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Chapter 39


Spike knocked on Sweet’s door, and waited for the ‘come in’.


“Yes, come”


Spike took a deep breath, and entered. The first thing he noticed – you couldn’t fail to miss it, was the blown-up photograph he’d sent Sweet for his birthday hanging on the wall. Spike then glanced at the man himself, who was looking quite cheerful, in his leery kind of smile way.


“Morning Spike – come in, sit down, coffee?”




Sweet pressed the intercom, and Lorne entered with a trolley, and served them


When he’d left the room, Sweet looked at Spike.


“Okay Spike, I’ve got a few things on various subjects I’d like to say – so we’ll crack on. First – I think an apology is in order”


Spike looked at his boss impassively, but said nothing – Sweet continued.


“Well, I’m sorry – I’m sorry I listened to Glory, I should have realised that she had some ulterior agenda going on. I’ve since learned that she was trying to ruin Betty’s – sorry, I mean Buffy’s career – although how she thought that loosing us millions in revenue would make me think she was some sort of managerial material I do not know”


Spike sat there still – he was a little surprised that Sweet even knew the word sorry existed – when he said an apology was in order, Spike immediately thought that Sweet wanted him to apologise………but well! You lived and learned, didn’t you…


Sweet continued,


“And as for you storming out of meetings – I do wish you wouldn’t – you might miss something vital, but that’s about to change too, I’ll tell you more in a minute. Now, the tribute show – inspired – and I’ll never know how you got Glory to give up the slot”


“Glory? – Oh, let’s just say, she got a little tied up………Basically – the guests she had lined up for the show left  - there was trouble before I got there, some old rivalry between some of the guests – then they learned what Glory had in mind, they went. I had a phonecall from Xander telling me Rack was dead, the news was over-running – we had just under an hour to go before broadcast, and the network asked if I could fill 38 minutes – I did – I was at the right place at the right time – plus, I’d been doing my job, properly.


I’d got an idea for doing some ‘tribute’ shows anyway – profiling band members, using footage of concerts interviews and comments from the band members themselves – I’ve got several in mind actually – and what with the anniversary of Noiz being in the business for 25 years coming up, and a possible ‘best of’ album being released, I thought it prudent to do them first…like I say, I was doing my job – which of late you don’t give me credit for – THAT’S why I storm out of meetings”


Sweet looked at Spike – and as Spike was on a roll, Sweet let him continue.


“To be told how to do my job, to do the basics, to go out talent spotting – to sign new bands isn’t only annoying, it’s insulting, especially in front of the other managers – it shows lack of respect for me as a manager, so, the only way I know to show you my disapproval is to walk out”


Sweet nodded and said ruefully


“Yes, yes…I DO understand, I should have had more faith in you”


“Yes, you should have” Spike was quick to reply


“I think we both have had other things on our minds too, huh?” Sweet ventured, looking closely at Spike’s reaction.


“Other things?” Spike was genuinely puzzled.


“Dru?” Sweet said, still looking hard at him


“Dru? – What about her?”


“What are your…intentions – shall we say?”


“Intentions? – I intend to stay as far away from the mad – woman as I can – that’s MY intention – I only hope and pray hers is the same from now on!”


Spike didn’t take his eyes of Sweet for a second while he said that. He nearly swore, he nearly said ‘mad bitch’, but didn’t think it entirely appropriate.


Sweet nodded and said,


“I rather gather from Lorne that she has…how shall I say…”


“Been making a bloody nuisance of herself as far as I’m concerned?” Spike thought it only fair to put all his cards on the table about how he felt about Dru now, so he continued,


“If Lorne hadn’t been at your birthday party the other night, I hate to think what would have happened – I’ve not given her ANY encouragement, quite the opposite in fact, I’ve been quiet, disinterested, and practically downright rude to her – I want to make it clear to her that not even friendship is possible – because with Dru, it has to be all or nothing, and believe me – I TOTALLY want nothing, she bled me dry emotionally and there is NO WAY I’m ever going through that again”


Sweet nodded, he was glad to hear it and leaned back in his executive chair.


“We’re going away for a little holiday next weekend. When we come back, well I shall sort something out – I shan’t expect you at any function where she might be for a while, until she settles down” Sweet said


Spike thought **settles down…when hell freezes mate** but voiced nothing.


“You like the picture then” Spike asked smiling


Sweet turned to look at it and then he turned back to Spike.


“Ahh, yes…Carrisbrooke, 1979…I was thinking…I rather wish I’d kept my Roman nose now – rather regal looking, don’t you think?”


Spike stopped himself rolling his eyes, vain sod Sweet was!


“It was your first solo arrangement, wasn’t it?”


Sweet turned to Spike and leered a grin,


“First SUCCESSFUL gig I did solo…remember that disaster-ridden tour of

Alpha, Beta, Gamma the year before – where the tour bus blew up in the end…that was my first!” Spike didn’t know this and he grinned – well, well, well, who’d have thought it – Sweet admitting to failure.


“Well…not actually no, I was only a year old at the time – but I did read about it…didn’t know it was you though!”


“I’d like to keep it quiet, if you don’t mind!” Sweet said, but he was still sort of smiling.


“We all learn by our mistakes, well, hopefully we do” Spike said, shrugging, wondering where this little meeting was headed now………Sweet piped up,


“I’ve decided that you don’t have to come to any more monthly meetings, Spike, it’ll save us both in the long run, I won’t tell you how to do your job, and you won’t have to keep on storming out – saves face all round – any information you need I’ll either email you or get Cordelia to pass it on to you.


And I think a pay rise is due to you too, plus a bonus for every band you sign that has top ten success – what do you say to that?”


Spike nodded thoughtfully, then added,


“What about the idea for the tribute shows – I’ve got The Applejacks, Stormy Weather, The Pete Quellar Band and The Gentlemen as suggested shows”


Sweet held his hands out and said,


“Sounds excellent to me – I’ll leave it entirely in your hands – use who and what you want, and when it’s ready you bring me a copy and I‘ll book you a slot on the network. Right then, is there anything else?” Sweet asked


Spike more than pleased with the outcome of this meeting, put down his coffee cup and stood up.


“I don’t think so – as long as you keep Dru away from us, then I shall stay”


This shocked Sweet – so Spike had been contemplating leaving………


“Us?” Sweet asked


“Sorry? - Us what?” Spike asked puzzled


“You said keep Dru away from ‘us’”


“That’s right, Buffy and myself, we’re in a relationship together, and it’s going really well”


“Oh good, yes, well right, um – I’ll see that you get the minutes of any meetings and um, I’ll back date your rise from August – well, bye then Spike, and don’t forget – as soon as you have a copy of the new show format, send it to me”


“Will do – bye” the men shook hands and Spike left…all in all, not a bad meeting………not a bad meeting at all!!! He made his way up to the café.


It was Xander who saw Spike first, and warned the others.


“Spike – how’d it go, my friend?” Xander looked a little apprehensive


“Oh, he said he was sorry about Glory”


“Did he – WOW!”


“I got a pay rise – back-dated too”


“Really - You lucky devil!”


“Had the idea for my own TV show approved – just got to send him a copy”


Everybody was grinning by now…


“YOUR OWN TV SHOW! Bloody hell Spike, anything else?


“Um…let me think – oh yes he promised not to tell me how to do my job again”


Xander’s eyes were nearly popping, and Cordy’s and Buffy’s grins were wider than ever!


“Good god, and we were worried that he might fire you!” Xander gasped in incredulity,


“Oh yeah, and I don’t have to go to any more of those damned infernal monthly meetings – so I don’t have to keep storming out!” Buffy put her arms around him and cuddled him up.


“Wow Spike – you got all that – you are so clever!”


“Not really kitten…I’d got my resignation all written up ready, just in case, I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of sacking me!”


“Well – I suppose I’d better get back to see how Cassie’s doing”


“Actually Cordy – when she’s done the cataloguing, I need her to do some research for me, okay?” Spike said, and Cordelia nodded and left with Xander.


Buffy and Spike were still holding each other


“I was worried! – Well a little” Buffy said


“Don’t worry kitten, I got another concession out of him too, but it wasn’t for general consumption – although we can tell Harmony and Xander, he’s promised to keep Dru well away from us – and we won’t be expected at any function while she’s there – isn’t that great!”


“Wow – you DID get everything covered!”


“Um, Buffy – are you ready to do your recording?” they both looked up and saw Ford leaning around the door.


“Just coming – come down with me?” Spike nodded and they left the café holding hands.


“Um, so Kitten, did you find out how Xander get that bruise on his forehead?”


“Oh, you’ll never guess!”…………………………






“Are you going to the restaurant today?” Anya asked


“This evening, yes – I thought we could have a light lunch here, I’ve poached some salmon – we can have fine green beans and new potatoes with it – I’ve made a lite lemon hollandaise sauce too,” Giles said


“Sounds lovely – right, well, I’m going to take my coffee out on the terrace and read the papers – are you going to join me?”


“Soon, there are a few letters I want to catch up on, give me half an hour”


Anya got herself settled on one of the loungers, and began to read. She was pleased, Giles had calmed down a little now, he wasn’t so ‘up-tight’ as he had been of late.


Idly flicking through the pages, Anya read the book reviews, looked at the fashion pages, and was heading for the crossword, when a familiar face caught her eye…page 25, there was a photograph of Jenny Callender, with the headline:

‘Betrayed, by my lover and my best friend’ Anya sat up spluttering with indignance


“Of all the cheap, nasty, low-down, double-crossing………”


“You okay Anya?”


Anya quickly shut up, put a big false grin and hid the newspaper behind her back.


“YES!” Anya said too brightly.


“What is it now?”


“Nothing – Oh…here …you might know who…look” She showed him the article.


“Well…considering I knew YOU first…she never paid for a meal in the restaurant or got herself a hotel while she was in LA, I think she’s got a damnable cheek!” Giles said, handing Anya back the paper.


“Well, so do I – You’re right – she was always staying at my place – I’ve a good mind to-“


“Now Anya, relax…let it wash over you – it’s only words” Giles said serenely.


“Huh? Oh um, yeah…okay…”


Anya was amazed what this new yoga instructor must be doing for Giles … perhaps she ought to try it too!





“Hello, Willy – is that you?”


Resisting the temptation to be sarcastic, Willy just said,


“ that you Jon?”


“The heats off, you can come back to work”




“I said, the-“


“I heard what you said, how do you know the heats off me?”


“Coz one of those big guys that came in here looking for you before – he told me she ran out on them without paying – so you’re safe”


Willy sat up - his mind began to race………


“Okay Jon…is somebody making you say this, just to lull me into a false sense of security – is this a trap?”


“No, I wouldn’t do that, look I’ve spoken to the boss, he said you can have your old job back, and I want my old job back – I must be $40 a week down at least…”


“Okay – but if this is a trap, just remember, I know where you live, and where you keep your comic books!”


“I’m not trying to trick you! – I just want you to come back so I can get back to being a bus-boy”


“M’kay…I’ll be in for the shift tonight”


“Good, I’ll tell the boss, he’ll be pleased – bye”


“Bye Jon”





Buffy slipped the cans off her head and fluffed her hair.


Spike opened the door to the recording room and smiled.


“That was lovely babe – and I’ve had an idea to do a dance re-mix of it too – so ready for a drink?”


“Yup – dance re-mix eh…sounds interesting!”


“Buffy – before you go…” Ford’s voice came over the intercom


The booth door opened and Ford came out holding what looked like two tickets.


“Could you use these? – Two tickets for the Premiere of ‘The Rowan Tree,’ I did the soundtrack – but well, Premiere’s aren’t my thing”


“Oh – that would be great, yeah, thanks Ford…when is it?”


“Thursday – 7pm enjoy have fun!”


“We will, thanks…um, we can go, can’t we Baby?” Buffy asked turning to face Spike


“Sure – looks a good film too – really scary”


“I know…I’ll have to take a cushion to hide behind!”


“No you won’t, you can cuddle up to me!” Both grinning, Buffy put the tickets in her pocket.


“So, you didn’t finish telling me about Glory” Spike said


“Oh yes, well, Cordelia said that Cassie came in first thing on the Saturday morning, she went to her, and told her what you’d said about working in the office and then word has it that Sweet’s arrived, he knew he’d have lots to do as Rack had died.”


“So then Cassie went and told Sweet what Glory had planned…good girl!” Spike said


Buffy nodded and then continued,


“So then Rack orders Glory’s desks to be emptied, and she was to be sent to him as soon as she came into the building – security escorted her up – Cordy was just on her way up to Sweet’s office to take him the viewing figures for the programme you did – and got in the elevator with them. She said Glory looked tired, like she hadn’t slept much, and a little dishevelled – but most of all she looked angry”


“I’ll bet! I bet she was going to go into Sweet’s office, shouting about what I’d done to ruin her show…!”


“And instead she gets fired – Sweet’s got things over her so she couldn’t do anything else but go quietly – if she tries anything, like going to the papers or the like, he’ll sue the pants off her and promised her she’d never work in this country again”


“And I get the slot for my show idea!”


“Yes, clever man – when did you come up with that?” Spike pulled the door to the café open and allowed Buffy to go in first.


“Well actually, it was that Birthday of Sweet’s triggered something in my mind – I knew that it was coming up to 25 years of Noiz being in the business, and then I saw one of the ‘Applejacks’ at Sweet’s party – he must be pushing sixty now, and I thought it would be an idea to do tribute stuff before it all got too late – shouldn’t have to wait until somebody’s dead to say something nice about them!”


“Baby…would you really have resigned?” Spike stopped reaching for a tray and said honestly,


“Well, if I thought for one second he was going to sack me, I’d have thrown it o the desk, sure – I wouldn’t have given him the satisfaction. But right from the off – he was ‘nice’ – if that’s a word I can use to describe Sweet!


“Not one used everyday – you can be sure of that!”


“First thing he said was, ‘I think an apology is in order’ and I thought, oh yeah, well I will, if you will – I was just about to say that too, when bloody hell, he say’s it – ‘I’m sorry for what Glory did’ – you could have knocked me down with a feather! And it just got better from there…pay rise, I don’t have to go to monthly meetings…I thought to myself – go on Spikey old boy – pitch your idea for the show, I did - and bingo…what do you want to drink pet?”


“Tall freshly squeezed anything………will you front the show yourself?”


“Possibly…or I might find some pretty little blonde to do it for me…” Buffy said nothing, she didn’t catch on to what he meant.


“Would you fancy it?” Spike asked, putting their drinks down on one of the low coffee tables.




“Yes you, who did you think I meant?” Spike asked her with a grin.


“I – I don’t – I didn’t think – I mean…I don’t think I could do it!”


“Course you could – I winged it Friday – just came off the top of my head – I’d properly script it for you”


“Yeah but you’ve got it all up here, haven’t you? (Buffy touched her temple) Dates, facts and figures”


“Well, we’ll see, I won’t force you – I’ve got to complete your tour dates yet, haven’t I?”


“Yeah – oh is that me?” Buffy had heard a little ‘beep’ noise.


Spike took out his cell phone out of his pocket


“Must be pet, it’s not me”


“Oh, it’s Willow – oh god, I’ve been neglecting her…”





“……….Take off when ever you choose, without so much as a bye-your-leave – because I won’t stand it, do you hear me Willy – you are very, VERY lucky to have a job here at all – disappear again, and s will this job, for GOOD next time – do you understand?”


“Yes Boss…I’ve been ill”


“So you say…there’s been a few dodgy characters around here looking for you, so security have informed me”


“Oh, um really?” Willy feigned innocence, but didn’t look his boss in the face.


“Get back to where you belong behind that bar…and I don’t know what he’s been doing behind that bar, but although the figures are okay – we’ve been getting through copious amounts of Scotch and Vodka, for some reason…”


“I will boss”


“And Willy”




“Mix me a decent vodka martini, would you? – It’s been ages” Willy smiled and said,


“Yes, boss!”


Seemed that Jon hadn’t caught onto using the schnapps to make the cocktails, and had been using the real stuff, proper vodka and scotch – that’s why he’d been getting through it…well – he was back  - Willy was back in business!








“Part-timers!” Cordelia said grinning, as Buffy and Spike prepared to leave the office.


“Don’t be cheeky you, anyway, we’re going to the Premiere tonight we want to get home and get ready in plenty of time, don’t we babe!”



“Yup!” Buffy said with a grin.



“Just kidding, I’ll be off myself soon – I tell you Spike, this Cassie is a little god-send – I’m getting home at a decent time, and I don’t feel half so tired now!”


“I know – she’s amazing, all the research she’s done for those programmes I’m going to do!”


“Well, have fun – and Buffy – take a cushion – I hear it’s REALLY scary!”


“I said that, about the cushion! – I went with my friend to see Nightmare on Elm Street years ago – I don’t think I slept for a month afterwards!”


“Well, this is both gory and psychologically scary – so be warned!”


“Thanks, bye!”



As Buffy and Spike walked out of the Aphrodite building the humid oppressive heat hit them.


“Looks like we are going to have a storm – would you look at that sky – it’s black!”


“I hope it holds off until we are inside at the Premiere!” Buffy said. In the distance they could hear the low rumble of thunder.


“They usually put up a covered walkway if things look dodgy weather-wise”


Spike unlocked the car and they drove to his place.


Two hours later they were ready to go, Buffy slipping on her new Manolo’s she’d bought back in New York – this was the first opportunity she’d had to wear them.


“Will I do?”


“You look gorgeous…hmm, what’s that perfume you’re wearing?”


“Yves St Laurent, I thought I’d continue the theme as I’m wearing one of his dresses”


There was a loud rumble of thunder, and they both looked outside.


“Winds getting up – come on then Kitten – let’s get there before this storm starts”



They made it to the venue, and Buffy stepped out of the car, it had just started to spit with rain.


The camera bulbs flashed and she smiled and waved to various people who called her name. She made sure she held Spike’s hand and they went inside.




When they came out, there was a tropical monsoon pouring! Spike’s car was bought round, and Buffy stepped off the covered walkway straight into the car.

Spike drove home carefully – the roads were practically flooded – the drains barely coping with such torrents of water.





Dru was like a cat on hot bricks. She knew where Daddy kept his stash; she needed a little coke for tonight – to give her a little confidence and to numb any pain…


She closed the door silently and crept across the hallway, having got enough ‘stuff’ for her needs.


She could hear Cecily and Lorne talking in the bedroom opposite, Lorne’s voice getting louder as he came closer to the door.


“……………He’ll be here at 3.30pm, so make sure you’re ready – I’ve put your favourite pyjama’s in the overnight bag, along with a few toiletries – they said they’d ring me in the morning to fetch you – and don’t worry, he said the camera is a lot smaller this time, it shouldn’t hurt your throat – well I must go kitten – Daddy’s gone to Florida and I’ve got a million things to do – I’ll see you later baby – remember – NOTHING to eat at all, okay?”


“’Kay Lorne, I promise…is Dru around?”


Dru quickly dashed to the stairs like she’d just come up them, and Lorne opened the bedroom door fully.


“Oh, here she is, you okay sweetie-cakes?”


“Yes, is Ceccy awake then now?” Dru asked, pretending she didn’t know


“Awake and asking for you – I’ll leave you to it”


Dru went into the bedroom. Cecily was propped up in bed.


“Hello…how are you feeling?” Dru asked sitting on the bed.


“Fine, a lot better – I’ll be better still this time tomorrow when I’m back home here…you do remember I’ve got to go back to the clinic this afternoon, stay overnight”


“Yes, you said”


“The camera will be smaller this time, thank god – boy was my throat sore the last time” Cecily continued, and Dru just nodded.


“You okay pet?  - You seem a little…far away. Have you taken your medicine?”


Dru nodded and said ‘yes’.


She was trying not to be too excited about tonight – she’d be able to put her plan into action………


Several times in the week, Dru had nearly cracked and shown Cecily her photo of Buffy from the paper, the photo of Buffy and her REAL boyfriend coming out of Scandals nightclub…but, well, Cecily had become like Lorne and Daddy, if she spoke about Spike, well they ALL seemed to get cross with her – telling her lies, telling her to forget him…so this time she said nothing. She’d be able to tell them ‘told you so’ when Spike was back in his rightful place, with her, by her side………


Cecily left for the clinic.


After a light supper, (Dru had told Lorne she didn’t want dinner) they sat down to watch TV. Having had a busy day, Dru was hoping that Lorne would do as he usually did, and that was fall asleep.  She’d turned the volume down a little, and chose a documentary to watch rather than a comedy; sometimes she noticed the canned laughter woke him up.


She tried not to show she was nervous…but she was just itching to get out, and kept a beady eye on the time.


By 8.40pm Lorne’s chin was on his chest, and he’d begun to snore softly. Very slowly and carefully, Dru got up off the sofa and went upstairs to get ready.

After carefully arranging pillows and one of Cecily’s wigs in her bed to make it look like she was asleep, Dru crept downstairs and after checking the alarms weren’t set, she selected a set of car keys, and left quickly and quietly via the front door.


Making her way quickly to the garages, she got into the battered old Mini that was used by the staff in the grounds of the house, and she drove carefully down to the gates. The Automatic sensor activated and the gates opened, and she drove out – she was free!


Pulling up in one of the more ‘rattier’ ends of town, she got out and walked down an alleyway…………


She had to be careful; she didn’t want too many hobos around…perfect, one on his own. She saw one with a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag, swigging.


“Give me that” Dru said, snatching the bottle off him.

Hardly in a fit state, the vagrant staggered to his feet.


“You want it back…come and get it…” Dru waggled the bottle enticingly. The evening was humid and the air thick, in the distance she heard a rumble of thunder…


Trying to resist the stench, when the filthy man got close enough she said


“Hit me”


“Wha – gimme back my bottle – I’ll fuckin’ kill ya”


“If you want this back…I said, hit me!” Dru poured a drop of his precious booze on the ground, and the hobo went for her, punching her in the face. Her head snapped back and she laughed.


“Again!” He sideswiped with a right hook, and again she laughed! The vagrant tried to get his bottle back, but this crazy woman wanted him to hit her…so he did, hard this time – and Dru staggered, still grinning maniacally, she tasted the coppery saltiness of blood in her mouth, dropped the bottle and ran back to her car. It had started to spit with rain.



She locked herself in, and with shaky fingers, she angled the driving mirror to check her face. She had a black eye starting, a bloody nose and a split lip…fumbling; she took out the snort of coke, and took it. The pain of her injuries swiftly melted away, and she felt a confidence surge through her. Smiling to herself, she started the car engine - now for the main plan…………



More please...