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Car Trouble 2 – The Rematch!





Chapter 1




For the first 10 days after the Arizona desert incident, Spike was very careful to keep out of the slayers way – very careful.


Self preservation really, he’d followed her of course, and he still stood, okay, lurked by the tree, - not a word he’d use mind, too ‘Angel-ish’ for him was the word lurk – he preferred……...what did he prefer? Stakeout? – Hardly appropriate! Skulk? – No, too much like lurk…observe? Better………Reconnoitre – yeah – made it seem like a military operation – he used to reconnoitre the situation.


He knew her routine like the back of his hand, Peacefield, then the Restful Vale, then the military cemeteries, back along behind the railway lines, and through Veterans Park, cut across the kiddies playground, down the alleyway, that cut onto Revello Drive.


He was happy to note, sorry, make that VERY happy to note, that after three days of the aforementioned desert incident, Buffy had got the ‘itch’ – that inner feeling she knew what she wanted – hell needed, but she was damned if she was going to give into it!


Twelve days………twelve! She was holding up well – she told herself. She prayed every night for demons and monsters to slay, anything to tire herself out, she could go home exhausted, too tired to even think about sex………which worked. For a while. A little while. Well okay, all of two days in fact, where she’d been so thoroughly good at her slaying, even the nasties left town for a while………


It was then, the conspiracy started, Buffy decided. Everywhere she looked, EVERYWHERE, was sex.


First off, her monthly magazine’s top feature:


Sex – 100 ways to improve YOUR love life – Top Tips from the ‘sexperts’

Food to get your man going – what and what not to wear – 10 top positions!


Buffy left it on the hall table.


While patrolling, she heard the snap of elastic, the sound of a zip being – well, un-zipped and a giggle, and went to investigate………she scooted away quick enough when the guy, trying to hitch his pants up asked her if, ‘Do you want a bloody photograph, piss off you perv!’ Boy, did she scoot!


It wasn’t until she to the cemetery gates, that she got all indignant – she half wanted to go back and remonstrate with the guy – it could have been her granny’s grave! – Well okay, it couldn’t, but that was beside the point………


Passing a load of billboards on the way home – did the advertisers REALLY need to use naked bodies to sell perfume and aftershave?


No use, she’d go home and…lie there in bed, frustrated………


She didn’t feel comfortable doing it for herself – well, she DID do it, but only out of sheer necessity it bought her relief, took the edge off, so to speak, but it was nothing compared to the real, hot, -so-mind-blowingly-fucking-brilliant-satisfying – NO! She couldn’t, SHOULDN’T


- NO! She wasn’t going to think about it – or him – NO! It was WRONG, it was NASTY, it, it, it was…true what he’d said to her, not that she’d admit it in a million years….






The following evening on a very early patrol, there was nothing doing on the slaying front, so she decided to go to the shop for a workout. She got there just in time to see Giles locking up.


“Oh – Buffy – I thought I told you, I’m seeing Jen – um, Miss Callender this evening”


“You didn’t tell me!” Buffy whined, Giles fiddled with his glasses and smiled apologetically. Buffy could see on the back seat of his old car, was a bunch of flowers.


“I’m um, I’m sure I d-did…tonight is special – I’m going to her place for dinner, she’s cooking us a meal!”


“Right- fine! You don’t care if I die through lack of training – well on your head be it!”


“Buffy – I’m”


“No! Don’t say any more – I quite understand- don’t even let it be said that I stood in the way of you sex life!”


“That’s a bit harsh! You’re the one telling me I should get out more…erm…are you…um, have you tried the um…”


“What?” Buffy snapped and pouted


“Th-the um, the Evening Primrose stuff Willow suggested?”




“Could have fooled me!” Giles muttered and got all brisk and no-nonsense like.


“Well I’m very sorry, but there you go, we all have to make sacrifices some times – goodnight!” he drove off, leaving Buffy kicking her heels, feeling very miserable. She went home, made herself some hot chocolate and put the TV on, studied the TV listings. Films, right, what do we have here:


9 Weeks – no way…Sliver…. erotic thriller – that’s out! Buffy got the remote control, and zapped her way through the channels – it just seemed that everything she looked at had couples kissing, writhing in various locations, strutting about half naked!


“What’s this ‘Desperate Housewives’, okay………….ten minutes when one woman, who reminded her so much of Cordelia, was getting down and dirty with her hunky gardener! Buffy zapped again…what’s this…’Oz, gritty prison drama, okay, can’t be much sex in – OH MY GOD! Buffy thought that any second the camera was going to cut away, but no, the shot drifted down the guy in the shower, showing his naked butt, all firm and muscular looking legs and then

oh god, he TURNED AROUND! A full frontal – with a little whine, she zapped again…what’s this? Okay, looks possibly boring, boring was good, priest, young woman……..what was this called? – Hmm, Thornbirds…ten minutes later, Buffy had switched off in disgust! There were Catholic priests having more sex than she was…..


Eventually giving up the thought of TV, she took her magazine up, and went to bed.


She lay on her left, she lay on her right, she lay on her back…but eventually, she gave in to the inevitable, and her fingers crept down and into her pyjama bottoms……


Spike had just taken his place in the tree, and he heard her moan as her fingers touched her warm moist intimate place.


“Christ!” he muttered, just about managing not to fall off the branch, his erection suddenly making it’s presence felt against his zip.


Buffy stopped, held her breath, her hand whipping out from touching herself like she’d been caught. She held her breath……


Outside, Spike was tying to get comfy – to do a damage limitation on his dick – he was being strangled here…if he could only shift…


Suddenly the window flew up, and Buffy stuck out her head to be confronted by Spike’s groin thrust towards her window.


“You – oh – er (gulp) um Shit!” She slammed down the window again and Spike nearly did himself a mischief, trying to shift his hard on, sit down and stay up in the tree…he didn’t succeed.


“Ahhh!” ~There was a thump as Spike landed on the grass, and Buffy threw up the window again.


“That’ll teach you, you, you, PERVERT – I’ve a good mind to come down there and stake you!”


Spike jumped up and brushed himself down.


“Yeah, yeah, sing us another one slayer, this one’s boring – you know you don’t want me dusted!”


Buffy felt a mixture of emotions. She really, really wanted that no good, low down, dirty little bleached moron…between her naked thighs again – NO! BAD BUFFY!


“Come on slayer…I know you want to dance…come out and face me, why don’t you?”


**Hmm, why not indeed** Buffy thought, and she knew bloody well why not!


If she went down there, he’d smell her arousal, think it was him that caused it, and…and…and – AND WHAT – Yeah, she’d let him fuck her to oblivion and back…the thing was, he’d be right, it was him that caused it.


She could still hear Spike taunting her – she could stand it no longer, she grabbed Mr Pointy, hiked up the window, and launched herself from the windowsill onto the grass. She sprang up, cat like ready in the fighting stance, facing Spike – who suddenly made her loose all rational thought, as he’d taken off his duster and tee shirt.


“What are you doing?” Buffy’s voice squeaked higher every word she said


“Just reminding you what you’re missing…come on love…a fortnight’s plenty of time playing hard to get, you know you want me!”


“Huh, ego much – you’re full of yourself!”


Suddenly Spike was behind her, holding her tightly around the waist, he had her head pulled back, and her neck exposed, Spike’s voice dropped to a low rumble


“That right, baby – play your cards right, and YOU could be full of myself!” Spike licked at the salty skin of her neck, and anticipating the elbow in the ribs, he let her go and pushed her forward.


Buffy shivered from him touching her sensitive neck and spun round, but he’d gone! She looked up into the tree, the porch, did a complete 360 turn, but he was nowhere to be seen.


She saw the flash of headlights, and realised he’d gone…the feeling she had – she didn’t know whether it was relief, disappointment, or unsatisfied lust….


Suddenly realising that she was standing in her front garden, in her pyjama bottoms and a tank top, bare footed and holding a stake might look slightly weird, she quickly scaled the tree and climbed in through the window.













Chapter 2




Thinking she really needed to ‘take her mind off things’ Buffy arranged with Willow and Xander to go Bronzing the following evening.


She took ages getting ready, tried on every combination of outfit, and decided on a short miniskirt, and a crop top. She’d debated whether to go bra-less, but then found her ‘wonder-bra’, she put it on, and was satisfied with the cleavage it gave her.


She took extra care with her makeup, and put on some high heeled sandals. When she met Xander and Willow outside the club, Xander’s eyes had almost

popped, they were out on stalks!


“That’s um…that’s a great top your nearly wearing there Buffy!” he couldn’t keep the grin off his face.


Buffy was having the desired effect on the male population in the club, it’s just that Xander, bless him seemed to think it was his job to ‘shield’ her from any ‘unwanted’ advances………

Every time it looked like a guy was coming over to ask her to dance, Xander would jump up, pull her onto the floor, and give any other male what he hoped was a warning glare.


Spike had seen her come in, and followed, taking a seat at the bar, a watched the whole scene bemusedly.


By ten o’clock, when Buffy hadn’t danced with anybody else, she was so cross, she told Xander to go away and put a bag on his head, and he’d retired, hurt to be comforted by Willow.


Buffy stood at the bar, giving, she hoped what she thought of as ‘come hither’ glances to a tall frat guy who’d been watching her most of the night….


Spike had secreted himself behind the staircase…hmm, he didn’t like this turn of events, the whelp seemed to suddenly stop his sentry duty on her, and now it looked like the tall pasty-faced dough-boy could be getting all of Buffy’s pent-up sexual frustrations, and he couldn’t have that now, could he?”


“Hi…can I buy you a drink – my names Parker”


“Hi Parker, thanks, I’d love a –“


“Sorry mate, this is urgent – Buffy, you’ve got to come now!” Spike grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her towards the exit.


“What –hey let go of me, you bleached moron!”


“Stop causing a scene – you do this to me EVERYTIME – I’m not putting up with you leaving the kids to go hungry while you come out flaunting yourself!”


“WHA-WHAT!” Buffy was hustled outside, people embarrassed and turned away from what they thought was a domestic squabble.


Outside, angry beyond belief Buffy hissed,


“That’s IT! You would be SO dust by now if I had a stake!”


Grinning maddeningly, Spike laughed, and then he went serious


“You should see yourself – trying to sell yourself like a $10 hooker – now give in, admit you want me!”




“Oh but you do…I can smell you…taste you almost…admit it!”


“I – I don’t…I never…I – ooooohhhhh” Spike pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard, grinding his hardness against her mound, Buffy felt her knees go weak.


“Buffy…Buffy……..BUFFY – Oh, there you are – we’re going now – and I think you owe Xander an apology!”


Spike was gone in a trice, leaving her to almost collapse with un-sated

lust against the wall. She tried to collect her thoughts through her sex-addled brain…..


“Hmm – uh – oh…um…yeah, right. Sorry Xander”


“Is that it? Willow persisted


“It’s okay Willow…she’s said sorry”


“I’ve said I’m sorry!”


“Buffy, I don’t know what’s got into you the last few weeks – PMT doesn’t last this long – what’s wrong?”


“NOTH-ing. Nothing’s got into me!” **that’s the problem!** Buffy thought


“Well, we’re going – and I suggest you go home too – you’re attracting lots of funny looks wearing that top…in fact, I think it looks horrible – you look slutty! Goodnight – Come on Xander!”


Buffy was shocked! She looked down at herself – and suddenly realised that she DID indeed look slutty…oh gods – what was she going to do? To give into Spike would be… would be……oh so fucking good….


“It would be bad – evil and wicked and bad!” Buffy said to herself, a she crossed her arms over her chest and began to walk home.


“Give you a lift, darlin?” Buffy looked at the middle-aged man grinning at her, and felt horrified – she told him in no uncertain terms what he could do with his offer, and ran home.


Lying on her bed, she felt tears of humiliation run down her cheeks…she picked up the phone and called Xander to apologise properly, but she got no answer…





Buffy picked up the magazine for the forth time and opened it.


Under top ten tips, it suggested bringing ‘toys’ into the bedroom…and they didn’t mean Barbie dolls and teddy bears, either…………..


3. ‘Love Eggs’, 2. the non-doctor vibro and at number 1. The Rabbit.


It got top marks from all the blue movie girls… - this special vibrator did everything bar smoke a cigarette afterwards, apparently…she snapped the magazine closed again and threw it on the chair – no, she couldn’t! It was bad enough her having to do it for herself, let alone trying to use a…a…’thing’.

She couldn’t even bring herself to say the word vibrator – or dildo.


Having practically reduced Willow to tears at lunchtime, and even a look from her was enough to send Xander running for cover, Buffy realised she needed to do something, and fast. She picked up the magazine again and flicked through it from the back this time, and noticed the ‘small advertisements’


‘Pleasure Dome’ – One-Stop-Shop – for all your ‘Adult’ needs’ Buffy read on…This place had a strip-joint and lap-dancing club, but downstairs it had an adult movie theatre, and a shop, where all manner of sexy goodies could be purchased…everything from sexy lingerie – to dominatrix wear – sex toys, videos and DVD’s…It showed photographs of shelves stocked floor to ceiling with all manner of stuff…… 24 hours a day – closed on Sundays….well hip-hip hurray it was Thursday then………She was taking a little trip!



Spike was lurk - sorry, reconnoitring by the tree, and saw Buffy virtually creep out of her house, wearing the most ridiculous get up he’d seen her in to date – she looked like Thelma, without Louise…headscarf, big dark glasses – where the hell was she – oh heck, looked like she was…yup she was opening the garage doors…Buffy was Driving.


Oh dear, this, was bound to end in tears……….



With a screech of brakes as she reversed out of the garage, Spike closed his eyes, and waited for the crunch, but it never came, the headlights flashed around and Buffy had successfully reversed out of the garage and was now tearing down Revello Drive….


Bloody hell – trust him not to bring his car….Spike ran like the devil was behind him, and ran to the back of the cemetery where he kept his car.


There couldn’t be many places she’d be headed this time of night….he’d try the main road, she never drove to the witch or the whelp’s house, and take-aways were delivered…Taking a short-cut through some back roads, Spike grinned as he saw her open-topped convertible speed past at the end of the road he was driving down…okay, all he needed to do was to keep at a safe distance…….



“Well, well! Didn’t know you knew this place existed, slayer!” Spike indicated and pulled onto the parking lot…..


He watched as she checked her appearance in her rear-view mirror, get out and then hesitate. Spike lit a cigarette and watched…


He debated with himself whether to go in and see where she was…he’d just tossed the second cigarette butt out of the window, when he saw her come out of the building, and dash to her car. She was holding what looked like a bag, and she tossed it onto the seat next to her and got in, quickly took off, driving in a big arch to the exit so she didn’t have to reverse…Spike ducked as her headlights filled his car for a second, and he too started up…



It was at the second set of traffic lights that she attracted trouble. The night was very warm, and having no need for a disguise now, Buffy had taken off the scarf and glasses that had been making her perspire.


Two ‘boy-racers’ had seen her bowling along, in her flash car, and had pulled up either side of her, revving their engines and grinning at her. Both cars had heavy rock music blaring out from super-sound systems. Buffy tried to ignore them, but it was nigh on impossible. They stuck to her like glue, up hill and down dale, running stop signs and breaking speed limits….


Spike could see from a distance that these two idiots meant trouble…well, if they wanted trouble, they could have it – by the bucket load! He slammed his car into top and roared down the road to pull up behind Buffy – he’d put on his favourite Sex Pistols tape, and checking in her driving mirror, Buffy saw it was Spike, she didn’t know whether to be happy or annoyed. The two lads saw Spike too, but were only interested in the girl….the lights changed, and Buffy saw her chance to pull away really quickly – but the idiot boy on her left had other ideas, and he too matched her speed. She wanted to turn right, but soon the other idiot had caught up with them from the lights, he was gesticulating to his friend, and they were both laughing. The one on the right suddenly stopped, when Spike slammed into the back of him, pushing him, and the back bumper half fell off, so it trailed along the road causing sparks.


The kid turned and gestured rudely to Spike, who just rear-ended the kid again, so this time, the whole bumper fell off.


He had a hard time not to smash into Buffy’s car, but the kid on her left was twisting around in his seat trying to see what this punk behind them was doing to his friend, when he clipped Buffy’s near-side and steering left to over-compensate, he smashed into a stop sign. It was just as if fate was against them all, when they saw the blue flashing light and heard the wail of a siren ahead of them. Buffy turned her head to see what Spike was doing, and she clipped the kid on the right’s near-side wing, that sent him straight into the path of the on-coming police car, unless he steered for the ditch……


Still about 100 yards off, the police car rapidly made it’s way towards them. Spike got out of his car, ran to Buffy’s, which she’d slowed down and Spike jumped into the passenger seat and said,


“Floor it!”




“Don’t argue – get your bloody foot down!”


“But I haven’t – oh god!”


“JUST FUCKIN’ DO IT!” Buffy didn’t argue, she put her foot to the floor and the car zoomed off. The police car made a token gesture to get her to stop, even tried to get the registration plate – but she was going at such a speed…


“Oh god, I’m going to get arrested now, and I didn’t do anything wrong!”


“There’s gratitude for you! Shut up and drive….if I’ve lost my beloved Desoto now because of you….and as for not doing anything wrong – you’ve broken speed limits, run stop signs, drove the wrong way down a one way street…shall I carry on? – I’ve just noticed something else, no seatbelt… AND you’ve been drinking, I can smell it, what was it, Dutch courage - and just what the fuck am I sitting…on – hello, what have we-“


“Give me that!” the car swerved as Buffy tried to snatch the ‘Pleasure Dome’ bag off him, but she was too late, and Spike gleefully drew out ‘The Rabbit’ multi-three-way two-speed vibrating dildo…


Buffy could have died a thousand deaths with shame…….


Without laughing, Spike put the sex-toy back in the bag, and put it on the dashboard.


“I don’t need batteries” he said seriously. Buffy’s knuckles went white as she gripped the steering wheel, but she kept her eyes on the road.


“Don’t be so disgust……….you’re a pig, Spike!”


Buffy suddenly realised she ha absolutely NO idea where she was, and slowed up, eventually pulling up in the quiet lane.


“Run out of gas have we pet? – That’s original!”


“Get out…I MEAN it Spike”


“Really? – Coz I don’t think you do…” Spike ran his hand up her leg and leaned forward, whispering,


“When are you going to come to your senses, and give into this thing we’ve got?”


“We have-haven’t got a th-thing!”


Spike chuckled and continued his travels up her thigh – her legs parted, and as his cool lips brushed her neck, she shivered. The arousal was pouring off her and Spike quickly manoeuvred himself to be able to un-button her top…











Chapter 3



He knew neither of them needed foreplay – three weeks of foreplay was long enough, It definitely wasn’t his imagination as Buffy let out a long wail when he entered her hot tight depths,


He gritted his teeth – fuck! Gods it was better than he remembered…Buffy wasted no time, she locked her ankles around his back.


Spike pulled her to the edge of the seat, where gravity took over, and she had no choice as she slid down onto his massive dick – She tore at her blouse and Spike humping hard into her latched onto one of her nipples, sucking and biting, making Buffy hold his head to her and buck up to his hard deep thrusts.


She was coming, faster than a speeding freight train, she pulled his hair, pulling his head up to hers, kissing him fiercely, she couldn’t hold back and her head fell back as she cried out a deep, long hard orgasm – Spike felt the first clench of her inner muscles and bit her breast, right by her nipple – she felt the pull of her blood being drawn out by him, matching the pull of her womb, as he began to empty himself inside her.


He went limp, his tongue lazily licked at the faint smear of blood, the coolness of his tongue soothing…she could feel he was still hard….


She’d tried hard – so hard to deny what he’d said to her…but it was true – he was the best she’d ever – or was likely to ever have….


Spike went to withdraw, but Buffy held him fast. Her voice still raw from crying out she croaked,


“More, again”


Without saying a word, Spike pushed fully inside her again, her fingers clutched at his shoulders, her nails digging into his pale skin.


They were inventive to say the least, the positions they managed in the car – once they had to duck down inside as a car passed them.


Finally dressing, Spike held out his hand to her.


“Come on”




“Don’t ask questions, I said, come on”


“Where are we – hey – I’m not doing it in the field!” Spike was pleased to note that Buffy was ‘up for it’ again…


“Don’t want to pet, just want to get home, is all”


“But why walk, when I have the car?”


Spike stopped, looked at her and spoke like he was talking to a thick ten year old.


“Several reasons: Your car was stolen tonight – lets say…roughly around nine-ish – nine thirty – that’s when you last saw it on the drive before you closed the drapes”




“Somebody. Stole. Your. Car. Else, you will have to take a test for alcohol, you ran three stop signs, you went down a one-way street the wrong way, you broke the speed-limit – and you left the scene of an accident – two really, for insurance purposes”


“But – that was YOUR fault! YOU told me to floor it!”


“If you report your car stolen, they won’t know it was you driving!”


“But those guys…they’ll tell the cops, and-“


“Yeah, those fucking idiots are going to tell the cops they were racing you, breaking speed limits and such…” Buffy blinked – okay, what he was saying did make sense….


“Will the cops believe me?”


“If you report it stolen! – What choice do they have…oh, and if your coming, you better bring Roger Rabbit” Spike walked to the hedge.




“The VIBRATOR thing you bought, don’t want to leave THAT in the car, now do you!”


It was a good job it was dark, but Spike could almost feel the heat glowing off her with embarrassment.


“How do you know which way’s home?” Buffy caught up with him, and stumbled in the grass in her heels. Spike caught her hand, and held it – he was pleased to note she didn’t pull away.


“By the moon”


Buffy looked up, but couldn’t see the moon. She decided to keep quiet – it seemed every word she uttered was making her look stupid and thick………


“See – there’s the railway track” They’d been walking for roughly half an hour, and Buffy suddenly knew where she was.


They cut through the alleyway, and Buffy was horrified to see a squad car outside her house.


She pulled back and hissed,


“They know! God, they’re here already – oh god, I’m going to jail! Giles will kill me!”


“Will you calm down – come on, time to bluff our way out of this…”


“Spike, NO! Spike!”


“Come on will you – the cops would have probably come round when you reported the car stolen anyway…now just follow my lead, and give me that!” Spike took the vibrator off her and put it in his inside pocket.


Buffy felt sick and shaky…


“Good evening officer, can I help you?”


Spike said politely to the cop who came down Buffy’s path.


“Good evening, sir, ma’am, we’re looking for a miss Elizabeth Anne Summers, are you her?” the cop pointed at Buffy with his pen, and Buffy nodded wide-eyed – she was gonna die……


“What seems to be the problem?” Spike asked


“There has been an incident on the Greenvale Parkway involving a blue BMW convertible, registered to a Miss Summers at this address, can you tell me where you’ve been?”


“We’ve been to the local club, the Bronze, haven’t we darling – oh golly – Baby – where is – oh my god, your cars been stolen!” Spike said, frowning


“Stolen, sir – are you sure?”


“What – course I’m sure – it was there, on the drive, when we went out earlier, wasn’t it babe?”


“Um, uh huh”


“And you are?”


“Me? My name is Alexander Harris – I’m this ladies boyfriend”


Buffy thought she was going to be sick…


“Is the young lady okay sir, she looks………somewhat distressed?”


“Oh, that would be the cocktails – she had three – that’s why we walked to the club, never drink and drive….so you say the car’s been involved in an incident you say– what kind of incident – oh don’t tell me it’s been smashed up – the insurance was-“


“No sir, nothing like that sir, the car is relatively unscathed, we picked up a couple of punks, drug dealers – off their heads on booze and crack a third one got away, we think he was the one that drove the convertible away, we found it abandoned roughly two miles from the scene of the incident, no sign of him though, unfortunately - you don’t happen to know anybody who drives a black Desoto, do you?”


“A DESOTO - good grief – how old is it!” Spike mocked. The cop just smiled at Spike, and said,


“So sir, what time did you leave here tonight?”


“Oh I should say about nine-ish – is that right, darling, around nine o’clock?”


“Hmm, ‘bout that” Buffy mumbled


Spike saw the other cop, who was still in the squad car nod.


They believed the story, you’d have to be super-fit to trek cross-country from where the car was found to here in the time, and the girl, Miss Summers, looked in no fit state to walk much of a distance at all, so what Mr Harris here was telling them sounded totally plausible…


The first cop said,


“Right, well, I’ll give you a form to fill out, for insurance purposes, just in case there’s any damage…and we’ll phone and let you know when you can pick your car up from the pound – it might be a day or two – forensics might want to look over it”


“Oh god!” Buffy mumbled


Over the police radio, there was a lot of garbled noise, but the cop seemed to understand it, and ripping off a top-sheet off his writing pad, he gave it to Spike.


“There you go, just fill that out, we’ve got to go – goodnight sir, ma’am” he touched his cap, and left.


The car pulled away and Buffy almost collapsed from holding her breath, she turned to face Spike


“Why the FUCK did you tell him your name was Alexander Harris for – he’s gonna kill you when he finds out – and me involving him with the police!”


“Will you shut up – just relax,  you – we got away with it – now let’s get in, it’s getting late…and a thankyou would be nice!”


“Thankyou? THANKYOU?”


“Your appreciation is duly noted, slayer!” Spike said with a grin.


“What – no – I wasn’t thanking you!”


“Sounded like it to me, pet – thankyou, thankyou, you said”


“I was being…ironic - sarcastic! You follow me, rear-end a guy, cause me to swerve and hit him, forcing him into the path of a police car of all things – and”


“Drug dealers. Off their heads on booze and crack – you heard the officer I think it was lucky for you I happened to come along when I did, anything could have happened!”


Buffy suddenly realised that not only Spike was in her house, he’d taken off his duster and was now making tea!


“And what the HELL do you think you’re doing?”


“Making tea – unless you have something a little stronger”


Buffy took the teakettle off him and switched off the gas.


“Okay, something stronger it is then!” Spike said, rubbing his hands


Buffy yanked open the back door


“Get out”


“Now listen here – you better start talking to me with-“


“I SAID, Get out!” Buffy pulled the door open wider. Spike crossed his arms and simply said,




“Right! That’s it – I’m gonna-“


“God, you’re beautiful when you’re angry!” Spike gave her one of his sexy, lopsided grins


“Shut up!” she could feel her cheeks flame, which was ridiculous when you thought about it, all that they’d done in the car earlier…


“Make me!”


Buffy balled her fist and went to swing it towards his nose, but Spike was too quick for her and grabbed her and pressed her firmly against the door, kissing her hard, smothering her protestations – the ones that lasted for all of about 1.5 seconds, before she mewled and started to reciprocate and kiss him back…….


Spike eased up on the pressure when he felt her fingers wind in his hair, and all of a sudden, she hooked her one leg over his hip, and supporting her bottom, Buffy jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around him, Spike carried her to the breakfast counter, and they both began the ritual of tearing at each others clothes……..


“Uh…oh god, don’t stop……….”


Spike bit his bottom lip with blunt teeth – Buffy had him in a vice like grip, and he was pounding into her – he was going to burst


Leaning over her, he bit lightly at her neck, not even hard enough to leave a hickey, and Buffy went into over-drive, her hips undulating faster and higher and harder up to his, sending him so deep inside her, grinding hard against her clit – she could feel the mother of all orgasms building – she felt his cool hand on her breast, squeezing the plump flesh, felt his lips brush her painfully hard nipple and she begged him


“Oh god, oh yes, bite me ….bite me now, now Spike –NOW!”

Slayer muscles gripped him so hard, he thought she was going to break him in two, not that he was bothered, she was hotter than hell, like plunging his dick into molten lava, feeling brave, Spike moved up higher on her breast, until Buffy guided the back of his head to her jugular – and just the mere thought that she was going to let him bite her properly had him swell to gigantic proportions, Buffy felt herself stretch even more, and she cried out through a long, deep multiple orgasm – when Spike bit into the soft fragrant skin of her neck, that was it – no going back, for the second time that evening, her rich blood flowed down his throat, and he pumped and pumped – sending spurt after spurt of thick come deep inside her womb. – Fucking hell – he’d never come so hard in his existence before!


Buffy collapsed backwards, heaving for breath, Spike was leaning his head on her collarbone, he too was panting – quite unnecessarily for him, but it was instinct…


“Um…can I – my back is a bit…ow, thanks” Spike carefully withdrew from her, stood back – he waited half expected to be staked, truth be known.


Without a word, Buffy slipped down off the counter and walked off in the direction of the lounge


In the doorway, she turned and said,


“Well, are you coming or what?”


Needless to say, he didn’t need asking twice….



The End



More Car Trouble...