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Okay folks…light the blue touch-paper, and stand well back…


Chapter 30


Buffy did up the delicate gold necklace she’d bought in New York, and slid a diamond comb into her hair, pinning up a mass of tumbling curls. She applied a second coat of mascara, and finally her lipgloss.


Spike came into the bedroom doing up his top button of his shirt, and then he slid the knot of his silk tie in place, and took his suit jacket off the hanger.


“You ready, Kitten?”


“Yup, would you do me up………thanks.”


“I MUCH prefer to undo you………” Spike zipped up her dress, and then dropped a light kiss on her neck, and Buffy smiled


“Me too, but come on babe, you start that, and we’ll NEVER  get there tonight!”


“Would that be so terrible?” Spike ran his fingers up and down her bare arms, in a soft caress making Buffy go goosebumps.


“Well, I KNOW what I’d rather be doing, but we must show a bit of willing…besides which, Xander and Harmony will wonder what’s happened to us. Right, only got to get my wrap, and put my shoes on”


“I suppose – I told Xander we’d be at his place for nine”


“Are you bringing the present with you?” Buffy asked as she slipped into her black and gold Jimmi Choo sling backs.


“I thought I’d take it to work, and leave it in the office, else it could get smashed. Huh, I thought – hey photo, cheap prezzie – the frame and glass cost me $90, and then I had to pay for the photo to be blown up to size, that was another $55!” Buffy grinned at him and Spike smiled as he closed the front door behind them.


Spike pressed his keyring and Buffy heard the quiet ‘clunk’ of the central locking system dis-engaging. She opened the door and got in, did up her seatbelt.


“What has Xander got him, any idea’s?” Spike asked as he started the engine and reversed off his driveway.


“I think Harmony said something about a box of Cuban cigars”


“So kitten, tell me, how is the swatting up coming along for the quiz show?”


“Actually, great. Harm’s got this real competitive streak, and she’s no air-head!” Spike smiled and winked at Buffy.


“And neither are you kitten – one smart cookie you are – I should know!”


Buffy grinned and asked,


“And why’s that then?”


“Coz you’re going out with me, that’s why!” Grinning, Buffy rolled her eyes.


“Here we are…oh good, he’s parked in the road so I can pull in on his driveway” Spike did just that, and Buffy saw Harmony wave at them from the window.


“She’s seen us” Buffy said. A minute later, Harmony and Xander came out of the flat and Spike and Buffy got out of their car.


“Hi, here you go then mate, still want to drive?” Xander held out his car-keys to Spike.




“That’s good, coz I’m not sure how to get to the venue”


They all got into Xander’s car, and Spike drove off.


By the time they got into the venue, all the tables were taken as the place was packed, heaving to the gills with stars from the pop world, and those from stage and screen. In fact it had taken them a good hour to get in, and it was now getting on for 10.20pm. Harmony and Buffy found a space by a pillar, that had a narrow shelf running around the middle of it, while Spike and Xander went to the bar.


It took them a good few minutes to be served, and Xander picked up the two soft drinks and the glass of wine, saying he’d go back to the girls. Spike was waiting for a beer for Xander. When it was poured, he picked it up and turned from the bar, almost walking slap-bang into Dru.


“Spike!  Well, hello! – I was beginning to think you weren’t coming!” She gave him a wide-eyed manic grin.


“Oh, um, er Dru…hello, um, would you ex-“


“You’re looking great!”


“Yeah? Well thanks, you said the other day” He was trying to move away, but the crowd at the bar and people coming to get drinks hemmed them in and forced Dru to stand closer to him.


“We should meet up sometime………Anyway, what do you think of my new dress, I bought it especially – I know you love blue!” Dru shouted over the loud thump of the disco music. She held out her arms and twirled around, grinning at him for approval.


Spike glanced over her shoulder and saw Lorne, and gave him a ‘help me’ look. Truth be known, he was horrified – on several counts. He was horrified that she hadn’t taken the hint the other day, and horrified at the idea of meeting her – AND her buying outfits just to please him………he shuddered and said,


“Dru, look, I don’t think that-“


“Catch up on the news, Chat about old times – aren’t you at least pleased to see me?” Spike looked at her and said, in a bored flat voice,


“Dru, what do you want me to say, hmm? I’m pleased for you that you seem better, I’m pleased for you that you seem to have your life back on track, now if you don’t mind, I -“ He gave Lorne another pleading look


Dru’s smile got even more manic, and she desperately wanted to keep him talking, wanting him next to her, she went to grab his arm.


“You’re not answering my question, I said are YOU – oh!” Lorne strode purposefully over to them, put his arm loosely around Dru’s shoulders and said,


“There you are Dru, I’ve been looking for you!  Oh, hi Spike, sorry to interrupt, but come along sugar-plum, Daddy’s asking for you, he’s about to cut the cake, he wants you with him for the photographs” Lorne steered her quite firmly away from Spike, ignoring her protests.


“But I was talking to Spike! Tell him Spi – oh, where did he go?” Dru stopped and tried to turn around, only managing her head. Ignoring her question, Lorne just gently led her through the throng of dancing bodies. Spike just melted into the crowd in the opposite direction.


“There you are, I’d have had Cola if I’d have known a Coors was going to be so much of a problem – we’ve decided to make these last, I don’t fancy that queue again, cheers!”


“Dru collared me by the bar – she looks as mad as ever. ‘Aren’t you pleased to see me Spike?’ he mimicked - Hell no, I’m not – I thought she’d got the message last time! God...WHAT did I EVER see in her – must have been pure pity the last couple of years…”


“Did you say that to her?” Xander asked sipping his beer.


“No, thank god Lorne took pity on me and dragged her away” Spike sipped his cola and put it on the shelf.


Buffy looked at him a little worried, until Spike held his arm out to her. She immediately went to him and slipped her arm around his waist. Spike kissed her forehead.


“Don’t look so worried Kitten, I told you, I feel absolutely nothing for her now”


“I know baby, but well, has she moved on do you think?”


“I don’t care – I’m sorry if that sounds callous, but I’ve really had my fill of her, all the dirty tricks she played – now, can we change the subject please – to one of something of interest!”


Suddenly the music stopped and the lights went up and there was a loud sound of feedback coming from the speakers, and then Lorne blowing into the microphone and saying, ‘testing, testing, one two, one two’… waitresses moved among the crowd with huge trays full of champagne to drink Sweet’s health for the toast.


Satisfied the thing was working properly he called for everybody’s attention. When the crowd settled and quietened, he called Sweet to the stage, and a huge cake with a large ‘50’ on it was wheeled on and everybody sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and raised a glass.


Cameras flashed and Sweet then took the microphone and thanked everybody for coming and for all the presents he’d received, and then he said he was never one for speeches, and for everyone to just get down and party and enjoy themselves. The lights went down and the music started up again.


“Present – I didn’t even think of buying him a present until Harmony said she’d got him some cigars…what do you buy the guy that has everything?” Xander asked Harmony.


“Space to put it in!” she suggested, and everybody laughed.


A guy whom Buffy didn’t know came up to and began talking to Spike, who introduced her as ‘my girlfriend’. Buffy smiled and shook the man’s hand. Xander and Harmony went off to dance.


They spent nearly half an hour chatting, and all the time Spike couldn’t relax.

The guy eventually said goodbye and Spike turned his attention back to Buffy. Although, to be fair, he’d included her in the conversation as much as possible.


 The music had slowed right down and now, and ‘Move Closer’ by Phyllis Nelson began to play


“Want to dance Kitten? - Come on” Spike gently took Buffy’s hand and led her onto the dance floor. She melted into his embrace and he held her close, nuzzling her neck softly. Buffy gasped and closed her eyes, leaning into his touch, and when he sought her mouth, she kissed him with slow-simmering passion. When they eventually came up for air, Spike softly crooned in her ear,


“Move your body real close, until we feel, feel like we’re really making love…”


“Can we go soon baby, I want to be alone with you”


Buffy whispered. She opened her eyes to look at him, and over Spike’s shoulder Buffy saw a tallish thin girl with long dark hair staring, looking absolute daggers at her. Buffy’s eyes widened, and she stood up stiffly and said,


 “Uh ho…that’s Dru I presume………that’s strange…she looks vaguely familiar to me…”


Dru was just about to go up and tear them bodily apart, when from out of nowhere, Lorne came passed, scooping up Dru and carrying her away from the smooching couple.


“Wha-what?” Spike opened his eyes, raising his head from Buffy’s neck.


“Standing behi-oh, where did she go – oh well. If looks could kill, I’d be dead ten times over, she’s got a positively EVIL stare that girl”


Buffy shrugged slightly, closed her eyes, and resumed snuggling, dancing until the song ended.


“Don’t say that kitten…come on, I can see Harmony yawning, shall we go?”


He took her hand and led her off the dance floor, going over to Xander and Harmony.


“Would you mind if we called it a night, and went home?”


“Not at all, Harm’s tired, aren’t you pet?” Xander said, and Harmony nodded.


“Can we go to the restroom first, I don’t think I can make it back to Norwood without having a pee” Harmony picked up her purse and Buffy said she’d go with her.


Drusilla absolutely boiling with emotions, she could hardly breathe. She didn’t know whether to go over and talk to Spike, or to follow the two girls as they made their way to the toilets. She decided on the latter, she needed to get a closer look as to whom she was up against.


“Spike, look” Xander tapped Spike’s elbow, and nodded towards the restrooms. Spike glanced first at Xander, then to where his friend had gestured.




“Look who’s just about to follow Buffy and Harm into the toilets – come on, let’s go keep an eye on things” Xander said, and Spike nodded.


He was very annoyed, and then saw that Lorne, his saviour already at least once, if not twice tonight had also seen what Drusilla had planned, and again he way-laid her. Spike’s shoulders dropped in relief when he saw Lorne most determinedly leading Dru away, and he said,


“Oh good on you mate…this is fucking ridiculous – we’ve been over, finished, done for practically four years – she reckons she’s better – I tell you Xand, I KNOW that look in her eye. Drusilla is no more better than I’m a Chinaman – did you see her just, giving Buffy the evil eye when we were dancing?”


“I didn’t, but Harmony did, she said she was glad Dru wasn’t holding a weapon, coz by the look she had in her eyes, she’d have used it. You’re going to have to say something Spike, nip it in the bud, you can’t let her ruin things for you”


“Too bloody right I can’t – why can’t she see – understand? I’d rather be bloody celibate and lonely for the rest of my natural than be with her!”


“Anyway, quiet, the girls are coming back”


Harmony and Buffy were sharing a giggle as they came out of the ladies restroom, and they were surprised to see their men waiting for them so near.


“It was getting very crowded, we didn’t want to loose you – come on, I hope we’re not blocked in!”


One limousine was blocking the way, but luckily the driver was inside and moved. Spike backed Xander’s car out and they drove off to Norwood, and Xander’s flat.


“Want to come in?” Xander asked


“We won’t, if you don’t mind Xand, I know everyone is tired” Spike said


“But I want the full tour before the flat-warming party!” Buffy said.


“That reminds me, it’s a week tomorrow, isn’t it – and that bloody Glory Benson STILL hasn’t got back to me about that show” Spike groused.


“Well, you can probably see her at the end-of-the-month meeting, it’s been brought forward to Tuesday, Cordy told me earlier – you’d already left” Xander said.


“Right I’ll be sure to – well come on then Kitten let’s be off! Night then” the couples kissed cheeks and they got into Spike’s car and drove off with a horn bib and a wave.


Xander and Harmony waved and made their way up to the flat. As they were walking up the second flight of stairs, Harmony asked,


“Why did you really meet us so close to the restroom, Pookie?”


“Because Poppet…I saw that was Dru making her way over to it too, luckily Lorne saw her also and stopped her”


“I thought as much. God, you should have seen the look she was giving Buffy when they were dancing – she looked pure evil – I dread to think what would have happened if she’d been holding a knife or something”


“Yeah! Spike’s furious, she trapped him at the bar too, that’s why he was so long fetching my beer”


“Yeah, I heard him say”


“Is Buffy worried, did she say anything to you?”


“No, but she said she wouldn’t have been surprised if Dru had come waltzing into the toilets and said something. She said she thinks she’s seen her before somewhere, but she can’t remember where”


“I wouldn’t put anything passed that girl, she’s nuttier than a 10lb fruitcake that one. Anyway, come on Poppet, there’s nothing we can do – shall we…” Xander whispered a naughty suggestion to her and Harmony grinned.


“You are naughty! Yes, alright – last one upstairs sits the faucet end!”




“I WANT THE TOILET, GODDAMMIT!” Dru hissed at Lorne, tearing herself away from his tight grasp. Lorne narrowed his eyes at her, something unusual for him, as he was usually VERY tolerant – but tonight was getting ridiculous – farcical even.


“Dru, Dru, look at me, I’m doing…DRU! Look at me! I’m doing this for your own good. You HAVE to leave Spike and his girlfriend alone. He’s moved on, got somebody new, and-“


“NO! NO! NO! NO! – SHE’S NOT – NOT, SHE CAN’T BE HIS GIRLFRIEND” Dru screamed and stamped her feet, putting her hands over her ears. She turned away from him, and thought about up-ending the table full of drinks, she took one step towards it, but Lorne pre-empting her move whirled her round and caught her one arm.

 Embarrassed that everybody in a ten-foot radius was staring at them, Lorne looked around for Cecily, but as usual, she was totally off her face, and would be as much use to him as a chocolate teapot.


“What’s going on?” Sweet appeared by them, frowning at a hyperventilating Dru, who was mad-eyed staring and red in the face.


“I’m just telling her some home truths, she won’t leave Spike alone!” Lorne said. He knew saying this would hurt Sweet, but things needed to be said.


“Dru – is this true?”


“I was only saying hello – I wanted him to see I was better, show him…show him my new dress!”


“She only wanted to say hello, Lorne, where’s the harm I that?” Sweet reasoned.


“Then why the tantrum, huh?  And she saw him at the bar and spoke earlier – she’d already said hello! I swear when she saw Spike and Buffy dancing she was going to tear them apart, and - Oh, I’ve had enough of this -” Lorne went to turn on his heel.


“Go and get me some more champagne Lorne, Come on Dru come and sit with me” Sweet ordered


Lorne, although annoyed would never argue with Sweet, nodded and left to go to the bar.

Sweet tried to lead Dru back to where he was sitting, but as she was reluctant to move, so he faced her and held her by the shoulders.


“But…I only wanted to say hello to him, that’s all” Dru hung her head and sniffed deeply.


“But you already did, I saw you at the bar talking to him earlier. Look at me, Dru, love. I said, LOOK AT ME!” 


Sweet felt his temper rising, Dru raised her tear-streaked face, she felt a little afraid, she didn’t like it when Daddy shouted it always meant trouble.


“Don’t I treat you right, hmm?” Dru looked at him as he continued,


“Don’t I let you do anything that you want, give you pretty things, I give you money, a home…why isn’t that enough for you, tell me Dru, why, WHY?” he shook her, his hands squeezing hard on her arms


“Ow, Daddy, you’re hurting me…I’m sorry Daddy, I’m sorry!” Dru looked scared and Sweet blinked and came out of his temper, realised that a lot of people were staring at them, and here and now was not the time or the place for this.


“Come and sit with me, now” Sweet said in a tone that brooked no argument.


“I need the toilet Daddy, I’m sorry, don’t be mad at me, please Daddy” Sweet cupped her cheek and tried to smile the best he could. He loved this girl, if she let him, but it was Spike in her heart, Sweet knew that. But at least Spike didn’t want to know anymore…


“Come straight back to me”


“I will Daddy, I, I p-promise” Dru went to the toilets. While she was gone, Sweet poured more champagne, and from a huge ring he was wearing, he flipped up the hinged stone and tipped a little powder into one of the brimming glasses. He’d keep Dru with him; he’d keep her doped up if necessary, but she’d come to learn that her place was with him, and nobody else.


Dru quickly made her way back to the dark corner, and saw some people talking to Sweet. He seemed happy and laughing, and when he saw her he held out his arm to her and patted his thighs, so she sat on his lap, and he held her there tightly. She was half scared and half happy but he wasn’t in a bad mood.


“Now you be a good girl, and drink this” Sweet handed her the doctored drink, and dutifully, holding the glass with two hands, Dru drank the champagne down in one.


“Hey! I didn’t mean all at once, never mind, Daddy pour you some more, eh my little one – come on, give Daddy a kiss now, all better, hmm, I’m sorry for shouting little one…there…all better now.”


Child-like, Dru smiled, nodded she kissed him, leaning her head against his. She felt slightly woozy, but thought it was drinking the champagne too quickly. 


Lorne watched them, saw Sweet give Dru the glass of champagne and guessed that he’d spiked it with something or other. He felt worried for Dru, he wanted for her to be happy and well, not to slip back into the wild ways of years ago that nearly led to her downfall.


He also knew Spike had had enough, more than enough way back then, and he certainly didn’t want to start anything up with Dru again, not even friendship, which was good, because Lorne knew Dru as Spike did, with her child-like comprehension on reality, with her it had to be all or nothing, black and white, straightforward. There were no grey areas with Dru. She wouldn’t be content with just ‘being friends’. A sudden clutch at his arm bought him out of his reverie, and Cecily lurched in front of him.


“Lorney…Lorne…where’s Da- (hic) Daddy? (hic) I wan Daddy…he got a…a…wos-he-got? (She frowned, trying to think, then continued) Um…spec-special treat. For me. (hic) He s-said s-so” Lorney frowned at the barely comprehensible Cecily swaying in front of him. Her pupils were so widely dilated that you couldn’t tell the colour of her eyes, and he knew she’d already had enough coke to stun an elephant.


“Come on young lady…I think you’d better come with me, come on!” he put his arm around her and hoisted her up to stand straight, but she lurched forward, floppier than a rag doll.


“Who – whoops-a daisy!” Cecily tried to right herself and she began to giggle, then she stopped and began to heave.


One of Sweet’s security men came over, said to Lorne,


“Sweet said to get her out of here, come on, I’ll help you”


He stood the other side of her and between them they practically carried her outside, leaned her over the side of the permanently moored ship and Cecily threw up into the water.


The security man pressed the earpiece to his ear, listened for a few seconds and then said to Lorne,


“Sweet said to take her home, then bring the car back for him” Lorne nodded.


“Okay.” He turned to the now sagged on the floor Cecily saying,


“Well come on then, Little Miss Over-Indulgence, I wouldn’t want to be you in the morning, that’s for sure!” he hoisted her up and carried her to Sweet’s waiting Limo.


Cecily was too far gone to protest and just flopped, her eyes rolled and she was spark out.


“Daddy…where is Cecily going?”


“Home, she’s had too much, now you be a good girl and sit there while I go and talk to these people – okay?”


She nodded and stood so that Sweet could go and talk. She picked up the champagne and drank it, and then she drank Sweet’s glassful too, topping up both glasses until the bottle ran out. She drank those too, and a couple more drinks that were on the table besides – and then she decided to go in search of more…seeing people coming out of a small room laughing and pinching their noses, Dru wandered in and saw some people snorting Coke.


She was offered some, and took it. Somebody else then handed her a bulky rolled cigarette, and at first she shook her head, then she changed her mind and took a huge draw, only coughing a little. The mini nuclear explosion that occurred in her brain shocked her, and she felt a rushing sensation, then she was floating giddily around.


In a euphoric dream-like trance, she drifted through a sea of faces, laughing, talking…there was one face she was looking for…but she couldn’t find him…she looked and looked.


“Dru…Dru, come on honey, time to-“


“Spike? – Oh, oh Lorney, it’s you”


Lorne could tell she was far gone, but still looking for Spike it seemed…


“Come on Cup-cake, Daddy wants to take you home”


“But I can’t go…where’s Spike – I want, Spike – please” She began to struggle, but Lorne held her firm, ignoring her questions.


“He said…he said he wouldn’t leave me…” Dru wanted to cry


“Baby…that was years ago, he’s got someone else now…try and be happy for him, eh?” Lorne thumbed away her tears. Sweet came up to them both, and said to Lorne,


“Good, you’re back, I want to go now. What’s the matter with her?”


“Oh, she’s had a little too much Champagne Daddy, that’s all… come on then, let’s go home” Lorne went to lead them out, when Sweet said,


“Not you, I want you to organise the presents, to get them back to the house. You and that chap from security, you can leave her with me, she’ll be okay…oh – Oh bloody hell – second thoughts, you better help her to the car” Dru had suddenly passed out, so Lorne picked her up and carried her out to the car.


From inside the car Sweet said,


“Try not to be too long, I want you home with me” The window slid up silently and the limousine drove off.


“Tote that bar, lift that bale…bloody hell Daddy, stick a broom up my ass and I’ll sweep as well…” Lorne grumbled to himself as he went back inside the venue to sort out all the presents Sweet had been given.


Inside the limo, a surprising lucid Sweet stared down at the girl he loved, stroking her hair. Dru, for her part was totally out of it…


Sweet was thinking. There was nothing else for it, he didn’t want to loose him from LA, but needs must. Spike, would HAVE to go, and it would have to be soon.





Willy thought to himself that there were better ways of spending his night off. The ski mask he was wearing itched like crazy, and he was still in some slight discomfort. He stretched out his leg to ease the slight ache, but quickly withdrew it and sat hunched up again when he heard the car engine.

Some muffled words, a car door slam, a toot on the horn the car driving away and the sound of heels clicking on the sidewalk getting closer ……… closer ……… the jangle of keys………she was humming to herself – he could see the wisps of breath on the cold night air…………


Glory had just put the key into the lock and turned, the door opened about six inches, when she was suddenly rushed, a strong hand clamped over her mouth pulling back her head and terrifyingly, she heard the click of a gun being cocked by her temple.


“Right…let’s just get inside shall we…scream, and you’re dead, understand?” Willy hissed.


Allowing for slight movement, Glory nodded her head, she was absolutely terrified.


“Good, glad we understand each other!” Willy suddenly whirled her around, and bought the handle of the starting gun down into her face, effectively pistol-whipping her into unconsciousness.


With a little difficulty he dragged her into the apartment, and set about getting her tied up. He bound her arms tightly by the wrists to the iron bed head, and spread-eagled her legs tying each ankle to the bottom bedposts. For good measure he’d taped up that filthy mouth of hers, as he didn’t want to listen to all the threats that were obviously going to be flying his way. It was then Willy realised that he should have stripped her off first, so he then set about tearing her clothes off. Glory had come to, and began to struggle and try and scream – but she knew it was a fruitless task.


Willy had taken a Viagra, just in case. He stripped off, knelt between her spread legs and ran his hands up her thighs. He could feel her muscles tense as she struggled to get free.


“You know…I used to think you were lovely. Soft and fragrant…a real treat.”


Glory began to swipe her mouth across her pillow, trying to remove the tape from her mouth, she half succeeded.


“Please – Willy I’m…I’m sorry – untie me – we can work this out!”


Willy scowled and hit her bottom hard making her scream.


“DON’T take me for a fuckin’ idiot – no. I’M calling the shots tonight. YOU did the dirty on me, drugging me and having me raped – well I just thought I’d return the favour – except I want you to remember this clearly. I’m living under a possible death sentence here – whoever you got to fuck me over – well lady, I just wanted to even the score – if I’ve got AIDS………then so have YOU! He surged forward, entering her tight ass without a lubricant, Glory screamed and Willy grabbed a pillow and put it over her head, so he didn’t have to listen to her foul mouth…unfortunately for him, this obviously wasn’t the first time for her like it had been for him, and it didn’t hurt her quite so much…he’d have to hurt her in other ways then…biting, slapping…………he wished he’d got some of the ‘toys’ that had been used on him…………still, he could ‘improvise’.


Two hours later, Glory had been reduced to a quivering bruised wreck. Willy happily sang as he got dressed. He picked up the starting pistol, and aimed it at her, pulling the trigger. Glory’s eyes had gone huge, and when she just heard a small click, which Willy did repeatedly to show her that the gun was useless, he grinned, holding his arms up showing her the pistol.


“See sweetheart – useless – just a starting pistol. Well, don’t bother to get up, I’ll see myself out – oh, and um…it’s been fun, but I don’t think I want to see you again…you’re a really lousy fuck by the way. Bye then!”


Willy left cheerily whistling, closing the door behind him. He’d left her tied up, knowing that tomorrow, or maybe the day after the cleaner would find her.


Glory couldn’t think straight. She was I pain yes – but the one thing that she’d never given a thought to, was when she’d got Alphonse to rape Willy, she never gave HIV a thought…



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