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Chapter 12



“So.” Angel said, looking at Giles, who sat opposite him. Giles took off his glasses, pinched the bridge of his nose.


“When did this all start?”

Sitting back in the chair, Giles put his glasses on, and said, without stuttering;


“I take it you mean this…relationship between…(Angel nodded) Couple of day’s ago, if you’d have seen Buffy’s reaction on Friday to this job and working with Spike, screamed there was ‘no freaking way on this earth that she was going to do it with Spike’, to the next day, when they are all over one another like a rash, couldn’t keep their hands off… first, they told me it was acting for the party, but then they come clean, and say they don’t know what happened themselves, but they don’t want ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ is, to end, but remember, he’s had to bite her, put her under his thrall”




“To mask her soul, don’t forget, she’s encountered Dracula before, he’s bitten her, he’d know instantly the slayer was there, then so would a hundred and twenty or so other vamps…give or take”


“And Willow is?”


Willow – Um, well, she’s away at university, Oxford, England, why Willow anyway?”


“Because she’s a witch, spells… And Spike?”


“Wasn’t even going to the party, wasn’t all that keen to go either, said it wasn’t his style at all, he honestly took some persuading, when I suggested it, he asked me when I thought he’d had a frontal lobotomy to go along with such a hair brained scheme”


“Buffy hasn’t got a boyfriend?”



Angel pursed his lips and said,


“It’s the sex then, it has to be”




“Spike, it’s the sex, that’s one thing that Spike is very…VERY good at. Once, at the Elysée Palace in Paris, I saw must have been at least two dozen noble-women fighting over him…a real cat-fight…several told me, ‘he was the best fuck in the world’.”


Angel looked down, a pained look on his face.


“Oh, erm, oh” Giles didn’t know what to say. 


“But I don’t understand…” Giles began.


“Spike is very good at sex, what isn’t there to understand about that?”

Angel asked irritably.


“Yes, o-o-o-ok, g-g-g-got that, b-b-b-but…”


“But what?”


“Well, that might be the case but, well, isn’t there supposed to be some attraction between people before, well before they hit the sack?”


“Oh yeah, like it hasn’t been his every waking thought to jump her bones ever since he clapped eyes on her…you know, thinking about it, it could be him wanting to get back at me for taking Dru…”


“You’re forgetting one thing, Spike’s known her for years, why hasn’t he tried anything before now, and well, that doesn’t explain Buffy’s reaction, does it?”


“Could Spike have got a spell do you think?” Angel asked.


“No, Spike doesn’t like magic, he’s always said with magic there’s consequences” Giles took his glasses off, and stood up. Giles had to be careful; he didn’t want to raise suspicion.


“Angel, she’s a grown woman, and why does this have to boil down to you, anyway?”


Giles replaced his glasses and looked Angel full in the face. Ignoring what Giles had just said, Angel continued,


“And you’re her watcher…”


“Yes, exactly, her watcher, not her father, or her moral guardian…she might just be…”




“Well, they’ve worked together before, Spike can ‘kick ass’ I believe is the terminology you use…and now the other’s are not around, Willow in England, Xander and Anya married…maybe they just got talking and found out that, well, they were mutually attracted.


Don’t torture yourself Angel, you incur her wrath over this, and she’ll stake you, you can be sure of that, same as if I tried to put my foot down and create about them seeing one another, I’d be told to mind my own business, she did it with me when I wasn’t happy about you at first…and she was 16 then, she’s nearly 21 now…I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but whatever she is, she’s professional, and I do believe Spike when he says he won’t have her in any extra danger, look how he tore into us earlier, and I’m sorry to say this, but he was right on every count” 



“Yeah…he does care, I can see that, when Spike’s committed to something, he doesn’t let up until…look how long he stuck with Dru.


But I KNOW they’ve been well, they must have had an awful lot of sex…I couldn’t even scent her because of his essence…”


“Well, that’s good, isn’t it, make the job easier…Go home Angel, you’ll do no good here” Giles urged. Angel nodded.


“You’re right, but they’re well gone now, aren’t they?”


“Here, take my car, Wesley can always drop it back” Giles threw Angel the keys to his Citroen.


“Thanks Giles…”


“Just mind the clutch when you go for third gear”


“Yeah, not just the car, for making me see sense, I’d have only sat out in the tree torturing myself listening to them” Giles raised his eyebrows, then said


“Erm, yes well, I’ll tell them we had a little chat, and…”


“No! – I don’t think they’d take kindly to know they’d been talked about”


“What, oh, no, I suppose…well, um could you drop me off?” Giles asked. Angel said,


“Sure” And Giles got his coat. He drove home carefully, still none the wiser as to Buffy and Spike’s relationship, but at least he felt…not better or definitely not happy about it, no, more…accepting? – Perhaps, he’d see.


When Angel had gone, Giles leant back against the door and blew air up his face. He’d got away with it; nobody suspected it was him with the spell…




Chapter 13



Spike was drowning in pure ecstasy, her soft tight cushiony walls, slick and hot were stretching to accommodate his huge manhood, Buffy writhed and bucked, moaned and begged underneath him. Gods, never had anything felt so good!


Pulling out nearly all the way, Spike thrust up hard, making Buffy emit a little grunt of pleasure each time he thrust back up deeply inside her.


Her legs wrapped tightly around him, ankles locked, she scratched his back leaving raised red welts, she bit his neck and shoulders, crying out how good, and massive he was.


She couldn’t get enough of him.


And Boy! Was there a lot of him to have, and she wanted him. Every last millimetre, filling her, stretching her, she felt reborn, wanton, nothing had ever felt so good as this, and she wasn’t about to give it up either.



“W-want-you, oh, Gods, don’t stop, Spike…uhn, oh…” She bit her bottom lip, the climax she could feel building was going to be a tooth-rattler.


Her head rolling, exposing her neck, she pulled his head to her.  They kissed, lip-bruising, passion fuelled kisses, and as he felt the first tight clench of her orgasm, she pressed his mouth to her vein.


Increasing her pleasure ten fold, she cried out how he was the best, and she belonged to him. This did it for Spike, that and the fact that her sweet tight little pussy was wringing every last drop of come out of him.


As their orgasm’s abated, and they calmed, panting, Buffy ran a hand through her hair.


“That was incredible…YOU are SO…” She turned and looked at him.

Spike was looking at her with such awe, such tenderness, and dare she even think it, love?


“Me, uh huh, it’s you, babe, so sweet and beautiful and delicious and…hmm”


Buffy wrapped her arms around him; he lay his head on her breast, where she stroked her fingers through his hair, soothing him.


He woke virtually in the same position. Smiling, he couldn’t resist raising his head, and circling her nipple with his cool tongue. Immediately the areola puckered, and the nipple stood proud, he sucked it into his mouth gently, swiping his tongue back and forth over the hardening nub.


Buffy mewled, then gasped, smiled in her sleep, she stroked his head, although she was still asleep. Spike stopped his ministrations, and looked at her…Gods, who’d have thought it, she was so beautiful…


“You’re SO beautiful,” Spike whispered.


Buffy’s eyes fluttered open, and she smiled, turned her head to look at him fully in the face.


“Hello baby” her voice cracked, still thick with sleep. She stroked her hand through his hair.


Spike’s undead heart fluttered.


“’Lo, beautiful” Spike said seriously. Buffy cupped his face and leaned up for a kiss. So tender, so ooooohhhhh godddds! What a kisser…Flopping back breathless, she pulled his hair, softly tugging, she traced round his ear and down his neck with her finger, making him shiver with delight.


Buffy looked at the time, it as 5.25am.


“I won’t be long” She got up and went to the bathroom.

Two minutes later, she got back into bed, all relieved and minty fresh. She cuddled up to Spike, stroking his strong back.


Spike nestled in as close as he could get.


“You ok baby?” Buffy asked, she had her eyes closed, still stroking him.


“No” Spike said.


Alarmed, Buffy was wide-awake, and tried to sit up, but Spike was reluctant to let her go.


“Why, what’s the matter, baby?”


“I’m scared. I’m scared that you’re suddenly going to…(he looked away from her for a few seconds) come to your senses or start thinking about what Angel said, or something, and…well, leave me”


The last two words came out barely above a whisper, and he swallowed nervously. She smiled, and hugged him close, running her fingers through his hair.


He loved that, and she knew it soothed him too.


“Don’t be scared baby, I don’t know what’s happened to us, but I know this much, I don’t want it to end, I promise you, not now, I couldn’t give you up, it’s too good between us, too special…I won’t let anything spoil it.”


Buffy hadn’t taken her eyes off his as she spoke, she saw everything, passion, fire, anger, but most of all she could feel love, see it, knew it, as sure as she knew it was growing inside her too… Spike kissed her.


He always kissed her as though it might be the last time, as though everything was ending, they left her breathless and full of want.


Gently pushing him down on his back, Buffy straddled his slim hips, nuzzling his neck, she whispered,

“Hmm, want you…need you………got to have you, you are so gorgeous, so big and so good…”


Spike’s eyes rolled, god, she was sex on legs, and just looking at her was turn on enough, but this – her words, her…


“Ooooohhhhh! Buf-fy!” Spike groaned as her soft warm femininity slid down over his hardness, deep into the core of her need.



Leaving Spike in bed, Buffy took herself off to town, arranging to see him at the shop after lunch.


“Well, I don’t know what you said, but something must have filtered through, I was expecting him to be sitting outside in the tree”


Buffy said to Giles.


“Yes, well, and he did…I said I wouldn’t say anything, we didn’t think you’d appreciate being talked about.” Giles said. The phone rang, and he went to answer it.


Buffy came and stood behind Spike, and she leant her arms on his shoulders, whispered. Spike held her hands in front of him, they just had to be touching.


“I swear to you, I haven’t used magic, baby, I wouldn’t, I don’t…”


“I know baby, I trust you, believe you…hey, I want this to be-“


“Well, shall we get on?” Giles came in brisk and efficient, trying to regain a little credibility from last night’s fiasco of the warehouse.


Giving Spike’s shoulder a little squeeze Buffy whispered ‘later’ and came and sat next to Giles.


“Right, this, is it” Giles put a small box on the table, slipped it out of its cardboard sleeve.


“Spike, I’d come and stand over here if I was you, just in case” Giles said, and Spike did so.


The box was of the type that would have held a ladies watch or fancy pen, long and slim.


He opened it, and at first glance, you’d have thought that’s just what it was, a pen.


Slim and black, pointed at one end. Giles took out a folded piece a paper, and smoothed it out on the table, and began to read the instructions.


Taking off his glasses, he said to Buffy, seems you really use it as a stake, except that this bit here, at the end, when you drive it into his heart, you press this little end bit, and it injects a very concentrated holy water type fluid that’ll make it hard for him to re-materialise, then if he wasn’t standing on the cloth, you use it to ‘mop up’ and dust, it’ll cling to it like a magnet apparently, then you drop everything into the lead lined box…which we still haven’t got yet, but it’s on its way as we speak”

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