymore?”

“LIKE HIM?” Dru screeched, then she dropped her voice. “Like him? I don’t even know who the fuck he is!”

“I told you, you latched onto him in the club…I think he reminded you of Spike. You kept calling him that, anyway.”

“Get rid of him!” Dru hissed

Cecily frowned. “Don’t be like that…he seemed…nice enough.”

Dru’s head pounded, and she held it. “I can’t…I can’t deal with this, I can’t stand..“

Not wanting her friend to throw a wobbly, Cecily quickly grabbed one of Dru’s hands.

“Alright, alright, calm down, calm down…... I’ll get rid of him for you…now you go back to bed and get some sleep, okay?”

“Just get rid-“

“Okay, I’m doing it now.”  Cecily left the bathroom. “Um, hi…sorry about this, but my friend, she’s not feeling too well, and um...“

“Hey, you’re her! You’re that girl in the movie!” Parker grinned and pointed to the screen.

“Yeah…that’s right…so, um…tell you what…come with me, eh? Give Dru a chance to rest.”

Parker didn’t need asking twice, and he bounded off the bed and followed Cecily to the other room, where Kendra and Forrest were.

Dru opened the door slightly, and checked that he’d gone. All sorts of thoughts ran through her head, as she slowly slid down the wall and started to cry.



“Oh my god, what’s going on?”

Buffy had directed Spike to where she lived from the restaurant. Outside her house was a police car, and a few clusters of mainly kids dotted about on the drive, pavement and lawn. Spike quickly pulled up, and Buffy got out of the car, panicking.

“S’cuse me what’s going on?” she asked the nearest officer.

“It’s Buffy, she’s here!” she heard a voice say.

“It’s okay, madam. Your neighbors phoned us. Seems there have been small gangs of youths hanging around your house. They said they wanted your autograph.”

Buffy, still serious faced, looked at her house. It seemed fine, except the lawn seemed a little churned up. She relaxed.

“Everything okay?” Spike came over to her.


The officer smiled and said, “Just a few kids wanting autographs, that’s all.”

Spike smiled, and said in a loud voice, “Look kids…Buffy will be having some official photos done tomorrow, we’ll see you all get an autographed copy, okay?”

“Who are you?” a tall kid asked Spike.


“I’m her manager. I promise we’ll bring you some photos and that, but you must go now and leave these people in peace, okay? Is that all right officer?”

The cop nodded and the kids left.

“Sorry about that – I didn’t think!” Buffy said, still amazed at her now celebrity.

“Well, nothing you could have done really. Say! You’re that girl that won 'Search For a Star', right?” the cop asked, grinning.

Buffy couldn’t help it, and she smiled.  “Um, yeah.”

“I voted for you. My Mrs said the boy-band would win, but I know quality when I hear it!”

Buffy blushed when Spike said, “So do I! Is that it then, can she go in now?”

“Sure…do you just want to have a little look around inside? Your neighbor told us you live alone. We have checked, there is no sign of a break in.”

“Um, no. I’ll be fine. Spike will...I mean my manager will come in for a moment.” She looked at Spike hopefully and he nodded.

“Okay then ma’am, we’ll bid you goodnight. Oh hey, when does that song of yours come out?”

“Saturday, it will be released on Saturday”

“Great, goodnight, ma’am... sir.” The cops got into the squad car and left.

“Night, and thanks.” Buffy turned to Spike. “Tea?”

“Love some.”




Yeah, yeah, more...