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Chapter 33


As Spike exited the lift, he could hear voices, female voices, and immediately recognised one as being that of Glory.


“Have you checked the guests?”


“Um, yes, they are already for their flights tomorrow, I have to check one though – I’ll do it first thing.”


“See that you do…I don’t want ANYTHING to go wrong with this pilot show! I want to start with a great big bang!”


“Yes, Glory.”


Spike saw the two women get into the lift, Glory miraculously able to walk now.


“What the hell are you up to?” Spike muttered to himself, and walked to his office.


Picking up his phone and un-plugging it from the recharging lead, he saw he’d got two messages, both from Buffy.  The first one said she’d be late, and the second one said that recording had gone way over schedule, and they were all going out for a drink afterwards, and she'd see him tomorrow instead.


Feeling a little disappointed, Spike made his way out of the building, deciding that perhaps after all, he could play ‘catch-up’ at home, and pay some bills, do some laundry and generally tidy up.





“So, you know Angel from before you became famous?” Lacy asked Buffy.


“Yes, we dated briefly. Honestly, how thick is he?  I nearly died with embarrassment – I thought EVERYONE knew who painted the Mona Lisa!”


“Everyone except him or so it seemed!” Lacy said, sipping her orange juice.


“I could be at home now, snuggling with my boyfriend!” Buffy said.


“Well, one night away won’t hurt…with Bobby and I training for the same events we can almost see TOO much of each other, then there are other times he’s...say, at the European Championships, and I’m running for the Commonwealth –and it can be weeks apart."


Buffy and the girl athlete chatted for as long as they could, but the music started, and it got harder to hold a conversation.


Angel asked Buffy to dance, and she immediately refused.


“Don’t be like that!”


“Like what?  Angel, I’m tired, hungry, and to tell you the truth, I only came to be sociable – I really want to go home and..."


“Actually, I’m hungry too. We could go find us a nice restaurant and.."


“Er... we could NOT, thank you very much!”


“Still sore at me for giving the wrong answer, huh ? Look, I DID really know it was Da Vinci who painted the Mona Lisa.  I said Beethoven coz I wanted to end the game, I’d had enough, I was fed up."


“What?  Oh great, so I lost out on giving the disabled children a play-scheme  because YOU were fed up? Well thanks very much –I’m going!”


Buffy downed her cola and stood up, snatching her purse from the table.


She said goodnight to all those assembled, and went to leave. Angel caught her arm, causing Buffy to drop her purse, and several things fell out.  “Now look what you’ve made me – and GET OFF me!” Buffy jerked her arm out of his grasp and angrily bent and shoved keys, mobile phone, credit card holder, hairbrush and a lipstick back into her bag.  She stood and was infuriated to see Angel smirking at her.


“You’re beautiful when you’re angry – did you know that?”


“Oh…oh... bugger off!”  Buffy left the venue, the cool night air hitting her as she opened the door to the outside. She'd started down the steps when she heard the door open behind her and a loud whistle made her turn around.


“Here baby, you dropped this.”  Angel held his hand out, and Buffy turned, lifting her hand to his to take what ever it was off him.


The whistle had not only attracted Buffy, but had caused the two paparazzi who were always stationed outside the LA nightspot to do a ‘heads up’ too.  “Who’s that?”


“Not quite sure, but he used to be in the Sharks…oh I know, that’s that Buffy,” the one photographer said to the other, and they snapped away.


Buffy looked in her hand and saw a broken earring.  “What is it?” She frowned asking Angel. He shrugged


“Don’t know, I thought it might have fallen out of your purse, just..”


Buffy threw it to the ground.   “Not mine no, nothing to do with me.”


“Come and have dinner with me now…Buffy…BUFFY!”


Ignoring him, Buffy ran down the rest of the steps and over to the studios to get her car and driver. Angel shrugged and went back inside.


On the way home, she wondered whether to phone Spike. She looked at the time, 11.20pm – it was a bit late, it would be practically midnight by the time she got home, and Spike probably would have gone home from the meeting and had an early night when he saw the two text messages she’d sent, so she wouldn’t disturb him now, she’d see him first thing.






“There, what do you think?” Sam twirled round giving her husband a look at the new dress he’d told her to buy.


“S’beautiful, baby…like you. Come here!” Grinning Sam slipped into his arms and they kissed.   “You can wear that to the television studios!”


“Television – Oh wow - where are we-“ Wide eyed and grinning, Sam was incredulous


“Ah-ah, surprise – wait until we get there!” Riley said, putting his finger on her lips to stop her asking questions.


Sam then thought that perhaps they were going to see a show being recorded, or even take part in one – she was almost bursting wanting to ask questions, but she knew that Riley wouldn’t tell her. She was like a child waiting for Christmas, she couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come!







“I’m sorry?”


Spike heard Buffy spit, and the faucet running.


“I said, midnight! It was midnight when I got home. Sorry, I was cleaning my teeth. That’s why I didn’t phone you, I thought perhaps you’d have an early night, and got some sleep. I wouldn’t phone in case I woke you. How was your meeting?”


“Don’t ask.”


“That bad, eh? Was Glory there?”


“Yes. Look, I’ll see you at the studios okay?”


“Oh, okay.  Are you all right, baby? You sound…I don’t know, fed up – did um, did Cordelia say anything to you?” Buffy asked, then she bit her bottom lip.


“Cordy? – About what?”


“Doesn’t matter, I’ll see you soon.”


“Okay, pet, but it might be nearer lunchtime before I see you, I’ve got to do these contracts for the new bands.”


“Right, later then. And Spike...”


“Yes, love?”


“I really missed you last night.”


Buffy knew he was smiling when he said,   “I really missed you too pet. See you in a bit.”


Buffy’s car was late, and she didn’t get to Aphrodite until gone 10 o’clock.


She made her way up to the fourth floor and into the office.


“Morning – I don’t know……… traffic gets worse – AND the car was late –anyway, how are you Harmony?” Buffy went to walk over towards Xander, Harmony and Cordelia, suddenly becoming aware of their frosty stares.  “What’s up…?” For some reason, Buffy looked at her clothes and brushed herself down, not being able to understand why the trio were giving her odd looks.


“Enjoy yourself last night, Buffy?” Xander asked coldly.


“Me? – No, not particularly – actually, I really didn’t if you want the truth, it was bloody awful.  Why – have you told them about me being with Angel, Cordy? – Look guys, it wasn’t as if I had any choice in the.."


“Cordelia didn’t HAVE to tell us anything!  LOOK!”   With a look of disgust, Harmony threw the morning paper at her, and puzzled, Buffy fumbled with it.


“Page six – speaks volumes, doesn’t it?” Xander said, staring pointedly at her.


Frowning, Buffy opened the newspaper at page six, and to her horror saw a photo of herself, standing on the steps of the nightclub, turning to look at Angel, who was grinning like an idiot, and it looked like she was holding his hand, leading him down the steps.    “Oh my god – this, this ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! I dropped my bag – he thought that – hey hold on, please – you got to believe me!”


Xander, Harmony and Cordelia all gave her a disbelieving look, Xander and Harmony crossing their arms. Buffy was horrified, she felt sick and faint.   “Oh FUCK! – Has Spike seen this? – It isn’t what it looks like – I SWEAR to you, it isn’t, honestly!”


“It LOOKS, like you, coming out of a nightclub, leading a guy you say you don’t like, a guy you USED to date... by the hand,” Cordelia said icily.


“He was giving me something! I dropped my purse in the club; he was giving me a broken earring! He thought it was mine – I was leaving, I wanted to get home – I – I’d had enough!” Buffy started to cry, and immediately Harmony softened, deep down she felt slightly guilty for leaving Buffy in the position she was put in, even though it wasn’t her fault. Frowning, she glanced at the other two, then back to Buffy. Xander still looked stern and Cordelia looked at Xander and sighed.


“Well, it LOOKS like you were holding his hand – why were you in Scandals Nightclub anyway?” Harmony put her arm around Buffy’s shoulders and led her to the sofa.


Not making much sense squeaking through her tears, Harmony just let Buffy cry a little. Cordelia came over with some tissues and a cup of water from the cooler. Shakily Buffy took both items and tried to explain, watery eyed and red-nosed from crying.  “Has Spike seen this yet?”


“I shouldn’t have thought so, he’s been down with Roman Holiday all morning,” Xander said. Buffy sniffed deeply and tried to stay calm.


“So are you going to tell us what happened?” Cordelia asked.


“We all went for a drink after the show…I didn’t really want to, but we’d over-run the shooting schedule as we were so good at the quiz. I had one glass of cola, and I went to leave – (she sniffed, tears threatening to fall again) then that, that fat jerk pulled my arm and I dropped my purse – everything fell out, my keys, phone, credit card holder, lipstick – I shoved everything back in and left. Just as I got outside, I hear this piercing whistle, look round, and it’s him, holding out his hand, saying I’d dropped something. The whistle must have attracted the photographers too…he gives me this, this broken earring, which I throw away…Oh god I hope Spike believes me…I was talking to Lacy Morris the whole time…”


“Who’s Lacy Morris?” Xander asked.


“Athlete. She was on the other team.”


“Well, I believe you, but you must admit, it DOES look like you’re leading him down the steps – with him grinning and all” Harmony said.


“I know!” Buffy said tearfully.   “He kept on touching me all day – on the shoulder, hand on my waist – I kept on telling him to lay off – he said all the others were doing it, even hugging when they got questions right – I told him to forget that – then he asked me out to dinner – why couldn’t he just leave me alone – Spike’s going to hate me now!”


“Okay, look, I’m sorry, I believe you – but you can see how it looked…we think a lot of Spike, we won’t have him messed about,” Xander said.


Buffy blew her nose and nodded.   “How…how did the meeting go – was it bad – when I asked him this morning, he said to me ‘don’t ask.’”


“Um, well, we’ll leave him to tell you, okay – probably the best idea,” Cordelia said.


“Oh god. Oh Harmony, how’s your mouth?”


“Temporary cap, look – (she raised her top lip for Buffy to see) I have the real one fitted on Friday.”


“Oh – on, FRIDAY - but that’s the day of the party!”


“Was, what with neither you nor Cordy being able to come –we’ve – oh, um…”


“I can’t?” Buffy’s brows rose.


“Oh shit! Um, sorry, I was going to let Spike tell you – Glory’s got her own way I’m afraid, and the show stands – anyway, you won’t miss the party we’re going to have it next weekend instead” Xander said.


The phone rang on Cordelia’s desk, she answered, and Buffy heard her say,  “Yes she is Spike…okay, I will... bye”


“Spike’s on his way up”


“Oh god, I MUST look a fright!”              


“Actually, probably better that you do. He’ll see that you're genuinely upset then,” Cordelia added.




Hank Summers looked at the ticket and smiled. He had a holdall packed, and his taxi was due to arrive any time now.  






“Sam, taxi’s here – are you ready – got everything?”


“Coming! Have you got the tickets?”


“In my pocket, honey.”


“Is the back door locked?”


“And bolted, petal, now come on – we don’t want to be rushed.  I thought we could have  coffee before the flight.”


“There, will I do?” Sam presented herself before her husband, grinning and putting on her jacket.


“You look beautiful, babe…you get into the cab, and I’ll just lock up here…”     





“ nobody would tell me what was happening at first, I was just put in this room, then about ten minutes later, a lady came and asked me if I was Buffy. She was very rude and left while I was still talking to her, asking about Harmony.”


“Okay, baby, but why are you so upset? Harmony’s fine – she’s having her new tooth on Friday.”


Buffy nodded and reached for Spike’s hand, and squeezed it holding it tight.  “I know. They...well, I went to another room where all the other contestants were, and the director was harassed and everything, and with two minutes to go onto the set, the door opens and the lady that took me down said, ‘here’s your partner, introduce yourselves…I turned around, and it was………well, it was Angel. Angel Stebson. I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to object!”


Spike mashed his lips together, then rubbed them, Buffy could see he was annoyed.  “I...they didn’t give me a..."    


Spike leaned forward and said, “Hey, it’s okay Kitten. It wasn’t your fault, I understand!”


He cuddled her to him, and for a few seconds, Buffy closed her eyes and relaxed, but when she opened her eyes again and spied the folded newspaper on the coffee table, the panic she’d felt earlier came back.  “Baby…there’s something else..."



“......I mean, I threw it away immediately. What would I be doing with a broken earring in my bag? – It’s just that the photographers caught the pose wrong, and it looks like I was, well... sort of holding his hand………it’s on page six.”  Buffy could see Spike was trying to keep his anger in check.   “I’m sorry Spike, you know I love you, please say you understand” She felt the tears dripping down her face. Spike looked at the picture and threw the newspaper down in disgust, and started through gritted teeth,


“I bet you ANY money that bastard whistled like that on purpose to get the photographers attention..“   It was then he noticed Buffy was crying.  “Oh, oh, hey, hey, BABY...Oh,  Kitten, don’t cry my sweet…ahh, come on my little baby, come here!”  Buffy gratefully cuddled up to him, the tension released in her. She sniffed deeply, gulping and gasping for air.   “ little one…there…I know none of this is your fault – I’m angry with him for acting like a jerk, not with you Kitten!”


Buffy closed her eyes and held onto him even tighter.   “And Cordy and the gang gave me a hard time first thing, until I explained. They thought I was messing you around, and I’ve been SO worried all night about things, and then you said to me this morning, ‘don’t ask’ when I mentioned the meeting, and... I..."


“Did they, pet? Well,  I’m sure they didn’t mean it – you’re all friends now, aren’t you?”


Buffy nodded as she blew her nose.


“Don’t cry, baby.  It creases me when you cry!”


“I’m sorry, I was just so worried!”


Buffy held him close, and felt Spike kissing her hair, and then he cupped her face.  “Now kitten, you stay and have  coffee, then go freshen up, and by that time, I should have finished these contracts –then we’ll nip over the road for bite of lunch, eh? A little tiramisu to treat ourselves, what do you say?”  He kissed her forehead, and smiling, Buffy readily agreed.


Smoothing her hair from her face, Spike kissed her tenderly, and Buffy eagerly reciprocated, holding him tightly to her.  “Love you, baby.”


“Oh, Spike, I love you too.” Closing her eyes again Buffy hugged him, until Xander barged in and spoilt the moment!


“Spike!  News just breaking – Rack’s had a massive heart attack – the clinic have issued a statement – you better got down to the press room! – Oh,, sorry to barge in.”


“Lunch can wait, as long as you know I love you, and we’re okay, yes?” Buffy said holding Spike tightly.


“Of course we’re okay, baby. I love you. Now, um, get Cordy to tell you about the meeting will you, and I’ll come and find you soon as I can.” He snatched a quick kiss and Buffy went to go and freshen up.





“Daddy…when are we going to the boat? You said we were going to the boat?” Dru asked, spreading a little conserve on half a slice of toast.


“Well, we were going yesterday, but Cecily wasn’t allowed home. She’ll be coming home this afternoon, but, well she’s got to stay in bed. She’s had an operation on her stomach.”




“Now, I’ve got to go meet some people, but we’ll have lunch. Then, if you want, you can go and fetch Cecily from the clinic with Lorne."




“Here, do you want the papers?  I’ve got to go and give a press statement … bloody Rack – fancy having a heart attack there…he’s supposed to be getting better, not bloody worse!” Sweet dropped them next to her.


Ignoring his mutterings and the financial sheets, Dru began to turn the pages, looking at the fashions. She turned to the society pages and  immediately homed in on the photo of Buffy and Angel. She picked up the paper and read…


‘ Looks like Buffy’s found a new man to lead – after her soldier left her blue..'


Dru smiled, then she grinned, then she positively beamed – she KNEW that that Buffy girl wasn’t REALLY Spike’s girlfriend! It was a test! That was it! She SHOULD have known all along – he was testing her to see if she still loved him! And naughty Lorne had been in on it too! She should be cross with him…but he did make her feel better... unless it was Spike being naughty, and he tricked Lorne too! Now, all she had to do, was to think of a cunning test for Spike now..  


Lorne opened the door to the dining room and said,  “Oh hey, there you are sweet-cheeks…want to go and tidy Cecily’s room for when she comes home?”


“Oh yes! And I’ll go pick some flowers, and make it all pretty!” Dru beamed, jumping up readily.


 Lorne smiled, quite surprised at her happiness.  “She’ll love that, but... um, well, don’t be too disappointed if she doesn’t notice too much at first, Angel-cakes. She’ll be a bit sore from the operation."


“That’s okay – and I can sit and read to her, keep her company, I’ve got lots to tell her!”


“Good…um, good."


“And I’ll come to the clinic with you to fetch her.  Daddy said I could.”


“Okay, honey – um...are you okay, precious?” Lorne asked tentatively. Dru beamed and nodded,   “Wonderful! – never better!”


“Oh, right, good…that’s good, honey. Okay then, I’ll leave you to do her room."


Lorne closed the door to the dining room with a puzzled frown. He knew she suffered from manic depression, but wow- WHAT a transformation, from sullen and barely speaking, to the bright, happy girl he once knew of old.  He wondered what cocktail of drugs Sweet was giving her – because whatever it was, he’d hit the nail on the head with this combination.  Dru looked positively radiant!


Before going out to pick flowers, Dru very carefully ripped the photograph out of the newspaper, and put it in her pocket.





“Hi – at last! I’ve been leaving you tons of messages, at the house, on your mobile, at the studios; I even left one at the Four," Jenny said, brightly.


“I know, is there something you want?” Anya asked coolly .


“Anya…are you aright? – Is there something the matter?” Jenny asked.


“Is there something you want Jenny?  I’m extremely busy – I’m trying to write my next album."


“Oh god, sorry – I’m sorry, I should have thought – stupid me! – Look, I was wondering…although, if you’re writing…are you at your house?”


“No, Jenny, I’m not.  I…I er, I haven’t got it anymore, I sold it."


“WHAT?  Oh, wow! – That was quick! You didn’t say you were thinking of selling!”


“Because I wasn’t! I had…um…a certain offer, and I decided to go with it. I put my house on the market – three hours later, I get a phone call from some real estate agent, it’s just what the actress Jennifer Alyston and her husband were looking for.."


“Wow…lucky old you, eh?  So where are you staying?”


“Me? Oh, um, I, well…” Anya was undecided whether to tell her or not, and then she decided to take the bull by the horns, and she said,  “Actually Jenny, I’m staying, well, living at Rupert Giles’ place.”


Jenny didn’t even seem fazed at all by this answer.  “Really? – He is a lovely old thing isn’t he? Do anything for a friend – be a sweetie and ask him if there’s room for one more would you? – I could squeeze on the sofa – it’ll only be for a couple of nights." she asked, not grasping the concept of what Anya was saying.


Anya’s knuckles went white holding the receiver. She knew if she didn’t put the phone down in the next ten seconds, she’d blurt it all out, and she really, REALLY wanted to see Jenny’s face when she told her about her and Giles…


“Sorry, but you’ll have to ask him yourself.  I MUST go, bye-ee!” Anya ended the call and switched to message, then decided that she ought to phone Giles first.


“Well, I TOLD her I was living at your place, but I think she thinks it’s like some temporary arrangement, just a stop-gap until I find somewhere else  - she knows I’ve sold my house."


“Okay, pumpkin, don’t worry.  I DID promise to meet her for a drink when she was here again, didn’t I? – So that’s what we’ll do. Invite her over, and we can tell her about us together, okay?”


“Fine – great, I’ll see you later, Big Boy” Anya drawled, and Giles chuckled and put the phone down.





“I’m looking for a guy called Willy...he works here, I believe."


Jonathan took in the big brute, with his typical boxer’s look of broken nose and big hands. He was a good six-foot, and seemed almost as wide as he was tall.


“Join the queue! He’s been missing for nearly a week now. Nobody has seen hide or hair of him! The boss wants him, there’s this photographer, a journalist – oh – um, ow…OW, You’ve got my chest hair, OW!”


“You wouldn’t be covering up for him by any chance, would you?” The man drew Jonathan close to him by a handful of jacket lapel.


“What? Ow!  Look, let me go – ow.. OW…that’s better...” Jonathan straightened his jacket and eyed up the big bruiser of a guy and frowned.   “No, I would not! What is it with all you big guys looking for him? Look, to tell you the truth, I HATE it behind the bar, I usually work the floor waiting tables, I get more tips that way – in fact, I’ve had to take a cut in pay – so I don’t owe HIM any favours while I’m stuck behind here!” Jonathan stated indignantly.


“Right…any idea where he lives?”


“Nope, all I know is  you’re not the only one looking for him, and the boss is going crazy…nobody mixes a vodka Martini like he does. He was off sick, came back for a couple of days, then nobody’s seen him since. Can I get you something to drink?”


“No…no thanks…I better go”


“Want to leave a message – you know, just in case he comes back?”


“No…um, wait a sec…no, no it’s okay.”


“Night then."


The guy left and Jonathan wiped down the counter muttering to himself.  “You sure are popular Willy…that’s the fourth big guy that’s been looking for you this week."






“Baby – there you are!” Spike touched Buffy’s shoulder, she woke with a start.


“Huh – oh hi babe” She yawned and stretched, after falling asleep on the sofa in the office. Spike perched next to her.


“I missed you the first time round, I just looked in through the window, couldn’t see you as you were lying down and thought you’d gone up to the café!”


“Sorry, babe…I had a lousy night – I couldn’t sleep – I was worried about, well you know, being put with ‘you-know-who’ on that show.."


“Poor little one…are you hungry?”


“Um………actually yes, I’m starving! – I missed breakfast."


“Me, too. Come on, Luigi’s is closed now, but we can go upstairs to the café, if you want."


Spike bought her over a Banana/Mango Smoothie and a Latte for himself. He’d ordered two toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.


“Thanks…” Buffy shook and poured, took a drink.   “Hmm…delish! – So, tell me, how’s Rack?”


“Oh, don’t ask me, I’m ONLY the manager!   No seriously, Reuters News had got onto Sweet apparently, and HE gave a press statement – I was talking on the phone to some doctor at the clinic – some fan had taken him something in, heroine or crack, I don’t know, anyway - they’re not even sure what yet, they are waiting on the toxicology reports. So, the stupid prat took it on top of his methadone – and it all mounted up to an overdose – gave him a massive heart attack, he’s VERY lucky to be alive – one of the other ‘inmates’ found him frothing at the mouth having a fit."


“EW! – I thought all visitors were banned at those places?”


Spike shrugged and said,  “Me too pet, but they find ways, I suppose. Did you get a chance to see Cordelia?”


“No, she had to go and shake up the post-room messengers, she got all the wrong stuff this morning."


“Well babe, I’m afraid you’ve got to do Glory’s show."


“Um, yeah, I know. Xander sort of let the cat out of the bag. I asked Harmony about her tooth, and she showed me the temporary one, said she was having the replacement one fitted Friday. I said ‘ oh, the day of your party’ and Xander said because of me doing the show, and Cordelia not going and that, it was cancelled. – So this show of Glory’s, what’s it all about?”


“I’ve no idea…I really don’t know…But I DO know one thing, I don’t trust her – AND she’s obviously got to Sweet – she knew I’d been trying to cancel – and when I raised my objections at the meeting – I actually asked for co-operation – Glory’s grinning like a Cheshire cat and when I said, ‘Well, she’s not doing it’ Glory just turns to Sweet and says, ‘Daddy?’ the bastard doesn’t even have the decency to look up from reading – he say’s ‘she’s doing it Spike, it’s in the TV schedules now, it’ll cost too much to pull’. So pet, just be on your guard…I don’t know what she’s got cooked up”


“Will you be there with me?”


“Of course! Try keeping me away!”


“Then I’ll be fine – she can throw anything she likes at me – I don’t care, as long as you’re there” Spike smiled at this, squeezing Buffy’s hand, but he still felt very apprehensive – especially what he’d heard Glory saying about the pilot show to go with a bang to the researcher as they got into the lift last night, not knowing he’d heard them………


“Was anything else said after that?” Buffy asked.


“Um…I er, I couldn’t tell you."


“Oh. Private stuff?”


“No, no – nothing like that. I stormed out – told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of the meeting” Spike looked a little sheepish and then gave her a rueful smile.


“Oh Spike! – I bet he was angry!”


“He wants to see me on Monday morning – first thing, would you believe…as Cordelia said, as if HE knows nine o’clock in the morning exists – I bet you he’ll still be all tucked up snug and warm in bed – propped up on his pillows so he can breathe properly, eye-mask on so the light doesn’t keep him awake on account he can’t close his eyes due to the dodgy eye lift he had, ugh !”   


Buffy looked worried, and she asked,  “But, well –what if…I mean, are you worried?”


“Me? – Nah, pet.”


“Oh, good, that’s good. He wouldn’t sack you, would he?”


“I doubt it.  I don’t care anyway!”


Buffy gave him a worried glance, and began to think of all the ramifications this remark could have…he wouldn’t be her manager anymore… he wouldn’t be able to go places with her if he got another job…would he still be her boyfriend?


She felt that worry come back in the pit of her stomach, and when Spike put the toasted sandwich in front of her, she’d gone right off the idea of eating.


“What’s up pet…don’t you want it – it’s good!”


“I’m, um…I suddenly don’t feel like it anymore…you have it, if you want."


“Are you alright, sweetheart?   I thought you said you were starving?” Spike frowned and looked worried.


Buffy just nodded. Cordelia came breezing into the café moaning.


“I’m okay, just – gone passed it I suppose” she said with a shrug, sipping her smoothie.


“………I wouldn’t pay them in bottle tops – honestly – just look at this – it clearly says, ‘Basement Maintenance’ so where do they deliver it to – our office – and this one – ‘Reception Desk’…and I know for a FACT some cretin opened two of Sweet’s ‘Private, For The Attention Of’ letters…he’ll go ape when he finds out – hi you two, take no notice of me…just having a moan…ah, that’s better!”


Cordelia sank down into one of the comfy leather chairs, and kicked off her shoes. She spied Buffy’s sandwich, and the fact that Buffy wasn’t eating it.


“Oh, can I have a bite…sod the carbs, I’m STARVING!”


“Help yourself” Buffy said, a little quietly.


“Want me to get you something else, Kitten?” Spike looked concerned.


“No, no it’s all right thanks."


“Cordy – want anything?”


“You could get me drink, if you would – anything freshly squeezed, ta!” Cordelia said, biting into one of the triangular sandwiches.


“Okay…Buffy, another Smoothie?”


“No thanks, I’m fine."


“Right, won’t be long.”


Spike went to the counter again, and Buffy leaned forward and said quietly,  “Cordy…I’m worried, Spike told me about the meeting with Sweet on Monday. Do you think he’ll will sack him?”


Cordy sucked melted cheese off her thumb, shook her head and said,  “No, never – Sweet knows Spike is the best manager he’s got…he couldn’t run the place without him!” Buffy smiled and nodded, sat back feeling happier.


“Sure you don’t want anything Kitten?” Spike said, putting a freshly squeezed orange juice in front of Cordelia.


“No thanks, I’m fine, I’m tired is all.."



More please...